Interdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research Institute of Mountain Science 



  • 農学博士, Hokkaido University

Research Keyword

    Remote sensing, Laser Scanning, Smart Forestry, Precision Forestry, Forest Science, Forest planning, Forest measurement

Field Of Study

  • laser Scanning
  • Forest remote sensing
  • Forest GIS
  • Forest mesurement and planning
  • Forest science, forestry

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Educational Background

  • 1983, Utsunomiya University, Graduate School, Division of Agriculture, 林学
  • 1981, Utsunomiya University, Faculty of Agriculture, 林学科


  • Thinking about forestry management in Japan current status and future prospects of smart forestry
    杣径, (66), 10-18, 30 Sep. 2022, Invited
    Lead, Last, Corresponding
  • Terrestrial laser scanning intensity captures diurnal variation in leaf water potential
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  • Forest in situ observations using unmanned aerial vehicle as an alternative of terrestrial measurements
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  • レーザセンシングによるスマート精密林業
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  • Airborne Laser Scanning Outperforms the Alternative 3D Techniques in Capturing Variation in Tree Height and Forest Density in Southern Boreal Forests
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  • Interpretation of Forest Resources at the Individual Tree Level in Japanese Conifer Plantations Using Airborne LiDAR Data
    Songqiu Deng and Masato Katoh
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  • Comparison of Laser and Stereo Optical, SAR and InSAR Point Clouds from Air- and Space-Borne Sources in the Retrieval of Forest Inventory Attributes
    Xiaowei Yu, Juha Hyyppä, Mika Karjalainen, Kimmo Nurminen, Kirsi Karila, Mikko Vastaranta, Ville Kankare, Harri Kaartinen, Markus Holopainen, Eija Honkavaara, Antero Kukko, Anttoni Jaakkola, Xinlian Liang, Yunsheng Wang, Hannu Hyyppä and Masato Katoh
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  • Dynamic response of the scenic beaty value of different forests to various thinning intensities in central eastern China
    Songqie Deng, Qingwei Guan, Na Yin, Masato Katoh
    Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 1-17, 2014
  • Interpretation of forest resources at the individual tree level at Purple mountaion, Nanjing vity, China, using WorldView-2 imagery by combining GPS, RS and GIS technologies
    Songqie Deng, Masato Katoh, Qingwei Guan, Na Yin, Mingyang Li
    Journal of Remote Sensing,, 6, 87-110, 2014WebofScienceリポジトリ電子ジャーナル
  • Prediction model for suitable sites of tree growth in an old –growth Chamaecyparis obtusa stand, in the Akazawa Forest Reserve.
    Nan Wang, Masato Katoh, Shin-ichi Yamamoto, Naoyuki Nishimura, Daisuke Hoshino
    J. Plant Sci., 4(7), 198-207, 2013
  • Long-term effect of typhoon disturbance oncarbon storage capability in an old-growth forest dominated by Chamaecyparis Obtusa in central Japan
    Songqie Deng, Masato Katoh, Shin-ichi Yamamoto, Naoyuki Nishimura, Daisuke Hoshino
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  • 高分解能衛星データを用いた赤沢ヒノキ老齢林バイオマス推定
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  • 定点カメラを使用した木曽駒ヶ岳における高山植生の季節変化の解析手法について
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  • Template Matching 法とLocal maximum Filtering法を組み合わせた樹頂点の抽出と精度検証
    中部森林研究, 61, 123-126, 2013
  • ラジコンヘリコプターを用いた長野県南箕輪村大芝の森における間伐木の選定
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  • 信州大学農学部構内演習林における林縁と林内の鳥類相の違い
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  • Applications of the New Remote Sensing Method to the Forest Biomass Estimation in an Old – Growth Chamaecyparis Obtusa Stand, in the Akazawa Forest Reserve
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  • Development of tree growth prediction with gray model in an old-growth Chamaecyparis obtusa stand, in the Akazawa forest reserve
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  • Improving the Precision of Tree Counting by Combining Tree Detection with Crown Delineation and Classification on Homogeneity Guided Smoothed High Resolution (50 cm) Multispectral Airborne Digital Data
    Masato Katoh, Francois Gougeon
    Journal of Remote Sensing, 4(5), 1411-1424, 2012, RefereedWebofScienceリポジトリ電子ジャーナル
  • Species composition and forest structure in tropical moist deciduous forest of Bangladesh-a case study in Thakurgaon
    Zaman, S; Siddiquee, SU; Katoh, M
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  • Change of spatial structure characteristics of the forest in Oshiba forest park
    Songqie Deng, Masato Katoh
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  • 森林・林業への貢献
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  • Assessment of forest covers change in tropical moist deciduous forest in Thakurgaon, Bangladesh using ALOS data
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  • 学生支援GPにおける2008年度フィールド体験実習に関する報告
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  • Forest cover type classification at Mt. Asama using ALOS fully Polarimetric PALSAR data, in Nagano prefecture, central Japan
    Masato Katoh, Joji Iisaka
    写真測量とリモートセンシング, 48(3), 10-19, 2009, Refereed
  • ササ繁茂地における牛道のギャップ特性とブナの更新への影響
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  • 木曽駒ヶ岳におけるデジタル航空写真画像を用いた高山植生の把握-ハイマツの分布状況把握に有効な画像解析方法の検討
    森林計画学会誌, 42(1), 31-42, 2009, Refereed
  • Red pine beetles: its attack and management process in Komagane city, Nagano prefecture, Japan, J. Environ. Science&Natural resources
    Sourovi Zaman, Masato Katoh, S.U.Siddiquee
    J. Environ. Science&Natural resources, 1(2), 161-165, 2009, Refereed
  • Homegarden agroforestry in Bangladesh: Assessment of its role for farmers’income source in Thakurgaon district
    Sourovi Zaman, Masato Katoh
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  • Application of high-resolution airborne data using individual tree crowns in Japanese conifer plantations
    Masato Katoh、Francois Gougeon、Donald Leckie
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  • Forest observation from high spatial resolution image
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  • Comparison of individual crowns among species in Japanese conifer plantations using airborne data for leaf-on and leaf off conditions
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  • 木曽駒ヶ岳におけるデジタル航空写真画像を用いた高山植物の画像解析
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  • 手良沢山演習林ヒノキ林の経年変化―1997年と2003年の比較―
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  • Present status and Issues of Forest classification management policy in the metropolises of China–A case study in Shenyang-
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  • レーザ計測によるスマート精密林業技術の開発
    加藤 正人 トウ ソウキュウ
    2016年度報告要旨集, 200, 14 Mar. 2017

