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ITO Tsukusu

Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Humanities and Social Sciences Institute of ArtsTEL
Education and Research OrganizationFaculty of Arts "English Language and Culture, Department of Arts"FAX
PositionProfessorMail Address
Address3-1-1 Asahi, Matsumoto, Nagano, 390-8621 JapanWeb site


Assigned Class
Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Research Field
Multimedia database
European literature
English linguistics
Human interface and interaction
Current Subject
2. Revaluation of Linguistic and Cultural Influences from Medieval Scandinavia onto English: Focusing on Pictorial and Illustrative Representations of Old Norse Culture in England and Japan.
Keywords:Scandinavian Mythology, Cultural Contact, Medieval Scandinavia , 2009-
Philological Approach to J. R. R. Tolkien's Linguistic Invention
Keywords:Elvish , 1999-
1. A Study on the Process and the Result of Intercommunicability between Old English and Old Norse Speakers in Danelaw.
Keywords:History of English, Old English, Middle English, Old Norse, Language Contact, Danelaw , 中世前期にイングランドに移住した北欧語話者と古英語話者の言語交流がもたらした言語/文化の相互影響関係を言語学的に解明する。-Establishment of Linguistic Proof for Intercommunicability between OE and ON speakers; Reconstruction of OE texts from the ON speakers' point of view and reconstruction of ON texts from the OE speakers' point of view.
Academic Societies
Academic Societies
Japan Society for Children's Lieterature in English
the Cumberland&Westmorland Antiquarian&Archaeological Society.
Viking Society for Northern Research, University College, London
Mythopoeic Society
Society for Icelandic Studeis of Japan
The English Literary Society of Japan
The Japan Society for Medieval English Studies

Committee of Academic Societies
2014- , Japan Society of Medieval English Studies , Editorial Board Chair of Studies in Medieval English Studies
2012- , The Japan Society for Medieval English Studies , Editorial Board
2009- , International Saga Conference , Advisory Board
2009-2012 , The Japan Society for Medieval English Studies , Board of Committee
2002-2004 , Society for Icelandic Studeis of Japan , Board of Committee
Academic Background
Graduate School
Graduate School, Keio University , (English Department , Faculty of Letters,) , 1995
Graduate School, Meiji Gakuin University , (English Department , Faculty of Letters,) , 1991

Keio University , (Faculty of Letters,) , 1989

Master of Arts , Graduate School, Meiji Gakuin University
Research Career
Research Career
2009- , Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts, Shinshu University
2007-2009 , Associate Professor, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Kyorin University
2005-2007 , Associate Professor, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Kyorin University
2001-2005 , Lecturer, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Kyorin University

Overseas Education
1999-1999 , Mälardalen Högskola
1991-1992 , Háskóli Íslands


Books, Articles, etc.
図説 ヴァイキング時代百科辞典
柊風舎 2017(Mar.)

ユリイカ:詩と批評 2017年12月号,第49巻(第25号):203-13 2017(Dec.)
Keywords:カズオ・イシグロ, Kazuo Ishiguro, Britain, Gawain

Review: Matthew Townend: Viking Age Yorkshire (Pickering: Blackthorn Press, 2014)
Bulletin of the Society for Icelandic Studies of Japan,(34):20-24 2015(Jun. 06)
Author:Tsukusu Ito 伊藤 盡
Keywords:Yorkshire dialect, history

The Distributed Authorship of Heimskringla 『ヘイムスクリングラ』は誰が書いたのか?:作品と著者/分散執筆者の複雑な関係
Balto-Scandia 北欧史研究,19(31):53-61 2014(Oct. 10)
Author:Jón Karl Helgason 伊藤盡、小澤実
Keywords:Snorri Sturluson, ヘイムスクリングラ ノルウェー アイスランド

Crossover between the Fantasy Authors and Illustrators: Revaluation of the Illustrations of Tolkien's Hobbit by Tove Jansson ファンタジー作家と画作のクロスオーバー : トーヴェ・ヤンソンの『ホビット』挿絵再評価 (特集 ムーミンとトーベ・ヤンソン)
Eureka ユリイカ: 詩と批評,46(11):211-225 2014(Aug.)
Keywords:Tove Jansson, Hobbit, Tolkien,

北欧神話の雷神ソールと『マイティ・ソー』"Thor the Thunder-God in Norse Myth and Mighty Thor" (特集 マーベル映画 : 『X-MEN』『スパイダーマン』『アイアンマン』から『アベンジャーズ』、そして『キャプテン・アメリカ/ウィンター・ソルジャー』へ)
Eureka, Special Issue: MARVEL Movies: Comics Have Changed the History of Films ユリイカ,46(5):198-209 2014(May)
Author:Tsukusu Ito 伊藤盡
Keywords:Norse Mythology, MARVEL Comics, Film studies, Reception Studies

ユリイカ:詩と批評,(2013年4月):139-50 2013(Mar.)

