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UENO Yutaka

Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Science and Technology Institute of AgricultureTEL
Education and Research OrganizationFaculty of Agriculture Department of Agricultural and Life Sciences Division of Animal ScienceFAX
PositionAssociate ProfessorMail Addressytkuyeno[at]
Address8304, Minamiminowa-Village, Kamiina-County 399-4598Web site


Research Field
Animal production science
Applied microbiology
Current Subject
Feed use of untapped food resources and food byproducts for constructing an energy cycle system

Exploring new function of microbes inhabiting animal digestive tract

2019 , AJAS 2018 Best Reviewer Award
2017 , Animal Science Journal Reviewer's Award (2016 & 2019)


Books, Articles, etc.
Selective inhibition of harmful rumen microbes
Springer , Rumen Microbiology - Evolution to Revolution (Ed) Anil Kumar Puniya , :pp. 199-211 2015(Jun. 01)
Author:Uyeno, Y.

Immunization and Tannins in Livestock Methane Amelioration
CABI Publishing , Livestock Production and Climate Change (CABI Climate Change Series ) (Eds) P K Malik, R Bhatta, Junichi Takahashi, Richard Kohn and C S Prasad , :pp. 304-317 2015(Apr. 01)
Author:Uyeno, Y.

[34] Fermentative quality and animal acceptability of ensiled persimmon skin with absorbents for practical use in ruminant feed
Animals,10:612 2020(Apr.)
Author:Abdelazeem, S., Takeda, K., Kurosu, K., Uyeno, Y.

[33] Changes in bacterial composition during in vitro oil degradation experiments using activated sludge from different sources.
Water Practice and Technology,in press 2019(Nov. 01)
Author:Uyeno, Y., and Matsumoto, A.

[32] Provision of beta-glucan prebiotics (cellooligosaccharides and kraft pulp) to calves from pre- to post-weaning period on pasture.
Animal Science Journal,doi: 10.1111/asj.132997 2019(Sep.)
Author:Kido, K., Tejima, S., Haramiishi, M., Uyeno, Y., Ide, Y., Kurosu, K., and Kushibiki, S.

[31] Metagenomic profiles of the rumen microbiota during the transition period in low-yield and high-yield dairy cows.
Animal Science Journal,in press 2019(Aug.)
Author:Sofyan, A., Uyeno, Y., Shinkai, T., Hirako, M., Kushibiki, S., Kanamori, H., Mori, S., Katayose, Y., and Mitsumori, M.

[29] Evaluation of in vitro ruminal fermentation of ensiled fruit byproducts and their potential for feed use.
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences,32:103-109 2019(Jan.)
Author:Mousa, S. A., Malik, P. K., Kolte, A. P., Bhatta, R., Kasuga S., and Uyeno, Y

[30]Screening of phyto-sources from foothill of Himalayan mountain for livestock methane reduction.
SN Applied Sciences 1:232 (2019).,1:232 2019( /1)
Author: Malik, P. K., Uyeno, Y., Kolte, A. P., Kumar, R., Trivedi, S., and Bhatta. R.

[27]Changes in gut microbial ecology and immunological responses of mice fed the insoluble fraction of Brassica rapa L. that was fermented or not.
Microbes and Environments,32:268-274 2017(Sep.)
Author:Tanaka, S., Yamamoto, K., Hamajima, C., Takahashi, F., Yamada, K.,Furuya, K., and Uyeno, Y.

[25]Differences in rumen fermentation characteristics between low-yield and high-yield dairy cows in early lactation.
Animal Science Journal,88:974-982 2017
Author:Sofyan, A., Mitsumori, M., Ohmori, H., Uyeno, Y., Hasunuma, T., Akiyama, K., Yamamoto, H., Yokokawa, H., Yamaguchi, T., Shinkai, T., Hirako, M., and Kushibiki, S.

[24]Consecutive reticular pH monitoring in dairy cows fed diets supplemented with active dry yeast during the transition and mid-lactation periods.
Animal Feed Science and Technology,221:215-225 2016(Sep.)
Author:Hasunuma, T., Uyeno, Y., Akiyama, K., Hashimura, S., Yamamoto, H., Yokokawa, H., Yamaguchi, K., Itoh, M., Mizuguchi, H., Sato, S., Hirako, M., and Kushibiki, S.

