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Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Science and Technology Institute of Textile Science and TechnologyTEL
Education and Research OrganizationFaculty of Textile Science and Technology Department of Applied BiologyFAX
Address3-15-1 Tokida, Ueda 386-8567, JapanWeb site



Assigned Class
Graduate School of Science and Technology
Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Technology
Research Field
Applied Biochemistry
Plant Biochemistry
Plant Molecular Biology
Keywords:Secondarymetabolism in plant , Enzymatic reaction , Biosynthesis , Glycosylation , Metabolism of xenobiotics , Luminous moss
Current Subject
Studies on the modification enzymes of low-molecular mass compounds in plant
Keywords:glycosyltransferases , acyltransferases
Studies on phenolic-xenobiotics metabolism in plant
Keywords:Modification enzymes , Detoxification , Accumulation
Analysis of volatile biosynthesis in plant
Keywords:Volatile , Enzymatic reaction
Study on the culture of luminus moss
Keywords:luminous moss
Academic Societies
Academic Societies
Japanese Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Agrochemistry
Japanase Society for Plant Biotechnology
The Society for Biotechnology, Japan
The Japanase Society of Plant Physiologists
Academic Background
Kyoto University , (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science) , 1992

Ph. D. (Engeneering) , Shinshu University
Research Career
Research Career
2019- , Porfessor, Faculty of Textile Science and Technology, Shinshu University
2008-2019 , Assciate Porfessor, Faculty of Textile Science and Technology, Shinshu University
2005-2008 , Senior Assistant Porfessor, Faculty of Textile Science andTechnology, Shinshu University
2003-2004 , Assistant Porfessor, Research Center for Human and Environmental Sciences, Shinshu University
1996-2003 , Assistant Porfessor, Gene Research Center, Shinshu University
1993-1996 , Assistant Porfessor, Faculty of Textile Science and Technology, Shinshu University

Overseas Education
2005-2006 , University of Michigan, Visiting Research Scholor


Books, Articles, etc.
Flavonoid Biosynthesis in Buckwheat. (Chapter 30), Molecular Breeding and Nutritional Aspects of Buckwheat (Zhou et al. Eds) , 377-386
Academic Press (Elsevier) 2016
Author:Goro Taguchi

生物工学実験書改訂版, 164-172
培風館 2002(Apr.)
Author:日本生物工学会編 (岡崎光雄,田口悟朗)

Effect of cork tissues on the production of secondary metabolites in various plantcell cultures., Recent Res. Devel. Biotech.&Bioeng. 2 , 273-281
Author:H. Yamamoto, K. Yazaki, H. Hayashi, G. Taguchi, A. Yato, K. Inoue

Enzymatic basis for stepwise C-glycosylation in the formation of flavonoid di-C-glycosides in sacred lotus (Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.)
Plant J,106(2):351-365 2021
Author:Feng, C.Y., Li, S.-S., Taguchi, G., Wu, Q., Yin, D.-D., Gu, Z.-Y., Wu, J., Xu, W.-Z., Liu, C., Wang, L.-S.

Production of flavonol and flavone 6-C-glucosides by bioconversion in Escherichia coli expressing a C-glucosyltransferase from wasabi (Eutrema japonicum)
Biotechnology Letters,43(9):1913-1919 2021
Author:Nasanjargal Dorjjugder, Mayu Hatano, Goro Taguchi

Biochemical characterization of the jasmonic acid methyltransferase gene from wasabi (Eutrema japonicum)
Plant Biotechnol.,37:389-392 2020
Author:Koeduka,T., Suzuki, H., Taguchi, G., Matsui, K.

Identification and characterization of apigenin 6-C-glucosyltransferase involved in biosynthesis of isosaponarin in wasabi (Eutrema japonicum).
Plant Cell Physiol.,60(12):2733-2743 2019
Author:Mashima, K, Hatano, M, Suzuki, H, Shimosaka, M, Taguchi G.

Identification and characterization of a rhamnosyltransferase involved in rutin biosynthesis in Fagopyrum esculentum (common buckwheat)
Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem.,82(10):1790-1802 2018
Author:Koja, E., Ohata, S., Maruyama, Y., Suzuki, H., Shimosaka, M., Taguchi, G.

C-Glycosyltransferases catalyzing the formation of di- C-glucosyl flavonoids in citrus plants.
Plant J,91(2):187-198 2017
Author:Ito, T., Fujimoto, S., Suito, F., Shimosaka, M., Taguchi, G.