The Gosforth Fishing-Stone and Hymiskviða: An Example of Inter-Communicability between the Old English and Old Norse Speakers
Scripta Islandica, Isländska sällskapets årsbok,(60/2009):137-57 2010

Review on John Grigsby, Beowulf and Grendel: The Truth behind England's Oldest Legend (London: Watkins, 2005, 256pp).
Studies in Medieval English Language and Literature,(24):77-84 2009

The Gosforth Fishing-Stone and Hymiskviða: An Example of Inter-Communicability between the Old English and Old Norse Speakers
Á austrvega, Saga and East Scandinavia. Preprint Papers of the 14th International Saga Conference, Uppsala 9thö15th August 2009.,1:429-437 2009
Author:Tsukusu Itó

Considering the Differences of Scandinavian Tradition in Danelaw
The Round Table,22:45-59 2008

原典資料 (特集 北欧神話の世界)
ユリイカ:詩と批評,39(12):107-120 2007(Oct.)
Author:John McKinnell, 伊藤盡訳

エッダ詩 (特集 北欧神話の世界)
ユリイカ:詩と批評,39(12):121-137 2007(Oct.)
Author:Terry Gunnell, 伊藤盡訳

異教神話と宗教 (特集 北欧神話の世界)
ユリイカ:詩と批評,39(12):145-162 2007(Oct.)
Author:Peter Orton, 伊藤盡訳

J. R. R. トールキンのファンタジー:言語創造から生まれた物語世界
文藝別冊 ナルニア国物語:夢と魔法の別世界ファンタジー・ガイド,:64-73 2006

Óðinn and the Names of God: Justification of Paganism in Snorra Edda'
Zwischenzeiten Zwischenwelten: Festschrift für Kozo Hirao. Ed. Josef Fürnkäs, Masato Izumi and Ralf Schnell. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang,:243-257 2001

If Their Wits Fail in Courtly Discourses': Some Examples of Taciturn Description in Icelandic Sagas.
The Round Table,13:147-60 1998

Wæs Þæt God Cyning se þe Monegum Mægþum Meodosetla Ofteah?
The Round Table,9:1-6 1994

Old Norse Idiomatic Phrases in Havelok the Dane.
『藝文研究』,64:19-39 1993

Note on Line 164 of Havelok the Dane.
Medieval English Studies Newsletter,28:7 1993

The Meaning of Lhammas or 'Account of Tongues' for Tolkien's Mythology.
Colloquia,14:30-35 1993

Under the Cloak of Clouds: A Study of Sky Synonyms in Beowulf.
The Round Table,6:1-31 1991

「J. R. R. Tolkienの『英国のための神話』: Oral Traditionの確立」
The Round Table,5:98-113 1990

Language as an Instrument of the Epicist: J. R. R. Tolkien's Mythopoeia.
『ねびゅらす』,18:81-98. 1989

From a Time-leaper 'Urðr-Verðandi-Skuld' to a Ragnarǫk Prophesied in a High-School Class Room: Varieties of Old Norse Mythological Gimmicks in Manga
International Saga Conference , 17th International Saga Conference, University of Iceland, Reykjavík & Reykholt 2018(Aug. 17)
Author:Tsukusu Jinn Ito
Keywords:Old Norse, Manga, Mythology, Reception Studies

Magnað Manga: Opening Address
Háskóli Íslands , Magnað Manga 2018(Aug. 16)
Author:Tsukusu Jinn Ito, Sayaka, Matsumoto, Jessica, Bowens Sugimoto, Atsushi Iguchi
Keywords:Manga, Icelandic Saga, Reception Studies, Old Norse, Medieval Literature

Japanese Reception of Old Norse Mythology: The Appreciation of Norse Myths in teh Far East
Miðalda Stofa, Háskóli Íslands , Centre for Medieval Studies Lecture Series 2017-2018 2018(Mar. 06)
Author:Tsukusu Jinn Ito
Keywords:Reception Studies, Japan, Meiji Era, Medieval Scandinavian Literature, Mythology

Demodernised Modern-Myth of the Battle of Maldon: Why Beorhtnoþ Bears Not Boldness
Seoul National University , The Medieval and Early Modern English Studies Association of Korea 2017(Oct. 27)
Author:Tsukusu Jinn Ito
Keywords:The Battle of Maldon, Heroism, Old English Literature

The Shaping of Middle-Mouth: Elvish Writings as Devices in Phonetics
Omentielva, The International Conference on J.R.R. Tolkien's Invented Languages. , Omentielva Enquea 2017(Aug. 07)
Author:Tsukusu Jinn Itó
Keywords:Tolkien, Elvish, Tengwar, Orthography, Phonetics

Handsome Handling of Handseax in Hobbit Films: 古英語的ファンタジーの武器の扱い
西洋中世学会 , 西洋中世学会第9回大会(首都大学東京) 2017(Jun. 04)
Author:Tsukusu Ito
Keywords:The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Tolkien, Peter Jackson, Film Studies

