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Academic OrganizationTEL81-263-37-2691
Education and Research OrganizationInterdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research Institute for Biomedical SciencesFAX81-263-36-3662
Address松本市旭3-1-1Web site



Research Field
Aging Biology
Keywords:Aging , Model mice , Amyloidosis
Current Subject

Academic Background
Graduate School
Kyoto University , (医学) , 1984
Kyoto University , (農学) , 1980

Kyoto University , (Faculty of Agriculture) , 1978

Doctor of Medicine
Research Career
Research Career
2019- , 信州大学先鋭領域融合研究群バイオメディカル研究所ニューロヘルスイノベーション部門
2018- , 信州大学先鋭領域融合研究群バイオメディカル研究所神経難病学部門
1986-1988 , アメリカ合衆国国立衛生研究所(NIH)心肺血液研究所分子病分野Visiting Fellow


Books, Articles, etc.
エル・アイ・シー(東京) 2004
Author:樋口京一、森 政之。

医学書院 2003
Author:樋口京一、森 政之

「分子シャペロンによる細胞機能制御」;アミロイド線維タンパク質、シュプリンガー・フェアラーク東京、単著、永田和宏・森正敬・吉田賢右編、pp164-174, 総頁数219頁中11頁を担当.

「Les Amyloidoses」: Model of Amyloidosis of Senescence, Flammarion Medicine Science , 共著、G. Grateuau ,MD. Benson 他2名編集、K. Higuchi, H. Naiki, M. Hosokawa, T. Takada . pp138-145, 総頁数585頁中8頁を担当.

Suppression of mouse AApoAII amyloidosis progression by daily supplementation with oxidative stress inhibitors.
Oxid Med Cell Longev.,2019:126327 2019
Author:Dai J, Ding X, Miyahara H, Xu Z, Cui X, Igarashi1 Y, Sawashita J, Mori M, Higuchi K.

Coenzyme Q10 Prevents Senescence and Dysfunction Caused by Oxidative Stress in Vascular Endothelial Cells
Oxid Med Cell Longev,2018:3181759 2018(Jun.)
Author:Huo J, Xu Z, Hosoe K, Kubo H, Miyahara H, Dai J, Mori M, Sawashita J, Higuchi K.

Amyloidosis-inducing activity of blood cells in mouse AApoAII amyloidosis.
Exp Anim.,67(2):105-115 2018(May)
Author:Ding X, Liu Y, Yang M, Li L, Miyahara H, Dai J, Xu Z, Matsumoto K, Mori M, Higuchi K, Sawashita J.

Apolipoprotein A-II induces acute-phase response associated AA amyloidosis in mice through conformational changes of plasma lipoprotein structure.
Sci Rep,8(1):5620 2018(Apr.)
Author:Yang M, Liu Y, Dai J, Li L, Ding X, Xu Z, Mori M, Miyahara H, Sawashita J, Higuchi K.

Comprehensive proteomic profiles of mouse AApoAII amyloid fibrils provide insights into the involvement of lipoproteins in the pathology of amyloidosis.
J Proteomics,172:111-121 2018(Feb.)
Author:Miyahara H, Sawashita J, Ishikawa E, Yang M, Ding X, Liu Y, Hachiya N, Kametani F, Yazaki M, Mori M, Higuchi K.

SAMP8 mice as a neuropathological model of accelerated brain aging and dementia: Toshio Takeda's legacy and future directions.
Neuropathology,(37):293-305 2017(Aug.)
Author:Akiguchi I, Pallàs M, Budka H, Akiyama H, Ueno M, Han J, Yagi H, Nishikawa T, Chiba Y, Sugiyama H, Takahashi R, Unno K, Higuchi K, Hosokawa M.
Keywords:Senescece Accelerated mouse

Caloric restriction reduces the systemic progression of mouse AApoAII amyloidosis.
PLoS One,12(2):e0172402 2017
Author:Li L, Sawashita J, Ding X, Yang M, Xu Z, Miyahara H, Mori M, Higuchi K.

