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HANAOKA Masayuki

Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Medicine and Health Sciences Institute of MedicineTEL
Education and Research OrganizationSchool of Medicine Department of MedicineFAX
PositionProfessor vice‐principalMail Address
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Research Field
Keywords:Respiratory Medicine
Academic Societies
Academic Societies
American Thoracic Society
International Society of Mountain Medicine
Academic Background
Shinshu University , (Faculty of Medicine) , 1989

Doctor of Medicine , Shinshu University


Books, Articles, etc.
Thymic epithelial tumor with superior vena cava syndrome diagnosed by percutaneous endovascular tumor biopsy: A report of two cases
Respir Investig,59(5):695-699 2021( ep)
Author:Araki T, Kobayashi T, Kobayashi S, Sonehara K, Tateishi K, Kanda S, Hanaoka M, Koizumi T

Loss of IL-33 enhances elastase-induced and cigarette smoke extract-induced emphysema in mice
Respir Res,22(1):150-150 2021( ay)
Author:Morichika D, Taniguchi A, Oda N, Fujii U, Senoo S, Itano J, Kanehiro A, Kitaguchi Y, Yasuo M, Hanaoka M, Satoh T, AkiraS, Kiura K, Maeda Y, Miyahara N

Blood urea nitrogen-to-serum albumin ratio and A-DROP are useful in assessing the severity of Pneumocystis pneumonia in patients without human immunodeficiency virus infection
J Infect Chemother,27(5):707-714 2021( ay)
Author:Akahane J, Ushiki A, Kosaka M, Ikuyama Y, Matsuo A, Hachiya T, Yoshiike F, Koyama S, Hanaoka M,

Prognostic value of the geriatric nutritional risk index among patients with previously treated advanced non-small cell lung cancer who subsequently underwent immunotherapy
Thorac Cancer,12(9):1366-1372 2021( ar)
Author:Sonehara K, Tateishi K, Araki T, Komatsu M, Yamamoto H, Hanaoka M

Automated Diseased Lung Volume Percentage Calculation in Quantitative CT Evaluation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
J Comput Assist Tomogr 2021( un)
Author:Kitaguchi Y, Fujimoto K, Droma Y, Yasuo M, Wada Y, Ueno F, Kinjo T, Kawakami S, Fukushima K, Hanaoka M,

A Case of Lung Adenocarcinoma with Long-Term Response after Late-Onset Pembrolizumab-Induced Acute Adrenal Insufficiency
Case Rep Oncol,14(1):1-7 2021( an)
Author:Sonehara K, Tateishi K,Hirabayashi T, Araki T, Ikuyama Y, Machida R, Hanaoka M

Clinical utility of the C-reactive protein:albumin ratio in non-small cell lung cancer patients treated with nivolumab
Thorac Cancer,12(5):603-612 2021( an)
Author:Araki T, Tateishi K, Sonehara K, Hirota S, Komatsu M, Yamamoto M, Kanda S, Kuraishi H, Hanaoka M, Koizumi T

The Role of Immune-Related Adverse Events in Prognosis and Efficacy Prediction for Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Treated with Immunotherapy
A Retrospective Clinical Analysis,99(5):271-279 2021( eb)

The usefulness of a combination of age,body mass index,and blood urea nitrogen as prognostic factors in predicting oxygen requirements in patients with coronavirus disease 2019
J Infect Chemother 2021( ug)
Author:Norihiko G, Wada Y, Ikuyama Y, Akahane J, Kosaka M, Ushiki A, Kitaguchi Y, Yasuo M, Yamamoto H, Matsuo A, Hachiya T, Ideura G, Yamazaki Y, Hanaoka M

Clinical characteristics of non-idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, progressive fibrosing interstitial lung diseases: A single -center retrospective study
Medicine(Baltimore),100(13) 2021( pr)
Author:Komatsu M, Yamamoto H, Kitaguchi Y, Kawakami S, Matsushita M, Uehara T, Kinjo T, Wada Y, Ichiyama T, Urushihata K, Ushiki A, Yasuo M, Hanaoak M

Hypoxic Ventilatory Responce to Acute and Prolonged Hypoxic Exposures in Subjects Susceptible to High - altitude Pulmonary Edema
Shinshu Med J,69(4):179-187 2021
Author:Urushihata K, Droma Y, Ito M, Hanaoka M

The risk assessment by clinical background and cephalometry for obstructive sleep apnea with CPAP indication in japanese
Sleep Biol,19:145-154 2021
Author:Nozawa S, Urushihata K, Machida R, Hanaoka M

