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Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Science and Technology Institute of AgricultureTEL
Education and Research OrganizationFaculty of Agriculture Department of Agricultural and Life Sciences Division of Forest and Environmental Symbiosis SciencesFAX
PositionAssociate ProfessorMail Address
Address長野県上伊那郡南箕輪村8304 信州大学農学部Web site



Assigned Class
Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Technology
Research Field
Crop production science
Current Subject
Ecological studies on Amphicarpaea edgeworthii Benth. as a resource of crop and revegetation
Studies on the succession and conservation of cutting-slope vegetation
Academic Background
Graduate School
Kyoto University , (Graduate School, Division of Agriculture) , 1999
Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine , (Graduate School, Division of Animal Sciences) , 1995

Kyoto University , (Faculty of Agriculture) , 1993
2014 , Best Paper Award


Books, Articles, etc.
キルギス高山植生の特徴と保全, 変わりゆくパミールの自然と暮らし-持続可能な山岳社会に向けて-, 97-116
星雲社 2021(Oct.)
Author:Arase, T.

ため池と自然形成, 信州大学山岳科学総合研究所・総合地球環境学研究所編『山と自然に魅せられて 研究の現場から未来への提言』 , 24-27
オフィスエム 2009

森林と野生生物, 森林サイエンス 1 , 10-36
川辺書林 2003

作物・緑化資源としてみたヤブマメ(Amphicarpaea edgeworthii Benth.)の生態学的研究, 1-139
岩手大学 2001(Mar.)

Shade tolerance of Carex species
The Annals of Environmental Science Shinshu University,45:1-5 2023(Mar.)
Author:荒瀬輝夫, 内田泰三

Begonia grandis populations in forest communities in the Seimo Region, Gunma Prefecture, Japan
信州大学農学部AFC報告,21:43-51 2023(Mar.)
Author:荒瀬 輝夫

Distribution patterns of two Lindera shrub species in the viewpoint of habitat landform
信州大学農学部AFC報告,21:35-42 2023(Mar.)
Author:荒瀬 輝夫, 中野 正基

Tiller and rhizome growth on excavated slopes in two Carex species from colonies on landslides
International Journal of GEOMATE,22:46-52 2022(Mar.)
Author:Arase, T., Okano, T., Shirota, T., Furuno, M., Uchida, T.

起伏ある林床の微地形の最小2 乗法による判定
The Annals of Environmental Science Shinshu University,44:1-7 2022(Mar.)
Author:Arase, T., Nakano, M.

Field Trip to the University Research Forest as Practical Training for Students
信州大学農学部AFC報告,20:27-32 2022(Mar.)
Author:荒瀬 輝夫, 大塚 大, 小林 元, 木下 渉, 野溝 幸雄, 酒井 敏信

Geographical Variations in the Morphology of Ornamental Flower and Leaf of Hydrangea serrata var. yesoensis (Hydrangeaceae) in Central and Southern Niigata
信州大学農学部AFC報告,20:21-26 2022(Mar.)
Author:Arase, T.

Stand Structure of Abandoned Satoyama-landscape in Nishikoma Station, Shinshu University Forests.
信州大学農学部AFC報告,20:11-19 2022(Mar.)
Author:奥田 百音, 小林 元, 森 健吾, 安江 恒, 大塚 大, 木下 渉, 野溝 幸雄, 酒井 敏信, 荒瀬 輝夫

クコ(Lycium chinense Mill.)の挿し木前処理と発芽条件について
日本緑化工学会誌,47(1):187-190 2021(Aug.)
Author:Arase, T., Ono, Y.

The introduction and maintenance trends of street trees in Japan
International Journal of GEOMATE,20:153-161 2021(May)
Author:Furuno, M., Uchida, T., Hayasaka, D., Huan, X.J., Arase, T.

Considerations for conducting in-person practical field trainings for students during the COVID-19 pandemic
Bulletin Shinshu University Alpine Field Center,19:101-107 2021(Mar.)
Author:Arase, T.

Distribution of two naturalized trees, Ailanthus altissima and Toona sinensis in a rural area of the northern Kami-ina district, central Japan
The Annals of Environmental Science Shinshu University,43:66-72 2021(Mar.)
Author:Arase, T., Ohtomo, A.