[23] Relationship of enhanced butyrate production by colonic butyrate-producing bacteria and immunomodulatory effects in normal mice fed insoluble fraction of Brassica rapa L.
Applied and Environmental Microbiology. ,82(9):2693-2699 2016
Author:Tanaka, S., Yamamoto, K., Yamada, K., Furuya, K.,Uyeno, Y.

[22] Ensiling fruit byproducts with inoculum of lactic acid bacteria strains.
Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology,16:515-519 2016
Author:Uyeno, Y., Konaka, R., Shirota, M.,Kobayashi, S.

[21] Changes in in vitro rumen fermentation characteristics of different compositions of total mixed rations (TMR) and the ensiled TMRs.
Advances in Animal and Veterinary Science,4:179-182 2016
Author:Wang, C., Uyeno, Y., Jayanegara, A., Kondo, M., Ban-Tokuda, T.,Matsui, H.

[20] Effects of supplementing an active dry yeast product on rumen microbial community composition and on subsequent rumen fermentation of lactating cows in the mid-to-late lactation period.
Animal Science Journal,88:119-124 2016
Author:Uyeno, Y., Akiyama, K., Hasunuma, T., Yamamoto, H., Yokokawa, H., Yamaguchi, T., Kawashima, K., Itoh, M., Kushibiki, S., Hirako, M.

[19] Increase in rumen fibrolytic bacteria and the improvement of fiber degradability of ensiling total mixed ration assessed by in vitro rumen culture.
Advances in Animal and Veterinary Science,4:183-186 2016
Author:Uyeno, Y., Wang, C., Jayanegara, A., Kondo, M., Ban-Tokuda, T., Matsui, H.

[16] Effect of probiotics/prebiotics on cattle health and productivity
Microbes and Environments,30(2):126-132 2015(Jun. 19)
Author:Uyeno, Y; Shigemori, S; Shimosato, T

[17] Effects of supplementation with cellooligosaccharides on growth performance of weaned calves on pasture.
Animal Science Journal,87:661-665 2015
Author:Kido, K., Tejima, S., Nagayama, H., Uyeno, Y., Ide, Y., Kushibiki, S.

[14] Changes in mouse gastrointestinal microbial ecology with the ingestion of kale
Beneficial Microbes,5(3):345-349 2014(Sep.)
Author:Uyeno, Y; Katayama, S; Nakamura, S

[15] Generation of dipeptidyl peptidase-IV-inhibiting peptides from ß-lactoglobulin secreted byLactococcus lactis.
BioMed Research International,2014:Article ID 393598 2014
Author:Shigemori, S; Oshiro, K; Wang, PF; Yamamoto, Y; Wang, YQ; Sato, T; Uyeno, Y; Shimosato, T

[13] Effects of cellooligosaccharide or a combination of cellooligosaccharide and liveClostridium butyricumculture on performance and intestinal ecology in Holstein calves fed milk or milk replacer
Livestock Science,153(1-3):88-93 2013
Author:Uyeno, Y., Kawashima, K., Hasunuma, T., Wakimoto, W., Noda, M., Nagashima, S., Akiyama, K., Tabata, M., Kushibiki, S.

[10] An rRNA-based analysis for evaluating the effect of heat stress on the rumen microbial composition of Holstein heifers.
Anaerobe,16:27-33 2010
Author:Uyeno, Y., Sekiguchi, Y., Tajima, K., Takenaka, A., Kurihara, M. and Kamagata, Y.

[9] rRNA-based analysis to monitor succession of faecal bacterial communities in Holstein calves.
Letters in Applied Microbiology,51:570-577 2010
Author:Uyeno, Y., Sekiguchi, Y. and Kamagata, Y.

[8] Difference in the nature of tannins on in vitro ruminal methane and volatile fatty acid production and on methanogenic archaea and protozoal populations.
Journal of Dairy Science,92:5512-5522 2009
Author:Bhatta, R., Uyeno, Y., Tajima, K., Takenaka, A., Yabumoto, Y., Nonaka, I., Enishi, O. and Kurihara, M.

[7] Impact of consumption of probiotic lactobacilli-containing yogurt on microbial composition in human feces.
Internationa1 Journal of Food Microbiology,122:16-22 2008
Author:Uyeno, Y., Sekiguchi, Y., and Kamagata, Y.

