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Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Science and Technology Institute of ScienceTEL
Education and Research OrganizationFaculty of Science Department of ScienceFAX
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Assigned Class
Graduate School, Division of Science and Technology
Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Technology
Research Field
ecology and evolution of species interactions
Academic Background
Graduate School
Kyoto University , (Graduate School, Division of Agriculture) , 1985
Kyoto University , (Graduate School, Division of Agriculture) , 1983

Kyoto University , (Faculty of Agriculture) , 1981

Doctor of Agriculture
2001 , Ecological Research Prize


Books, Articles, etc.
生物多様性と地球環境問題. In: 生きものなんでも相談(日本動物学会近畿支部 編)
大阪公立大学共同出版会 , :84,87,90 2009

植物の防御,防御物質,アリ植物,内生菌. In: 植物の百科事典(岩槻邦男ら 編)
朝倉書店 , :136-140 2009

生物群集の進化-系統学的アプローチ. In: シリーズ群集生態学 第2巻「進化生物学からせまる」
京都大学学術出版会 , :185-221 2009

アリ植物とアリ-共多様化の歴史を探る. In: 共進化の生態学-生物間相互作用が織りなす多様性
文一総合出版 , :119-150 2008
Author:市野隆雄/Swee-Peck Quek/上田昇平

カメムシの仲間,甲虫の仲間(カミキリムシ以外),ハチ・アリの仲間,シリアゲムシの仲間.In: 明科の自然(明科町史自然編)(清水建美・吉田利男 編)
ほおずき書房 , :315-333 2007

アリと植物-共生の自然史. In: ハチとアリの自然史(前田泰生・伊藤文紀・杉浦直人編)
北海道大学図書刊行会 , :258-277 2002

生物間相互作用の歴史的過程-アリ植物をめぐる生物群集の共進化.In: 群集生態学の現在(佐藤宏明・安田弘法・山本智子編)
京都大学学術出版会 , :353-370 2001

平凡社 , 日本動物大百科第10巻 昆虫III , :36-38 1998

第7章 生物多様性の保全にむけて.In: 岩波講座「地球環境学」第5巻 生物多様性とその保全(井上民二・和田英太郎編)
岩波書店 , :197-229 1998

社会性の進化から群集構造の決定まで-ドロバチ類における天敵回避行動の重要性.In: 昆虫個体群生態学の展開(久野英二編著)
京都大学学術出版会 , :390-412 1996

脊椎動物による送粉−バナナを例として. In: シリーズ地球共生系4. 花に引き寄せられる動物-植物と送粉者の共進化(川那部浩哉監修, 井上民二・加藤真編)
平凡社 , :175-194 1993

マルハナバチの経済学(井上民二監訳)(Heinrich, B.: Bumblebee Economics, Harvard University Press, Cambridge)
文一総合出版 , :1-89 1991

Evolutionary diversification of Japanese Stomaphis aphids (Aphididae, Lachninae) in relation to their host plant use and ant association.
Science of Nature 2020
Author:Yamamoto T, Hattori M, Matsumoto Y, Ueda S and Itino T

Seasonal change of flower sex ratio and pollinator dynamics in three reproductive ecotypes of protandrous plant.
Ecosphere ,  2020
Author:Toji T, Ishimoto N and Itino T

Comparison of flower-visiting behaviour of bumblebees and swallowtail butterflies to the Japanese azalea (Rhododendron japonicum).
Journal of Pollination Ecology 2020
Author:Takahashi K and Itino T

The relative importance of diurnal and nocturnal pollinators of Platanthera hologlottis Maxim. (Orchidaceae).
Journal of Plant Interactions,15:106-110 2020
Author:Hattori M, Tamada Y and Itino T

Geographic changes in pollinator species composition affect the corolla tube length of self-heal (Prunella vulgaris L.): evidence from three elevational gradients.
Ecological Research,DOI: 10.1111/1440-1703.12146 2020
Author:Egawa S and Itino T

Differences in sex expression and mating systems in three pollination morphs of Cimicifuga simplex.
Plant Species Biology,DOI: 10.1111/1442-1984.12265 2020
Author:Toji T and Itino T

