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Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Medicine and Health Sciences Institute of Health ScienceTEL0263-37-2403
Education and Research OrganizationSchool of Medicine Division of Occupational Therapy School of Health ScienceFAX0263-37-2403
Address3-1-1, Asahi, Matsumoto 390-8621, JAPANWeb site



Research Field
Rehabilitation science/Welfare engineering
Current Subject
Rehabilitation for people with mental disorders
Occupational Therapy for mental health

Cognitive-behavioral assessment for elderly driving

Academic Societies
Academic Societies
Japanese Association of Ocupational Therapists
World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT)
The Japanese Society for Perspiration Research
Japanese Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation
The Japanese Society of Prevention and Early Intervention in Psychiatry (JSEIP)
Cognitive Enhancement in Psychiatric Disorders

Committee of Academic Societies
The Japanese Society for Perspiration Research , Director
The Japanese Society of Prevention and Early Intervention in Psychiatry (JSEIP) , Councilor
2003-2017 , Japanese Association of Ocupational Therapists , Director
Academic Background
Graduate School
Shinshu University , (Department of Physiology , Graduate School of Medicine) , 2003

Bukkyo University , (Faculty of Sociology) , 1992
国立療養所東名古屋病院附属リハビリテーション学院 , (Faculty of Occupational Therapy) , 1986

Doctor of medicine , Graduate School of Shinshu University
Research Career
Research Career
2007- , Dept. of Occupational Therapy, School of Health Scienses, Faculty of Medicine, Shinshu University (Professor)
2007- , Dept. of Health Scienses, Graduate School of Medicine, Shinshu University (Professor)
2002-2007 , Dept. of Occupational Therapy, School of Health Scienses, Faculty of Medicine, Shinshu University (Assosiate Professor)
1997-2002 , Dept.of Occupational Therapy, School of Allied Medical Sciences, Shinshu University (Recturer)
1991-1997 , Dept.of Occupational Therapy, School of Allied Medical Sciences, Shinshu University (Reserch assinsant)
1987-1990 , Gifu Psychiatric Hospital
1986-1987 , Shironishi Hospital


Books, Articles, etc.
Relationship between Corticospinal Excitability While Gazing at the Mirror and Motor Imagery Ability
Brain Sci.,13(3):463 2023(Mar. 09)
Author:Iwanami J, Mutai H, Sagari A, Sato M, Kobayashi M

Outcomes of an Interdisciplinary Return to Work Intervention including Occupational Therapy for Mood and Adjustment Disorders—A Single-arm Clinical Trial
Work,74:515-530 2023(Feb. 14)
Author:Tanaka S, Iwai R, Nakano M, Inukai S, Hamamoto M, Terasawa M, Nakamura T, Sugiyama N, Kobayashi M, Washizuka S

Risk level-specific hazardous drinking factors of alcohol use disorders in Japanese university students
Journal of Substance Use 2022(Nov. 11)
Author:Miyajima M, Miyata T, Murakami Y, Yotsumoto K, Ukita A, Morimoto T, Kobayashi M, Tanaka H, Yamada S, Matsusaki Y, Inoue T

Effect of individualized occupational therapy on social functioning in patients with schizophrenia: A five-year follow-up of a randomized controlled trial
Journal of Psychiatric Research,(156):476-484 2022(Nov. 01)

Sustainability of Cognitive Improvement in Schizophrenic Patients with a Neuropsychological Educational Approach
Shinshu Med J,20(3):145-156 2022(Jun. 10)
Author:Iwane T, Shimada T, Kobayashi M

Aerobic exercise and cognitive functioning in schizophrenia: An up-to-date systematic review and meta-analysis
Psychiatry Research,(314) 2022(Jun. 01)
Author:Shimada T, Ito S, Makabe A, Yamanushi A, Ami Takenaka A, Kawano K, Kobayashi M

Efficacy of metacognitive training for patients with schizophrenia in psychiatric emergency wards: A pilot randomized controlled trial
Frontiers in Psychology,11 2022(Apr.)
Author:Haga S, Kobayashi M, Takehara A, Kawano K, Endo K

Outcomes of an employment support program in psychiatric day care collaborate with the public employment service: a single-arm preliminary study
Environmental and Occupational Health Practice 2022(Apr.)
Author:Kawano K, Haga S, Endo K, Shimada T, Kobayashi M