Vertical distribution and species composition of Araliaceae species in the northern region of the Kiso Mountains
Bulletin Shinshu University Alpine Field Center,19:89-99 2021(Mar.)
Author:Arase, T., Fukuda, K.

Considerations for zero-value data recorded in student surveys
The Annals of Environmental Science Shinshu University,42:1-7 2020(Mar.)
Author:Arase, T.; Otsuka, D.; Kobayashi, H.; Kinoshita, W.; Nomizo, Y.; Sakai, T.

Survey of an Afforested Area with Broad-leaved Trees Conducted as Practical Training for Students: the Case of an Amur Cork Forest Established in 2017
信州大学農学部AFC報告,18:71-77 2020(Mar.)
Author:荒瀬輝夫; 大塚 大; 小林 元; 木下 渉; 野溝幸雄; 酒井敏信

Current Status and Conservation of Luminous Moss in Shimo-furuta; a Protected Natural Habitat Designated as a Cultural Asset by Minowa Town
信州大学農学部AFC報告,18:65-69 2020(Mar.)
Author:荒瀬輝夫; 井澤はずき; 柴 秀毅

Establishing Experimental Revegetation Plots Using Two Terrestrial Sedge Species and Monitoring Their Early Growth After Planting
信州大学農学部AFC報告,18:57-63 2020(Mar.)
Author:荒瀬輝夫; 内田泰三

Characterization of temperature environment on Mikura-jima Island, Japan considering vegetation recovery
International Journal of GEOMATE,18(2):37-43 2020(Feb.)
Author:Arase, T.; Okano, T.; Shirota, T.; Hino, M.; Uchida, T.

日本緑化工学会誌,45(2):272-276 2019(Nov.)

Forest roads cause effects on plant species deversity in artificial forests
International Journal of GEOMATE,17(4):129-134 2019(Sep.)
Author:Kohmori, H.; Shirota, T.; Okano, T.; Arase, T.

Allelopathic effect of aqueous extracts from six hygrophytes on activities of P. Japonica
International Journal of GEOMATE,16(6):116-123 2019(Jun.)
Author:Uchida, T.; Arase, T.; Sato, Y; Hayasaka, D.

Effect of suspending traffic on a highway in a mountainous region in Central Japan on the succession of slope vegetation
International Journal of GEOMATE,16(4):85-91 2019(Apr.)
Author:Arase, T.; Nishio, A.; Okano, T.; and Uchida, T.

Stand structure at treeline in Nishikoma Station, Shinshu University Forests
信州大学農学部AFC報告,17:19-26 2019(Mar.)
Author:小林 元, 片野 亜紀, 佐野 深作, 川谷 尚平, 野溝 幸雄, 木下 渉, 酒井 敏信, 白澤 紘明, 荒瀬 輝夫

Recent naturalization of Tragopogon species (Asteraceae) in Kami-ina Region of Nagano Prefecture
The Annals of Environmental Science Shinshu University,41:7-13 2019(Mar.)
Author:Arase, T.; Furuno, M.; Uchida, T.

Maintenance of forest roads conducted as practical training for students
信州大学農学部AFC報告,17:59-63 2019(Mar.)
Author:荒瀬輝夫; 白澤紘明; 小林元; 木下渉; 野溝幸雄; 酒井敏信

Issues with establishment of herbarium at a university
信州大学農学部AFC報告,17:53-57 2019(Mar.)

Geographical variations in the morphology of decorative floret and leaf in Hydrangea serrata (Hydrangeaceae) in Nagano Prefecture
信州大学農学部AFC報告,17:45-52 2019(Mar.)
Author:荒瀬輝夫; 増田 遥

Vertical distribution of Carex species (Cyperaceae) in the riparian zone in Nishikoma Research Forest at Shinshu University
信州大学農学部AFC報告,17:37-43 2019(Mar.)
Author:荒瀬輝夫; 内田泰三

Survey of a permanent experimental stand in a research forest of Shinshu University conducted as practical training for students : the case of a Japanese yew forest established in 1976
信州大学農学部AFC報告,16:55-60 2018(Mar.)
Author:荒瀬輝夫; 白澤紘明; 小林元; 木下渉; 野溝幸雄; 酒井敏信