Taste characterization of the fruit body derived from a novel strain belonging to the genus Pleurotus
Mushroom Sci Biotechnol,24(3):129-135 2016
Author:Yoshihito Azumi, Kahori Doi, Kana Kogiso, Goro Taguchi, Makoto Shimosaka, Kenji Ouchi, Satoshi Inatomi

pFungiway: a series of plasmid vectors used for gene manipulation in fungi.
Annals of Microbiology,66(2):825–832 2016
Author:Nishikawa, R., Yoshida, M.,Noda,T., Okuhara, T., Taguchi, G., Inatomi, S., Shimosaka, M.

Production of C-glucosides of flavonoids and related compounds by Escherichia coli expressing buckwheat C- glucosyltransferases
Plant Biotechnol.,31(5):519-524 2014
Author:Ito, T., Fujimoto, S., Shimosaka, M., Taguchi, G.

Purification, molecular cloning and functional characterization of flavonoid-C-glucosyltransferases from Fagopyrum esculentum M. (buckwheat) cotyledon.
Plant J,80(3):437-448 2014
Author:Nagatomo, Y., Usui, S., Ito, T., Kato, A., Shimosaka, M., Taguchi, G.

Characterization of a gene coding for a putative adenosine deaminase-related growth factor by RNA interference in the basidiomycete Flammulina velutipes.
J. Biosci. Bioeng.,115(4):360-365 2013
Author:Sekiya, S., Yamada, M., Shibata, K., Okuhara, T., Yoshida, M., Inatomi, S., Taguchi, G., Shimosaka, M.

Structural basis for modification of flavonol and naphthol glucoconjugates by Nicotiana tabacum malonyltransferase (NtMaT1).
Planta,236:781-793 2012
Author:Manjasetty, B.A., Yu, X.-H., Panjikar, S., Taguchi, G., Chance, M.R., Liu, C.-J.

Contribution of CoA ligases to benzenoid biosynthesis in petunia flowers.
Plant Cell,24:2015-2030 2012
Author:Klempien, A., Kaminaga, Y., Qualley, A., Nagegowda, D. A., Widhalm, J. R., Orlova, I., Kumar-Shasany, A., Taguchi, G., Kish, C.M., Cooper, B.R., D’Auria, J.C., Rhodes, D., Pichersky, E., Dudareva, N.

Heterologous Expression and Functional Characterization of a Novel Chitinase from the Chitinolytic Bacterium, Chitiniphilus shinanonensis
Biosci. Biotech. Biochem.,76:517-522 2012
Author:Huang L., Shizume, A., Nogawa, M., Taguchi, G., Shimosaka, M.

Cloning and characterization of a gene coding for a major extracellular chitosanase from the koji mold, Aspergillus oryzae
Biosci. Biotech. Biochem.,76:193-195 2012
Author:Akihiro Sugita, A., Sugii, A., Sato, K., Zhang, X.-Y., Dai, A.-L., Taguchi, G., Shimosaka, M

Isolation of genes coding for chitin-degrading enzymes in the novel chitinolytic bacterium, Chitiniphilus shinanonensis, and characterization of a gene coding for a family 19 chitinase.
J. Biosci. Bioeng.,113:293-299 2011(Feb. 12)
Author:Huang L., Garbulewska, E., Sato, K., Kato , Y., Shizume, A., Nogawa, M., Taguchi, G., Shimosaka, M.

Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation of the vegetative dikaryotic mycelium of cultivated mushroomFlammulina velutipes
Biosci. Biotech. Biochem.,74(11):2327-2329 2010(Nov.)
Author:Okamoto, T., Yamada, M., Sekiya,S., Okuhara, T., Taguchi, G., Inatomi, S., Shimosaka, M.

Malonylation is a key reaction in the metabolism of xenobiotic phenolic glucosides in Arabidopsis and tobacco
Plant J.,63(6):1031-1041 2010(Sep.)
Author:Taguchi, G., Ubukata,T., Nozue, H., Kobayashi, Y., Takahi, M., Yamamoto, H., Hayashida, N.

Analysis of a change in bacterial community in different environments with addition of chitin or chitosan
J. Biosci. Bioeng.,109(5):472-478 2010(May)
Author:Sato K., Azama Y., Nogawa M., Taguchi G., Shimosaka M.

