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Education and Research OrganizationSchool of Medicine Molecular PathophysiologyFAX
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Address3-1-1, Asahi, Matsumoto City 390-8621Web site


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Excessively low salt diet damages the heart through activation of cardiac (pro) renin receptor, renin-angiotensin-aldosterone, and sympatho-adrenal systems in spontaneously hypertensive rats.
PLoS One.,12(12):e0189099 2017
Author:Okamoto C, Hayakawa Y, Aoyama T, Komaki H, Minatoguchi S, Iwasa M, Yamada Y, Kanamori H, Kawasaki M, Nishigaki K, Mikami A, Minatoguchi S.

Deletion of LOX-1 Protects against Heart Failure Induced by Doxorubicin.
PLoS One.,11(5):e0154994 2016
Author:Yokoyama C, Aoyama T, Ido T, Kakino A, Shiraki T, Tanaka T, Nishigaki K, Hasegawa A, Fujita Y, Sawamura T, Minatoguchi S.

High salt intake damages the heart through activation of cardiac (pro) renin receptors even at an early stage of hypertension.
PLoS One.,9(12):e114542 2015
Author:Hayakawa Y, Aoyama T, Yokoyama C, Okamoto C, Komaki H, Minatoguchi S, Iwasa M, Yamada Y, Kawamura I, Kawasaki M, Nishigaki K, Mikami A, Suzuki F, Minatoguchi S.

LOX-1 plays an important role in ischemia-induced angiogenesis of limbs.
PLoS One.,9(12):e114542 2014
Author:Shiraki T, Aoyama T, Yokoyama C, Hayakawa Y, Tanaka T, Nishigaki K, Sawamura T, Minatoguchi S.

Feasibility of tissue characterization of coronary plaques using 320-detector row computed tomography: comparison with integrated backscatter intravascular ultrasound.
Heart Vessels.,31(1):29-37 2014
Author:Takahashi S, Kawasaki M, Miyata S, Suzuki K, Yamaura M, Ido T, Aoyama T, Fujiwara H, Minatoguchi S.

Postinfarct active cardiac-targeted delivery of erythropoietin by liposomes with sialyl Lewis X repairs infarcted myocardium in rabbits.
Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol.,304(8):H1124-33 2013
Author:Yamada Y, Kobayashi H, Iwasa M, Sumi S, Ushikoshi H, Aoyama T, Nishigaki K, Takemura G, Fujiwara T, Fujiwara H, Kiso M, Minatoguchi S.

Comparative effect of candesartan and amlodipine, and effect of switching from valsartan, losartan, telmisartan and olmesartan to candesartan, on early morning hypertension and heart rate.
Blood Press.,:29-37 2013
Author:Minatoguchi S, Aoyama T, Kawai N, Iwasa M, Oda M, Kida K, Kojima S, Goto N, Goto M, Sugishita F, Takai K, Tanaka R, Hiei K, Minagawa T, Yamamoto N, Watanabe I, Yasue T, Kobayashi H.

Elevated plasma GLP-1 levels and enhanced expression of cardiac GLP-1 receptors as markers of left ventricular systolic dysfunction: a cross-sectional study.
BMJ Open.,3(9):e003201 2013
Author:Hattori A, Kawamura I, Yamada Y, Kanamori H, Aoyama T, Ushikoshi H, Kawasaki M, Nishigaki K, Tamemura G, Minatoguchi S.

Both stimulation of GLP-1 receptors and inhibition of glycogenolysis additively contribute to a protective effect of oral miglitol against ischaemia-reperfusion injury in rabbits.
Br J Pharmacol.,164(1):119-131 2011
Author:Iwasa M, Yamada Y, Kobayashi H, Yasuda S, Kawamura I, Sumi S, Shiraki T, Yamaki T, Ushikoshi H, Hattori A, Aoyama T, Nishigaki K, Takemura G, Fujiwara H, Minatoguchi S.

Repeated phlebotomy augments angiogenesis to improve blood flow in murine ischemic legs.
Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol.,:H372-8 2010
Author:Kawamura I, Takemura G, Kanamori H, Takeyama T, Kawaguchi T, Tsujimoto A, Goto K, Maruyama R, Watanabe T, Shiraki T, Aoyama T, Fujiwara T, Fujiwara H,