Coenzyme Q10 Improves Lipid Metabolism and Ameliorates Obesity by Regulating CaMKII-Mediated PDE4 Inhibition.
Sci Rep. :,7(1):8253 2017
Author:Xu Z, Huo J, Ding X, Yang M, Li L, Dai J, Hosoe K, Kubo H, Mori M, Higuchi K, Sawashita J.

Serum amyloid A expression in the breast cancer tissue is associated with poor prognosis.
Yang M, Liu F, Higuchi K, Sawashita J, Fu X, Zhang L, Zhang L, Fu L, Tong Z, Higuchi K.,7(24):35843-35852 2016
Author:Yang M, Liu F, Higuchi K, Sawashita J, Fu X, Zhang L, Zhang L, Fu L, Tong Z, Higuchi K.

The pathological and biochemical identification of possible seed-lesions of transmitted transthyretin amyloidosis after domino liver transplantation
J Pathol,in press 2016
Author:Yoshinaga T, Yazaki M, Sekijima Y, Kametani F, Miyashita K, Nishio S, Kanizawa Y, Hachiya N, Tanaka T, Kokudo N, Higuchi K, Ikeda S

The factors affecting adherence to a long-term interval walking training program in middle-aged and older people
J Appl Physiol (1985),118(5):595-603 2015
Author:Masuki S, Mori M, Tabara Y, Sakurai A, Hashimoto S, Morikawa M, Miyagawa K, Sumiyoshi E, Miki T, Higuchi K, Nose H; Shinshu University Genetic Research Consortium

Extracellular deposition of mouse senile AApoAII amyloid fibrils induced different unfolded protein responses in the liver, kidney, and heart
Lab Invest,95(3):320-333 2015
Author:Luo H, Sawashita J, Tian G, Liu Y, Li L, Ding X, Xu Z, Yang M, Miyahara H, Mori M, Qian J, Wang Y, Higuchi K

C-terminal sequence of amyloid-resistant type F apolipoprotein A-II inhibits amyloid fibril formation of apolipoprotein A-II in mice
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A,12(8):E836-845 2015
Author:Sawashita J, Zhang B, Hasegawa K, Mori M, Naiki H, Kametani F, Higuchi K

A nonsense nucleotide substitution in the oculocutaneous albinism II gene underlies the original pink-eyed dilution allele (Oca2(p)) in mice
Exp Anim,64(2):171-179 2015
Author:Shoji H, Kiniwa Y, Okuyama R, Yang M, Higuchi K, Mori M

NFκB2 Gene as a Novel Candidate that Epigenetically Responds to Interval Walking Training
Int J Sports Med,36(9):769-775 2015
Author:Zhang Y, Hashimoto S, Fujii C, Hida S, Ito K, Matsumura T, Sakaizawa T, Morikawa M, Masuki S, Nose H, Higuchi K, Nakajima K, Taniguchi S

The first pure form of Ostertag-type amyloidosis in Japan: a sporadic case of hereditary fibrinogen Aα-chain amyloidosis associated with a novel frameshift variant
Amyloid,22(2):142-144 2015
Author:Yazaki M, Yoshinaga T, Sekijima Y, Nishio S, Kanizawa Y, Kametani F, Miyashita K, Hachiya N, Higuchi K, Ikeda S

AA amyloidosis-resistant CE/J mice have Saa1 and Saa2 genes that encode an identical SAA isoform
Author:Mori, M; Tiang, G; Higuchi, K

Transmission of Systemic AA Amyloidosis in Animals
VETERINARY PATHOLOGY,51(2):363-371 2014(Mar.)
Author:Murakami, T; Ishiguro, N; Higuchi, K

Ubiquinol-10 supplementation activates mitochondria functions to decelerate senescence in senescence-accelerated mice
Antioxid Redox Signal,20(16):2606-2620 2014
Author:Tian G, Sawashita J, Kubo H, Nishio SY, Hashimoto S, Suzuki N, Yoshimura H, Tsuruoka M, Wang Y, Liu Y, Luo H, Xu Z, Mori M, Kitano M, Hosoe K, Takeda T, Usami S, Higuchi K

Diversity and complexity of the mouse Saa1 and Saa2 genes
Exp Anim,63(1):99-106 2014
Author:Mori M, Tian G, Ishikawa A, Higuchi K