Suppression of Arogenate Dehydratase1 reveals that phenylalanine is synthesized predominantly via the arogenate pathway in petunia petals.
Plant Cell,22(3):832-849 2010(Mar.)
Author:MaedaH, Shasany AK, Schnepp J, Orlova I, Taguchi G, Cooper BR, Rhodes D, Pichersky E, Dudareva N.

Construction and analysis of a bacterial community exhibiting a strong chitinolytic activity
Biosci. Biotech. Biochem.,74(3):636-640 2010(Mar.)
Author:Sato, K., Kato, Y., Fukamachi, A., Nogawa, M., Taguchi, G., Shimosaka M.

Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation of antifungal lipopeptide producing fungus Coleophoma empetri.
Current Genetics,55(6):623-630 2009(Dec.)
Author:Yamada, M., Yawata, K., Orino, Y., Ueda, S., Isogai, Y., Taguchi, G. Shimosaka, M, Hashimoto,S.

Chitiniphilus shinanonensis gen. nov., sp nov., a novel chitin-degrading bacterium belonging to Betaproteobacteria
J. Gen. Appl. Microbiol.,55(2):147-153 2009(May)
Author:Sato, K., Kato, Y.,Taguchi, G., Nogawa, M., Yokota, A., Shimosaka, M.
Keywords:Betaproteobacteria,chitin,Chitiniphilus shinanonensis gen. nov., sp. Nov,chitinolytic bacterium,Neisseriaceae,16S rRNA gene sequence

Construction of a Practical SCAR Marker Linked toClubroot Resistance in Chinese Cabbage, with Intensive Analysis of HC352b Genes
J. Japan. Soc. Hort. Sci.,77(2):150-154 2008(Apr.)
Author:Hayashida, N., Takabatake, Y., Nakazawa, N., Aruga, D., Nakanishi, H., Taguchi, G., Sakamoto, K., Matsumoto, E.
Keywords:clubroot resistance,HC352,paralog,sequence characterized amplified region (SCAR),CRa

Isolation and characterization of a gene coding for chitin deacetylase specifically expressed during fruiting body development in the basidiomycete Flammulina velutipes and its expression in the yeast Pichia pastoris
FEMS Microbiol Lett.,289:130-137 2008
Author:Yamada, M., Kurano, M., Inatomi, S., Taguchi, G., Okazaki, M., Shimosaka,M.

Characterization of a gene conferring red fluorescence isolated from an environmental DNA library constructed from soil bacteria.
Biosci. Biotech. Biochem.,72:1908-1914 2008
Author:Lan, X.-Q., Sato, K. Taguchi, G., Zhou,Z.-Y., Shimoaka, M.

Mapping of Isolate-Specific QTLs for Clubroot Resistance in Chinese Cabbage (Brassica rapa L. ssp. pekinensis).
Theor. Appl. Genet.,117:759-767 2008
Author:Sakamoto, K., Saito, A., Taguchi, G., Hayashida, N., Matsumoto, E.

Convergent evolution in the BAHD family of acyl transferases: identification and characterization of anthocyanin acyl transferases from Arabidopsis thaliana
Plant J.,50(4):678-695 2007
Author:Luo, J; Nishiyama, Y; Fuell, C; Taguchi, G; Elliott, K; Hill, L; Tanaka, Y; Kitayama, M; Yamazaki, M; Bailey, P; Parr, A; Michael, AJ; Saito, K;Martin, C

Isolation and analysis of genes specifically expressed during fruiting body development in the basidiomyceteFlammulina velutipesby fluorescence differential display
FEMS Microbiol. Lett.,254(1):165-172 2006
Author:Masato Yamada;Sou Sakuraba;Kou Shibata;Goro Taguchi;Satoshi Inatomi;Mitsuo Okazaki;Makoto Shimosaka

Molecular cloning, characterization, and downregulation of an acyltransferase that catalyzes the malonylation of flavonoid and naphthol glucosides in tobacco cells.
Plant J.,42:481-491 2005(May)
Author:Goro Taguchi, Yoshihiro Shitchi, Sakiko Shirasawa, Hirobumi Yamamoto, Nobuaki Hayashida

Characterization of the Arabidopsis thaliana mutant pcb2 which accumulates divinyl chlorophylls.
Plant Cell Physiol.,46(3):467-473 2005(Mar.)
Author:Hiromitsu Nakanishi, Hatsumi Nozue, Kenji Suzuki, Yasuko Kaneko, Goro Taguchi, Nobuaki Hayashida