Myeloperoxidase (MPO) Gene Polymorphisms are not Associated with Japanese Patients with COPD
信州医学雑誌,68(1):41-48 2020(Feb.)
Author:Ito, Michiko; Yasuo, Masanori; Droma, Yunden; Kobayashi, Nobumitsu; Hanaoka, Masayuki

Successful recovery from critical COVID-19 pneumonia with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation; A case report
Respir Med Case Rep 2020( ay)
Author:Ikuyama Y, Wada Y, Tateishi K, Kitaguchi Y, Yasuo M, Ushiki A, Urushihata K, Yamamoto H, Kamijo H, Mita A, Imamura H, Hanaoka M

Prognosis of patients with acute exacerbation of combined pulmonary fibrosis and emphysema: a retrospective single-centre study
BMC Pulm Med,20(1):144-144 2020( ay)
Author:Ikuyama Y, Ushiki A, Kosaka M, Akahane J, Mukai Y, Araki T, Kitaguchi Y, Tateishi K, Urushihata K, Yasuo M, Yamamoto H,Hanaoka M

Differences Between Central Airway Obstruction and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Detected with the Forced Oscillation Technique
Int J Chron Obstruct Pulmon Dis.,19(15):1425-1434 2020( un)
Author:Yasuo M, KItaguchi Y, Tokoro Y, Kosaka M, Wada Y, Kinjo T, Ushiki A, Yamamoto H, Hanaoka M.

Lung immune prognostic index as a prognostic factor in patients with small cell lung cancer
Thorac Cancer,11(6):1578-1586 2020( un)
Author:Sonehara K, Tateishi K, Komatsu M, Yamamoto H, Hanaoka M

The Gly82Sermutation in AGER contributes to pathogenesis of pulmonary fibrosis in combined pulmonary fibrosis and emphysema(CPFE) in Japanese patientsl
Sci Rep,10(1):12811-12811 2020( ul)
Author:kinjo T, Kitaguchi Y, Droma Y, Yasuo M,Wada Y, Ueno F, Ota M, Hanaoka M

Association of HLA-DRB1*04:05 allele with drug-induced interstitial lung disease in Japanese population
Pharmacogenomics J,20(6):823-830 2020( ec)
Author:Imatoh T, Ushiki A, Ota M, Ito M, Sekine A, Yamashita T, Mashimo Y, Nakamura R, Saito K, Saito Y, Hanaoka M

The utility of serum C-C chemokine ligand 1 in sarcoidosis: A comparison to lgG4-related disease
Cytokine 2020
Author:Komatsu M, Yamamoto H, Yasuo M, Ushiki A, Nakajima T, Uehara T, Kawakami S, Hanaoka M

Peripherally acting mu-opioid antagonist for the treatment of opioid-induced constipation: Systematic review and meta-analysis
Author:Nishie, Kenichi; Yamamoto, Shuhei; Yamaga, Takayoshi; Horigome, Naoto; Hanaoka, Masayuki;

信州公衆衛生雑誌,13(1):1-8 2018(Aug.)

Usefulness of the forced oscillation technique in assessing the therapeutic result of tracheobronchial central airway obstruction
Author:Yasuo, Masanori; Kitaguchi, Yoshiaki; Kinota, Fumiya; Kosaka, Makoto; Urushihata, Kazuhisa; Ushiki, Atsuhito; Yamamoto, Hiroshi; Kawakami, Satoshi; Hanaoka, Masayuki

Bevacizumab-induced tracheoesophageal fistula in a patient suffering from lung cancer with bulky subcarinal lymph node: a case report
Author:Nishie, Kenichi; Yasuo, Masanori; Kitaguchi, Yoshiaki; Kobayashi, Nobumitsu; Tateishi, Kazunari; Ushiki, Atsuhito; Urushihata, Kazuhisa; Yamamoto, Hiroshi; Ideura, Gen; Hanaoka, Masayuki;

Diversity of respiratory impedance based on quantitative computed tomography in patients with COPD
Author:Wada, Yosuke; Kitaguchi, Yoshiaki; Yasuo, Masanori; Ueno, Fumika; Kawakami, Satoshi; Fukushima, Kiyoyasu; Fujimoto, Keisaku; Hanaoka, Masayuki;

Electron Microscopy Observation of Human Pulmonary Ultrastructure in Two Patients with High-Altitude Pulmonary Edema
HIGH ALTITUDE MEDICINE & BIOLOGY,18(3):288-291 2017(Sep. 01)
Author:Droma, Yunden; Kato, Akane; Ichiyama, Takashi; Kobayashi, Nobumitsu; Honda, Takayuki; Uehara, Takeshi; Hanaoka, Masayuki