Differences between strains of hashibami (Corylus heterophylla), a Japanese wild hazel
信州大学農学部AFC報告,16:41-46 2018(Mar.)
Author:荒瀬輝夫; 内田泰三

Issues in Student Surveys of a Permanent Experimental Stand in a Research Forest
The Annals of Environmental Science Shinshu University,40:57-63 2018(Mar.)
Author:Aase, T; Shirasawa, H; Kobayasi, H; Kinoshita, W; Nomizo, Y; Sakai, T

Safety and efficiency for weeding work and levee slope's form required for mowing machines on paddy fields in steep sloping areas in Japan
International Journal of GEOMATE,14(2):20-24 2018(Feb.)
Author:Uchikawa, Y.; Matsui, M.; Arase, T.; Tamura, T.

日本緑化工学会誌,42(4):503-511 2017(May)
Author:荒瀬輝夫; 原田優生

Evaluating the dynamics of alien species (Poaceae) used for erosion control on Sakurajima volcano
International Journal of GEOMATE,12(4):114-120 2017(Apr.)
Author:Uchida, T.; Tanaka, J.; Kondo, K.; Hayasaka, D.; Tomoguchi, Y.; Arase, T.; Okano, T.

Methods of suppressing colonizing sedge to help to establish tree seedlings in a natural forest
International Journal of GEOMATE,12(4):19-24 2017(Apr.)
Author:Arase, T.; Okano, T.; Shirota, T.

Colonization and morphological changes of a sedge restricting regeneration after wind damage in a natural forest
International Journal of GEOMATE,12(3):100-104 2017(Mar.)
Author:Arase, T.; Okano, T.; Shirota, T.

Issues in Student Surveys of Animal-damaged Trees in a Research Forest
The Annals of Environmental Science Shinshu University,39:68-73 2017(Mar.)
Author:荒瀬輝夫; 白澤紘明; 小林元; 木下渉; 野溝幸雄; 酒井敏信

Surveys and thinning of animal-damaged trees in a Shinshu University research forest as practical training for students
信州大学農学部AFC報告,15:61-65 2017(Mar.)
Author:荒瀬輝夫; 白澤紘明; 小林元; 木下渉; 野溝幸雄; 酒井敏信

Growth properties of a wild medicinal plant, Schisandra chinensis, in the fruiting season
信州大学農学部AFC報告,15:47-53 2017(Mar.)
Author:荒瀬輝夫; 岡野哲郎; 内田泰三

Stand structure of subalpine evergreen conifer forest 50 years after anthropogenic disturbance in Nishikoma Station, Shinshu University Forests
信州大学農学部AFC報告,15:1-9 2017(Mar.)
Author:小林元; 吉村太一; 見尾優; 安江恒; 野溝幸雄; 木下渉; 酒井敏信; 白澤紘明; 荒瀬輝夫

Vegetation succession on cut slopes covered with exotic grasses for erosion control, Mt. Sakurajima
International Journal of GEOMATE,11(1):2136-2142 2016(Jul.)
Author:Kondo, K., Uchida, T., Hayasaka, D., Tanaka, J., Sato, A. and Arase, T.

Development of flora in relation to water management in Obasute-oike Irrigation Pond, Japan
International Journal of GEOMATE,10(4):2025-2029 2016(Jun.)
Author:Arase, T.;Okano, T.;Uchikawa, Y.;Uchida, T.

Vegetation recovery process on landslide steep slope after Alnus sieboldiana and Miscanthus condensatus planting with simple terracing work in Mikura-jima Island, Japan
International Journal of GEOMATE,10(3):1884-1890 2016(May)
Author:Okano, T.;Arase, T.

Simple Non-destructive Field Method to Estimate Leaf Area of a Rosette-leaved Perennial, Ainsliaea apiculata
The Annals of Environmental Science Shinshu University,38:25-29 2016(Mar.)
Author:Arase Teruo;Okano Tetsuo;Uchida Taizo

Bird fauna observed in Nobeyama Station at Shinshu University from 2004 to 2013
信州大学農学部AFC報告,14:79-87 2016(Mar.)

