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Senior Assistant Professor 


  • Ph.D., 東京大学

Research Keyword

    International Migration, Migrants, Immigration Policy and Region

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Educational Background

  • 2005 - 2009, 東京大学, 総合文化研究科広域科学システム
  • 2003 - 2005, The University of Tokyo, 総合文化研究科広域科学システム
  • 1998 - 2002, 韓国梨花女子大学, 師範大学


  • Transnational Ties of North Korean Defectors Living in Japan
    Hyunuk Lee; Seok Hyang Kim
    Journal of peace and unification, 12(1), 131-164, 2022, Refereed
    Lead, Corresponding
  • A basic study on the Korea Hydrography Report
    Byungmoon Park; Eunmi Chang; Jiwon Kim; Seonhee Hong; Hyunuk Lee
    Hydrographic Society of Korea, 2022, Refereed
  • Young people who have returned to rural areas, not only to agriculture
    Hyunuk Lee
    Journal of the Economic Geographical Society of Korea, 2022
    Lead, Corresponding
  • A Journey of Awareness and Practice in Hydrography of Korea
    Eunmi Chang; Whang Jun; Byungmoon Park; Hyunuk Lee
    International Hydro,The global magazine for Hydrography, 2022
  • A Study on the Strategies for the Registration of Undersea Feature Names in GEBCO Gazetteer
    Hyunuk Lee
    Hydrographic Society of Korea, 2021, Refereed
    Lead, Corresponding
  • A Study of the Building of Hydrographic Survey Infrastructure in the Context of the Hydrographic Survey ODA: A Case Study of the Quality Control of Hydrographic Survey in Georgia
    Hyunuk Lee; Kyung Wan Yoo; Haey Yeon Jeon
    Hydrographic Society of Korea, 2021, Refereed
    Lead, Corresponding
  • A Study on the Characteristics of Migrant Communities in Kimpo City
    Hyunuk Lee
    Multicultural & Diaspora Studies, 2016, Refereed
    Lead, Corresponding
  • Seasonal Needs of Migration Workers and its Supply: The Case Study of Cabbage Industry in Goesan, Korea
    Hyunuk Lee; Jung-a Song
    Journal of the Korean Urban Geographical Society, 2016, Refereed
    Lead, Corresponding
  • The Employment Permit System and Spatial Distribution of Migrant Workers in Korea
    Hyunuk Lee
    Journal of the Korean Urban Geographical Society, 2015, Refereed
    Lead, Corresponding
  • Reproducing hybridity in Korea: Conflicting interpretations of Korean culture by South Koreans and ethnic Korean Chinese marriage migrants
    Amelia L. Schubert, Lee Youngmin & Lee Hyun-Uk
    Asian Journal of Women’s Studies, 2015, Refereed
  • Transnational Migration and the Locality Change of Origin - The Case of Feng Lin Cun, Wang Qing Xian
    Hyunuk Lee; Youngmin Lee; Jiyeon Shin; Hwayong Lee
    Journal of the Korean Urban Geographical Society, 2014, Refereed
    Lead, Corresponding
  • The Characteristics;Processes of Young;Japanese Life Course;Strategies for the Young;Women in Uncertainty
    Hyunuk Lee
    The Women’s Studies, 2013, Refereed
    Lead, Corresponding
  • The study of young women’s migration for employment and the unstable employment status
    Hyunuk Lee
    Journal of the Korean Urban Geographical Society, 2013, Refereed
    Lead, Corresponding
  • The Characteristics of Transnational migration of Young White-Color Joseonjok
    Hyunuk Lee
    Journal of Global Diaspora Studies, 2013, Refereed
    Lead, Corresponding
  • A Study on the Trans-migration of Korean-Chinese and the Change of Locality: The Case of the Chinese Food Culture Street in Jaynag Dong, Seoul
    Youngmin Lee; Yong gyun Lee; Hyunuk Lee
    Journal of the Korean Urban Geographical Society, 2012, Refereed
  • The Mapping of Migrant Space and the Spatial Characteristics of Migrant: Focusing on the Nationality and Migration Status
    Yong Gyun Lee; Hyunuk Lee
    Journal of the Korean Cartographic Association, 2011, Refereed
  • ライフコースからみた1960年以降の韓国女性の初就業移動
    日本経済地理学年報, 2008, Refereed
    Lead, Corresponding