Senile systemic amyloidosis (Japanese)
Brain Nerve,266(7):817-826 2014
Author:Yazaki M, Higuchi K

The toxicity mechanisms of action of Aβ25-35 in isolated rat cardiac myocytes
Molecules,19(8):12242-12257 2014
Author:Zhang B, Bian X, He P, Fu X, Higuchi K, Yang X, Li D

Novel frame-shift mutation in Slc5a2 encoding SGLT2 in a strain of senescence-accelerated mouse SAMP10
Biochem Biophys Res Commun,454(1):89-94 2014
Author:Unno K, Yamamoto H, Toda M, Hagiwara S, Iguchi K, Hoshino M, Takabayashi F, Hasegawa-Ishii S, Shimada A, Hosokawa M, Higuchi K, Mori M

Hereditary cataract of the Nakano mouse: Involvement of a hypomorphic mutation in the coproporphyrinogen oxidase gene
Author:Mori, M; Gotoh, S; Taketani, S; Hiai, H; Higuchi, K

Exome sequencing of senescence-accelerated mice (SAM) reveals deleterious mutations in degenerative disease-causing genes
BMC GENOMICS,14:248 2013
Author:Tanisawa, K; Mikami, E; Fuku, N; Honda, Y; Honda, S; Ohsawa, I; Ito, M; Endo, S; Ihara, K; Ohno, K; Kishimoto, Y; Ishigami, A; Maruyama, N; Sawabe, M; Iseki, H; Okazaki, Y; Hasegawa-Ishii, S; Takei, S; Shimada, A; Hosokawa, M; Mori, M; Higuchi, K; Takeda, T; Higuchi, M; Tanaka, M

An interleukin-33 gene polymorphism is a modifier for eosinophilia in rats
GENES AND IMMUNITY,14(3):192-197 2013
Author:Luo, H; Higuchi, K; Matsumoto, K; Mori, M

Genes for Difference in Eosinophilic Phenotype between MES and BN.MES-Cyba(mes) Rats Are on Chromosomes 9, 5, and 1
EXPERIMENTAL ANIMALS,60(2):151-160 2011(Apr.)
Author:Tomozawa, Hiroshi; Nishio, Ayako; Higuchi, Keiichi; Matsumoto, Kiyoshi; Mori, Masayuki

Exercise Effects on Methylation of ASC Gene
Author:Nakajima, K.; Takeoka, M.; Mori, M.; Hashimoto, S.; Sakurai, A.; Nose, H.; Higuchi, K.; Itano, N.; Shiohara, M.; Oh, T.; Taniguchi, S.

BN.MES-Cyba(mes) Congenic Rats Manifest Focal Necrosis with Eosinophilic Infiltration in the Liver without Blood Eosinophilia
EXPERIMENTAL ANIMALS,59(4):469-478 2010(Jul.)
Author:Tomozawa, Hiroshi; Nishio, Ayako; Okuhara, Yuji;Higuchi, Keiichi; Matsumoto, Kiyoshi; Mori, Masayuki

Mouse model to study human A beta M-2 amyloidosis: generation of a transgenic mouse with excessive expression of human beta(2)-microglobulin
Author:Zhang, Pengyao; Fu, Xiaoying; Sawashita, Jinko; Yao, Junjie; Zhang, Beiru; Qian, Jinze; Tomozawa, Hiroshi; Mori, Masayuki; Ando, Yukio; Naiki, Hironobu; Higuchi, Keiichi

Mouse Senile Amyloid Fibrils Deposited in Skeletal Muscle Exhibit Amyloidosis-Enhancing Activity
PLOS PATHOGENS,6(5):e1000914 2010(May)
Author:Qian, Jinze; Yan, Jingmin; Ge, Fengxia; Zhang, Beiru; Fu, Xiaoying; Tomozawa, Hiroshi; Sawashita, Jinko; Mori, Masayuki; Higuchi, Keiichi

Genetic basis of inter-individual variability in the effects of exercise on the alleviation of lifestyle-related diseases
JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON,587(23):5577-5584 2009(Dec.)
Author:Mori, Masayuki; Higuchi, Keiichi; Sakurai, Akihiro; Tabara, Yasuharu; Miki, Tetsuro; Nose, Hiroshi