Aerobic exercise and cognitive functioning in schizophrenia: Findings of dose-response analysis from a pilot randomized controlled trial
Schizophrenia Research,Available online 21 July 2021 2021(Jul.)
Author:Shimada T, Ito S, Makabe A, Yamanushi A, Miyasaka S, Takenaka A, Kawano K, Kobayashi M

Effectiveness of Metacognitive Training for Long-Term Hospitalized Patients with Schizophrenia: A Pilot Study with a Crossover Design
Asian Journal of Occupational Therapy,17(1):45-52 2021(Feb.)
Author:Kyohei Fujii, Masayoshi Kobayashi, Koji Funasaka, Suguru Kurokawa, Koji Hamagami

Cerebral haemodynamics during a cognitive-motor task using the limbs
Front. Hum. Neurosci., 10 November 2020. 2020(Oct.)
Author:Sagari A, Kanano H, Mutai H, Iwanami J, Sato M, Kobayashi M

Cost-Effectiveness of Individualized Occupational Therapy for Schizophrenia: Results from a Two-Year Randomized Controlled Trial
Asian Journal of Occupational Therapy 2020(Feb. 25)
Author:Takeshi Shimada, Masayoshi Kobayashi, Manami Ohori, Yusuke Inagaki, Yuko Shimooka, Ikuyo Ishihara

Brake operation and palmar perspiration reflect older adult drivers’ ability to predict hazards: Driving simulation research
Asian Journal of Occupational Therapy 2020(Feb. 05)
Author:Iwanami J, Kobayashi M*, Sagari A, Sasaki T, Momose H, Ohhashi T (*Corresponding author)

Aerobic exercise and cognitive functioning in schizophrenia: Results of a 1-year follow-up from a randomized controlled trial
2020(Feb. 05)
Author:Takeshi Shimada, Shoko Ito, Aya Makabe, Ayumi Yamanushi, Ami Takenaka, Kojiro Kawano, Masayoshi Kobayashi

精神神経学雑誌,122(4):249-260 2020
Author:島田 岳, 大堀愛美, 稲垣佑輔, 下岡佑子, 石原郁代, 杉村直哉, 田中佐千恵, 小林正義

Aerobic exercise and cognitive functioning in schizophrenia: A pilot randomized controlled trial
Psychiatry Research,282 2019(Dec. 05)
Author:Takeshi Shimadaa, Shoko Itoa, Aya Makabea, Ayumi Yamanushia, Ami Takenakaa, Masayoshi Kobayashi

Effect of adding individualized occupational therapy to standard care on rehospitalization of patients with schizophrenia: A two-year prospective cohort study
Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience,73(8):476-485 2019
Author:Shimada T, Kobayashi M*, Tanaka S, Inagaki Y, Ohori M, Shimooka Y, Ishihara I, Sugimura N (*Corresponding author)

統合失調症長期入院患者の認知機能障害− 外来患者との比較 −
作業療法,37(4):403-409 2018

作業療法,37(3):352-360 2018
Author:吉原絵理,岩井龍之介,田中佐千恵,小林正義,鷲塚 伸介

A multicenter, randomized controlled trial of individualized occupational therapy for patients with schizophrenia in Japan
PLOS ONE,13(4) 2018
Author:Shimada T, Ohori M, Inagaki Y, Shimooka Y, Sugimura N, Ishihara I, Yoshida T, Kobayashi M

Relationship between Recovery and Cognitive Insight, Neurocognition, Social Functioning, and Symptoms in Patients with Schizophrenia: A Cross-Sectional Study
Asian Journal of Occupational Therapy,13(1):71-78 2017(Nov. 10)
Author:Shimada T, Takamaru A, Komatsu S, Sato U, YoshidaT, Kobayashi M

Driving simulation test for evaluating hazard perception: Elderly driver response characteristics
Author:Takahashi, Risa; Kobayashi, Masayoshi; Sasaki, Tsutomu; Yokokawa, Yoshiharu; Momose, Hideya; Ohhashi, Toshio;

Factors Influencing Rehospitalisation of Patients with Schizophrenia in Japan: A 1-year Longitudinal Study
Author:Shimada, Takeshi; Nishi, Ai; Yoshida, Tomotaka; Tanaka, Sachie; Kobayashi, Masayoshi;

Development of an individualized occupational therapy program and its effects on the neurocognition, symptoms, and social functioning of patients with schizophrenia
Occupational Therapy International,23(3) 2016
Author:Shimada T, Nishi A, Yoshida T, Tanaka S, Kobayashi M