Bird fauna observed in the mountain zone of Nishikoma Research Forest at Shinshu University from 2004 to 2013
信州大学農学部AFC報告,14:71-78 2016(Mar.)

Variation between regional strains in fruiting traits of a wild grapevine, Vitis flexuosa (sankaku-dzuru)
信州大学農学部AFC報告,14:29-35 2016(Mar.)
Author:荒瀬 輝夫; 内田 泰三

Ecological significance of masonry revetments in plant biodiversity
International Journal of GEOMATE,9(1):1353-1359 2015(Jul.)
Author:Uchida, T.;Furuno, M.;Minami, T.;Yamashita S.;Uchiyama, T.;Arase, T.;Hayasaka, D.

Influence of fertilization on native plants and exotic pasture grasses on the fascined landslide slopes in Mikura-Jima Island, Japan
International Journal of GEOMATE,8(2):1316-1322 2015(Jun.)
Author:Arase, T.;Okano, T.

Differences in leaf morphology among three native dandelion species in the central part of Honshu, Japan
The Annals of Environmental Science Shinshu University 37: 48-52,37:48-52 2015(Mar.)
Author:Arase, T.;Okano, T.;Uchida, T.

The Annals of Environmental Science Shinshu University,37:43-47 2015(Mar.)

Taxonomic consideration of bamboo grass in Terasawa-yama Research Forest at Shinshu University
信州大学農学部AFC報告,13:81-88 2015(Mar.)

日本緑化工学会誌,40(1):102-107 2014(Aug.)

The relation between road crack vegetation and plant biodiversity in urban landscape
International Journal of GEOMATE,6(2):885-891 2014(Jun.)
Author:Uchida, T.;Xue, J.H.;Hayasaka, D.;Arase, T.;Haller, W.T.;Gettys, L.A.

Differences in leaf morphology between native and exotic dandelion species in the southern part of Koshin District, Japan
The Annals of Environmental Science Shinshu University,36:29-34 2014(Mar.)
Author:Arase T.;Okano T.;Uchida T.

Effect of fruit maturity and sugar addition on the aroma and color of a liqueur produced from the fruit of wild Japanese cherry, Prunus grayana
信州大学農学部AFC報告,12:33-40 2014(Mar.)

Alpine steppe vegetation patterns in the Koyondu Valley, Kyrgyz Republic
Geographical Studies,88(2):60-69 2014(Feb.)
Author:Arase T.;Izumiyama S.;Anarbaev M.;Vereschagin A.

Degeneration of alpine steppe vegetation around Sary-Tash Village, Kyrgyz Republic
Geographical Studies,88(2):51-59 2014(Feb.)
Author:Arase T.;Liu J.;Watanabe T.

絶滅危惧種コギシギシ(Rumex nipponicus Franch. et Savat.)の痩果形態ならびに発芽特性
日本緑化工学会誌,39(1):50-55 2013(Aug.)

Differences in leaf morphology between native and exotic dandelion species in the Chikuma River Basin, Japan
The Annals of Environmental Science Shinshu University,35:26-31 2013(Mar.)

Recommended season for gathering the galls of Actinidia polygama, a wild medical plant
信州大学農学部AFC報告,11:11-16 2013(Mar.)

The Annals of Environmental Science Shinshu University,34:6-9 2012(Mar.)

Estimation of seasonal changes in the biomass of forest floor vegetation in a larch forest at the northern foot of Mt. Fuji, Japan
Journal of Environmental Information Science,40(5):23-30 2012(Mar.)
Author:ARASE T.

Survey of alpine vegetation near the forest line in the Ertash Valley of the Sarychat-Ertash State Reserve in the northern Tian Shan Mountains, Kyrgyz Republic
信州大学農学部AFC報告,10:145-151 2012(Mar.)

Development of technique for creating buffer strip to mitigate agricultural damage due to wildlife: An experimental bush-clearing using compact excavator equipped with hydraulically-operated brush cutter
信州大学農学部AFC報告,10:127-132 2012(Mar.)
Author:福山泰治郎;木下 渉;野溝幸雄;荒瀬輝夫;内川義行;熊谷真由子;岡野哲郎;志村 郷;泉山茂之

Flora of Nobeyama Station at the Faculty of Agriculture of Shinshu
信州大学農学部AFC報告,10:115-126 2012(Mar.)

