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Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Science and Technology Institute of EngineeringTEL
Education and Research OrganizationFaculty of Engineering Department of Chemistry and Material EngineeringFAX
PositionProfessorMail Address
Address4-17-1 Wakasato, Nagano, Nagano 380-8553, JapanWeb site



Research Field
Material processing/Microstructural control engineering
Structural/Functional materials
Device related chemistry
Current Subject
Carbon Nanotube Composite Plating
Keywords:Carbon Nanotube , Composite , Plating
Development of functional catalysts using carbon nanotube as supports
Keywords:Carbon Nanotube , Catalyst , Fuel Cell
Fabrication of battery materials using plating technique
Keywords:Plating , Battery
Dissimilar Materials Joining using Plating Techniques
Keywords:Dissimilar Materials Joining , Plating
Academic Background
Shinshu University , (Faculty of Science) , 1986

Doctor(Engineering) , Shinshu University


Books, Articles, etc.
カーボンナノチューブの表面処理・分散技術と複合化事例,第7章第3節 カーボンナノチューブ複合めっき基板の集電体への応用
CMC出版 , :232-239頁 2019
Author:清水雅裕、新井 進

リチウムイオン二次電池用シリコン系負極材の開発動向,第 II 編第3章 シリコン負極用高比表面積銅系集電体
CMC出版 , :172-182頁 2019
Author:清水雅裕、新井 進

リチウムイオン二次電池用炭素系負極材の開発動向,第II編第7章 めっき技術を用いたリチウムイオン電池用CNT/Sn電極の開発
CMC出版 , :104-110頁 2019
Author:清水雅裕、新井 進

Hard Pure-Gold and Gold-CNT Composite Plating using Electrodeposition Technique with Environmentally Freiendly Sulfite Bath.
Intech , Novel Metal Electrodeposition and the Application toward MEMS Device , :17pages 2018
Author:Masatsugu Fujishige and Susumu Arai

情報技術協会 , :pp.422-431 2017(Nov.)
Author:清水雅裕、新井 進

CMC出版 , :pp.261-269 2017(Jan.)
Author:新井 進、清水雅裕

S&T出版 , :39-48頁 2014(Feb. 26)
Author:新井 進

㈱産業技術サービスセンター技術サービスセンター , :57-62頁 2012(Jul.)
Author:新井 進

日刊工業新聞社 , :81-85頁 2011(Mar.)
Author:新井 進

エヌ・ティー・エス , :449-453頁 2007(Jul.)
Author:新井 進

㈱テクノシステム , :323-332頁 2005(Aug.)
Author:新井 進

日刊工業新聞社 , :35-39頁 2002(Aug.)
Author:新井 進

㈱産業技術サービスセンター , :915-918頁 2000(May)
Author:新井 進

溶接学会誌,89:21-24 2020
Author:新井 進

Fabrication of high thermal conductivity copper/diamond composites by electrodeposition under potentiostatic conditions.
Jouranl of Applied Electrochemistry,50:631-638 2020
Author:Susumu Arai, Miyoka Ueda

Excellent bonding strength between steel and thermoplastic resin using roughened electrodeposited Ni/CNT composite layer without adhesives.
Materials Letters,263:127241 2020
Author:Susumu Arai, Ryo Sugawara, Masahiro Shimizu, Junki Inoue, Masaomi Horita, Takashi Nagaoka, Masami Itabashi

Multi-layered copper foil reinforced by co-deposition of single-walledcarbon nanotube based on electroplating technique.
Materials Letters,261:126993 2020
Author:Masahiro Shimizu, Takayuki Ogasawara, Tomonari Ohnuki, Susumu Arai

Dispersion of multiwalled carbon nanotubes into a diglyme solution, electrodeposition of aluminum-based composite, and improvement of hardness.
Journal of Alloys and Compounds,816:152585 2020
Author:Zelei Zhang, Atsushi Kitada, Tianyu Chen, Kazuhiro Fukami, Masahiro Shimizu, Susumu Arai, Zhengjun Yao, Kuniaki Murase

Electrodeposited Cu/MWCNT composite-film: a potential current collector of silicon-based negative-electrodes for Li-ion batteries.
RSC Advances,9:21939-21945 2019
Author:Masahiro Shimizu, Tomonari Ohnuki, Takayuki Ogasawara, Taketoshi Banno, Susumu Arai

