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Suppression of Mouse AApoAII Amyloidosis Progression by Daily Supplementation with Oxidative Stress Inhibitors
Oxid Med Cell Longev,Volume 2019:1263274 2019
Author:Dai J, Ding X, Miyahara H, Xu Z, Cui X, Igarashi Y, Sawashita J, Mori M, Higuchi K

Coenzyme Q10 prevents senescence and dysfunction caused by oxidative stress in vascular endothelial cells
Oxid Med Cell Longev,:3181759 2018
Author:Huo J, Xu Z, Hosoe K, Kubo H, Miyahara H, Dai J, Mori M, Sawashita J, Higuchi K

Amyloidosis-inducing activity of blood cells in mouse AApoAII amyloidosis
Exp Anim,67((2)):105-115 2018
Author:Ding X, Liu Y, Yang M, Li L, Miyahara H, Dai J, Xu Z, Matsumoto, Mori M, Higuchi k, Sawashita J

Apolipoprotein A-II induces acute-phase response associated AA amyloidosis in mice through conformational changes of plasma lipoprotein structure
Sci Rep,(8):5620 2018
Author:Yang M, Liu Y, Dai J, Li L, Ding X, Xu Z, Mori M, Miyahara H, Sawashita J, Higuchi K

Comprehensive proteomic profiles of mouse AApoAII amyloid fibrils provide insights into the involvement of lipoproteins in the pathology of amyloidosis
J Proteomics,(172):111-121 2018
Author:Miyahara H, Sawashita J, Ishikawa E, Yang M, Ding X, Liu Y, Hachiya N, Kametani F, Yazaki M, Mori M, Higuchi K

Apolipoprotein A-II accelerates reactive AA amyloidosis
Amyloid,24((sup1)):147-148 2017
Author:Yang M, Liu Y, Li L, Miyahara H, Ding X, Dai J, Sawashita J, Mori M, Higuchi K

Caloric restriction reduces the systemic progression of mouse AApoAII amyloidosis
PLoS ONE,12((2)):e0172402 2017
Author:Li L, Sawashita J, Ding X, Yang M, Xu Z, Miyahara H, Mori M, Higuchi K

Distribution of transmissible amyloid proteins in the liver with apolipoprotein A-II amyloidosis
Shinshu Med J,64((4)):183-194 2016
Author:Liu Y, Sawashita J, Wang Y, Li L, Miyahara H, Ding X, Yang M, Higuchi K

Factors to preserve CpG-rich sequences in methylated CpG islands
BMC Genomics,(16):144 2015
Author:Miyahara H, Hirose O, Satou K, Yamada Y

Extracellular deposition of mouse senile AApoAII amyloid fibrils induced different unfolded protein responses in the liver, kidney, and heart
Lab Invest,95((3)):320-33 2015
Author:Luo H, Sawashita J, Tian G, Liu Y, Li L, Ding X, Xu Z, Yang M, Miyahara H, Mori M, Qian J, Wang Y, Higuchi K

Proteomic Analysis of Mouse AApoAII Amyloidosis
The 10th Institute for Biomedical Sciences International Symposium 2018
Author:Miyahara H

Comprehensive proteomic analysis of Mouse AApoAII amyloidosis
Asian Pacific Prion Symposium 2018 (APPS2018) 2018
Author:Miyahara H, Mori M, Higuchi K

Proteomic Profiles of Mouse AApoAII Amyloid Fibrils Provide Insights into the Involvement of Lipoproteins in the Pathology of Amyloidosis
第18回日本蛋白科学会年会 2018
Author:Miyahara H, Mori M, Higuchi K