Books and other publications

  • Remote Sensing Handbook Vol. 2 Land Resources Monitoring, Modeling, and Mapping with Remote Sensing 
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Lectures, oral presentations, etc.

  • Detecting forests damaged by pine wilt disease at the individual tree level using airborne laser data and WorldView-2/3 images over two seasons
    Y. Takenaka, M. Katoh, S. Deng, K. Cheung
    ISPRS SPEC3D, Jyväskylä、Finland, 27 Oct. 2017, International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
  • Development of smart precision forestry in a Japanese conifer plantation using laser scanning data、
    M. Katoh, S. Deng, Y. Takenaka, K. Cheung, K. Oono, J. Hyyppä, X. Yu, X. Liang, Y. Wang
    ISPRS SPEC3D, Jyväskylä、Finland, 27 Oct. 2017, International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Invited
  • Tree species classification of broadleaved forests in Nagano, central Japan, using airborne laser data and multispectral images、
    S. Deng, M. Katoh, Y. Takenaka, K. Cheung, A. Ishii, N. Fujii, T. Gao
    workshop ISPRS SPEC3D, Jyväskylä、Finland, 25 Oct. 2017, International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Not invited
  • Forest resources measurements by combination of terrestrial laser scanning and drone use
    K. Cheung, M. Katoh, M. Horisawa,
    ISPRS SPEC3D, Jyväskylä、Finland, 25 Oct. 2017, International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
  • Verification of the accuracy of a new tree species counting method using high- resolution satellite data in an old-growth Chamaecyparis obtusa forest in central Japan
    Masato Katoh, François A. Gougeon, Shin-ichi Yamamoto, Naoyuki Nishimura, Daisuke Hoshino, Yunqing Li
    ,ForestSAT2012, 11 Sep. 2012, ForestSAT2012Oregon State University, USA
  • Application of Japan Forest resource management using RS/GIS/GPS
    Masato Katoh
    南京林業大学、南京市,, 24 May 2012, 南京林業大学, Invited


  • Special Lecture for Cutting Edge Research
    Shinshu University
  • Forest information and Remote sensing
    Shinshu University
  • Forest measurement and Geographic Information System
    Shinshu University
  • Seminar Forest Science1
    Shinshu University
  • Seminar Forest Science1
    Shinshu University
  • 先鋭領域融合研究群最先端研究特講
    Shinshu University

Research Themes

  • Smart precision forestry using laser scanning
  • remote sensing and GIS

Available resources (prototypes, experimental materials, data, etc.)

  • 1.リモートセンシングによる森林資源の把握2.GISによる森林管理システムの構築3.生態系に配慮した多様な森づくりの提案と実践, 1.Grasp of Forest resources1.Which tree species is there? Where? How much?It efficiently measures it from the ground, the sky and space.2.Construction of data base and forest management systemIntegration of satellite and photograph images, map, and investigation data using GIS3.Diversiy in the managed forestProposal and practice of various forest-makings which consider ecosystem