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Fujisawa Kazunori

Academic OrganizationTEL
Education and Research OrganizationInterdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research Institute of Carbon Science and TechnologyFAX
PositionAssistant ProfessorMail Address
Address4-17-1, Wakasato, Nagano City 380-8553Web site


Research Field
Carbon Materials
2D Materials
Keywords:Nanocarbons , 2D Materials
Current Subject
Synthesis of Novel Carbon Materials
Keywords:Nanocarbons , Synthesis
Realization of Novel 2D Materials
Keywords:2D Materials
Application of Nano-Materials
Keywords:Nano-Materials , Application
Fundamental Understanding and Control of Nano-Materials Properties
Keywords:Nano-Materials , Property
Carbon Nanotubes
Keywords:Carbon Nanotubes
Academic Societies
Academic Societies
Academic Background
Graduate School
信州大学大学院 総合工学系研究科 , 2013
信州大学大学院 工学系研究科 , 2010

信州大学 , 2008

Ph.D , Shinshu University (Japan)
2017 , Outstanding Reviewer Award, Carbon Journal
2008 , President Award of Tokai branch, IEEJ
Research Career
Research Career
2019- , Shinshu University (Research Initiative for Supra-Materials (RISM), Assistant Professor)
2016-2019 , Pennsylvania State University (Department of Physics, Assistant Research Professor)
2014-2016 , Pennsylvania State University (Department of Physics, JSPS Overseas Research Fellow)
2013-2014 , Shinshu University (Faculty of Engineering, JSPS Research Fellow (PD))
2012-2013 , Shinshu University (Faculty of Engineering, JSPS Research Fellow (DC2))


Books, Articles, etc.
炭素材料の研究開発動向2023, 3.3 ラマン分光による炭素材料の構造解析とグラファイト/グラフェン系材料の結晶性評価
CPC研究会 2023(May)
Author:K. Fujisawa, Y. A. Kim, T. Hayashi, K. Takeuchi, H. Muramatsu, S. Tsuruoka, T. Yanagisawa, M. Terrones, M. Endo

Industrial Carbon and Graphite Materials, Raw Materials, Production and Applications Section:13 “Nanocarbons”
WILEY-VCH 2021(Apr.)
Author:K. Fujisawa, Y. A. Kim, T. Hayashi, K. Takeuchi, H. Muramatsu, S. Tsuruoka, T. Yanagisawa, M. Terrones, M. Endo

カーボン材料実験技術(製造・合成編)―クラシックカーボンからナノカーボンまで― 第2章7節
国際文献社 2013(Nov.)
Author:T. Shimamoto, H. Muramatsu, K. Fujisawa, T. Hayashi, Y. A. Kim, M. Endo

Spatial Control of Substitutional Dopants in Hexagonal Monolayer WS2 : The Effect of Edge Termination.
Small,(19):2205800 2023
Author:T. Zhang, M.; Liu, K. Fujisawa, M. Lucking, K. Beach, F. Zhang, M. Shanmuga- sundaram, A. Krayev, W. Murray, Y. Lei, Z. Yu, D. Sanchez, Z. Liu, H. Terrones, A. L. Elías, M. Terrones

Individual Effects of Flux Species as a Reaction Field on Coprecipitation Precursor toward the Design of Fine, Mono-Dispersed LiNi0.5Co0.2Mn0.3O2 Single Crystals.
ACS Appl. Energy Mater.,(6):245-256 2023
Author:T. Yamada, K. Shishino, Y. Doya, K. Fujisawa, K. Teshima

Oxidation-Aided Cap-Removal of Chemical Vapor Deposition-Prepared Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes.
Adsorption,(29):1-7 2023
Author:A. Furuse, D. Stevic, K. Fujisawa, C.-S. Kang, T. Hayashi, K. Kaneko

Advanced Sustainable Carbon Material from Babassu Biomass and Its Adsorption Performance.
J. Phys. Chem. Solids,(176):111188 2023
Author:P. N. da Silva Lima, A. Ghosh, A. Nascimento, L. H. Sousa Vieira, R. S. Costa, O. P. Ferreira, G. J. P. Abreu, K. Fujisawa, E. C. Silva-Filho, A. Gomes de Souza Filho, A. O. Lobo, M. Terrones, B. C. Viana

Growth of Polyhedral LiNi0.5Co0.2Mn0.3O2 Crystals in a Molten Li3BO3 Flux and Their Role in Electrode Density and Dispersion Design
Author:K. Shishino, T. Yamada, K. Fujisawa, M. Motoi, T. Hatakeyama, K. Teshima

