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  • Inorganic/coordination chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
  • Biomedical engineering, Biomedical engineering/ Biomaterial science and engineering

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  • Search for Novel Use of Waste Gypsum: Part 1. Detailed Investigation on Waste Gypsum Phosphatization
    A. Takeuchi, T. Hikida, H. Hamano, M. Tafu, M. Kikuchi
    Ceramics in Modern Technologies, 3, 189-197, 2019
  • In Vitro and in Vivo Evaluation of Starfish Bone-derived β-Tricalcium Phosphate as a Bone Substitute Material
    H. Ishida, H. Haniu, A. Takeuchi, K. Ueda, M. Sano, M. Tanaka, T. Takizawa, A. Sobajima, T. Kamanaka, N. Saito
    Materials, 12, 1881, 2019
  • Chromatographic Formation of a Triadic Band of Lithium in Hydrated LTA Zeolite: An Investigation on Lithium Isotope Separation Effects by Ion Exchange
    A. Ishikawa, M. Sasaki, S. Narita, A. Takeuchi, H. Ohki, K. Yoshino
  • Preparation of porous β-tricalcium phosphate using starfish-derived calcium carbonate as a precursor
    A. Takeuchi, T. Tsuge, M. Kikuchi
    Ceramics International, 42, 15376–15382, 2016
  • Calcite Bone Substitute Prepared from Calcium Hydroxide Compact Using Heat-treatment under Carbon Dioxide Atmosphere
    K. Tsuru, A. Ohtsu, M.Maruta, A. Valanezhad, G. Kawachi, A. Takeuchi, S. Matsuya, K. Ishikawa
    Key Eng. Mater., 493-494, 166-169, 2012
  • In Vitro Osteoconductivity Evaluation of Alumina Treated Hydrothermally in CaCl2 Solution
    A.A.M. Tarique, K. Tsuru, M. Maruta, A. Takeuchi, S. Matsuya, Y. Terada, K. Ishikawa
    J. Ceram. Soc. Jpn, 118, 512-515, 2010
  • Fabrication of Biphasic Calcium Phosphate Foam Granular and Its Initial Evaluation Using Beagle Dogs
    K. Ishikawa, R. Shimogoryo, H. Wakae, A. Takeuchi, S. Matsuya
    Key Eng. Mater., 396-398, 233-236, 2009
  • Fabrication of Low-Crystalline Hydroxyapatite Foam Based on Setting Reaction of α-Tricalcium Phosphate Foam
    S. Karashima, A. Takeuchi, S. Matsuya, K. Udoh, K. Ishikawa, K. Koyano
    J. Biomed. Mater. Res., 88A, 628-633, 2009
  • Effect of Temperature on Crystallinity of Carbonate Apatite Foam Prepared from Alpha-tricalcium Phosphate by Hydrothermal Treatment
    A. Takeuchi, M.L. Munar, H. Wakae, M. Maruta, S. Matsuya, K. Tsuru, K. Ishikawa
    Bio-Med. Mater. Eng., 19, 205-211, 2009
  • Solid State MAS-NMR and FTIR Study of Barium Containing Alumino-silicate Glasses
    F.Wang, A. Stamboulis, D. Holland, S. Matsuya, A. Takeuchi
    Key Eng. Mater., 361-363, 825-828, 2008
  • Apatite Foam Fabrication Based on Hydrothermal Reaction of α-Tricalcium Phosphate Foam
    K. Ishikawa, S. Karashima, A. Takeuchi, S. Matsuya
    Key Eng. Mater., 361-363, 319-322, 2008
  • Effects of Hydrothermal Treatment Temperature on the Crystallinity of Cancellous Bone Type Carbonate Apatite Foam
    H. Wakae, A. Takeuchi, S. Matsuya, M.L. Munar, M. Nakagawa, K. Udo, A. Nakasima, K. Ishikawa
    Key Eng. Mater., 361-363, 975-978, 2008
  • Effect of Added Tricalcium Phosphate on Basic Properties of Apatite Cement
    A. Takeuchi, A. Nakagawa, S. Matsuya, K. Ishikawa
    Key Eng. Mater., 361-363, 339-342, 2008
  • Biomimetic Coating of Hydrohyapatite Layer on Organic Substrates for Removal of Formaldehyde
    T. Kawai, A. Takeuchi, C. Ohtsuki
    J. Ecotech. Res., 13, 283-286, 2008
  • Biomimetic Deposition of Hydroxyapatite on a Synthetic Polypeptide with β sheet Structure in a Solution Mimicking Body Fluid
    A. Takeuchi, C. Ohtsuki, M. Kamitakahara, S. Ogata, T. Miyazaki, M. Tanihara
    J. Mater. Sci. Mater. Med., 19, 387-393, 2008
  • Fabrication of Carbonate Apatite Monolith from Gypsum-calcite Composite by Hydrothermal Reaction
    C.T.Zaman, A. Takeuchi, S. Matsuya, Q.H.M.S. Zaman, K. Ishikawa
    Dent. Mater. J., 27, 710-715, 2008
  • Effects of Liquid Phase on Basic Properties of α-Tricalcium Phosphate Based Apatite Cement
    M. Oda, A. Takeuchi, X. Lin, S. Matsuya, K. Ishikawa
    Dent. Mater. J., 27, 672-677, 2008
  • Fabrication of Macroporous Carbonate Apatite Foam by Hydrothermal Conversion of α-Tricalcium Phosphate in Carbonate Solutions
    H. Wakae, A. Takeuchi, K. Udoh, S. Matsuya, M. Munar, R.Z. LeGeros, M. Nakagawa, A. Nakasima, K. Ishikawa
    J. Biomed. Mater. Res., 87A, 957-963, 2008
  • Effects of Thermal Treatment on Injectability and Basic Properties of Apatite Cement Containing Spherical Tetracalcium Phosphate Made with Plasma Melting Method
    K. Ishikawa, A. Takeuchi, Y. Suzuki, K. Koyano
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  • Effects of Tricalcium Silicate Addition on Basic Properties of α-Tricalcium Phosphate Cement
    L.J. Cardenas, A. Takeuchi, S. Matsuya, K. Ishikawa
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  • Fabrication of Si-substituted Hydroxyapatite Foam Using Calcium Silicates
    Q.H.M.S. Zaman, A. Takeuchi, C.T. Zaman, S. Matsuya, K. Ishikawa
    J. Ceram. Soc. Jpn, 116, 88-91, 2008
  • Apatite-forming Ability of Micro-arc Plasma Oxidized Layer of Titanium in Simulated Body Fluids
    E. Byon, Y. Jeong, A. Takeuchi, M. Kamitakahara, C. Ohtsuki
    Surface&Coatings Technology, 201, 5651-5654, 2007
  • The Development of Ti Alloys for Dental Implant with High Corrosion Resistance and Mechanical Strength
    J. Yamazoe, M. Nakagawa, Y. Matono, A. Takeuchi, K. Ishikawa
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  • Comparison of the Effects of Added α- and β-Tricalcium Phosphate on the Basic Properties of Apatite Cement
    A. Nakagawa, S. Matsuya, A. Takeuchi, K. Ishikawa
    Dent. Mater. J., 26, 342-347, 2007