Growth of hydrophytic communities in relation to water management in Lake Obasute-Oike, Nagano Prefecture, central Japan
信州大学農学部AFC報告,10:91-100 2012(Mar.)

Relationship between habitat characteristics and fructification traits of a woody vine, matsu-busa (Schisandra repanda), in Nagano Prefecture
信州大学農学部AFC報告,10:67-73 2012(Mar.)

Economically important plants in Japanese cypress plantationof Tera-Sawayama experimental forests
信州大学農学部AFC報告,10:45-60 2012(Mar.)
Author:城田徹央;飯野啓介;丸山一樹;小林 元;荒瀬輝夫;岡野哲郎

Influence of organic fertilizer on rhizome yield and α-tocopherol content of codonopsis lanceolata
信州大学農学部AFC報告,10:1-7 2012(Mar.)
Author:Inoue N.;Kato F.;Sasaki F.;Sekinuma M.;Kasajima S.;Arase T.

A simple method to record the plant pith cavity for field surveys
The Annals of Environmental Science Shinshu University,33:68-71 2011(Mar.)
Author:Arase T.;Uchida T.;Okano T.;Kumagai M.

Effect of differences in planting density and weed control methods on rice yields in terraced paddy fields
信州大学農学部AFC報告,9:83-91 2011(Mar.)

Survey of alpine steppe vegetation in the Koyondu Valley, Sarychat-Ertash State Reserve in the northern tian Shan Mountains of the Kyrgyz Republic
信州大学農学部AFC報告,9:75-82 2011(Mar.)
Author:荒瀬輝夫;泉山茂之;渡辺悌二;マクサト アナルバエフ

Fiber extraction from oyama-bokuchi (Synurus pungens (Fr. et Sav.) Kitam.) leaves for use as a thickening agent in buckwheat noodle
信州大学農学部AFC報告,9:33-38 2011(Mar.)

Distribution and fruit yield of Actinidia kolomikta (Maxim. et Rupr.) Maxim. in the northern part of Chuo Alps, Japan
Bulletin Shinshu University Alpine Field Center,8:41-49 2010(Mar.)

The Annals of Environmental Science Shinshu University,32:60-64 2010

日本緑化工学会誌,35(3):448-461 2010
Author:荒瀬輝夫;岡野哲郎;木村 誇;井上 晋

Environmental factors influencing the roosting sites of carrion crows (Corvus corone orientalis Eversmann) in the southern part of Nagano Prefecture
Journal of Environmental Information Science,37(5):41-50 2009(Mar.)
Author:Arase T.;Uchida T.

The Annals of Environmental Science Shinshu University,31:111-115 2009(Mar.)

Forest environment of the habitat community and regional differences in the gall size of Actinidia polygama
信州大学農学部AFC報告,7:1-10 2009(Mar.)

Regional differences in the fruit morphology and yield of hardy kiwifruit (Actinidia arguta) in the central and southern part of Nagano Prefecture
信州大学農学部AFC報告,7:11-19 2009(Mar.)

A trial for grasping the damages by wild animals and determining the number of supplementary seedlings to plant in a juvenile Japanese-cypress forest
信州大学農学部AFC報告,6:51-59 2008(Mar.)
Author:岡本拓也;荒瀬輝夫;小林 元;木下 渉;野溝幸雄;浅田賢史;熊谷市雄

List of plant species in Yoshihiko MIYAJIMA’s herbarium collection
信州大学農学部AFC報告,6:69-86 2008(Mar.)

Morphological variations along altitude in the fruit cluster of Vitis coignetiae Pulliat
信州大学農学部AFC報告,6:61-67 2008(Mar.)

信州大学農学部AFC報告,5:133-135 2007(Mar.)
Author:小林 元;荒瀬輝夫;木下 渉;野溝幸雄;浅田賢史;熊谷市雄

信州大学農学部AFC報告,5:101-106 2007(Mar.)