Investigation of spatially localized defects in synthetic WS(2 )monolayers
PHYSICAL REVIEW B,(106):115301 2022
Author:B.L.T Rosa, K. Fujisawa, J.C.C. Santos, T. Zhang, M.J.S. Matos, F.B. Sousa, T.C. Barbosa, L. Lafeta, S.L.L.M. Ramos, B.R. Carvalho, H. Chacham, B.R.A. Neves, M. Terrones, L.M. Malard

3d transition metal coordination on monolayer MoS2: a facile doping method to functionalize surfaces
NANOSCALE,(14):10801-10815 2022
Author:H. Liu, W.C. Silva, L.S. Goncalves de Souza, A.G. Veiga, L. Seixas, K. Fujisawa, E. Kahn, T. Zhang, F. Zhang, Z. Yu, K. Thompson, Y. Lei, C.J.S de Matos, M.L.M. Rocco, M. Terrones, D. Grasseschi

Pore Structure Changes in Free-Standing SWCNT Films on Vacuum High-Temperature Annealing
Carbon Trend,(9):100230 2022
Author:Y. Kamijyou, R. Kukobat, A. Furuse, K. Fujisawa, T. Hayashi, T. Sakai, K. Kaneko

Charge Distribution Controls On-Target Separation of Low Nucleophilicity Anions in Layered Double Hydroxides
Adv. Mater. Interfaces,(9):2201484 2022
Author:T. Sudare, S. Tamura, M. Kashiwazaki, Y. Nakamura, K. Kawaguchi, H. Shiiba, K. Fujisawa, M. Tipplook, H. Tanaka, F. Hayashi, K. Teshima

Effect of Pretreatment Conditions on the Precise Nanoporosity of Graphene Oxide.
Langmuir,(38):15880-15886 2022
Author:P. Bairi, A. Furuse, K. Fujisawa, T. Hayashi, K. Kaneko

Understanding the active sites of boron nitride for CWPO: An experimental and computational approach
Chem. Eng. J.,(406):126846 2021
Author:A. Quintanilla, G. Vega, J. Carbajo, J.A. Casas, Y. Lei, K. Fujisawa, H. Liu, R. Cruz-Silva, M. Terrones, P. Miranzo, M.I. Osendi, M. Belmonte, J. Fernández Sanz

Confined Crack Propagation in MoS 2 Monolayers by Creating Atomic Vacancies
ACS Nano.,(15):1210-1216 2021
Author:Y. Manzanares-Negro, G. López-Polín, K. Fujisawa, T. Zhang, F. Zhang, E. Kahn, N. Perea-López, M. Terrones, J. Gómez-Herrero, C. Gómez-Navarro

Quantification and Healing of Defects in Atomically Thin Molybdenum Disulfide: Beyond the Controlled Creation of Atomic Defects
ACS Nano.,(15):9658-9669 2021
Author:K. Fujisawa, B.R. Carvalho, T. Zhang, N. Perea-López, Z. Lin, V. Carozo, S.L.L.M. Ramos, E. Kahn, A. Bolotsky, H. Liu, A.L. Elías, M. Terrones

Photodegradation Protection in 2D In-Plane Heterostructures Revealed by Hyperspectral Nanoimaging: The Role of Nanointerface 2D Alloys
ACS Nano.,(15):2447-2457 2021
Author:A. Fali, T. Zhang, J.P. Terry, E. Kahn, K. Fujisawa, B. Kabius, S. Koirala, Y. Ghafouri, D. Zhou, W. Song, L. Yang, M. Terrones, Y. Abate

Single-Step Direct Laser Writing of Multimetal Oxygen Evolution Catalysts from Liquid Precursors
ACS Nano.,(15):9796-9807 2021
Author:S. McGee, Y. Lei, J. Goff, C.J. Wilkinson, N.N. Nova, C.M. Kindle, F. Zhang, K. Fujisawa, E. Dimitrov, S.B. Sinnott, I. Dabo, M. Terrones, L.D. Zarzar

Multiple excitations and temperature study of the disorder-induced Raman bands in MoS2
2D Mater.,(8) 2021
Author:R.N. Gontijo, T. Zhang, K. Fujisawa, A.L. Elías, M.A. Pimenta, A. Righi, M. Terrones, C. Fantini

