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Shinshu University , (Graduate School, Division of Medicine) , 1998

Shinshu University , (Faculty of Medicine) , 1991

Doctor of Medicine


Books, Articles, etc.
Quantitative Analysis of Endocardial and Epicardial Left Ventricular Myocardial Deformation in Patients with Cardiac Amyloidosis
信州医学雑誌,67(1):49-62 2019(Feb. 10)
Author:Kozuka, Ayako; Koyama, Jun; Sekijima, Yoshiki; Ikeda, Uichi

Taransthyretin( ATTR)amyloidosis:clinical spectrum, molecular pathogenesis and disease-modifying treatments
J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry,86:1036-1043 2015
Author:Sekijima Y

Transthyretin-type cerebral amyloid angiopathy: a serious complication in post-transplant patients with familial amyloid polyneuropathy
J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry,86:124 2015
Author:Sekijima Y

Safety and efficacy of long-term diflunisal administration in hereditary transthyretin (ATTR) amyloidosis
Amyloid,22:79-83 2015
Author:Sekijima Y, Tojo K, Morita H, Koyama J, Ikeda S

Pathological, biochemical, and biophysical characteristics of the transthyretin variant Y114H (p.Y134H) explain its very mild clinical phenotype
J Peripher Nerv Syst,20:372-379 2015
Author:Sekijima Y, Campos RI, Hammarström P, Nilsson KP, Yoshinaga T, Nagamatsu K, Yazaki M, Kametani F, Ikeda S

p.E66Q mutation in the GLA gene is associated with a high risk of cerebral small-vessel occlusion in elderly Japanese males
Author:Nakamura, K; Sekijima, Y; Nakamura, K; Hattori, K; Nagamatsu, K; Shimizu, Y; Yazaki, M; Sakurai, A; Endo, F; Fukushima, Y; Ikeda, SI

Follow-up nationwide survey on predictive genetic testing for late-onset hereditary neurological diseases in Japan
JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS,58(8):560-563 2013
Author:Tanaka, K; Sekijima, Y; Yoshida, K; Tamai, M; Kosho, T; Sakurai, A; Wakui, K; Ikeda, S; Fukushima, Y

Clinical and Serial MRI Findings of a Sialidosis Type I Patient with a Novel Missense Mutation in the NEU1 Gene
INTERNAL MEDICINE,52(1):119-124 2013
Author:Sekijima, Y; Nakamura, K; Kishida, D; Narita, A; Adachi, K; Ohno, K; Nanba, E; Ikeda, S

A novel nonsense mutation in the TITF-1 gene in a Japanese family with benign hereditary chorea
J Neurol Sci,313(1-2):189-192 2012
Author:Nakamura K, Sekijima Y, Nagamatsu K, Yoshida K, Ikeda SI

Marked intrafamilial phenotypic variation in a family with SOD1 C111Y mutation
Amyotroph Lateral Scler,13:479-486 2012
Author:Nakamura A, Hineno A, Yoshikda K, Sekijima Y, Hanaoka-Tachibana N, Takei Y, Ohara S, Ikeda SI

High prevalence of wild-type transthyretin deposition in patients with idiopathic carpal tunnel syndrome: a common cause of carpal tunnel syndrome in the elderly
Hum Pathol,42(11):1785-1795 2011
Author:Sekijima Y, Uchiyama S, Tojo K, Sano K, Shimizu Y, Imaeda T, Hoshii Y, Kato H, Ikeda SI

Upper limb neuropathy such as carpal tunnel syndrome as an initial manifestation of ATTR Val30Met familial amyloid polyneuropathy
Author:Tojo, Kana; Tsuchiya-Suzuki, Ayako; Sekijima, Yoshiki; Morita, Hiroshi; Sumita, Naoko; Ikeda, Shu-Ichi