長野県天竜川流域におけるハシボソガラス(Corvus corne orientalis Eversmann)の集団塒の分布と立地環境について
信州大学農学部AFC報告,5:93-100 2007(Mar.)

Road construction and revegetation in the alpine area of South-East Asia
信州大学農学部AFC報告,4:77-82 2006(Mar.)
Author:荒瀬輝夫;Cuong P.V.;Hung N.T.;荒木卓哉;望月俊宏;井上直人

Construction of campus-biotope for the conservation of aquatic environments
信州大学農学部AFC報告,4:65-75 2006(Mar.)

Natural environment of AFC Nobeyama station from the viewpoint of birds
信州大学農学部AFC報告,3:67-75 2005(Mar.)

Birds and their diversity around Ina City influenced by forest road
信州大学農学部AFC報告,3:59-65 2005(Mar.)

日本緑化工学会誌,31(2):219-229 2005

Intraspecific Competition among Plant Clones
Journal of Agricultural Meteorology,60(5):825-828 2005
Author:Uchida T.;Arase T.;Yang H.;Ya-Nan Z.;Muneoka T.;Sakamoto N.

圃場栽培におけるヤブマメ(Amphicarpaea edgeworthii Benth.)の生育と収量
日本作物学会紀事,71(1):84-90 2002(Mar.)

湿生植物の生育に配慮した水域緑化に関する基礎的研究 1.生花苗沼湿原に自生する4植物種の生育環境
日本緑化工学会誌,25(4):391-396 2000(Dec.)

ヤブマメ(Amhicarpaea edgeworthii Benth.)のつるの生長と子実生産との関係
日本作物学会紀事,68(1):83-90 1999(Mar.)

Ecological significance of root tip rotation for seedling establishment of Oryza sativa L.
Ecological research,14(1):31-38 1999(Jan.)
Author:N. Inoue, T. Arase, M. Hagiwara, T. Amano, T. Hayashi and R. Ikeda

ファイトマー概念によるヤブマメ(Amhicarpaea edgeworthii Benth.)のつるの生長の記述
日本作物学会紀事,67(4):529-537 1998(Dec.)

ヤブマメ(Amphicarpaea edgeworthii Benth.)の生育地の環境,分類群,および種子生産の関係
日本作物学会紀事,67(3):392-400 1998(Sep.)

ヤブマメ(Amphicarpaea edgeworthii Benth.)の開花・結実習性の地理的変異
日本作物学会紀事,67(3):384-391 1998(Sep.)

Asian hog peanut as a crop resource
Proceeding of the 3rd Asian crop science conference,:343-346 1998(May)
Author:N. Inoue, T. Arase and M. Hagiwara

ヤマハギ(Lespedeza bicolor Turcz.)の発芽率に及ぼす発芽条件と硬実打破処理の影響
日本緑化工学会誌,23(2):106-113 1997(Nov.)

信州大学農学部AFC報告,13:123-130 2015(Mar.)

信州大学農学部AFC報告,12:107-114 2014(Mar.)

信州大学農学部AFC報告,12:99-106 2014(Mar.)
Author:荒瀬輝夫;小林 元;木下 渉;野溝幸雄;酒井敏信;前田佳伸

信州大学農学部AFC報告,9:117-122 2011(Mar.)
Author:荒瀬輝夫;小林 元;濱野光市;春日重光;木下 渉;野溝幸雄;酒井敏信;前田佳伸;内川義行;木村和弘;岡野哲郎

信州大学農学部AFC報告,9:105-110 2011(Mar.)
Author:荒瀬輝夫;小林 元;木下 渉;野溝幸雄;酒井敏信;前田佳伸

信州大学農学部AFC報告,8:81-84 2010
Author:内川義行;木下 渉;木村和弘;岡野哲郎;濱野光市;小林 元;荒瀬輝夫

日本緑化工学会誌,35(1):119-122 2009

Research Grants
Grants‐in‐aid for Scientific Research(Research Representative)
2018 - 2020 , 陸生スゲ類の繁殖特性を用いた崩壊地植生回復に関する研究 , 基盤研究(C)(一般)


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Graduation Thesis Number of Students Total:4

Graduation Thesis Number of Students Total:7

Graduation Thesis Number of Students Total:2