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    Tsunami deposit, Paleo earthquake, Paleo tsunami, Natsural hazard, River flood

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  • Solid earth sciences, Sedimentology, Natural disaster science



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  • Features of crevasse splay deposits and sedimentary processes associated with levee breaching due to the October 2019 flood of the Chikuma River, Central Japan
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  • Flume experiments in the development of crevasse-splay deposits: Transition from asymmetric-to-symmetric geometry
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  • Recent relative sea-level changes recorded by coral microatolls in Southern Ryukyus islands, Japan: implication for the seismic cycle of the megathrust
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  • Numerical estimation of a tsunami source at the flexural area of Kuril and Japan Trenches in the 15th–17th century based on paleotsunami deposit distributions in northern Japan
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  • Washover deposits related to tsunami and storm surge along the north coast of the Shimokita Peninsula in northern Japan
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  • Recurrence of tsunamigenic intraplate earthquakes inferred from tsunami deposits during the past 7300 years in Beppu Bay, southwest Japan
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  • Depositional setup and characteristics of the storm deposit by the 2007 Cyclone Sidr on Kuakata Coast, Bangladesh
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  • A Tsunami Warning System based on Offshore Bottom Pressure Gauges and Data Assimilation for Crete Island in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin
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  • Geological record of prehistoric tsunamis in Mugi Town, facing the Nankai Trough, western Japan
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  • Erosion and sedimentation during the September 2015 flooding of the Kinu River, central Japan
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  • Sedimentary characteristics of the onshore tsunami deposits formed by the 2011Tohoku-oki tsunami in coastal lowlands, Ibaraki and Chiba prefectures
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