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Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Humanities and Social Sciences Institute of ArtsTEL
Education and Research OrganizationFaculty of Arts "Philosophy and Art, Department of Arts"FAX
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Assigned Class
Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Research Field
Chinese philosophy/Indian philosophy/Buddhist studies
Current Subject

Academic Background
Graduate School
オーストリア・ウィーン大学 , (南アジア学・チベット学・仏教学研究所 , 大学院文献学・文化学研究科) , 2006
University of Tokyo , (アジア文化研究専攻 , Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology) , 2001
University of Tokyo , (アジア文化研究専攻 , Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology) , 1997

University of Tokyo , (Faculty of Letters) , 1994

Ph.D. , University of Vienna
M.A. , University of Tokyo
Research Career
Research Career
2007- , Shinshu University, Faculty of Arts (Associate Professor)


Books, Articles, etc.
Transmission and Transformation of Buddhist Logic and Epistemology in East Asia
Arbeitskreis fuer Tibetische und Buddhistische Studien Universitaet Wien, 2020
Author:Ed. Shinya Moriyama

Omniscience and Religious Authority: A Study on Prajnakaragupta's Pramanavarttikalankarabhasya ad Pramanavarttika II 8-10 and 29-33
LIT Verlag 2014
Author:Shinya Moriyama

Prajnakaragupta's Criticism of the Proof of God's Existence (I): A Critical Edition and an Annotated Translation of the Pramanavarttikalankara ad Pramanavarttika II 11-16
Prajnakaragupta Studies,1:75-108 2021(Mar.)
Author:Shinya Moriyama

Dharmapala on the Cognition of Other Minds (paracittajnana)
Mark Siderits et al. (eds.), Buddhist Philosophy of Consciousness,:225-241 2021
Author:Shinya Moriyama

Dogen on Time and the Self
Tetsugaku,4:135-150 2020(May)
Author:Shinya Moriyama and Takeshi Sakon

Buddhist Philosophy in Two Japanese Cross-Philosophical Approaches
Newsletter of the American Philosophical Association (APA). Spring 2019,18(2):24-27 2019
Author:Shinya Moriyama

Brill's Encyclopedia of Buddhism,II:168-172 2019
Author:Shinya Moriyama

On dharmisvarupaviparitasadhana
Wiener Zeitschrift fuer die Kunde Suedasiens,56-57:37-49 2019
Author:Shinya Moriyama

A Note on the Samkhya Theory of Causation in Utpaladeva's Isvarasiddhi
E. Franco & I. Ratie (eds.), Around Abhinavagupta,:287-298 2017
Author:Shinya Moriyama

"Toward a Better Understanding of Ratnakirti's Ontology"
Nagoya Studies in Indian Culture and Buddhism: Sambhasa,32:47-59 2015

『信州大学人文科学論集』,1:51-73 2014(Mar. 15)
Author:護山 真也

"A Comparison between the Indian and Chinese Interpretations of the Antinomic Reason (Viruddhavyabhicarin)"
Ch. Lin & M. Radich (eds.), A Distant Mirror: Articulating Indic Ideas in Sixth and Seventh Century Chinese Buddhism,:121-150 2014

"Ratnakarasanti's Theory of Cognition with False Mental Images (*alikakaravada) and the Neither-One-Nor-Many Argument"
Journal of Indian Philosophy,42:339-351 2014

『奥田聖應先生頌寿記念インド学仏教学論集』,:771-782 2014

"Ratnakarasanti's criticism of the Madhyamaka refutation of causality
China Tibetology,No. 1(March 2013):53-66 2013

"On the role of abhyupagama in Dharmakirti's scriptually based inference"
V. Eltschinger, H. Krasser (eds.), Scriptural authority, reason and action,:183-207 2013

pramanaparisuddhasakalatattvajna, sarvajna and sarvasarvajna
Religion and Logic in Buddhist Philosophical Analysis,:329-339 2011

"On Self-awareness in the Sautrantika Epistemology"
Journal of Indian Philosophy,38:261-277 2010

"Sense data and akara"
Logic, Navya-Nyaya&Applications,:205-216 2008

"Omniscience and Religious Authority: Prajnakaragupta's Commentary on the Pramanavarttika II 8-10 and 29-33"
Ph. D. Dissertation, University of Vienna 2006

"The Gate of Praise in Vasubandhu's Sukhavativyuhopadeza"
The Eastern Buddhist,37/1-2:235-253 2005

"Is the proof of the omniscient Buddha possible ?"
Horin,11:183-197 2004

"(Non-) erroneous Cognition and Direct Awareness in Prajnakaragupta's Epistemology"
Indogaku Bukkyogaku Kenkyu,50/2:36-38 2002