Growth manner of rod-shaped ZnO crystals at low temperature without any seed/buffer layer on a polyimide film
CrystEngComm.,(23):2039-2047 2021
Author:K. Shishino, T. Yamada, K. Fujisawa, M. Ikeda, H. Hirata, M. Motoi, T. Hatakeyama, K. Teshima

Low temperature activation of inert hexagonal boron nitride for metal deposition and single atom catalysis
Materials Today,(51):108-116 2021
Author:Y. Lei, S. Pakhira, K. Fujisawa, H. Liu, C. Guerrero-Bermea, T. Zhang, A. Dasgupta, L.M. Martinez, S.R. Singamaneni, K. Wang, J. Shallenberger, A.N. Elias, R. Cruz-Silva, M. Endo, J. Mendoza-Cortes, M. Terrones

Outer Tube-Selectively Boron-Doped Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes for Thermoelectric Applications
ACS Appl. Nano Mater.,(3):3347-3354 2020
Author:H. Muramatsu, C.-S. Kang, K. Fujisawa, J.H. Kim, C.-M. Yang, J.H. Kim, S. Hong, Y.A. Kim, T. Hayashi

Interface-mediated noble metal deposition on transition metal dichalcogenide nanostructures
Nat. Chem.,(12):284-293 2020
Author:Y. Sun, Y. Wang, J.Y.C. Chen, K. Fujisawa, C.F. Holder, J.T. Miller, V.H. Crespi, M. Terrones, R.E. Schaak

The effects of substitutional Fe-doping on magnetism in MoS2 and WS2 monolayers
Nanotechnology.,(32):95708 2020
Author:K. Kang, S. Fu, K. Shayan, Y. Anthony, S. Dadras, X. Yuzan, F. Kazunori, M. Terrones, W. Zhang, S. Strauf, V. Meunier, A.N. Vamivakas, E.H. Yang

Electric field induced metallic behavior in thin crystals of ferroelectric α -In 2 Se 3
Appl. Phys. Lett.,(117):52901 2020
Author:J.R. Rodriguez, W. Murray, K. Fujisawa, S.H. Lee, A.L. Kotrick, Y. Chen, N. Mckee, S. Lee, M. Terrones, S. Trolier-McKinstry, T.N. Jackson, Z. Mao, Z. Liu, Y. Liu

Spontaneous chemical functionalization via coordination of Au single atoms on monolayer MoS 2
Sci. Adv.,(6): eabc9308 2020
Author:H. Liu, D. Grasseschi, A. Dodda, K. Fujisawa, D. Olson, E. Kahn, F. Zhang, T. Zhang, Y. Lei, R.B.N. Branco, A.L. Elías, R.C. Silva, Y.-T. Yeh, C.M. Maroneze, L. Seixas, P. Hopkins, S. Das, C.J.S. de Matos, M. Terrones

Functional hetero-interfaces in atomically thin materials
Mater. Today.,(37):74-92 2020
Author:E. Kahn, M. Liu, T. Zhang, H. Liu, K. Fujisawa, G. Bepete, P.M. Ajayan, M. Terrones

PbS-quantum-dots/double-wall-carbon-nanotubes nanohybrid based photodetectors with extremely fast response and high responsivity
Mater. Today Energy.,(16):100378 2020
Author:I. Ka, V. Le Borgne, K. Fujisawa, T. Hayashi, Y.A. Kim, M. Endo, D. Ma, M.A. El Khakani

Monolayer Vanadium‐Doped Tungsten Disulfide: A Room‐Temperature Dilute Magnetic Semiconductor
Adv. Sci.,:2001174 2020
Author:F. Zhang, B. Zheng, A. Sebastian, D.H. Olson, M. Liu, K. Fujisawa, Y.T.H. Pham, V.O. Jimenez, V. Kalappattil, L. Miao, T. Zhang, R. Pendurthi, Y. Lei, A.L. Elías, Y. Wang, N. Alem, P.E. Hopkins, S. Das, V.H. Crespi, M. Phan, M. Terrones

Superconductivity enhancement in phase-engineered molybdenum carbide/disulfide vertical heterostructures
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci.,(117):19685-19693 2020
Author:F. Zhang, W. Zheng, Y. Lu, L. Pabbi, K. Fujisawa, A.L. Elías, A.R. Binion, T. Granzier-Nakajima, T. Zhang, Y. Lei, Z. Lin, E.W. Hudson, S.B. Sinnott, L. Balicas, M. Terrones