Contrasting altitudinal patterns of diversity between bumblebees and bumblebee-visited flowers: poverty of bumblebee diversity in a high mountain of Japan.
Ecological Research 2019
Author:Egawa S and Itino T

Cryptic diversity in the aphid-parasitizing wasp Protaphidius nawaii (Hymenoptera: Braconidae): discovery of two attendant-ant-specific mtDNA lineages.
Zoological Science, doi: 10.2108/zs190093 2019
Author:Yamamoto T, Hasegawa H, Nakase Y, Komatsu T and Itino T

雑草研究,63(2):15-22 2018
Author:篠原 義典;市野 隆雄

Morphological characteristics reflect food sources and degree of host ant specificity in four Myrmecophilus crickets.
Insectes Sociaux,65:47-57 2018
Author:Komatsu T, Maruyama M, Hattori M and Itino T

Soldiers with large weapons behave aggressively against predators: correlated morphological and behavioral defensive traits in a eusocial aphid.
Insectes Sociaux,64:39-44 2017
Author:Hattori M, Kishida O and Itino T

Visitation frequencies of bumblebees and swallowtail butterflies to flowers and the nectar sugar concentration of Rhododendron kaempferi and R. japonicum in mountains of central Japan.
Journal of Pollination Ecology,21:91-97 2017
Author:Takahashi K and Itino T

Population genetic analysis of a highland DNA clade in the red ant Myrmica kotokui Forel 1911 (Formicidae, Myrmicinae).
Japanese Journal of Environmental Entomology and Zoology,28:5-13 2017
Author:Ueda S and Itino T

環動昆 = Japanese journal of environmental entomology and zoology : 日本環境動物昆虫学会誌,28(1):5-13 2017
Author:上田 昇平; 市野 隆雄;

Nuclear DNA based species delineations of Coccus scale insects in symbiosis with plants and ants, and the role of plant epicuticular wax in structuring associations
Author:Quek, Swee-Peck; Ueda, Shouhei; Gullan, Penny J.; Kondo, Takumasa; Hattori, Mitsuru; Itioka, Takao; Murase, Kaori; Itino, Takao;

Plant genetic diversity and plant-pollinator interactions along altitudinal gradients.
In: Structure and Function of Mountain Ecosystems in Japan: Biodiversity and Vulnerability to Climate Change (Ecological Research Monographs) (eds. By Kudo G) . Springer. ISBN 978-4-431-55954-2,:63-88 2016
Author:Itino T and AS Hirao

Pattern of flower size variation along an altitudinal gradient differs between Impatiens textori and Impatiens noli-tangere
Author:Hattori, Mitsuru; Nagano, Yusuke; Shinohara, Yoshinori; Itino, Takao;

Host-ant specificity of endangered large blue butterflies (Phengaris spp., Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) in Japan
Author:Ueda, Shouhei; Komatsu, Takashi; Itino, Takao; Arai, Ryusuke; Sakamoto, Hironori;

Additional species and records of the “horn-backed” Pilophorus plant bugs in Southeast Asia (Heteroptera: Miridae: Phylinae).
Tijdschrift voor Entomologie ,159:1-8 2016
Author:Nakatani Y, Komatsu T, Itino T, Shimizu-Kaya U, Itioka T, Hashim R, Ueda S

環境科学年報,37:15-17 2015
Author:宮入, 啓彰; 服部, 充; 山本, 哲也; 市野, 隆雄

First report of seed dispersal by ants in Dicentra peregrina (Papaveraceae), an alpine plant in the Japanese Alps
ENTOMOLOGICAL SCIENCE,18(2):271-273 2015
Author:Komatsu, Takashi; Itino, Takao; Ueda, Shouhei;

Genetic structure of a hybrid zone between two violets, Viola rossiiHemsl. and V.bissetiiMaxim.: dominance of F-1 individuals in a narrow contact range
PLANT SPECIES BIOLOGY,30(3):237-243 2015
Author:Nagano Y, Hirao, AS and Itino T

Congruence of microsatellite and mitochondrial DNA variation in acrobat ants (Crematogaster subgenus Decacrema, Formicidae: Myrmicinae) inhabiting Macaranga (Euphorbiaceae) myrmecophytes.
PLoS ONE,10(2):e0116602 2015
Author:Ueda, S; Nagano, Y; Kataoka, Y; Komatsu, T; Itioka, T; Shimizu-kaya, U; Inui, Y; Itino, T

