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Associate Professor 

Researcher Information


  • Doctor ofScience

Field Of Study

  • Inorganic/coordination chemistry, 無機物理化学(分子運動、イオン交換)

Educational Background

  • 1986, Shinshu University, Graduate School, Division of Natural Science
  • 1990, Nagoya University, Graduate School, Division of Natural Science
  • 1984, Shinshu University, Faculty of Science
Research activity information


  • Chromatographic Formation of a Triadic Band of Lithium in Hydrated LTA Zeolite: An Investigation on Lithium Isotope Separation Effects by Ion Exchange
    Atsushi Ishikawa*, Mie Sasaki, Susumu Narita, Akari Takeuchi, Hiroshi Ohki, and Kazuo Yoshino
    MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS, 248, 115-121, 2017, RefereedWebofScienceリポジトリ電子ジャーナル
  • 10B-NMR determination of 10B-BPA, 10B-BPA-fructose complex and total 10B in blood for BNCT
    K. Yoshino, T. Yabe, T. Hattori, K. Saito, A. Ishikawa, H. Ohki
    Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 88, 74-77, 2014
  • Biological evaluation of dopamine analogues containing phenylboronic acid group as new boron carriers
    Ito Y. Mizuno T, Yoshino K, Ban H S, Nakamura H, Hiratsuka J, Ishikawa A, Ohki H
    Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 69(12), pp.1771-1773, 2011WebofScience電子ジャーナル
  • 35Cl NQR and XRD Studies on Cs2[Ag(I)xAu(I)1-xCl2][Au(III)Cl4]
    Ishikawa A, Ohki H., Kitada S., Sasanne A.
    Hyperfine Interact, 180, pp.19-23, 2007WebofScience電子ジャーナル
  • Phase separation in hydrated LTA zeolite
    Ishikawa A., Sakurazawa Y., Shindo J., Shimada M., Ishimaru T., Ishikawa S., Sasane A.
    MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS, 78(2-3), pp.169-180, Mar. 2005WebofScienceリポジトリ電子ジャーナル
  • Mechanism of the fractionation of 7Li ions into aqueous solutions: ion-exchange with the six-membered oxygen ring of zeolite-A
    A. Ishikawa, Y. Mizusawa, S. Ishikawa, A. Sasane, and Y. Mori,
    PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 5(2), pp.415-422, Jan. 2003WebofScience
  • A 1H MMR study of molecular motions in bromo- and iodopentamethylbenzene
    S. Sato, A. Ishikawa, H. Matsumoto, C. Kitazawa, and A. Sasane,
    JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR STRUCTURE, 644(1-3), pp.125-131, Jan. 2003WebofScience
  • 35Cl Quadrupole Relaxation Study on Cs2[Au(I)Cl2][Au(III)Cl4]and Cs2[Ag(I)Cl2][Au(III)Cl4].
    A. Ishikawa, M. Kurasawa, K. Kurasawa, A. Sasane, R.Ikeda,and N. Kojima,
    Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung, 57a(6-7), pp.348-352, Jun. 2002WebofScience
  • A 35Cl NQR Study on Cs2[Au(I)Cl2][Au(III)Cl4]
    Ishikawa A.,Kurasawa M.,Kitahara S., Sasane A., Kojima N., and Ikeda R.
    Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung, 53a(6-7), pp.590-594, Jun. 1998WebofScience
  • A 1H NMR Study of Molecular Motions in Chloropentamethylbenzene
    Ishikawa A.,Sasane A.,Nakashima Y., Mori Y., Sato S., Kitazawa C.
    JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR STRUCTURE, 406(1-2), pp.9-13, Feb. 1997WebofScience
  • Motion of water molecules and hydrogen bonds in zinc hexachlorostannate(IV) hexahydrate as studied by H-1 NMR and Cl-35 NQR
    Ishikawa, A; Sasane, A; Hirakawa, Y; Mori, Y

Research Themes

  • 錯体結晶中の分子運動