Alkyl-Chain-Length Dependence of Quaternary Ammonium Cation on Zn Deposition Morphology in Alkaline-based Electrolytes.
Journal of The Electrochemical Society,166(10):A2242-A2244 2019
Author:Masahiro Shimizu, Koichi Hirahara, Yuki Ishida, Susumu Arai

Fabrication of high thermal conductivity Cu/diamond composites at ambient temperature and pressure.
AIP Advances,9:085309 2019
Author:Susumu Arai, Miyoka Ueda

Morphology Control of Zinc Electrodeposition by Surfactant Addition for Alkaline-based Rechargeable Batteries.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics,21:7045-7052 2019
Author:Masahiro Shimizu, Koichi Hirahara, Susumu Arai

Micro-brazing of Stainless Steel using Ni-P Alloy Plating.
Applied Science,9(6):1094(9pages) 2019
Author:Shubin Liu, Ikuo Shohji, Makoto Iioka, Anna Hashimoto, Junichiro Hirohashi, Tsunehito Wake, Susumu Arai

Tin Oxides as a Negative Electrode Material for Potassium-Ion Batteries
ACS Applied Energy Materials,1:6865-6870 2019
Author:Masahiro Shimizu, Ryosuke yatsuzuka, Taro Koya, Tomohiko Yamakami, Susumu Arai

Intercalation/De-intercalation Behavior of Li-ion Encapsulated by 12-Crown-4-Ether into Graphite Electrode.
Journal of The Electrochemical Society,165(13):A3212-A3214 2018
Author:Masahiro Shimizu, Taro Koya, Makoto Umeki, Susumu Arai

Electrochemical preparation of free-standing carbon-nanotube/Sn composite paper.
Materials Letters,220:182-185 2018
Author:Masahiro Shimizu, Shunya Shimizu, Arinobu Katada, Mitsugu Uejima, Susumu Arai

溶接学会誌,87(6):34-39 2018
Author:新井 進

Field emission properties of a DWCNT bundle and a single MWCNT.
J. Phys. Chem. Solids,113:229-234 2018
Author:Masatsugu Fujishige, Winadda Wongwiriyaan, Hiroyuki Muramatsu, Kenji Takeuchi, Susumu Arai

Suppressing the effect of lithium dendritic growth by the addition of magnesium bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)amide.
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.,20:1127-1133 2018
Author:Masahiro Shimizu, Makoto Umeki, Susumu Arai

Design of roughened current collector by bottom-up approach using the electroplating technique: charge-discharge performance of a Sn negative-electrode for Na-ion batteries.
J. Phys. Chem. C,121(49):27285-27294 2017
Author:Masahiro Shimizu, Ryosuke Yatsuzuka, Masaomi Horita, Takahiro. Yamamoto, Susumu Arai

Electrochemical Na-insertion/extraction property of Ni-coated black-phosphorus prepared by an electroless deposition method.
ACS Omega,2(8):4306-4315 2017
Author:Masahiro Shimizu, Yuji Tsushima, Susumu Arai

Fabrication of copper/single-walled carbon nanotube composites by electrodeposition using free-standing nanotube film
J. Electrochem. Soc.,164(13):D922-D929 2017
Author:Susumu Arai, Kyohei Kirihata, Masahiro Shimizu, Miyoka Ueda, Arinobu Katada, Mitsugu Uejima

Li-insertion/extraction properties of three-dimensional Sn electrode prepared by facile electrodeposition method.
J. Appl. Electrochem.,47(6):727-734 2017
Author:Masahiro Shimizu, Mendsaikhan Munkhbat, Susumu Arai

Micro-Scale Columnar Architecture Composed of Copper Nano Sheets by Electrodeposition Technique.
J. Electrochem. Soc.,164(2):D72-D74 2017
Author:Susumu Arai, Masaya Ozawa, Masahiro Shimizu

Fabricaion of Three-Dimensional (3D) Copper/Carbon Nanotube Composite Film by One-Step Electrodeposition.
J. Electrochem. Soc.,163(14):D774-D779 2016
Author:Susumu Arai, Masaya Ozawa, Masahiro Shimizu

Fabrication of copper/single-walled carbon nanotube composite film with homogeneously dispersed nanotubes by electroless deposition.
Mater Today Commun.,7:101-107 2016
Author:Susumu Arai, Takuma Osaki, Mitsuhito Hirota, Mitsugu Uejima