Demonstration of pollinator-mediated competition between two native Impatiens species, Impatiens noli-tangere and I. textori (Balsaminaceae).
Ecology and Evolution,5(6):1271-1277 2015
Author:Tokuda, N; Hattori, M; Abe, K; Shinohara, Y; Nagano, Y; Itino, T

Clonal composition of colonies of an eusocial aphid, Ceratovacuna japonica.
Sociobiology,62(1):116-119 2015
Author:Hattori, M; Yamamoto, T; Itino, T

日本環境動物昆虫学会誌,25:67-70 2014

信州大学環境科学年報,36:1-3 2014

中部山岳地域における標高傾度に沿った草本植物の遺伝的・生態的分化 (山岳生態系の生物多様性と気候変動 : 実態把握と将来予測に向けて)
地球環境,19(1):71-78 2014
Author:市野 隆雄; 栗谷 さと子; 楠目 晴花; 平尾 章; 長野 祐介;
Abstract:温暖化によって,高山植物は将来的に消失の危機にさらされるだろうといわれている。一方,高山植物だけでなく,その下方に位置する山岳植物も「高地型」と「低地型」に分化し,それぞれが独自の遺伝的固有性をもつ「保全すべき単位」である可能性がある。そこで筆者らは,高地型と低地型の間で遺伝的分化があるか,また高地型と低地型の生殖隔離に関与する花形質が生態的に分化しているかどうかについて,3種の草本植物を対象に検討した。本稿では,これらの個別研究の成果をまとめて紹介する。サラシナショウマは,遺伝的にも生態的にも標高間で3 つの送粉型に分化していることが明らかになった。ヤマホタルブクロおよびウツボグサでは,標高が上がるにつれて花サイズがおおむね小型化していたが,この小型化は標高そのものに影響されたものではなく,分布する送粉マルハナバチ類のサイズに適応した生態的分化の結果であることがわかった。これらの結果から,温暖化にあたって保全すべきなのは,これまでひとくくりにされていた山岳植物「種」とは限らず,より細かく分化した「生態型」である可能性が示唆された。
Keywords:温暖化; 高山植物; 生物間相互作用; 花サイズ; 保全すべき単位; マルハナバチ;

Changes in pollinator fauna affect altitudinal variation of floral size in a bumblebee-pollinated herb
ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION,4(17):3395-3407 2014
Author:Nagano, Yusuke; Abe, Kota; Kitazawa, Tomoaki; Hattori, Mitsuru; Hirao, Akira S.; Itino, Takao;

Moth caterpillar solicits for homopteran honeydew
Author:Komatsu, T; Itino, T

New Pilophorus species associated with Macaranga trees from Malay Peninsula and Borneo (Heteroptera: Miridae: Phylinae).
Tijdschrift voor Entomologie,156:113-126 2013
Author:Nakatani Y, Komatus T, Itino T, Shimizu-kaya U, Itioka T, Hashim R, Ueda S.

Ecological and morphological differentiation between two cryptic DNA clades in the red ant Myrmica kotokui Forel 1911 (Myrmicinae).
New Entomologist,62:1-10 2013
Author:Ueda S, Ando T, Sakamoto H, Yamamoto T, Matsuzuki T, Itino T.

Nonintegrated host association of Myrmecophilus tetramorii, a specialist myrmecophilous ant cricket
Psyche,2013:568536 2013
Author:Komatsu, Takashi; Maruyama, Munetoshi; Itino, Takao

Buying time for colony mates: the anti-predatory function of soldiers in the eusocial aphid Ceratovacuna japonica (Homoptera, Hormaphidinae)
Insectes Sociaux,60:15-21 2013
Author:Hattori, M; Kishida, O; Itino, T

Myrmecophilous aphids produce cuticular hydrocarbons that resemble those of their tending ants
Population Ecology,55(1):27-34 2013
Author:Endo, Shintaro; Itino, Takao

Congruence between pollination morphs and genotypes based on internal transcribed spacer (ITS) sequences of nuclear ribosomal DNA in Cimicifuga simplex (Ranunculaceae)
The Journal of Japanese Botany,88(3):176-181 2013
Author:Kuzume H, Itino T

