MITANI Naozumi

Academic Assembly School of Humanities and Social Sciences Institute of Arts

Faculty of Arts Department of Arts 


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  • Philosophy and ethics, Philosophy/Ethics

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  • 「いま(さら)倫理学(なんか)に何ができる(というの)か? 『下級哲学』の社会的機能をめぐるいくつかの考察」
    『倫理学研究』, (第54号), 29-39, 30 Jun. 2024, Invited
  • 「山はいつでも歩いている――『プラグマティストの形態における表出主義』と道元」
    比較思想研究, 第49巻, 11-18, Mar. 2023
  • 「『念慮を透脱する語句』と『メタファー』――『論理空間の外部』に位置する言説をめぐる混交哲学の試み
    『未来哲学』, (第5号), 231-261, Jan. 2023
  • Beyond Monism and Pluralism: On Dōgen’s Pan-Self-Ist Turn of Metaphysics
    Naozumi Mitani
    Tetsugaku: International Journal of the Philosophical Association of Japan, Volume 4, Special Theme: Analytic Asian Philosophy, pp. 119-134, May 2020
  • Realism and Givenness—Wilfrid Sellars and the Heritage of American Philosophy
    Naozumi Mitani
    Shinshu studies in humanities, No. 7(Vol. 2), pp. 59-70, 15 Mar. 2020
  • The World in Which Everything is the Self: The Philosophy of the Original Image and Pan-Self-Ism
    Naozumi Mitani
    Jay Garfield (ed.), "Wilfrid Sellars and Buddhist Philosophy: Freedom from Foundations", Routledge, 2019
  • On Sellarsian Realism
    Naozumi Mitani
    Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy, vol. 37 (Philosophical Traditions in North America), pp. 15-20, Jun. 2018
  • Picturing and Meta-Linguistic Expressivism
    Naozumi Mitani
    Contemporary and Applied Philosophy: Selected Papers of 2nd CCPEA, 2016
  • The Return of the Dad : On Millikan-Brandom debate about the legacy of Wilfrid Sellars
    Naozumi Mitani
    信州大学人文科学論集, 2, 31-41, 15 Mar. 2015リポジトリ


  • 「特別座談会 じんぶんゆく年くる年――特別だった「信州のこの一年」を振り返る
    『人文学的な学び合いの場を地域に創る 文化芸術教育資源を活用した、まちなか活性化手法の検討 2020年度活動報告書』, Mar. 2022
  • 「世界市民という思想」
    伊藤邦武/山内志朗/中島隆博/納富信留(編)『世界哲学史6 近代I 啓蒙と人間感情論』筑摩書房, Jun. 2020

Books and other publications

  • 『コスモポリタニズム――「違いを越えた交流と対話」の倫理』
    みすず書房, Sep. 2022

Lectures, oral presentations, etc.

  • 「いま(さら)倫理学(なんか)に何ができる(というの)か? 『下級哲学』の社会的機能をめぐるいくつかの考察」
    関西倫理学会2023年度大会シンポジウム「ELSIと倫理学」提題発表, 29 Oct. 2023, Invited
  • On the Depth Grammar of Being a Person: What happens when Sellarsian philosophers meet Fusion Philosophy?
    Naozumi Mitani
    Thursday Seminar, 2016, Australian National University
  • What do we do when we are engaged in comparative philosophy?"
    Naozumi Mitani
    University of Tsukuba, 06 Mar. 2015, ICR Symposium at University of Tsukuba: Philosophy Across Cultures / Transmission, Translation, and Transformation of Thought
  • On the Philosophical Grammar of Perception: A Sellarsian Approach
    Naozumi Mitani
    The 1st International Workshop on Comparative Philosophy of Perception, 2015
  • Some Reflections on the Social Origin of Intentionality: A Sellarsian Perspective
    Naozumi Mitani
    Indiana University, 13 Sep. 2014, The Collective Intentionality IX
  • The Return of the Dad: On Millikan-Brandom debate about the legacy of Wilfrid Sellars
    Naozumi Mitani
    Kyoto University, 29 Aug. 2014, The Second Conference on Contemporary Philosophy in East Asia (2nd CCPEA)

Research Themes

  • Kant
  • Sellars
  • Brandom