A carbon nanotube-reinforced noble tin anode structure for lithium-ion batteries.
Journal of Applied Electrochemistry,46(3):331-338 2016
Author:Susumu Arai, Ryosuke Fukuoka

Fabrication of a uniformly tin-coated three-dimensional copper nanostructured architecture by electrodeposition.
Journal of The Electrochemical Society,163(2):D54-D56 2016
Author:Susumu Arai, Munkhbat Mendsaikhan, Koichi Nishimura

防錆管理,59(7):1-6 2015
Author:新井 進

表面技術,66(6):252-255 2015
Author:新井 進

Fabrication of copper/multiwalled carbon nanotube composites containing different sized nanotubes by electroless deposition
J. Electrochem. Soc.,162(1):D68-D73 2015
Author:Susumu Arai, Takuma Osaki

Simple Method for Fabrication of Three-Dimensional (3D) Copper Nanostructured Architecture by Electrodeposition
ECS Electrochemistry Letters,3(5):D1-D3 2014(May)
Author:Susumu Arai, Tomoya Kitamura

表面技術,65(2):20-25 2014(Feb.)
Author:新井 進

表面技術,65(2):99-103 2014(Feb.)
Author:高根直人,成田 博,曽根原浩幸,劉 小晰,新井 進

Electroless deposition and evaluation of Cu/multiwalled carbon nanotube composite films on acrylonitrile butadiene styrene resin
Surf. Coat. Technol.,254(0):224-229 2014
Author:Susumu Arai, Taishi Kanazawa

Electroless deposition of Cu/multiwalled carbon nanotube composite films with improved frictional properties
ECS J. Solid State Sci. Technol.,3(6):P201-P206 2014
Author:Susumu Arai, Taishi Kanazawa

Magnetic Properties and Microstructure of Electrodeposited Co/Cu Multilayers
Electrochemistry,81(12):966-970 2013(Dec.)
Author:Naoto Takane, Hiroshi Narita, Xiaoxi Liu, Susumu Arai

Frictional and wear properties of cobalt/multiwalled carbon nanotube composite films formed by electrodeposition
SURFACE & COATINGS TECHNOLOGY,235(0):204-211 2013(Nov.)
Author:Arai, S; Miyagawa, K

Fabrication of Co-W Alloy/Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Composite Films by Electrodeposition for Improved Frictional Properties
ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology,2(11):M39-M43 2013(Nov.)
Author:Susumu Arai, Kazuaki Miyagawa

Field emission properties of cobalt/multiwalled carbon nanotube composite films fabricated by electrodeposition
APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE,280(0):957-961 2013(Sep.)
Author:Arai, S; Miyagawa, K

Mechanism for Codeposition of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes with Copper form Acid Copper Sulfate Bath
Journal of The Electrochemical Society,160(9):D380-D385 2013(Sep.)
Author:Susumu Arai, Akihiro Kato

Frictional and wear properties of cobalt/multiwalled carbon nanotube composite films formed by electrodeposition
Surface & Coatings Technology,235:204-211 2013(Jul.)
Author:Susumu Arai, Kazuaki Miyagawa

Field emission properties of cobalt/multiwalled carbon nanotube composite films fabricated by electrodeposition
Applied Surface Science,280:957-961 2013(May)
Author:Susumu Arai, Kazuaki Miyagawa

Fabrication of Co-W Alloy/Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Composite Films by Electrodeposition for Improved Frictional Properties
Author:Arai, S; Miyagawa, K

Mechanism for Codeposition of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes with Copper from Acid Copper Sulfate Bath
Author:Arai, S; Kato, A

Crystal structure of Co/Cu multilayers prepared by pulse potential electrodeposition with precisely controlled ultrathin layer thickness
AIP Advances,3:022119 2013
Author:Naoto Takane, Hiroshi Narita, Yasuko Kurogouchi, Susumu Arai

Field emission properties of Cu/multiwalled carbon nanotube composite films fabricated by an electrodeposition technique
Journal of Applied Electrochemistry,43(4):399-405 2013
Author:Susumu Arai, Eri Shinada, Morinobu Endo

Fabrication of metal coated carbon nanotubes by electrodeposition for improved wettability with molten aluminum
Surface & Coatings Technology,212:207-213 2012
Author:Susumu Arai, Yosuke Suzuki, Junshi Nakagawa, Tohru Yamamoto, Morinobu Endo

Effectiveness of Coulostatic Electrodeposition of Multilayers
Journal of The Surface Finishing Society of Japan,62(9):463-468 2011(Sep.)
Author:Naoto Takane, Hiroshi Narita, Susumu Arai