Occupational Therapy in Mental Health Care: Relapse Prevention in Schizophrenia with Occupational Therapy
Journal of Japan Psychiatric Hospital Association,34:30-36 2015
Author:Kobayashi M, Shimada T

Effects of Early-Stage Group Psychoeducation Programme for Patients with Depression
Occupational Therapy International,22(4):195-205 2015
Author:Tanaka S, Ishikawa E, Mochida A, Kawano K, Kobayashi M

Effects of exercise intensity, posture, pressure on the back and ambient temperature on palmar sweating responses due to handgrip exercises in humans
Auton Neuro: Basic and Clinical,118:125-134 2005
Author:Tomioka N, Kobayashi M, Ushiyama Y, Mizuno R, Ohhashi T

Arithmetic calculation, deep inspiration or handgrip exercise-mediated pre-operational active palmar sweating responses in humans
Auton Neuro: Basic and Clinical,104:58-65 2003
Author:Kobayashi M, Tomioka N, Ushiyama Y, Ohhashi T

Effect of Occupation-Based Interventions Using ADOC for Cancer Patients during Chemotherapy
Presenter:Sagari A, Ikio Y, Tabira T, Iwanami J, Kobayashi K, Higashi T

Brake and palmar sweating responses occurring during hazard predictive scenes in simulated driving: Comparison of the elderly and younger people
Presenter:Iwanami J, Kobayashi M, Sagari A, Sasaki T, Momose H, Ohhashi T

Practice of employment support program at a psychiatric day care in collaboration with public employment security office
Presenter:Kawano K,Kobayashi M, Tomioka N,Sugiyama H, Takeuchi M, Endo K

Factor associated with the effectiveness and reinstatement of the return to work program for patients with mood disorders
Presenter:Tanaka S, Yoshihara E, Iwai R, Inukai S, Akahane M, Kobayashi M, Shinsuke W

Hemodynamics of the prefrontal cortex in hazard and hazard prediction scenes in simulated driving testing (Taoyuan, Taiwan)
Presenter:Kobayashi M, Sagari A, Iwanami J, Onoda Y, Fukao N, Mita R

Effects of early-stage group psychoeducation program for patients with depression
Presenter:S.Tanaka, E.Ishikawa, K.Kawano, M Kobayashi

Relationship between cognitive function and skin sympathetic responses in the elderly induced by simulated driving
Presenter:M.Kobayashi, R.Takahashi, T.Sasaki

Factors associated with anxiety and depression upon discharge in patients with hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
Presenter:Takata A, Mutai H, Kobayashi M

Effectiveness of a Neuropsychological Educational Approach to Cognitive Remediation for patients in a forensic psychiatric ward
Presenter:Iwano K, Kobayashi M

What are the factors that affect early attendance of the psycho-education programs for in-patients with depressive disorders?
Presenter:Fukushima S, Ishikawa E, Kawano K, Kobayashi M, Tomioka N

Inconvenience of daily life performance in healthy elderly people
Presenter:Oba J, Kobayashi M, Kobayashi R, Murai C

Development of a Performance Test Battery for Assessing Cognitive Function in Patients with Mental Disorders
Presenter:Matsumura N, Chiba D, Honda R, Kobayashi M

Occupational therapy for patients with depression during the early recovery stage
Presenter:Ishikawa E, Kawano K, Fukushima S, Kobayashi M

Factors associated with the prevention of disease recurrence in patients with depression
Presenter:Kawano K, Ishikawa E, Fukushima S, Kobayashi M

Effects of goal-oriented occupational therapy on cognitive dysfunction in schizophrenia
Presenter:Shimada T, Kobayashi M, Tomioka N

Analysis of eye movements during drive simulator operation using the video recording
Presenter:Kobayashi M, Sasaki T, Takahashi R, Momose H

Development of cognitive – behavioral assessment system for driving-related functions by skin potential reflex and palmar sweating responses
Presenter:Kobayashi M, Takahashi L, Momose H, Ohhashi T

Effect of Occupational Therapy for people with schizophrenia in early recovery stage
Presenter:Shimada T, Kobayash Mi, Tomioka N

Development of l Performance Test Battery for assessing cognitive functions in mental disorders
Presenter:Matsumura N, Kobayashi M

Effect of an occupational therapy program on subacute phase psychiatric patients –Changes in subjective feelings of recover
Presenter:Fukushima S, Kobayashi M, Onishi A, Kawano K, Murata S, Tomioka N