Soldiers with large weapons in predator-abundant midsummer: phenotypic plasticity in a eusocial aphid
Evolutionary Ecology,27(5):847–862 2013
Author:Hattori, Mitsuru; Kishida, Osamu; Itino, Takao

The adaptation against soldier caste of a eusocial aphid: eggs are not attacked by soldiers in specialist predator Atkinsonia ignipicta (Lepidoptera: Stathmopodidae)
Sociobiology,59(4):1315-1322 2012
Author:Hattori, Mitsuru; Itino, Takao

How Do Scale Insects Settle into the Nests of Plant-Ants on Macaranga Myrmecophytes? Dispersal by Wind and Selection by Plant-Ants
SOCIOBIOLOGY,59(2):435-446 2012
Author:Handa, Chihiro; Ueda, Shouhei; Tanaka, Hirotaka; Itino, Takao; Itioka, Takao;

環境動物昆虫学会誌,23(3):119-125 2012

Phylogeny and phylogeography of Myrmica rubra complex (Myrmicinae) in the Japanese Alps
Psyche,2012:319097 2012
Author:Ueda Shouhei,Nozawa Taito,Matsuzuki Tetsuya,Seki Ryo-ichi,Shimamoto Shinya,Itino Takao

Larger seeds are dispersed farther: long-distance seed disperser ants prefer large seeds.
Sociobiology,59(4):1401-1411 2012
Author:Takahashi S and Itino T

Eggs of a Eusial Aphid's Predator are Protected Against Attacks by Aphid Soldiers
Sociobiology,59(4):1315-1322 2012
Author:Hattori, Mitsuru; Itino, Takao

Timing of butterfly parasitization of a plant-ant-scale symbiosis
Ecological Research,27(2):437-443 2012
Author:Ueda S, Okubo T, Itioka T, Shimizu-kaya U, Yago Y, Inui Y and Itino T

Molecular phylogenetic affinities of Japanese Xenid and Stylopid Strepsipterans (Strepsiptera: Xenidae, Stylopidae) parasitizing wasps and bees.
New Entomologist,61(1-2):15-20 2012
Author:ISAKA Yuichi,UEDA Souhei,ITINO Takao

The aphid-tending ant Lasius fuji exhibits reduced aggression toward aphids marked with ant cuticular hydrocarbons
Population Ecology,54(3):405-410 2012
Author:Endo S; Itino T

信州大学環境科学年報,32:73-98 2010

Multiple factors maintaining high species-specificity in Macaranga-Crematogaster (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) myrmecophytism: higher mortality in mismatched ant-seedling pairs
Sociobiology,55(3):883-898 2010
Author:Murase, Kaori; Yamane, Seiki; Itino, Takao; Itioka, Takao

Phylogeography of the Coccus scale insects inhabiting myrmecophytic Macaranga plants in Southeast Asia.
Population Ecology,52(1):137-146 2010
Author:Ueda, S., Quek, S.-P., Itioka,T., Murase, K. and Itino, T.

Difference in host specificity and behavior of two ant cricket species (Orthoptera: Myrmecophilidae) in Honshu, Japan
Journal of Entomological Science,45(3):227-238 2010
Author:Komatsu, Takashi; Maruyama, Munetoshi; Itino, Takao

信州大学環境科学年報,31:96-110 2009
Author:片岡陽介, 平尾章, 長野祐介, 市野隆雄

Behavioral differences between two ant cricket species in Nansei Islands: host-specialist versus host-generalist.
Insectes Sociaux,56(4):389-396 2009
Author:Komatsu, T., Maruyama, M. and Itino, T.

Soldiers'armature changes seasonally and locally in an eusocial aphid (Homoptera : Aphididae)
Sociobiology,52(2):429-436 2008
Author:Hattori, M. and Itino, T.

mtDNA phylogeny of Japanese ant crickets: diversification in host specificity and habitat use.
Sociobiology,52(3):553-565 2008
Author:Komatsu, T., Maruyama, M. and Itino, T.