Improved Electrodeposited Multilayer Structure by Coulomb Controller
Electrochemistry,79(7):558-560 2011(Jul.)
Author:Naoto Takane, Hiroshi Narita, Susumu Arai

Electroless Deposition of Silver on Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Using Iodide Bath
Journal of The Electrochemical Society,158(8):D506-D510 2011(Jun.)
Author:Susumu Arai, Junko, Fujii

Fabrication of Ni-B alloy coated vapor-grown carbon nanofibers by electroless deposition
Carbon,49(4):1484-1490 2011(Apr.)
Author:Susumu Arai, Yuzo Imoto, Yosuke Suzuki, Morinobu Endo

Development of Measurement and Analysis for Electrolytic Current and Application to Multilayer Electrodeposition with a Coulomb Controller
Electrochemistry,79(3):156-162 2011
Author:Naoto Takane, Hiroshi Narita, Susumu Arai

Fabrication of various electroless Ni-P alloy/multiwalled carbon nanotube composite films on an acrylonitrile butadiene styrene resin
Surface & Coatings Technology,205:3175-3181 2011
Author:Susumu Arai, Toshihiko Sato, Morinobu Endo

Cu/Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Composite Films Fabricated by Pulse-Reverse Electrodeposition
Journal of The Electrochemical Society,158(2):D49-D53 2010(Dec.)
Author:Susumu Arai, Yoriyuki Suwa, Morinobu Endo

Pure-Nickel-Coated Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Prepared by Electroless Deposition
Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters,13(12):D94-D96 2010(Sep.)
Author:Susumu Arai, Mitsuhiko Kobayashi, Tohru Yamamoto, Morinobu Endo

Fabrication of Various Electroless Ni-P Alloy/Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Composite Films and Their Frictional Properties
Journal of The Electrochemical Society,157(11):D570-D576 2010(Sep.)
Author:Susumu Arai, Takashi Saito, Morinobu Endo

Ni-P Alloy - Carbon Black Composite Films Fabricated by Electrodeposition
Applied Surface Science,256(22):6914-6917 2010(Sep.)
Author:Yosuke Suzuki, Susumu Arai, Morinobu Endo

Electric Contact Characteristics Under Low Load of Silver-Carbon Nanotube Composite Plating Film Corroded Using H2S Gas
Applied Physics Express,3(6):065801(1-3) 2010
Author:Fujishige Masatsugu, Mitsuru Sekino, Kazunori Fujisawa, Shingo Morimoto, Kenji Takeuchi, Susumu Arai, Akimasa Kawai

Electrodeposition of Ni-P Alloy-Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Composite Films
Author:Suzuki, Yosuke; Arai, Susumu; Endo, Morinobu

Boron Particle Composite Plating with Ni-B Alloy Matrix
Author:Arai, Susumu; Kasai, Shuji; Shohji, Ikuo

Cu-MWCNT Composite Films Fabricated by Electrodeposition
Author:Arai, Susumu; Saito, Takashi; Endo, Morinobu

Effects of Additives on Cu-MWCNT Composite Plating Films
Author:Arai, Susumu; Saito, Takashi; Endo, Morinobu

Phosphorus Particle Composite Plating with Ni-P Alloy Matrix
Journal of The Electrochemical Society,156(8):D283-D286 2009(Jul.)
Author:Yosuke Suzuki, Susumu Arai, Ikuo Shohji, Eiji Kobayashi

Gold-Carbon Nanotube Composite Plating Film Deposited Using Non-Cyanide Bath
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics,48:070217(1-3) 2009
Author:Masatsugu Fujishige, Winadda Wongwiriyapan, Feng Wang, Ki Chul Park, Kenji Takeuchi, Susumu Arai, Morinobu Endo

電子情報通信学会誌C,J92-C:218-224 2009
Author:藤重雅嗣、新井 進、王 峰、牛山幹夫、朴 基哲、竹内健司、森本信吾、遠藤守信

Metal-Fixed Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Patterned Emitters Using Photolithography and Electrodeposition Technique
Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters,11(9):D72-D74 2008
Author:Susumu Arai, Takashi Saito, Morinobu Endo

Excellent solid lubrication of electrodeposited nickel-multiwalled carbon nanotube composite films
Materials Letters,62(20):3545-3548 2008
Author:Susumu Arai, Akihiro Fujimori, Masami Murai, Morinobu Endo