Development of cognitive-behavioral assessment system for driving-related functions
Presenter:Kobayashi M, Sasaki T, Chishima M, Takahash Li, Momose H, Ohhashi T

Reliability and Validity of the Inventory Scale of Daily Activities for Subacute Inpatients
Presenter:Fukushima S, Kobayashi M, Murata S, et al

Discharge Support Programs for Persons with Mental Illness -The Role of Occupational Therapy in Community Mental Health Team
Presenter:Shimada T, Kobayashi M,Tomioka N

Brief overview of “the registration system for case report” of Japanese Association of Occupational Therapists
Presenter:Ishikawa T, Kobayasahi M, Sawada Y, et al

Satisfaction level with discharge support program for psychiatric patients
Presenter:Kobayashi M, Kayama A, Yamane H, et al

An inventory scale of daily activities for sub-acute in-patients in psychosocial occupational therapy
Presenter:Fukushima S, Kobayashi M, Tomioka N

Inter-rater reliability study for a process check list of a Make-a-box test battery
Presenter:Sunohara R, Tomioka N, Sirakawa C, Kobayashi M, et al

Reliability study for a box scoring of a Make-a-box Test Battery (MABOT)
Presenter:Chino W, Tomioka N, Kobayashi M, et al

Inter-rater reliability study for time measurements in Make-a-box test battery
Presenter:Tomioka N, Kobayashi M, Sirakawa C, et al

An Inventory Scale for Mood and Sense of Fatigue in Psychosocial Occupational Therapy
Presenter:Kobayashi M, Tomioka N, Fukushima S, et al

Therapeutic Application of “Being Occupied” as an Ego Supportive Occupational Therapy Structure in Early Recovery Stages of Schizophrenic Patients
Presenter:Kobayashi M, Tomioka N

Personal-body focused programs for Mental Patients
Presenter:Sunohara R, Isobe M, Kobayashi M

Development of a Self-Awareness Rating Scale Based on Buddhist Psychology
Presenter:Tomioka N, Fukushima S, Kobayashi M, et al

The significance of “beeing occupied” as an ego-recovery stage of schizophrenic patients
Presenter:Tomioka N, Kobayashi M, Kamijo K

Therapeutic use of an open “TATAMI” room as a self-controlled resting space for schizophrenic patients
Presenter:Kobayashi M, Tomioka N, Kamijo K

Occupational therapy practice in mental health from 1917-1995 in JAPAN
Presenter:Tomioka N, Kobayash Mi, Sato Y

Palmer perspiration in human being elicited by occupational activities
Presenter:Kobayashi M, Ushiyama Y, Tomioka N, et al

Responses of emotional perspiration in human beings during occupational activities
Presenter:Kobayashi M, Tomioka N, Ushiyama Y, et al

A preliminary study of the rating scale for occupational therapy clinical education
Presenter:Yamamoto A, Sato Y, Toyomori C, Kobayashi M, et al

Socialization group in a community care program for chronic psychiatric patients
Presenter:Tomioka N, Kobayashi M, et al

New role for occupational therapy in worke centers for psychiatrically disabled
Presenter:Tomioka N, Kobayashi M

Occupational therapy for a borderline personality disorder
Presenter:Kobayashi M, Tomioka N

A study of clients, participation to the group program in occupational therapy
Presenter:Shimizu Y, Ohya Ki,Kobayashi M, et al

Socialization program in a community care program for chronic psychiatric patients
Presenter:Tomioka N, Kobayash Mi, et al

Research Grants
Joint Research
2021 - 2022 , 医療用ウエアラブル発汗計の研究開発
2020 - 2021 , 医療用ウエアラブル発汗計の研究開発

Cooperative research with industry
2008 - 2009 , 自動車運転映像を用いた認知行動評価装置の開発

Grants‐in‐aid for Scientific Research(Research Representative)
2019 - 2021 , 危険認知・危険予測を評価する自動車模擬運転テストの開発研究 , 基板研究(C)
2016 - 2018 , 自動車模擬運転テストにおける危険予測場面の脳血流反応の解析 , 基盤研究(C)
2011 - 2015 , 広角映像を用いた自動車運転認知行動評価の研究 , 基盤研究(B)

Other Research Grants
2018 - 2019 , 自動車運転認知行動評価装置を用いた「模擬運転テスト」の開発