‘Fainting and Sleep in Bilbo’s Biodynamic Biography: Different Degree of Death in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings’.
神奈川大学国際文化交流学科 , 4th International Symposium on Comparative Culture: Representations of Death across Cultures 2016(Jun. 07)
Author:Tsukusu Ito

“Ásgeir”, a Japamanese Imagined Lady of the North: A Manga Narrative and Its Space
International Saga Conference , The Sixteenth International Saga Conference, Saga and Space, 9th-15th August 2015 University of Zurich & University of Basel 2015(Aug. 10)
Author:Tsukusu Jinn Itó
Keywords:Saga Reception, Haraldr Hárfagri, あずみ涼 (Ryo Azumi)

Language Contact between Medieval Norwegian and Medieval English: Language Changes from the Norwegian Point of View in North-West England.
JSMES , The 29th Conference of Japan Society for Medieval English Studies 2013(Nov. 30)
Author:Tsukusu Ito

General Remarks
JSMES , The 29th Conference of Japan Society for Medieval English Studies 2013(Nov. 30)
Author:Tsukusu Ito, Kenji Matsuse, Minoru Ozawa, Discussant Yumi Yokota

Búri as deus terra editus and Þórr as Iarðar burr: The Earth-born Gods in the Scandinavian Mythology Revisited
Rikkyo University , International Workshop: Old Icelandic Texts in Medieval Europe 2013(Nov. 25)
Author:Tsukusu Ito

Historicity of the Cumbrian Dialect of English:Dialectizing Process through Language Contact
IFIKK, Universitetet i Oslo , The 21st International Conference on Historical Linguistics 2013(Aug. 08)
Author:Tsukusu Ito

Búri as deus terra editus and Þórr as Iarðar burr: The Earth-born Gods in the Scandinavian Mythology
International Saga Conference , 15th International Saga Conference, Aarhus University 2012(Aug. 10)
Author:Tsukusu Ito
Abstract:15th International Saga Conference, Aarhus University, Preprint
Keywords:Tacitus, Thorr, Mother Earth, Mythology, Icelandic

The Origins of the Name "Thrihyrne" in The Lord of the Rings in Relation to the Icelandic Sagas
Western Michigan University , 46th International Congress on Medieval Studies 2011(May 11)
Author:Tsukusu Ito

The Gosforth Fishing-Stone and Hymiskviða: An Example of Inter-Communicability between the Old English and Old Norse Speakers
International Saga Conference , The 14th International Saga Conference, Uppsala 2009(Aug.)

シンポジウム「名作を読む Beowulf」 日本英文学会関東支部第3回大会 (於早稲田大学戸山キャンパス) 2008

第22回日本中世英語英文学会全国大会 (於京都産業大学) 2006

2005年度日本アイスランド学会 (於 一橋大学佐野書院) 2005

J. R. R. TolkienのSir Gawain and the Green Knight編纂とThe Lord of the Rings執筆への影響
シンポジウム「中世を作る?中英語ロマンスの場合」 日本中世英語英文学会第19回全国大会 (於東京外国語大学) 2003

Conversion in Danelaw: How to Absorb the "pagani"
東京都立大学中世英語英文学研究会 2002年7月20日 (於東京都立大学) 2002

2000年度 日本アイスランド学会 (於 金沢大学) 2000

Beowulf におけるbannerと国家
日本英文学会第70回大会 (於京都大学) 1998

Beowulf の中の人、国、自然:語彙研究と解釈
日本中世英語英文学会第11回全国大会 (於東京都立大学) 1995

Beowulf の地・空・海--Perspective Locomotionを表す前置詞句
日本中世英語英文学会第10回全国大会(於 関西外国語大学中宮キャンパス) 1994

1994年度日本アイスランド学会 (於 早稲田大学戸山キャンパス) 1994

Middle English Romance, Havelok the DaneにおけるOld Norse Idiomatic Phraseについて
藝文学会 (於 慶應義塾大学三田校舎) 1993

BeowulfとJ. R. R. Tolkienのalliterative poetry: 中世英文学研究の基として
第23回大学院英文学専攻協議会研究発表会(於 東洋大学) 1989

Themes for Joint Research
Japanese Manga, Games, Anime and Novels, Scandinavian Mythology, Old Norse , Comparative Literature, Media Studies, Mythological Studies , Construction of the Data-base for Reception Studies of Scandinavian Mythology in Japanese Manga, Games, Anime and Novels
Research Grants
Grants‐in‐aid for Scientific Research(Research Representative)
2017 - 2019 , 日本の漫画における北欧神話受容史の萌芽研究 , 挑戦的研究(萌芽)
Research Activities
Journal Editorial Board
2012- , The Japan Society for Medieval English Studies

Journal Reviewer
2012-2014 , The Japan Society for Medieval English Studies