Metabolism of administered (2RS)-naringenin in flavonoidproducing cultured cells of Sophora flavescens
Plant Biotech.,21(5):355-359 2004
Author:Hirobumi Yamamoto, Hiroki Kuribayashi, Yasuharu Seshima, Ping Zhao, Isao Kouno, Goro Taguchi, Koichiro Shimomura
Keywords:Naringenin, (2R)-naringenin 4′,7-di-O-β-D-glucoside, Sophora flavescens, sophoraflavanone G

Collection and analysis of Arabidopsis color mutants.
Endocytobiosis Cell Res,15(1):328-338 2004
Author:Hiromitsu Nakanishi, Kenji Suzuki, Takashi Jouke, Ritsuko Kodaira, Goro Taguchi, Mitsuo Okazaki, Nobuaki Hayashida

Cloning and characterization of a glucosyltransferase that reacts on 7-hydroxyl group of flavonol and 3-hydroxyl group of coumarin from tobacco cells.
Arch. Biochem. Biophys.,420(1):95-102 2003(Nov.)
Author:Goro Taguchi, Takahisa Ubukata, Nobuaki Hayashida, Hirobumi Yamamoto, Mitsuo Okazaki

Exogenously added naphthols induce three glucosyltransferases, and are accumulated as glucosides in tobacco cells.
Plant Science,164:231-240 2003
Author:Goro Taguchi, Minako Nakamura, Nobuaki Hayashida, Mitsuo Okazaki

Evolution of substrate recognition across a multigene family of glycosyltransferases in Arabidopsis.
Glycobiology,13:139-145 2003
Author:E.K. Lim, S. Baldauf, Y. Li, L. Elias, D. Worrall, S.P. Spencer, R.G. Jackson, G. Taguchi, J. Ross, D.J. Bowles

Molecular cloning and heterologous expression of novel glucosyltransferases from tobacco cultured cells that have broad substrate specificity and are induced by salicylic acid and auxin.
Eur. J. Biochem.,268:4086-4094 2001(Aug.)
Author:G. Taguchi, T. Yazawa, N. Hayashida, M. Okazaki

Plant hormone regulation on scopoletin metabolism from culture medium into tobacco cells
Plant Science,160:905-911 2001
Author:Goro Taguchi, Kotarou Yoshizawa, Ritsuko Kodaira, Nobuaki Hayashida, Mitsuo Okazaki

Increases of secondary metabolite production in various plant cell cultures by co-cultivation with cork.
Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem.,65:853-860 2001
Author:H. Yamamoto, A. Yato,K. Yazaki, H. Hayashi, G. Taguchi, K. Inoue

Scopoletin Uptake from Culture Medium and Accumulation in the Vacuoles after Conversion to Scopolin in 2,4-D-Treated Tobacco Cells.
Plant Science,151(2):153-161 2000
Author:Goro Taguchi, Shinobu Fujikawa, Teruyoshi Yazawa, Ritsuko Kodaira, Nobuaki Hayashida, Makoto Shimosaka, Mitsuo Okazaki

Purification and characterization of UDP-glucose: hydroxycoumarin 7-O-glucosyltransferase, with broad substrate specificity from tobacco cultured cells
Plant Science,157(1):105-112 2000
Author:Goro Taguchi, Hirofumi Imura, Yoshio Maeda, Ritsuko Kodaira, Nobuaki Hayashida, Makoto Shimosaka, Mitsuo Okazaki

Effect of methyl jasmonate and elicitor on PAL gene expression in tobacco cultured cells.
J. Plant Biochem. Biotech.,7(2):79-84 1998
Author:Goro Taguchi, Manisha Sharan, Keiichi Gonda, Kuninori Yanagisawa, Makoto Shimosaka, Nobuaki Hayashida, Mitsuo Okazaki

Effects of methyl jasmonate and elicitor on the activation of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase and the accumulation of scopoletin and scopolin in tobacco cell cultures
Plant Science,132(1):13-19 1998
Author:Manisha Sharan, Goro Taguchi, Keiichi Gonda, Takashi Jouke, Makoto Shimosaka, Nobuaki Hayashida,Mitsuo Okazaki

A temperature-sensitive osmophilic mutant of Zygosaccharomyces rouxii
Biotechnol. Lett.,18(6):655-658 1996(Jun.)
Author:S. Yoshikawa, Y. Togawa, N. Mitsui, K. Chikara, G. Taguchi, M. Shimosaka, M. Okazaki