Cerebral hemorrhage in Fabry's disease
JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS,55(4):259-261 2010(Apr.)
Author:Nakamura, Katsuya; Sekijima, Yoshiki; Nakamura, Kimitoshi; Hattori, Kiyoko; Nagamatsu, Kiyoshiro; Shimizu, Yusaku; Yasude, Takuji; Ushiyama, Masao; Endo, Fumio; Fukushima, Yoshimitsu; Ikeda, Shu-ichi

CPPD crystal deposition disease of the cervical spine: A common cause of acute neck pain encountered in the neurology department
J Neurol Sci,296(1-2):79-82 2010
Author:Sekijima Y, Yoshida T, Ikeda SI

Successful pregnancy and lactation outcome in a patient with Gaucher disease receiving enzyme replacement therapy: distribution and excretion of imiglucerase in human milk
Clin Ther,32(12):2048-2052 2010
Author:Sekijima Y, Ohashi T, Ohira S, Kosho T, Fukushima Y

信州医学雑誌57,56(3):115-124 2008
Keywords:protein misfolding disease,amyloidosis,ER associated degradation (ERAD),familial amyloid polyneuropathy,transthyretin,蛋白質ミスフォールディング病,アミロイドーシス,小胞体関連分解,家族性アミロイドポリニューロパチー,トランスサイレチン

Benign intracranial hypertension and leukoencephalopathy due to venous sinus stenosis in an SLE patient
LUPUS,16(10):839-840 2007
Author:Yasude, T; Sekijima, Y; Mitsuhashi, S; Gono, T; Matsuda, M; Ikeda, S

アルツハイマー病 原因と危険因子
からだの科学,218:41-47 2001

Three patients with isolated adrenocorticotropin deficiency presenting with neuroleptic malignant syndrome-like symptoms
INTERNAL MEDICINE,40(6):510-514 2001
Author:Sekijima, Y; Hoshi, K; Kasai, H; Okada, M; Namiki, S; Ohta, K; Nakano, T; Hirayama, J; Ikeda, S

Serum transthyretin monomer in patients with familial amyloid polyneuropathy
Author:Sekijima, Y; Tokuda, T; Kametani, F; Tanaka, K; Maruyama, K; Ikeda, S

Presenilin-1 exists in the axoplasm fraction in the brains of aged Down's syndrome subjects and non-demented individuals
NEUROSCIENCE LETTERS,267(2):121-124 1999
Author:Sekijima, Y; Kametani, F; Tanaka, K; Okochi, M; Usami, M; Mori, H; Tokuda, T; Ikeda, S

Amyloid beta protein species in cerebrospinal fluid and in brain from patients with Down's syndrome
ANNALS OF NEUROLOGY,46(6):933-933 1999
Author:Tamaoka, A; Sekijima, Y; Masuno, S; Tokuda, T; Shoji, S; Ikeda, SI

Hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy associated with cerebellar atrophy (HMSNCA): Clinical and neuropathological features of a Japanese family
Author:Sekijima, Y; Ohara, S; Nakagawa, S; Tabata, K; Yoshida, K; Ishigame, H; Shimizu, Y; Yanagisawa, N

Prevalence of dementia of Alzheimer type and apolipoprotein E phenotypes in aged patients with Down's syndrome
EUROPEAN NEUROLOGY,39(4):234-237 1998
Author:Sekijima, Y; Ikeda, S; Tokuda, T; Satoh, S; Hidaka, H; Hidaka, E; Ishikawa, M; Yanagisawa, N

Sleep apnoea of central origin in a case of myotonic dystrophy
Author:Sekijima, Y; Morita, H; Hashimoto, T; Yamazaki, M; Yanagisawa, N

Serial magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) study of a patient with Balo's concentric sclerosis treated with immunoadsorption plasmapheresis
Mult. Scler,2:291-294 1997
Author:Y. Sekijima, T. Tokuda T, T. Hashimoto 他3名

Follow-up of sarin poisoning in Matsumoto
ANNALS OF INTERNAL MEDICINE,127(11):1042-1042 1997
Author:Sekijima, Y; Morita, H; Yanagisawa, N