Lack of Association of Serotonin 2A Receptor Gene in Japanese Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome
信州医学雑誌,65(3):153-162 2017(Jun. 10)
Author:Ikegawa K, Ota M, Kobayashi N, Droma Yunden, Yaegashi H, Nishizawa M, Yasuo M, Urushihata K, Yamamoto H, Hanaoka M

Self-assessment of allergic rhinitis and asthma (SACRA)questionnaire-based allergic rhinitis treatment improves asthma control in asthmatic patients with allergic rhinitis.
Internal Medicine ,56:31-39 2017
Author:Yasuo M, Kitaguchi Y, Komatsu Y, Hama M,Koizumi T, Agatsuma T, Ichiyama T, Kato A,Moteki H and Hanaoka M

Gene-gene Interaction Between EPAS1 and EGLN1 in Patients with High-Altitude Pulmonary Edema
信州医学雑誌,63(3):157-165 2015(Jun. 10)
Author:HORIUCHI, Toshimichi; OTA, Masao; DROMA, Yunden; KOBAYASHI, Nobumitsu; HANAOKA, Masayuki

Clinical Characteristics and Emphysema Syndrome and Lung Cancer.
J Pulm Respir Med ,5: 1-6 2015
Author:Kitaguchi Y, Fujimoto K, Hotta J,Horie S, Hirayama J and Hanaoka M:

Pediatric Pulmonary Tuberculoma with a Solid Pulmonary Nodule Detected on Chest Computed Tomography
Intern Med,53(8):913-916 2014
Author:Ushiki, A; Yamazaki, Y; Ideura, G; Shinbo, T; Sugawara, M; Hama, M; Hanaoka, M

Primary malignant sarcomatoid mesothelioma in the pericardium
Intern Med,52:249-53 2013
Author:Tateishi K, Ikeda M, Yokoyama T, Urushihata K, Yamamoto H, Hanaoka M, Kubo K, Sakai Y, Nakayama J, Koizumi T

Additive efficacy of short-acting bronchodilators on dynamic hyperinflation and exercise tolerance in stable COPD patients treated with long-acting bronchodilators
Respir Med,107(3):394-400 2013
Author:Kitaguchi Y, Fujimoto K, Komatsu Y, Hanaoka M, Honda T, Kubo K

Clinical characteristics and outcomes of patients with small cell lung cancer detected by CT screening
MEDICAL ONCOLOGY,30(3):623 2013
Author:Fukushima, T; Tateishi, K; Yamamoto, H; Hanaoka, M; Kubo, K; Koizumi, T

Synchronous gastrointestinal stromal tumor and primary lung adenocarcinoma
Intern Med,51:2407-10 2012
Author:Wada Y, Koizumi T, Yokoyama T, Urushihata K, Yamamoto H, Hanaoka M, Kubo K

Genetic variants in EPAS1 contribute to adaptation to high-altitude hypoxia in Sherpas
PLoS One,7:e50566 2012
Author:Hanaoka M, Droma Y, Basnyat B, Ito M, Kobayashi N, Katsuyama Y, Kubo K, Ota M

Sputum eosinophilia can predict responsiveness to inhaled corticosteroid treatment in patients with overlap syndrome of COPD and asthma
Int J Chron Obstruct Pulmon Dis,7:283-9 2012
Author:Kitaguchi Y, Komatsu Y, Fujimoto K, Hanaoka M, Kubo K

IgG4-Related Pleural Disease Diagnosed by a Re-Evaluation of Chronic Bilateral Pleuritis in a Patient Who Experienced Occasional Acute Left Bacterial Pleuritis
Intern Med,50(8):893-897 2011
Author:Yamamoto, H; Suzuki, T; Yasuo, M; Kobayashi, O; Tsushima, K; Ito, M; Urushihata, K; Yamazaki, Y; Hanaoka, M; Koizumi, T; Uehara, T; Kawakami, S; Hamano, H; Kawa, S; Kubo, K

IgG4-Related Airway Involvement Which Developed in a Patient Receiving Corticosteroid Therapy for Autoimmune Pancreatitis
Intern Med,50(24):3023-3026 2011
Author:Yamamoto, H; Yasuo, M; Nomura, Y; Agatsuma, T; Ushiki, A; Yokoyama, T; Urushihata, K; Hanaoka, M; Koizumi, T; Iwaya, M; Yoshizawa, A; Kawakami, S; Hamano, H; Kawa, S; Kubo, K

