Academic Assembly School of Humanities and Social Sciences Institute of Humanities

Center for General Education 

Associate Professor 


  • Doctor of Agriculture, University of Tsukuba

Field Of Study

  • Plant Pathology

Educational Background

  • 1987 - 1992, University of Tsukuba, Graduate School of Agriculture
  • 1983 - 1987, University of Tsukuba, 第二学群, 農林学類


  • Structure and organization of the rDNA intergenic spacer region in Pythium ultimum.
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  • Variation in the D1/D2 Region of Nuclear Large Subunit Ribosomal DNA in Phakopsora ampelopsidis, P. euvitis and P. vitis (Uredinales), 共著, Y. Ono and M. Imazu, Bull. Fac. Edu., Ibaraki Univ. (Nat. Sci.), 50, pp.21-26 (2001).
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  • Identification of a Rust Fungus on Pinus pumila Collected in the North Kurils, Russia, 共著, M. Imazu, Z. M. Azbukina, M. Kakishima 他3名, Mycoscience, 41, pp.139-144 (2000).
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  • ロシア沿海州およびハバロフスク地方におけるヨーロッパアカマツそうほう病
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  • Morphology, cytology and taxonomy of stem rusts on five-needle pines in Japan
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  • Endocronartium sahoanum, a new stem rust fungus on Pinus pumila in Japan
    Imazu, M., Kakishima, M. and Kaneko, S.
    Trans. Mycol. Soc. Japan, 30, 301-310, 1989

Lectures, oral presentations, etc.

  • Nuclear behavior and life cycle of witches' broom rust of Japanese Hiba and thuja, Blastospora betulae.
    Imazu M.;Kakishima M.;Harada Y.
    Rusts of Forest Trees Programme and Abstracts 33-, 2002
  • Phylogenetic analysis of two microcyclic Chrysomyxa rusts on Tsuga spp. in Japan.
    Hoshikawa K.;Imazu M.;Fukushima K.
    Rusts of Forest Trees Programme and Abstracts 32-, 2002
  • Taxonomic reconsideration of Cronartium ribicola and Peridermium kurilense in Russian Far East.
    Imazu M.;Azbukina Z.M.;Kakishima M.;Ono Y.;Kaneko S.
    Proceedings of the First IUFRO Rusts of Forest Trees Working Party Conference 31-, 1998

Affiliated academic society

  • The Mycological Society of Japan
  • The Plant pathological Society of Japan

Research Themes

  • Taxonomy and ecology of rust fungi