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Senior Assistant Professor 

Research Keyword

    Tropical Rainforest, Insect seed predator, General Flowering, Dipterocarpacea, Masting

Field Of Study

  • Tropical Ecology
  • Biodiversity Science

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Research activity information


  • Evidence in stable isotope ratios for lichen-feeding by Lithosiini moths from a tropical rainforest but not from a temperate forest
    Kawagoe H., Itioka T., Hyodo F., Iku A., Shimizu-kaya U., Meleng P
    Entomological Science, 25(3), e12519, Jul. 2022, Refereed
  • Observation of the eggs of parachute gecko, genus Ptychozoon (Squamata: Gekkonidae), on an epiphytic fern growing in the forest canopy
    Kurita, T., Nakanishi, A., Komada, N., Shimano, S., Satria, R., Shimizu–kaya, U., Shinoda, M., Iku, A., Itioka, T., Hossman M. Y., Nishikawa, K.
    Herpetology Notes, 12, 1077-1081, 2019, Refereed
  • High degree of polyphagy in a seed-eating bark beetle, Coccotrypes gedeanus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae), during a community-wide fruiting event in a Bornean tropical rainforest
    Iku, A., Itioka, T., Kawakita, A., Goto, H., Ueda, A., Shimizu-kaya, U., Meleng, P.
    Tropics, 27(3), 59-66, 2018, Refereed
  • Differences in the fruit maturation stages at which oviposition occurs among insect seed predators feeding on the fruits of five dipterocarp tree species
    Iku, A., Itioka, T., Shimizu-kaya, U., Kishimoto-Yamada, K., Meleng, P.
    Entomological Science, 21(4), 412-422, 2018, Refereed
  • Increased seed predation in the second fruiting event during an exceptionally long period of community-level masting in Borneo.
    Iku, A., Itioka, T., Kishimoto-Yamada, K., Shimizu-kaya, U., Mohammad, F. B., Hossman, M. Y., Bunyok, A., Rahman, M. Y. A., Sakai, S. & Meleng, P.
    Ecological Research, 32(4), 537-545, 2017, Refereed
  • Inter-specific and sexual differences in architectural traits of two dioecious Lindera species (Lauraceae)
    Nakagawa, M., Isogimi, T., Inanaga, M., Abe, K., Okada, T., Watanabe, Y., Kobayakawa, K., Toyama, C., Ito, K., Kawashima, N., Otani, K., Hori, M., Tani, S., Higuchi, K., Asano, I., Kawahara, K., Yamauchi, A., Kato, D., Matsushita, M.
    Plant Ecology, 216, 99-109, 2015, Refereed

Books and other publications

  • 信州大学 環境マネジメント入門
    金沢謙太郎・浅野郁・祢津栄治, Joint editor
    プラルト, 31 Mar. 2021
  • 信州大学 環境マネジメント入門
    浅野郁・祢津栄治, Joint work, 第1章「なぜ環境マネジメントシステムに取り組むのか」、第3章「監査現場での注意点」
    プラルト, 31 Mar. 2021

Lectures, oral presentations, etc.

  • Digitalization on biodiversity studies: specimen collections and plant phenology observation.
    Shimizu-kaya U, Iku A, Ali MNB, Mizuno T, Meleng P, Itioka T
    ATREPS-PUBS Workshop 2022, 16 Nov. 2022
  • ボルネオ島低地熱帯雨林における種子食性昆虫の多様性
    昆虫DNA研究会 第18回研究集会・信州昆虫学会 合同大会, 21 May 2022, Invited
  • Platforms for Multipurpose Utilization of Biodiversity Information in Sarawak
    Shimizu-kaya U, Iku A, Ali MNB, Mizuno T, Yamasaki T, Meleng P, Itioka T, Mohamad MB
    SATREPS-PUBS Workshop, 16 Nov. 2021
  • Patterns of seed utilization by insect seed predators in a Bornean tropical rain forest
    Iku A (Shinshu University), Itioka T (Kyoto University), Shimizu-kaya U (Shimane University), Satake N (Kyoto University), Meleng P (Forest Department Sarawak)
    第68回日本生態学会大会, 17 Mar. 2021
  • Arthropod ecology in the canopy of tropical rainforest at Lambir Hills National Park, Sarawak
    Asano IKU, Takao ITIOKA, Paulus MELENG
    The 67th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Japan, 06 Mar. 2020
  • サラワク州における蛾類群集の地理的変異
    川越葉澄, 清水加耶, 浅野郁, 山下聡, 竹松葉子, 金尾太輔, ALIMohamad Nafri Bin, MELENG Paulus, 市岡孝朗
    The 67th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Japan, 2020
  • The population dynamics and biodiversity of insect seed predators in tropical rainforests of Sarawak.
    Asano, I., Nakagawa, M., Takeuchi Y., Sakai, S., Kishimoto-Yamada, K., Shimizu-kaya, U., Mohammad, F., Hossman, M. Y., Bunyok, A., Rahman M. Y. A., Meleng, P., and Itioka, T.
    Proceedings of the symposium “Frontier in Tropical Forest Research: Progress in Joint Projects between the Forest Department Sarawak and the Japan Research Consortium for Tropical Forests in Sarawak” 179-186, 2016