Inter-collisional cutting of multi-walled carbon nanotubes by high-speed agitation
Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids,69:2481-2486 2008
Author:Ki Chul Park, Masatsugu Fujishige, Kenji Takeuchi, Susumu Arai, Shingo Morimoto, Morinobu Endo

Electrodeposition of Ni-P composite films using Watts base base containing phosphorus particles
表面技術,59(5):343-345 2008
Author:Yosuke Suzuki, Susumu Arai, Ikuo Shohji, Eiji Kobayashi

表面技術,59(4):265-267 2008
Author:佐藤智之、加藤敦史、新井啓太、滝沢秀一、新井 進

Development of Cu Brazing Sheet with Cu-P Composite Plating
Key Engineering Materials,353-358:2025-2028 2007
Author:Ikuo Shohji, Susumu Arai, Naoki Kano, Noboru Otomo, Masahisa Uenisih

表面技術,58(12):846-850 2007
Author:荘司郁夫、新井 進、内川順一、松井孝典、小林栄仁

表面技術,58(12):831-835 2007
Author:荘司郁夫、新井 進、狩野直樹、上西正久、大友 昇

Low-internal-stress nickel multiwalled carbon nanotube composite electrodeposited from a sulfamate bath
Journal of The Electrochemical Society,154(10):D530-D533 2007
Author:Susumu Arai, Takashi Saito, Morinobu Endo

表面技術,58(2):139-141 2007
Author:新井 進、鈴木陽介、飯高正裕、荘司郁夫、上西正久、大友 昇

めっき講座Ⅳ(電気めっき すず、鉛、すずー鉛合金、鉛フリーはんだめっき)
防錆管理,51(2):65-70 2006
Author:新井 進

表面技術,57(7):471-474 2006
Author:新井 進、遠藤守信

Fabrication of Nickel-multiwalled carbon nanotube composite films with excellent thermal conductivity by an electrodeposition technique
Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters,9:C131-C133 2006
Author:Susumu Arai, Morinobu Endo, Tomoyuki Sato, Atsushi Koide

Synthesis of carbon nanotube-supported nickel-phosphorus nanoparticles by an electroless process
Carbon,44:1298-1352 2006
Author:Feng Wang, Susumu Arai, Ki Chul Park, Kenji Takeuchi, Yong Jung Kim, Morinobu Endo

電気化学および工業物理化学,73(11):951-955 2005
Author:金子紀男、駒津基靖、倉科 匡、新井 進、篠原直行

Preparation of nickel-carbon nanofiber composites by a pulse-reverse electrodeposition process
Electrochemistry Communications,7:674-678 2005
Author:Feng Wang, Susumu Arai, Morinobu Endo

Various carbon nanofiber-copper composite films prepared by electrodeposition
Electrochemistry Communications,7:19-22 2005
Author:Susumu Arai, Morinobu Endo

The preparation of multi-walled carbon nanotubes with a Ni-P coating by an electroless deposition process
Carbon,43:1716-1721 2005
Author:Feng Wang, Susumu Arai, Morinobu Endo

表面技術,55(9):576-581 2004
Author:新井 進

Ni-coated carbon nanofibers prepared by electroless deposition
Electrochemistry Communications,6:1029-1031 2004
Author:Susumu Arai, Morinobu Endo, Shinji Hashizume, Yasuho Shimojima

Metallization of multi-walled carbon nanotubes with copper by an electroless deposition process
Electrochemistry Communications,6:1042-1044 2004
Author:Feng Wang, Susumu Arai, Morinobu Endo

Electrochemical preparetion and characterization of nickel/ultra-dispersed PTFE composite films from aqueous solution
Materials Transactions,45(4):1311-1316 2004
Author:Feng Wang, Susumu Arai, Morinobu Endo

Ni-deposited Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes by Electrodeposition
Carbon,42:641-644 2004
Author:Susumu Arai, Morinobu Endo, Norio Kaneko

Carbon Nanofiber-Copper Composites Fabricated by Electroplating
Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters,7(3):C25-C26 2004
Author:Susumu Arai, Morinobu Endo

Fabrication of Three-dimensional Cu/Ni Multilayered Microstructure by Wet Process
Electrochimica Acta,49:945-950 2004
Author:Susumu Arai, Takahide Hasegawa, Norio Kaneko