アリ植物とアリ : 共多様化の歴史を探る
種生物学研究,31:151-181 2008
Author:市野 隆雄,QUEK Swee-Peck,上田 昇平

An ancient tripartite symbiosis of plants, ants and scale insects.
Proceedings of the Royal Society B,275(1649):2319-2326 2008
Author:Ueda, Shouhei; Quek, Swee-Peck; Itioka, Takao; Inamori, Keita; Sato, Yumiko; Murase, Kaori; Itino, Takao

The geography of diversification in mutualistic ants: a gene’s-eye view into the Neogene history of Sundaland rain forests.
Molecular Ecology,16(10):2045-2062 2007
Author:Quek, S.-P., S. J. Davies, P. S. Ashton, T. Itino and N. E. Pierce

Phylogeography of Japanese alpine butterfly Erebia niphonica (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae: Satyrinae) inferred from mitochondrial gene sequences
New Entomologist,56(1-2):1-7 2007
Author:BAN U,SEKIGUCHI Masayuki,NAKATANI Takatoshi,ITOHTateto,USAMI Shin-ichi,ITINO Takao

Coevolution of ants and plants.
In: Pollination Ecology and the Rain Forest (eds. by Roubik, D. W., Sakai, S. and Hamid, A. A.) Springer, New York.,:172-177 2005
Author:Itino, T.

Phylogenetic position of Luehdorfia chinensis huashanensis Lee (Lepidoptera, Papilionidae) inferred from mitochondrial gene sequence analyses.
Trans. Lepid. Soc. Japan,56(4):333-341 2005
Author:Matsumura T., Usami S., Ueda S., Itino, T., Ito, T and Xing L.

Difference in Crematogaster borneensis on Macaranga myrmecophytes between primary and secondary forests inferred from ecological data and mitochondrial COI gene sequences.
ANet Newsletter,7:5-9 2004
Author:Murase, K., Itioka, T., Itino, T., Yamane, S. and Su, ZH.

Codiversification in an ant-plant mutualism: Stem texture and the evolution of host use in Crematogaster (Formicidae : Myrmicinae) inhabitants of Macaranga (Euphorbiaceae)
Evolution,58(3):554-570 2004
Author:Quek, S. P., Davies, S. J., Itino, T. and Pierce, N. E.

Duration of developmental stages of Callosobruchus chinensis L. (Coleoptera:Bruchidae) on Azuki bean and the effects of neem and sesame oils at different stages of their development.
Pakistan Journal of Biological Science,6(10):932-935 2003
Author:Ahmed, K. S., T. Itino and T. Ichikawa

Coadaptation and coevolution of Macaranga trees and their symbiotic ants.
In: Genes, Behaviors and Evolution of Social Insects (eds. by Kikuchi, T., Higashi, S. and Azuma, N.) Hokkaido University Press, Sapporo, Japan.,:283-294 2003
Author:Itino, T., Itioka, T. and Davies, S. J.

Species specificity in settling-plant selection by foundress ant queens in Macaranga-Crematogaster myrmecophytism in a Bornean dipterocarp forest
JOURNAL OF ETHOLOGY,20(1):19-24 2002
Author:Murase K, Itioka T, Inui Y, Itino T

Carbon and nitrogen contents of food bodies in three myrmecophytic species of Macaranga: implications for antiherbivore defense mechanisms.
Journal of Plant Research,115(3):179-184 2002
Author:Hatada, A, Itioka, T., Yamaoka, R. and Itino, T.

Chemical recognition of partner plant species by foundress ant queens inMacaranga-Crematogaster myrmecophytism.
JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ECOLOGY,27(10):2029-2040 2001
Author:Inui Y, Itioka T, Murase K, Yamaoka R, Itino T

日本生態学会誌,51(3):314 2001
Author:市野 隆雄,市岡 孝朗,畑田 彩,HAMID A. A.

