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Researcher Information


  • Doctor of Science

Research Keyword

    structural geology, active fault, accretion complex, earthquake

Educational Background

  • 1987, Osaka City University, Graduate School,Division of Natural Science
  • 1979, Shinshu University, Faculty of Science
Research activity information


  • Active Fault in the Itoigawa-Shizuoka fault zone discovered at Lake Midoriko in Shiojiri City, Nagano Prefecture, Central Japan.
    下田力, 大塚勉
    環境科学年報, (45), 17-24, Mar. 2023リポジトリ
  • Database of surface ruptures occurred in the 2014 Kamishiro fault earthquake, Nagano prefecture, central Japan.
    大塚勉, 下田力
    環境科学年報, (45), 32-52, Mar. 2023リポジトリ
  • Geology and Early Pleistocene flat surface in the southeastern part of the Ina Valley, Nagano Prefecture, Central Japan.
    Ryuhei Matsushima and Tsutomu Otsuka
    環境科学年報, (44), 30-40, Mar. 2022, Refereedリポジトリ
  • Geological Structures at the Boundary of Middle and Southern Sections of the Itoigawa- Shizuoka Tectonic Line in Hakushu Area
    Shun Kawana & Tsutomu Otsuka
    環境科学年報, (44), 13-29, Mar. 2022リポジトリ
  • Udukiyama Fault in the Ina Mountains, Nagano Prefecture, Central Japan.
    松島竜平, 大塚勉
    環境科学年報, (43), 57-65, Mar. 2021リポジトリ

Research Themes

  • Active faults developed in the mountainous area