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OHNO Hiromichi

Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Science and Technology Institute of EngineeringTEL+81-26-269-5206
Education and Research OrganizationFaculty of Engineering Division of Mathematics and PhysicsFAX+81-26-269-5206
PositionProfessorMail Address
Address4-17-1 Wakasato, Nagano 380-8553, JapanWeb site


Research Field
Operator Theory and Operator Algebras
Keywords:Operator Algebra , Operator Theory
Current Subject
Operator Algebra
Keywords:von Neumann algebra , C*-algebra
Operator Theory
Keywords:Operator , Matrix , Operator inequality
Academic Societies
Academic Societies
Academic Background
Graduate School
東北大学 , (情報科学研究科) , 2005

博士(情報科学) , 東北大学
Research Career
Research Career
2022- , 信州大学 工学部 教授
2009- , 信州大学 工学部 准教授


Books, Articles, etc.
One-parameter generalization of the Böttcher-Wenzel inequality and its application to open quantum dynamics
Linear Algebra Appl.,656:158-166 2023(Jan. 01)
Author:Chruściński, Dariusz; Kimura, Gen; Ohno, Hiromichi; Singal, Tanmay

Bounding the Frobenius norm of a q-deformed commutator
Linear Alg. Appl.,646:95-106 2022(Aug. 01)
Author:Dariusz Chruściński, Gen Kimura, Hiromichi Ohno, Tanmay Singal

Adjacency and transition matrices related to random walks on graphs
J. Algebraic Combin.,56(1):249-267 2022
Author:Ikkai, Tomohiro; Ohno, Hiromichi; Sawada, Yusuke

Constraints for the spectra of generators of quantum dynamical semigroups
Linear Algebra and its Applications,630:293-305 2021(Dec. 01)
Author:D. Chruscinski, R. Fujii, G. Kimura, H. Ohno

Unitary equivalence classes of split-step quantum walks
Quantum Information Processing,20:368 2021(Nov. 05)
Author:A. Narimatsu, H. Ohno, K. Wada

Parameterization of quantum walks on cycles
Quantum Information Processing,20 2021(Jan. 12)
Author:Shuji Kuriki, Md Sams Afif Nirjhor, Hiromichi Ohno

Parameterization of Translation-Invariant Two-Dimensional Two-State Quantum Walks
Acta Mathematica Vietnamica,43(4):737-747 2018(Jul. 03)
Author:Ohno, H

Unitary equivalence classes of one-dimensional quantum walks II
Quantum Inf. Process.,16(12):287 2017(Dec. 01)
Author:H. Ohno

Non-commutative hypergroup of order five
J. Algebra Appl.,16(7):1750127 2017(Jun. 01)
Author:Matsuzawa, Yasumichi; Ohno, Hiromichi; Suzuki, Akito; Tsurii, Tatsuya; Yamanaka, Satoe

Unitary equivalent classes of one-dimensional quantum walks
Quantum Inf. Process.,15(9):3599-3617 2016
Author:Hiromichi Ohno

Examples of conditional SIC-POVMs
Quantum Inf. Process.,14(10):3983-3999 2015
Author:Ohno, H; Petz, D

Entanglement of marginal tracial states
Banach and Function Spaces,4:367-376 2014
Author:Hiromichi Ohno

Relation between the dynamics of the reduced purity and correlations
Open Sys. Information Dyn.,17(3):233-243 2010(Sep.)
Author:Kimura, G; Ohno, H; Mosonyi, M

Maximal rank of extremal marginal tracial states
J. Math. Phys.,51(9):092101 2010(Sep.)
Author:Ohno, H

Infinite Dimensional Analysis, Quantum Probability and Related Topics,13(2):165-189 2010(Jan.)
Author:Accardi, L; Ohno, H; Mukhamedov, F

Generalizations of Pauli channels
Acta Math. Hungar.,124(1-2):165-177 2009(Jul.)
Author:Ohno, H; Petz, D

Quasi-orthogonal subalgebras of matrix algebras
Linear Algebra Appl.,429:2146-2158 2008(Oct.)
Author:Ohno, H

Free energy density for mean field perturbation of states of a one-dimensional spin chain
Rev. Math. Phys.,20:335-365 2008(Apr.)
Author:Hiai, F; Mosonyi, M; Ohno, H; Petz, D

Almost any state of any amplitude Markov chain is recurrent
Commun. Stoch. Anal.,1:441-453 2007(Dec.)
Author:Accardi, L; Ohno, H

How to detect a possible correlation from the information of a sub-system in quantum mechanical systems
Phys. Rev. A,76:42123 2007(Oct.)
Author:Kimura, G; Ohno, H; Hayashi, H

Quasi-orthogonal subalgebras of 4 × 4 matrices
LinearAlgebra Appl.,425:109-118 2007(Aug.)
Author:Ohno, H; Petz, D; Szanto, A

Factors generated by $C^*$-finitely correlated states
Internat. J. Math.,18(1):27-41 2007(Jan.)
Author:Ohno, H

Dynamical entropy of generalized quantum Markov chains
Lett. Math. Phys.,78(2):111-124 2006(Nov.)
Author:Ohno, H

Extendability of generalized quantum Markov states
QP–PQ: Quantum Probab. White Noise Anal.,18 2005
Author:Ohno, H

Extendability of generalized quantum Markov chains on gauge invariant C∗-algebras
,8(1):141-152 2005
Author:Ohno, H

Translation-invariant quantum Markov states
Interdiscip. Inform. Sci.,10(1):53-58 2004
Author:Ohno, H