Universal In Situ Substitutional Doping of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides by Liquid-Phase Precursor-Assisted Synthesis
ACS Nano.,(14):4326-4335 2020
Author:T. Zhang, K. Fujisawa, F. Zhang, M. Liu, M.C. Lucking, R.N. Gontijo, Y. Lei, H. Liu, K. Crust, T. Granzier-Nakajima, H. Terrones, A.L. Elías, M. Terrones

Spontaneous chemical functionalization via coordination of Au single atoms on monolayer MoS2
Sci. Adv.,(6) 2020
Author:H. Liu, D. Grasseschi, A. Dodda, K. Fujisawa, D. Olson, E. Kahn, F. Zhang, T. Zhang, Y. Lei, R.B. Nogueira Branco, A.L. Elías, R.C. Silva, Y.T. Yeh, C.M. Maroneze, L. Seixas, P. Hopkins, S. Das, C.J.S. de Matos, M. Terrones

Natural arrangement of AgCu bimetallic nanostructures through oleylamine reduction
Inorg. Chem. Front.,(7):4902-4912 2020
Author:R.M. Freire, J. Rojas-Nunez, A.L. Elias-Arriaga, K. Fujisawa, L. Troncoso, J.C. Denardin, S.E. Baltazar

Second harmonic generation in two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides with growth and post-synthesis defects
2D Mater.,(7):45020 2020
Author:W. Murray, M. Lucking, E. Kahn, T. Zhang, K. Fujisawa, N. Perea-Lopez, A. Laura Elias, H. Terrones, M. Terrones, Z. Liu

Hybridized double-walled carbon nanotubes and activated carbon as free-standing electrode for flexible supercapacitor applications
Carbon Lett.,(30):527-534 2020
Author:C.-S. Kang, Y.-I. Ko, K. Fujisawa, T. Yokokawa, J.H. Kim, J.H. Han, J.-H. Wee, Y.A. Kim, H. Muramatsu, T. Hayashi

Controlled Fragmentation of Single-Atom-Thick Polycrystalline Graphene
Matter.,(2):666-679 2020
Author:M. Chen, Z. Wang, X. Ge, Z. Wang, K. Fujisawa, J. Xia, Q. Zeng, K. Li, T. Zhang, Q. Zhang, M. Chen, N. Zhang, T. Wu, S. Ma, G. Gu, Z. Shen, L. Liu, Z. Liu, M. Terrones, L. Wei

Surfactant-Mediated Growth and Patterning of Atomically Thin Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
ACS Nano.,(14):6570-6581 2020
Author:X. Li, E. Kahn, G. Chen, X. Sang, J. Lei, D. Passarello, A.D. Oyedele, D. Zakhidov, K.-W. Chen, Y.-X. Chen, S.-H. Hsieh, K. Fujisawa, R.R. Unocic, K. Xiao, A. Salleo, M.F. Toney, C.-H. Chen, E. Kaxiras, M. Terrones, B.I. Yakobson, A.R. Harutyunyan

Defect creation in WSe 2 with a microsecond photoluminescence lifetime by focused ion beam irradiation
Nanoscale.,(12):2047-2056 2020
Author:Q. Qian, L. Peng, N. Perea-Lopez, K. Fujisawa, K. Zhang, X. Zhang, T.H. Choudhury, J.M. Redwing, M. Terrones, X. Ma, S. Huang

Nanocomposite desalination membranes made of aromatic polyamide with cellulose nanofibers: synthesis, performance, and water diffusion study
Nanoscale.,(12):19628-19637 2020
Author:R. Cruz-Silva, K. Izu, J. Maeda, S. Saito, A. Morelos-Gomez, C. Aguilar, Y. Takizawa, A. Yamanaka, S. Tejiima, K. Fujisawa, K. Takeuchi, T. Hayashi, T. Noguchi, A. Isogai, M. Endo

Single-atom doping of MoS2 with manganese enables ultrasensitive detection of dopamine: Experimental and computational approach
Sci. Adv.,(6): eabc4250 2020
Author:Y. Lei, D. Butler, M.C. Lucking, F. Zhang, T. Xia, K. Fujisawa, T. Granzier-Nakajima, R. Cruz-Silva, M. Endo, H. Terrones, M. Terrones, A. Ebrahimi