Effect of S on Passivation of Ni Plating
Journal of The Electrochemical Society,151(1):C15-C18 2004
Author:Susumu Arai, Takahide Hasegawa, Norio Kaneko

Electrodeposition of Au-Sn Alloy from Sulfite-Pyrophosphate Bath
Electrochemistry,72(2):98-102 2004
Author:Yoshikazu Funaoka, Susumu Arai, Norio Kaneko

Ni--fluorinated Vapor Growth Carbon Fiber (VGCF) Composite Films Prepared by an Electrochemical Deposition Process
Electrochemistry Communications,6:242-244 2004
Author:Feng Wang, Susumu Arai, Shingo Morimoto, Morinobu Endo

Fabrication of 3-D Ni/Cu Multilayered Microstructure by Selective Etching of Ni
Journal of The Electrochemical Society,150(11):C798-C801 2003
Author:Susumu Arai, Takahide Hasegawa, Norio Kaneko

Sn-Ag Solder Bump Formation for Flip-Chip Bonding by Electroplating
Journal of The Electrochemical Society,150(10):C730-C734 2003
Author:Susumu Arai, Hideki Akatsuka, Norio Kaneko

電気化学および工業物理化学,71(9):791-794 2003
Author:金子紀男,関 雅子,新井 進,篠原直行

Carbon Nanofiber-Copper Composite Powder Prepared by Electrodeposition
Electrochemistry Communications,5:797-799 2003
Author:Susumu Arai, Morinobu Endo

電気化学および工業物理化学,71(5):322-326 2003
Author:金子紀男,白矢優貴,新井 進,篠原直行

鉛フリーはんだの現状と展望 電気めっき法による鉛フリーはんだバンプの作製
科学と工業,76(10):525-531 2002
Author:新井 進

Electroless Sn-Ag Alloy Plating by Displacement Reaction
Electrochemistry,70(5):311-315 2002
Author:Susumu Arai, Masanobu Kumagai, Norio Kaneko, Naoyuki Shinohara

表面技術,52(10):693-697 2001
Author:篠原直行、新井 進、金子紀男、若林信一

表面科学,22(7):463-469 2001
Author:新井 進、金子紀男、篠原直行

セラミックス,36(6):430-433 2001
Author:新井 進、金子紀男、篠原直行

Electrodeposition of Sn-Cu Alloy from Pyrophosphate Bath
Electrochemistry,69(5):319-323 2001
Author:Susumu Arai, Yoshikazu Funaoka, Norio Kaneko, Naoyuki Shinohara

電気化学および工業物理化学,69(5):329-334 2001
Author:金子紀男,関 雅子,新井 進,篠原直行

表面技術,52(5):369-373 2001
Author:新井 進、金子紀男、篠原直行

Polarographic Study on the Smoothing of Sn-Ag Alloy Film Electrodeposited from Pyrophosphate Iodide Bath
Electrochemistry,69(4):254-258 2001
Author:Susumu Arai, Norio Kaneko, Naoyuki Shinohara

防錆管理,44(3):81-85 2000
Author:新井 進,篠原直行,金子紀男

防錆管理,44(2):41-44 2000
Author:新井 進,篠原直行,金子紀男

まてりあ,38(12):951-955 1999
Author:新井 進,篠原直行,金子紀男

日本における溶接の展望1998 (Ⅲ-4 マイクロ接合)
溶接学会誌,68(5):376-378 1999
Author:新井 進

日本における溶接の展望1997 (Ⅲ-4 マイクロ接合)
溶接学会誌,67(5):405-407 1998
Author:新井 進

Microstructure of Sn-Ag Alloys Electrodeposited from Pyrophosphate-Iodide Solutions
Materials Transactions, JIM,39(4):439-445 1998
Author:Susumu Arai, Tohru Watanabe

表面技術,49(3):230-234 1998
Author:新井 進

表面技術,49(1):73-77 1998
Author:新井 進,渡邊 徹

日本における溶接の展望1996(Ⅲ-4 マイクロ接合)
溶接学会誌,66(5):361-363 1997
Author:新井 進

Electrodeposition of Sn-Ag-Cu Alloys
Electrochemistry,65(12):1102-1106 1997
Author:Susumu Arai, Norio Kaneko

Electrodeposition of Sn-Ag Alloy with a Non-Cyanide Bath
Electrochemistry,65(12):1097-1101 1997
Author:Susumu Arai, Tohru Watanabe

