Interdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research Institute for Fiber Engineering 

Specially-appointed Associate Professor 

Researcher Information


  • Ph.D., Shinhu University (JAPAN)

Field Of Study

  • Polymer materials, Filtration materials
  • Nanomaterials, Nanofiber
  • Nanomaterials, Electrospinning
  • Nanomaterials, Engineering of Nanofiber Materials

Mail Address



  • 2021
    Specially-appointed Associate Professor
  • 2015
    CEO, NafiaS Inc.
  • 2014 - 2021
    Specially-appointed Assistant Professor
  • 2013 - 2013
    Post Doctor

Educational Background

  • 2011 - 2013, Shinhu University, Doctor of Engineering in Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science of Technology, Department of Bioscience and Textile Technology
  • 2009 - 2011, Shinhu University, Master of Engineering in Graduate School of Science and Technology, Department of Functional Machinery and Mechanics
  • 2005 - 2009, Shinhu University, Faculty of Textile Science and Technology, Engineering in Department of Functional Machinery and Mechanics
Research activity information


  • Handspinning Enabled Highly Concentrated Carbon Nanotubes with Controlled Orientation in Nanofibers
    Hoik Lee, Kei Watanabe, Myungwoong Kim, Mayakrishnan Gopiraman, Kyung-Hun Song, Jung Soon Lee & Ick Soo Kim
    SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 6, 37590, 23 Nov. 2016WebofScienceリポジトリ電子ジャーナル
  • ナノファイバから広がる未来 (特集 ナノマテリアルとナノテクノロジー) -- (他業種で使用されるナノマテリアル・テクノロジー)
    金 翼水; 渡邊 圭;
    自動車技術, 69(11), 90-95, Nov. 2015リポジトリ
  • A highly hydrophilic water-insoluble nanofiber composite as an efficient and easily-handleable adsorbent for the rapid adsorption of cesium from radioactive wastewater
    Bang, Hyunsik; Watanabe, Kei; Nakashima, Ryu; Kai, Wei; Song, Kyung-Hun; Lee, Jung Soon; Gopiraman, Mayakrishnan; Kim, Ick-Soo;
    RSC Advances, 4(103), 59571-59578, 2014WebofScience電子ジャーナル
  • ナノファイバー製造装置の技術動向
    渡邊 圭;
    繊維学会誌, 69(6), P-182-P-185, 10 Jun. 2013リポジトリ
  • Technology Trends of Nanofiber Production Machines
    Watanabe, Kei;
    Sen-i Gakkaishi, 69(6), P182-P185, Jun. 2013WebofScience
  • Wiping Frictional Properties of Electrospun Hydrophobic/Hydrophilic Polyurethane Nanofiber-Webs on Soda-lime Glass and Silicon-wafer
    Watanabe, Kei; Wei, Kai; Nakashima, Ryu; Kim, Ick Soo; Enomoto, Yuji;
    Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 13(4), 2582-2588, Apr. 2013WebofScience電子ジャーナル
  • Mechanical Properties of Poly(vinylidene fluoride) Nanofiber Filaments Prepared by Electrospinning and Twisting
    Nakashima, Ryu; Watanabe, Kei; Lee, Yujin; Kim, Byoung-Suhk; Kim, Ick-Soo;
    Advances in Polymer Technology, 32, E44-E52, Mar. 2013WebofScience電子ジャーナル
  • 離陸するナノファイバー(下)
    金 翼水; 渡邊 圭;
    加工技術, 47(10), 617-626, Oct. 2012リポジトリ
  • 離陸するナノファイバー(上)
    金 翼水; 渡邊 圭;
    加工技術, 47(8), 483-487, Aug. 2012リポジトリ
  • Effect of Organic Solvent on Morphology and Mechanical Properties of Electrospun Syndiotactic Polypropylene Nanofibers
    Watanabe, Kei; Nakamura, Taiki; Kim, Byoung-Suhk; Kim, Ick-Soo;
    Polymer Bulletin, 67(9), 2025-2033, Dec. 2011WebofScience電子ジャーナル
  • 電気が通るナノファイバー
    金 翼水; 金 ビョンソク; 渡邊 圭; 木村 直貴; 中村 太樹;
    繊維学会誌, 67(6), P-160-P-163, 10 Jun. 2011リポジトリ
  • Thermal insulation, antibacterial and mold properties of breathable nanofiber-laminated wallpapers
    Kim, Byoung-Suhk; Kimura, Naotaka; Kim, Han-Ki; Watanabe, Kei; Kim, Ick-Soo;
    Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 11(6), 4929-4933, Jun. 2011WebofScience電子ジャーナル
  • エレクトロスピニング法による世界初の多機能ナノファイバー量産システムの開発(下)
    金 翼水; 渡邊 圭;
    加工技術, 46(5), 35-40, May 2011リポジトリ
  • エレクトロスピニング法による世界初の多機能ナノファイバー量産システムの開発(上)
    金 翼水; 渡邊 圭;
    加工技術, 46(4), 19-24, Apr. 2011リポジトリ
  • Fabrication of Uniaxially Aligned Poly(propylene) Nanofibers via Handspinning
    Kei Watanabe, Byoung-Suhk Kim, Yuji Enomoto, Ick-Soo Kim
    Macromol. Mater. Eng., 296, 568–573, 11 Mar. 2011
  • Development of Polypropylene Nanofiber Production System
    Watanabe, Kei; Kim, Byoung-Suhk; Kim, Ick-Soo;
    Polymer Reviews, 51(3), 288-308, 2011WebofScience電子ジャーナル
  • Electrospinning of Syndiotactic Polypropylene from a Polymer Solution at Ambient Temperatures
    Keun-Hyung Lee, Osamu Ohsawa, Kei Watanabe, Ick-Soo Kim, Steven R. Givens, Bruce Chase and John F. Rabolt
    Macromolecules, 42(14), 5215–5218, 19 Jun. 2009

Books and other publications

  • 衛生製品とその材料開発 事例集 -紙オムツ、生理用品、マスク- 第6節
    渡邊圭, Single work, ナノファイバーを用いた衛生マスクの捕集効率と通気性の両立
    株式会社技術情報協会, 315-319 26 Dec. 2016