Nonlinear Dark-Field Imaging of One-Dimensional Defects in Monolayer Dichalcogenides
Nano Lett.,(20):284-291 2020
Author:B.R. Carvalho, Y. Wang, K. Fujisawa, T. Zhang, E. Kahn, I. Bilgin, P.M. Ajayan, A.M. de Paula, M.A. Pimenta, S. Kar, V.H. Crespi, M. Terrones, L.M. Malard

Carbon doping of WS 2 monolayers: Bandgap reduction and p-type doping transport
Sci. Adv.,(5): eaav5003 2019
Author:F. Zhang, Y. Lu, D.S. Schulman, T. Zhang, K. Fujisawa, Z. Lin, Y. Lei, A.L. Elias, S. Das, S.B. Sinnott, M. Terrones

Facile 1D graphene fiber synthesis from an agricultural by-product: A silicon-mediated graphenization route
Carbon N. Y.,(142):78-88 2019
Author:K. Fujisawa, Y. Lei, C. de Tomas, I. Suarez-Martinez, C. Zhou, Y.-C. Lin, S. Subramanian, A.L. Elías, M. Fujishige, K. Takeuchi, J.A. Robinson, N.A. Marks, M. Endo, M. Terrones

Defect-mediated selective hydrogenation of nitroarenes on nanostructured WS2
Chem. Sci.,(10):10310-10317 2019
Author:Y. Sun, A.J. Darling, Y. Li, K. Fujisawa, C.F. Holder, H. Liu, M.J. Janik, M. Terrones, R.E. Schaak

Structural and electrochemical properties of babassu coconut mesocarp-generated activated carbon and few-layer graphene
Carbon N. Y.,(145):175-186 2019
Author:A. Ghosh, C. do A. Razzino, A. Dasgupta, K. Fujisawa, L.H.S. Vieira, S. Subramanian, R.S. Costa, A.O. Lobo, O.P. Ferreira, J. Robinson, M. Terrones, H. Terrones, B.C. Viana

Controlling Nitrogen Doping in Graphene with Atomic Precision: Synthesis and Characterization
Nanomaterials.,(9):425 2019
Author:T. Granzier-Nakajima, K. Fujisawa, V. Anil, M. Terrones, Y.-T. Yeh

Electrochemically Exfoliated Graphene Electrode for High-Performance Rechargeable Chloroaluminate and Dual-Ion Batteries
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces.,(11):23261-23270 2019
Author:A. Ejigu, L.W. Le Fevre, K. Fujisawa, M. Terrones, A.J. Forsyth, R.A.W. Dryfe

Dynamics of cleaning, passivating and doping monolayer MoS 2 by controlled laser irradiation
2D Mater.,(6):45031 2019
Author:R. Rao, V. Carozo, Y. Wang, A.E. Islam, N. Perea-Lopez, K. Fujisawa, V.H. Crespi, M. Terrones, B. Maruyama

Clean Transfer of 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Using Cellulose Acetate for Atomic Resolution Characterizations
ACS Appl. Nano Mater.,(2):5320-5328 2019
Author:T. Zhang, K. Fujisawa, T. Granzier-Nakajima, F. Zhang, Z. Lin, E. Kahn, N. Perea-López, A.L. Elías, Y.-T. Yeh, M. Terrones

Synthesis of V-MoS2 Layered Alloys as Stable Li-Ion Battery Anodes
ACS Appl. Energy Mater.,(2):8625-8632 2019
Author:Y. Lei, K. Fujisawa, F. Zhang, N. Briggs, A.R. Aref, Y.T. Yeh, Z. Lin, J.A. Robinson, R. Rajagopalan, M. Terrones

Carbon-rich shungite as a natural resource for efficient Li-ion battery electrodes
Carbon N. Y.,(130):105-111 2018
Author:N.H. Chou, N. Pierce, Y. Lei, N. Perea-López, K. Fujisawa, S. Subramanian, J.A. Robinson, G. Chen, K. Omichi, S.S. Rozhkov, N.N. Rozhkova, M. Terrones, A.R. Harutyunyan

Nanostructured carbon materials for enhanced nitrobenzene adsorption: Physical vs. chemical surface properties
Carbon N. Y.,(139):833-844 2018
Author:A. Dasgupta, J. Matos, H. Muramatsu, Y. Ono, V. Gonzalez, H. Liu, C. Rotella, K. Fujisawa, R. Cruz-Silva, Y. Hashimoto, M. Endo, K. Kaneko, L.R. Radovic, M. Terrones