日本生態学会誌,51(3):314 2001
Author:市野 隆雄,市岡 孝朗

日本生態学会誌,51(3):314 2001
Author:市野 隆雄,DAVES S. J.,多田 英子,稗田 良宏,猪口 美嘉,市岡 孝朗,山根 正気,井上 民二

Interspecific variation and ontogenetic change in antiherbivore defense in myrmecophytic Macaranga species
Ecological Research,16(4):765-774 2001
Author:Itino, T. and T. Itioka

Effects of food rewards offered by ant-plant Macaranga on the colony size of ants
Ecological Research,16(4):775-786 2001
Author:Itino, T., T. Itioka, A. Hatada and A. A. Hamid

Cospeciation of ants and plants
Ecological Research,16(4):787-793 2001
Author:Itino, T., S. J. Davies, H. Tada, Y. Hieda, M. Inoguchi, T. Itioka, S. Yamane and T. Inoue

Difference in intensity of ant defense among three dominant species of Macaranga myrmecophyte in a South East Asian dipterocarp forest
Biotropica,32(2):318-326 2000

The efficacy of volatile ingredients in neem oil against Callosobruchus chinensis (Coleoptera:Bruchidae) (Special Issue for the Fiftieth Anniversary of Kagawa University)
Technical bulletin of Faculty of Agriculture, Kagawa University,52:67-69 2000
Author:Ban U,AHMED Kazi Shahanara,Itino Takao

Seasonal pattern of flower utilization in hoverflies (Diptera:Syrphidae) in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan (Special Issue for the Fiftieth Anniversary of Kagawa University)
Technical bulletin of Faculty of Agriculture, Kagawa University,52:71-77 2000
Author:Tai Ken'itirou,Itino Takao

Variations in abiotic defense among myrmecophytic and non-myrmecophytic species of Macaranga in a Bornean dipterocarp forest
Ecological Research,15(1):1-11 2000
Author:NOMURA Masahiro,ITIOKA Takao,ITINO Takao

Effects of plant oils on preference and larval survivorship of Callosobruchus chinensis (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) on Azuki bean
Applied Entomology and Zoology,34(4):547-550 1999
Author:Ahmed KS, Itino T, Ichikawa T

Monitoring of plant phenology in an aseasonal tropical rain forest
Thai Studies in Biodiversity,2:289-306 1998
Author:Yumoto, T; Momose, K; Nagamitsu, T; Inoue, T; Nagamasu, H; Kato, M; Itino. T; Hamid, A;

保全生態学研究,2(3):201-207 1998
Author:保全生態学研究会; 荒木 佐智子; 市野 隆雄; 加藤 徹; 加藤 真; 神谷 光太郎; 栗原 祐子; 小杉山 晃一; 小林 芽里; 須賀 丈; 鈴木 和雄; 田井 謙一郎; 田中 肇; 中島 真紀; 中野 千賀; 日江井 香弥子; 廣田 幸将; 福田 陽子; 古水 孝尚; 松井 淳; 松村 千鶴; 松本 雅道; 鷲谷 いづみ;

Pollination of hemiparasites (Loranthaceae) by spider hunters (Nectariniidae) in the canopy of a Bornean tropical rainforest
Selbyana,18(1):51-60 1997
Author:Yumoto Takakazu,Itino Takao,Nagamasu Hidetoshi

香川大学農学部紀要,62:1-206 1997
Author:市野 隆雄;

The vertical distribution of ants on canopy trees in a Bornean lowland rain forest
Tropics,4(2-3):277-281 1996

Ground ant fauna in a Bornean dipterocarp forest
Author:Yamane S, Itino T, Nona AR

The Vertical Distribution of Ants on Canopy Trees in a Bornean Lowland Rain Forest.
Tropics,4(2):277-281 1995
Author:市野 隆雄; 山根 正気;

Seasonality and vertical structure of light-attracted insect communities in a tropical lowland dipterocarp forests in Sarawak
Researches on Population Ecology,37(1):59-79 1995
Author:KATO Makoto,INOUE Tamiji,HAMID Abang Abdul,NAGAMITSU Teruyoshi,MERDEK Mahamud Ben,NONA Abdul Rahman,ITINO Takao,YAMANE Seiki,YUMOTO Takakazu

Melittophily and ornithophily of long-tubed flowers in West Sumatra
Tropics,2(3):129-142 1993
Author:Kato, M; Itino, T; Nagamitsu, T

Inter- and intra-specific variation in prey assemblages and inhabitant communities in Nepenthes pitchers in Sumatra
Tropical Zoology,6(1):11-25 1993
Author:Kato, M; Hotta, M; Tamin, R; Itino, T

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