Cloning and characterization of mycovirus double-stranded RNA from the plant pathogenic fungus, Fusarium solani f. sp. robiniae.
Biosci. Biotech. Biochem.,60(5):784-788 1996
Author:M. Nogawa, T. Kageyama, A.Nakatani,G. Taguchi, M. Shimosaka, M. Okazaki

Cloning of theSAT1 gene concerned with salt tolerance of the yeast Zygosaccharomyces rouxii.
J. Ferment. Bioeng.,82(1):16-21 1996
Author:K. Ushio, H. Otsuka, S. Yoshikawa, G. Taguchi, M. Shimosaka, N. Mitsui, M. Okazaki

Transformation of tobacco cultured cell by particle bombardment : Expression of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase gene in transgenic tobacco cells.
Plant Tissue Culture Letters,12(2):165-171 1995
Author:Nobuo Nagai, Kuninori Yanagisawa, Kazuko Mizuno, Hirofumi Imura, Goro Taguchi, Makoto Shimosaka, Daisuke Shibata, Mitsuo Okazaki

Role of malic acid in solubilizing excess berberine accumulating in vacuoles ofCoptis japonica.
Phytochemistry,31:3451-3454 1992
Author:Hideharu Sato, Goro Taguchi, Hiroshi Fukui, Mamoru Tabata

Isolation and characterization of genes encoding chitin-degrading enzymes in the novel chitinolytic bacterium, Chitiniphilus shinanonensis;
10th International Conference of the Asian Pacific Chitin Chitosan Symposium 2013
Presenter:Makoto Shimosaka, Lanxiang Huang, Norie Sonoda, Moe Nakano, Masahiro Nogawa, Goro Taguchi

Analysis of genes coding for chitinolytic enzymes in the bacterium, Chitiniphilus shinanonensis – Development of gene disruption by an allelic exchange system –
10th International Conference of the Asian Pacific Chitin Chitosan Symposium 2013
Presenter:Norie Sonoda, Jiayi Yu, Arisa Shizume, Masahiro Nogawa, Goro Taguchi, Makoto Shimosaka

Analysis of genes coding for chitinolytic enzymes in the bacterium, Chitiniphilus shinanonensis – chiG, chiJ, and chiK coding for unique chitin-degrading enzymes –
10th International Conference of the Asian Pacific Chitin Chitosan Symposium 2013
Presenter:Moe Nakano, Jiayi Yu, Lanxiang Huang, Masahiro Nogawa, Goro Taguchi, Makoto Shimosaka:

Isolation of Genes Coding for Chitin-Degrading Enzymes in the Chitinolytic Bacterium, Chitiniphilus shinanonensis and Characterization of a Gene Coding for a Novel Chitinaese
6th International Conference on Advanced Fiber/Textile Materials 2011
Presenter:Lanxiang HUANG, Masahiro NOGAWA, Goro TAGUCHI, and Makoto SHIMOSAKA

Analysis of genes coding for chitin-degrading enzymes from the bacterium Chitiniphilus shinanonensis
International Conference of Future Textile 2010 2010
Presenter:L. Huang, M. Nogawa, G.Taguchi, M. Shimosaka

An approach to improving plant productivity by use of a LED unit equipped with control modules.
6th International Symposium on Light in Horticulture. 2009
Presenter:H. Nozue, A. Shimada, Y. Yabuuchi, T. Itoh, J. Kinoshita, H. Jibu, I. Umayahara, G. Taguchi, M. Nozue

Isolation and Characterization of a Novel Chitinolytic Bacterium, 
-Construction of Stable Chitinolytic Microbial Community-.
7th East Asian Symposium on Polymers for Advanced Technologies (EASPAT 2009) 2009
Presenter:K. Sato, H. Aoyama, Y. Kato, M. Nogawa, G. Taguchi, A. Yokota, M. Shimosaka

Degradation of chitin by a novel bacterium
Chitiniphilus shinanonensis originated from a bacterial community expressing a chitinolytic activity
5th International Conference on Adovanced Fiber/Textile Materials 2009 in Ueda. 2009
Presenter:K. Sato, A. Shizume, H. Aoyama, Y. Kato, M. Nogawa, G. Taguchi, M. Shimosaka

Analysis of Bacterial Consortium Growing on Chitin Flake by Using Metagenomic Approach
4th International Conference on Advanced Fiber/Textile Materials 2007 in Ueda (ICAFTM2007) 2007
Presenter:K. Sato, Y. Azama, R. Kodaira, G. Taguchi, M. Shimosaka