[6] Desulfovibrio marinisediminis sp. nov.,a novel sulfate-reducing bacterium isolated from coastal marine sediment via enrichment with Casamino acids.
International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology,58:2433-2438 2008
Author:Takii, S., Hanada, S., Hase, Y., Tamaki, H., Uyeno, Y., Sekiguchi, Y. and Matsuura, K.

[5] Evaluation of group-specific,16S rRNA-targeted scissor probes for quantitative detection of predominant bacterial populations in dairy cattle rumen.
Journal of Applied Microbiology,103:1995-2005 2007
Author:Uyeno, Y., Sekiguchi, Y., Tajima, K., Takenaka, A., Kurihara, M. and Kamagata, Y.

[4] Dethiosulfatibacter aminovorans gen. nov., sp. nov., a novel thiosulfate-reducing bacterium isolated from coastal marine sediment via sulfate-reducing enrichment with Casamino acids
Internationa1 Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology,57:2320-2326 2007
Author:Takii, S., Hanada, S., Tamaki, H., Ueno, Y., Sekiguchi,Y., Ibe, A. and Matsuura, K.

[3] Sequence-specific cleavage of 16S rRNA for rapid and quantitative detection of particular groups of anaerobes in bioreactors.
Water Science and Technology,52:107-113 2005
Author:Sekiguchi, Y., Uyeno, Y., Sunaga, A., Yoshida, H. and Kamagata, Y.

[2] Sequence-specific cleavage of small-subunit (SSU) rRNA with oligonucleotides and RNase H: a rapid and simple approach to SSU rRNA-based quantitative detection of microorganisms.
Applied and Environmental Microbiology,70:3650-3663 2004
Author:Uyeno, Y., Sekiguchi, Y., Sunaga, A., Yoshida, H., and Kamagata, Y.

[1] Tissue-SpecificExpression of the Gene Encoding a Mouse RNA Binding Protein Homologous to Human HuD Antigen.
DNA Research,1:175-180 1994
Author:Abe, R., Uyeno, Y., Yamamoto, K., and Sakamoto, H.

Ensiling fruits byproduct for feed use aiming at long term preservation and methane mitigation in the rumen.
The 17th AAAP Animal Science Congress of the Asian-Australian Association of Animal Production Societies 2016(Aug. 25)
Author:Uyeno, Y., Mitsumori, M., Malik, P. K., Kolte, A. P., and Bhatta, R.

Microbiome and ruminome.
MicroHD Conference 2016 2016(Feb. 23)
Author:Uyeno, Y.

Impact of the use of phytochemicals on rumen microbial function and enteric methane amelioration
Livestock Methane and Climate Change: Recent Advances in Methane Estimation and Amelioration Strategies (International Training Programme) 2015(Aug. 19)
Author:Uyeno, Y.

Nutritional management of dairy cattle under heat stress conditions and its impact on the rumen microbial community structure.
Global Animal Nutrition Conference 2014 2014(Apr. 21)
Author:Uyeno, Y.

Changes in mouse gastrointestinal microbial ecology by the ingestion of kale
Society for General Microbiology , The SGM Spring Conference 2013 2013(Mar. 26)
Author:Uyeno, Y., Katayama, S., Nakamura, S.

Dynamics and functionalities of animal intestinal microflora explored with molecular approaches.
A Colloquium at Philippine Carabao Center 2012
Author:UYENO, Yutaka

Fecal bacterial community succession of Holstein calves and its modulation by providing prebiotics fed with milk replacer.
The 15th AAAP Animal Science Congress of the Asian-Australian Association of Animal Production Societies 2012
Author:UYENO, Yutaka

Fecal bacterial community and fecal organic acid profile in Holstein calves fed whole milk or milk replacer supplemented with cellooligosaccharide
The 8th Japan-Korea-China Joint Symposium on Rumen Metabolism and Physiology 2011(Oct. 17)
Author:Y. Uyeno, K. Kawashima, T. Hasunuma, W. Wakimoto, M. Noda, S. Nagashima, K. Akiyama, M. Tabata, S. Kushibiki

Research Grants
Other Research Grants
2015 - 2016 , Methane mitigation using unexplored phyto sources in ruminants and their effect on rumen microbial diversity


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