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  • Central extracorporeal membrane oxygenation with left-ventricular vent for fulminant myocarditis: a retrospective study
    Komatsu M, Naito K, Chino S, Tanaka H, Ichimura H, Yamamoto T, Nakahara K, Fuke M, Wada Y, Seto T
    J Artif Organs, 2022
  • 収縮性心膜炎を合併したChronic expanding hematoma
    小松 正樹,内藤一樹,茅野 周治,田中 晴城,市村 創,山本 高照,中原 孝,福家 愛,和田 有子,瀬戸 達一郎
    日本心臓血管外科学会雑誌, 51(2), 105-109, 2022
  • Strategies to improve outcomes for acute type A aortic dissection with cerebral malperfusion
    Gomibuchi T, Seto T, Naito K, Chino S, Mikoshiba T, Komatsu M, Tanaka H, Ichimura H, Yamamoto T, Nakahara K, Ohashi N, Fuke M, Wada Y, Okada K
    Eur J Cardiothorac Surg, 59(3), 666-673, 2021
  • Decreased activities of daily living at discharge predict mortality and readmission in elderly patients after cardiac and aortic surgery
    Sato M, Mutai H, Yamamoto S, Tsukakoshi D, Takeda S, Oguchi N, Ichimura H, Ikegami S, Wada Y, Seto T, Horiuchi H
    Medicine (Baltimore), 100(31), e26819, 2021
  • Another route of CO2 gas excretion independent of red blood cells in human lungs
    Ide S, Arai N, Morimitsu N, Momose H, Hayashi M, Watanabe-Asaka T, Tanaka S, Seto T, Kawai Y, Kawamata M, OhhashiT
    Pflugers Arch, 473(10), 1657-1666, 2021
  • Increased predominance of the matured ventricular subtype in embryonic stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes in vivo.
    Ichimura H, Kadota S, Kashihara T, Yamada M, Ito K, Kobayashi H, Tanaka Y, Shiba N, Chuma S, Tohyama S, Seto T, Okada K, Kuwahara K, Shiba Y.
    Sci Rep., 10(1), 11883, 17 Jul. 2020
  • Skeletal muscle quality affects patient outcomes in acute type A aortic dissection.
    Gomibuchi T, Seto T, Chino S, Mikoshiba T, Komatsu M, Tanaka H, Ichimura H, Yamamoto T, Ohashi N, Fuke M, Wada Y, Okada K.
    Interact Cardiovasc Thorac Surg., 30(5), 739-745, 01 May 2020
  • T Cell-Specific Adaptor Protein Regulates Mitochondrial Function and CD4+ T Regulatory Cell Activity In Vivo following Transplantation.
    Wedel J, Stack MP, Seto T
    J Immunol, 203(8), 2328-2338, Oct. 2019
  • Valve-sparing aortic root replacement after double-switch operation for corrected transposition of the great arteries in a patient with ulcerative colitis.
    Gomibuchi T, Okada K, Seto T, Okita Y.
    J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg, 155(6), E175-e176, Jun. 2018電子ジャーナル
  • Nontraumatic Proximal Ulnar Artery Pseudoaneurysm Mimicking a Soft Tissue Tumor in Image Modality.
    Kehara H, Wada Y, Fukui D, Shingu K, Seto T, Okada K.
    Ann Vasc Surg, 47, 279.e1-279.e5, Feb. 2018電子ジャーナル
  • Increased expression of Y-box-binding protein-1 in hind-limb muscles during regeneration from ischemic injury in mice.
    Fuke M, Narita M, Wada Y, Seto T, Okada K, Nakayama J, Izumi H, Ito KI.
    Tohoku J Exp Med, 244(1), 53-62, Jan. 2018電子ジャーナル
  • Analysis of surgical treatment of Masaoka stage III-IV thymic epithelial tumors.
    Hamanaka K, Koyama T, Matsuoka S, Takeda T, Miura K, Yamada K, Hyogotani A, Seto T, Okada K, Ito KI.
    Gen Thorac Cardiovasc Surg, 66(12), 731-735, 2018電子ジャーナル
  • Impact of Frailty on Outcomes in Acute Type A Aortic Dissection.
    Gomibuchi T, Seto T, Komatsu M, Tanaka H, Ichimura H, Yamamoto T, Ohashi N, Wada Y, Okada K.
    Ann Thorac Surg, 106(5), 1349-1355, 2018電子ジャーナル
  • Surgical Repair of Cervical Aortic Arch With Brain Circulation Anomaly Through Clamshell Incision.
    Gomibuchi T, Seto T, Yamamoto T, Nakahara K, Ohashi N, Ohtsu Y, Wada Y, Fukui D, Okada K.
    Ann Thorac Surg, 104(3), e235-e237, Sep. 2017電子ジャーナル