A Case of Organizing Pneumonia Induced by Tocilizumab
Intern Med,50(19):2191-2193 2011
Author:Ikegawa, K; Hanaoka, M; Ushiki, A; Yamamoto, H; Kubo, K

Myocardial performance index in subjects susceptible to high-altitude pulmonary edema
Internal Medicine,50:2967-2973 2011
Author:Hanaoka M, Kogashi K, Droma Y, Urushihata K, Kubo K

Carbocisteine protects against emphysema induced by cigarette smoke extract in rats
Chest,139:1101-1108 2011
Author:Hanaoka M, Droma Y, Chen Y, Agatsuma T, Kitaguchi Y, Voelkel NF, Kubo K

Iodine-123 metaiodobenzylguanidine scintigraphic assessment of pulmonary vascular status in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
RESPIROLOGY,15(8):1215-1219 2010(Nov.)
Author:Koizumi, Tomonobu; Urushihata, Kazuhisa; Hanaoka, Masayuki; Tsushima, Kenji; Fujimoto, Keisaku; Fujii, Tadashige; Kubo, Keishi

Endothelin-1 receptor antagonists prevent the development of pulmonary emphysema in rats
Author:Chen, Y.; Hanaoka, M.; Droma, Y.; Chen, P.; Voelkel, N. F.; Kubo, K.

Clinical characteristics of combined pulmonary fibrosis and emphysema
RESPIROLOGY,15(2):265-271 2010(Feb.)
Author:Kitaguchi, Yoshiaki; Fujimoto, Keisaku; Hanaoka, Masayuki; Kawakami, Satoshi; Honda, Takayuki; Kubo, Keishi

Evaluation of Respiratory Impedance in Asthma and COPD by an Impulse Oscillation System
Intern Med,49(1):23-30 2010
Author:Kanda, Shintarou; Fujimoto, Keisaku; Komatsu, Yoshimichi; Yasuo, Masanori; Hanaoka, Masayuki; Kubo, Keishi

Gradual Progression of Interstitial Pneumonia Induced by Bepridil
Intern Med,48(23):2033-2035 2009
Author:Suzuki, Toshiro; Hanaoka, Masayuki; Yokoyama, Toshiki; Koizumi, Tomonobu; Kubo, Keishi

孤立性肺腫瘤陰影を呈しCA19-9が高値を示した 非結核性抗酸菌症の1例
信州医学雑誌,56(6):365-370 2008
Keywords:solitary pulmonary mass shadow,CA19-9,nontuberculous,mycobacterial disease,孤立性肺腫瘤影,非結核性抗酸菌症

信州医学雑誌,56(3):133-140 2008
Keywords:acute mountain sickness,group mountain climbing,junior high school,Lake Louise scoring system,questionnaire,急性高山病,集団登山,中学校,レイク・ルイーズスコア,質問票

Pulmonary haemodynamic changes in patients with severe COPD
RESPIROLOGY,13(6):919-922 2008
Author:Hanaoka, M; Ideura, G; Ito, M; Urushihata, K; Koizumi, T; Fujimoto, K; Kubo, K

Adaptation with the to high altitude in sherpas: Association insertion/deletion polymorphism in the angiotensin-converting enzyme gene
Author:Droma, Y; Hanaoka, M; Basnyat, B; Arjyal, A; Neupane, P; Pandit, A; Sharma, D; Ito, M; Miwa, N; Katsuyama, Y; Ota, M; Kubo, K

信州医学雑誌,53(2):73-75 2005(Apr.)
Keywords:hypersensitivity pneumonitis, culture medium of enoki mushrooms, 過敏性肺臓炎, えのき培地

日本胸部臨床,60:242-253 2001

Hypoxia-induced pulmonary blood redistribution in subjects with a history of high-altitude pulmonary edema
CIRCULATION,101(12):1418-1422 2000
Author:M. Hanaoka/ M. Tanaka/ R. Ge

ARDSとその周辺 高地肺水腫
救急医学,23:981-983 1999

Interferon-alpha elevates pulmonary blood pressure in sheep - the roleof thromboxane cascade
Author:M. Hanaoka/ K. Kubo, T/ T. Hayano

Effect of post-treatment with granulocyte colony-stimulating factor on endotoxin-induced lung injury in sheep
Author:M. Hanaoka/ K. Kubo, T/ T.Miyahara

Association of high-altitude pulmonary edema with the major histocompatibility complex
CIRCULATION,97(12):1124-1128 1998
Author:M. Hanaoka/ K. Kubo, T/ Y. Yamazaki