Books and other publications

  • Lexington Book, London.
    Joint work, 1章
    Lexington Book, London., 2022
  • Concept of Urban Geograhy
    Joint work, 9章
    Bobmunsa, 2020
  • Bordering and Ordering the Twenty-first Century: Understanding Borders
    Joint translation, 3章, Gabriel Popescu
    Purungil, 2018
  • Key concept of Migration
    Joint translation
  • 青年文化を抱いた開拓地、新村
    Joint work, 3章
    ソウル歴史博物館, 2017
  • なじみのない場所に住む人々:韓国の移住者と韓人ディアスポラ
    Joint work
  • 海図で見る韓国経済発展史
    Joint work
  • Civilization and climate
    Ellsworth Huntington, 12章
  • Migration
    Joint translation, 3章
    Purungil, 2013

Lectures, oral presentations, etc.

  • 第85回統一学フォーラム脱北ディアスポラ:英国・アメリカ・日本・韓国の脱北民の定着と生活
    ソウル大学統一平和研究所, 2022
  • 若者の場所の選択:全羅北道淳昌郡を事例に
    韓国地域経済学会, 2021
  • 脱北者のトランスナショナルなライフコース形 成過程
    韓国慶北大学人文社会研究所コロキウム, 2021
  • 日本における脱北民のトランスナショナル連携
    ソウル大学統一基盤構築連合学術大会, 2020
  • 日本における人口移動政策の変化と若者の場所 づくり
    韓国都市地理学会, 2019
  • 若者の人口移動と場所の選択
    国家均等発展委員会全国市道研究員協議会分科, 2019
  • 農家の農業雇用労働力の活用実態に関する研究
    韓国都市地理学会, 2016
  • 新村大学商店街の変化と現在
    韓国都市地理学会, 2016
  • Comparative study on settlement and adaptation strategies of Joseonjok
    International Conference Diaspora and Transnational in East Asia, 2016
  • Refugees,transmigration and locality: a study of the Zummas in Gimpo, Korea
    American Association of Geographers, 2016
  • Retrospective and the future of the Undersea Feature names
    International Symposium on Application of Marine Geophysical Data and Undersea Feature Names, 2015
  • Refugee migrants, global networks and the local
    International Conference of Diaspora and Transnational in East Asia, 2015
  • Relational politics of localism hybridized by refugee migrants: Jumma people in Gimpo
    International Conference Mobility and Multiculturalism in Global City, 2015
  • 中国朝鮮族の人口移動パターンと中国沿岸都市 の変化
    韓国文化地理学会, 2014
  • マイノリティ空間:韓国金浦市ジュンマ族コミ ュニティ
    韓国都市地理学会, 2014
  • 中国出身地とソウル移住者空間のロカリティ変 化
    韓国都市地理学会, 2014
  • トランスナショナル移住とロカリティ
    漢陽大学校コロキウム, 2013
  • Transnational migration and local changes in Seoul
    Asia Economic Community Forum, 2013
  • The Characteristic of highly educated migrants of Korean Chinese in Korea
    IGU Kyoto Regional Conference, 2013
  • トランスナショナル移住とエスニック景観の形 成
    韓国都市地理学会, 2012
  • Service economy and the choice of migration: Does temporary work matter?
    IGU Commission on the Geography of Global Information Society, 2011
  • 韓国の知識基盤製造業の空間的集中と労働力供 給の地理
    韓国都市地理学会, 2009
  • Labor demand of manufacturing-based sector of IT industry in South Korea
    The 3rd Global Conference on Economic Geography, 2009
  • Recent labor migration of Korean young women
    Korea-Japan-China Joint Conference on Geography, 2008
  • ライフコースから見た韓国女性の就業移動
    日本地理学会, 2005
  • Women’s migration and their life course in Korea
    IGU Commission on Monitoring Cities of Tomorrow Tokyo Conference, 2005

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