Angstrom-Size Defect Creation and Ionic Transport through Pores in Single-Layer MoS2.
Nano Lett.,(18):1651-1659 2018
Author:J.P. Thiruraman, K. Fujisawa, G. Danda, P.M. Das, T. Zhang, A. Bolotsky, N. Perea-López, A. Nicolaï, P. Senet, M. Terrones, M. Drndić

On the Role of Transition Metal Salts During Electrochemical Exfoliation of Graphite: Antioxidants or Metal Oxide Decorators for Energy Storage Applications
Adv. Funct. Mater.,(28):1804357 2018
Author:A. Ejigu, K. Fujisawa, B.F. Spencer, B. Wang, M. Terrones, I.A. Kinloch, R.A.W. Dryfe

Raman spectroscopy revealing noble gas adsorption on single-walled carbon nanotube bundles
Carbon N. Y.,(127):312-319 2018
Author:R. Cunha, R. Paupitz, K. Yoon, A.C.T. Van Duin, A.L. Elías, V. Carozo, A. Dasgupta, K. Fujisawa, N.P. Lopez, P.T. Araujo, M. Terrones

Probing the interaction of noble gases with pristine and nitrogen-doped graphene through Raman spectroscopy
Phys. Rev. B.,(97):195419 2018
Author:R. Cunha, N. Perea-López, A.L. Elías, K. Fujisawa, V. Carozo, S. Feng, R. Lv, M.C. dos Santos, M. Terrones, P.T. Araujo

Light-Emitting Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Monolayers under Cellular Digestion
Adv. Mater.,(30):1703321 2018
Author:Y.-T. Yeh, Y. Tang, Z. Lin, K. Fujisawa, Y. Lei, Y. Zhou, C. Rotella, A.L. Elías, S.-Y. Zheng, Y. Mao, Z. Liu, H. Lu, M. Terrones

Effect of boron doping on the electrical conductivity of metallicity-separated single walled carbon nanotubes
Nanoscale.,(10):12723-12733 2018
Author:K. Fujisawa, T. Hayashi, M. Endo, M. Terrones, J.H. Kim, Y.A. Kim

H 2 O 2 /UV layer-by-layer oxidation of multiwall carbon nanotubes: The “onion effect” and the control of the degree of surface crystallinity and diameter
Carbon N. Y.,(139):1027-1034 2018
Author:V.J. González, S.M. Vega-Díaz, A. Morelos-Gómez, K. Fujisawa, M. Endo, O.M. Cadiz, J.B. Llido, M. Terrones

Excitonic processes in atomically-thin MoSe 2 /MoS 2 vertical heterostructures
2D Mater.,(5):31016 2018
Author:V. Carozo, K. Fujisawa, R. Rao, E. Kahn, J.R. Cunha, T. Zhang, D. Rubin, M.F. Salazar, A. de Luna Bugallo, S. Kar, M. Terrones

Pyrolytic carbon supported alloying metal dichalcogenides as free-standing electrodes for efficient hydrogen evolution
Carbon N. Y.,(132):512-519 2018
Author:X. Gan, R. Lv, X. Wang, Z. Zhang, K. Fujisawa, Y. Lei, Z.-H. Huang, M. Terrones, F. Kang

CO2 Sensing by in-situ Raman spectroscopy using activated carbon generated from mesocarp of babassu coconut
Vib. Spectrosc.,(98):111-118 2018
Author:A. Ghosh, A.M. da Silva Santos, J.R. Cunha, A. Dasgupta, K. Fujisawa, O.P. Ferreira, A.O. Lobo, M. Terrones, H. Terrones, B.C. Viana

Research Grants
Grants‐in‐aid for Scientific Research(Research Representative)
2022 - 2024 , 化学的二面性を有するグラフェンナノリボンの高純度化とエッジ活性化 , 基盤研究(C)
2019 - 2020 , 炭素材料デザインにおける有機物テンプレート効果:炭素化・黒鉛化過程の再訪 , 研究活動スタート支援
2012 - 2013 , ナノカーボンへの高濃度ドープ手法の開発と薄膜・エネルギーデバイス応用 , 特別研究員奨励費

Grants‐in‐aid for Scientific Research(Researcher)
2021 - 2023 , カーボンナノチューブを用いた自己細胞からなる人工管腔臓器の新たな作製技術の確立 , 基盤研究(C)
2020 - 2022 , 海水からの資源回収を目的とした逆浸透膜 , 基盤研究(B)


2020 , Experiment to Earth Sciences