日本金属学会誌,60(12):1149-1154 1996
Author:新井 進、渡邊 徹

材料と環境,45(10):609-613 1996
Author:塩沢玲子、沖 恭一、新井 進

防錆管理,39(2):52-57 1995
Author:新井 進、小池明夫、仁科耕一、鳥羽正司

表面技術,44(4):336-340 1993
Author:新井 進

表面技術,44(1):50-54 1993
Author:新井 進、竹本 正、水谷正海、征矢 隆

表面技術,43(11):1079-1080 1992
Author:新井 進

Research Grants
Joint Research
2014 - 2014 , 電鋳端子用めっき液とめっき膜の開発
2014 - 2014 , CNTめっきによる複合材料膜の作製
2014 - 2014 , 貴金属複合めっきの研究
2013 - 2014 , めっき技術によるSGCNT/Cu複合化技術開発
2013 - 2014 , 電解Ruめっき皮膜の特性に関する研究
2013 - 2014 , 鍍金技術によるブレーキキャリパー用アルミピストンの表面特性向上
2013 - 2013 , 炭素材料複合めっきに関する研究
2013 - 2013 , カーボン複合めっきの研究開発
2013 - 2013 , 電鋳端子用めっき液とめっき膜の開発
2011 - 2012 , 炭素材料複合めっきに関する研究
2011 - 2011 , ナノカーボン複合めっきの研究開発
2010 - 2011 , 炭素材料複合めっきに関する研究
2010 - 2010 , カーボンナノチューブ複合めっきの研究開発
2009 - 2010 , CNT複合銅めっきに関する研究
2009 - 2009 , 低抵抗・低TCRめっきの開発
2009 - 2009 , 複合めっきによるはんだ鏝先の高寿命化
2009 - 2009 , ナノカーボン複合めっきの研究開発
2008 - 2009 , 白金複合めっき
2008 - 2008 , ナノカーボン複合めっきの研究開発
2008 - 2008 , めっき皮膜計測方法の確立
2008 - 2008 , 高機能複合めっきの研究
2007 - 2008 , 機能性炭素系複合めっきの開発
2007 - 2007 , ナノカーボン複合めっきの研究開発
2007 - 2007 , 高機能複合めっきの研究
2007 - 2007 , 複合めっきの研究開発
2007 - 2007 , Ni合金複合めっきによるアルミニウム製機構部品の表面硬化
2006 - 2007 , 機能性複合めっきの開発
2006 - 2007 , 機能性ナノコンポジット複合めっきの開発に関する研究
2006 - 2007 , Ni合金複合めっきの開発
2006 - 2006 , 機能めっきによる接点の性能向上に関する研究
2006 - 2006 , 鉛フリー化に伴うPT基板表面処理の研究開発
2006 - 2006 , 銅材料の表面に複合めっき法によりろう材層を製造する実用化(量産化)研究
2006 - 2006 , カーボンナノチューブ複合めっきの研究開発
2005 - 2005 , 分散めっき法によるCu-P合金膜の作製
2004 - 2004 , ナノ粒子分散めっき法によるアルミニウム表面硬化層の創製
2004 - 2004 , 分散めっき法によるCu-P合金膜の作製
2002 - 2002 , めっき法による多層電極形成技術開発

Grants‐in‐aid for Scientific Research(Research Representative)
2014 - 2016 , カーボンナノチューブ複合めっき法を活用した新規リチウムイオン電池負極構造の構築(基盤研究B)
2010 - 2012 , カーボンナノチューブ複合めっきの共析メカニズムの解明(基盤研究C)

Scholarship donation
2010 , 工学研究助成
2009 , 工学研究助成
2009 , 工学研究助成
2009 , 工学研究助成
2008 , 工学研究助成
2007 , 工学研究助成
2007 , 工学研究助成
2006 , 工学研究助成
2003 , 工学研究助成
2002 , 工学研究助成

Entrusted business
2009 - 2009 , 機能性表面処理皮膜の作製・評価
2006 - 2006 , ニッケル/潤滑性ナノ粒子複合めっき浴の開発

Other Research Grants
2008 - 2010 , 経済産業省戦略的基盤技術高度化支援事業『ナノ粒を用いた高機能複合めっき加工技術の開発』
1998 - 1999 , NEDOプロジェクト『鉛フリーはんだ規格化等研究開発』

2013 - 2013 , グリーンイノベーション研究支援事業『導電性シリコン粒子を用いた次世代蓄電池用負極の創製』