Amyloid fibrils formed by selective N-, C-terminal sequences of mouse apolipoprotein A-II
Author:Sawashita, Jinko; Kametani, Fuyuki; Hasegawa, Kazuhiro; Tsutsumi-Yasuhara, Shinobu; Zhang, Beiru; Yan, Jingmin; Mori, Masayuki; Naiki, Hironobu; Higuchi, Keiichi

Effects of mild calorie restriction and high-intensity interval walking in middle-aged and older overweight Japanese
EXPERIMENTAL GERONTOLOGY,44(10):666-675 2009(Oct.)
Author:Sawashita, Jinko; Onitsuka, Sayaka; Gen-no, Hirokazu; Ishikawa, Shinobu; Iino, Fumie; Tateishi, Norihiko; Murakami, Takeo; Seki, Yoichi; Nagaiwa, Toshiyuki; Hanaoka, Masaaki; Hama, Sumio; Nose, Hiroshi; Higuchi, Keiichi

Dysfunction in ABCB1A Has Only a Weak Effect on Susceptibility to Dextran Sulfate Sodium-Induced Colitis in SAM Strains
EXPERIMENTAL ANIMALS,58(4):421-425 2009(Jul.)
Author:Zhang, Guohong; Fu, Xiaoying; Takeda, Toshio; Higuchi, Keiichi; Mori, Masayuki

Hereditary Pancreatitis Model WBN/Kob Rat Strain Has a Unique Haplotype in the Pdwk1 Region on Chromosome 7
EXPERIMENTAL ANIMALS,58(4):409-413 2009(Jul.)
Author:Mori, Masayuki; Fu, Xiaoying; Chen, Lei; Zhang, Guohong; Higuchi, Keiichi

Apolipoprotein A-II accelerates reactive AA amyloidosis.
Amyloid,24(sup1):147-148 2007(May)
Author:Yang M, Liu Y, Li L, Miyahara H, Ding X, Dai J, Sawashita J, Mori M, Higuchi K.

Diurnal rhythm disorder of behavioral activity in SAMP1 mice is partially normalized by spontaneous wheel running.
PHYSIOLOGY&BEHAVIOR,80(2-3):195-201 2003
Author:Yanagidaira, Y; Higuchi, K; Nose, H

Spontaneous hypomorphic mutations in antioxidant enzymes of mice (2003)
Free Radic Biol Med. 2003
Author:Guo Z, Higuchi K, Mori M.

Amyloidosis modifier genes in less amyloidogenic A/J mouse strain.
Lab Invest 2003
Author:Guo Z, Mori M, Fu X, Yao J, Xing Y, Korenaga T, Li G, Matsushita T, Hosokawa M, Higuchi K.

Dietary fat modulation of apoA-II metabolism and prevention of senile amyloidosis in the senescence- accelerated mouse.
J Lipid Res.,44(4):762-769 2003
Author:Umezawa M, Tatematsu K, Korenaga T, Fu X, Matushita T, Okuyama H, Hosokawa M, Takeda T, Higuchi K.

Amyloid Fibril Proteins.
Mech Ageing Dev.,123(12):1625-1636 2002
Author:Xing Y, Higuchi K

Induction of protein conformational change in mouse senile amyloidosis.
J Biol Chem.,277(36):33164-33169 2002
Author:Xing Y, Nakamura A, Korenaga T, Guo Z, Yao J, Fu X, Matsushita T, Kogishi K, Hosokawa M, Kametani F, Mori M, Higuchi K. (2002).

Spontaneous Loss-of-Function Mutations of the 8-Oxoguanine DNA Glycosylase Gene in Mice and Exploration of the Possible Implication of the Gene in Senescence
Free Rad. Biol. Med,30:1130-1136 2001
Author:M. Mori, S. Toyokuni, S. Kondo合計7名

Extra-Hepatic Expression of Apolipoprotein A-II mRNA Revealed by In Situ Hybridization Analysis; Possible Contribution to Mouse Senile Amyloidosis
J. Histochem. Cytochem,49:739-748 2001
Author:L. Fu, I. Matuyama, T. Chiba 他6名

BIO Clinica,16:57-61 2001
Author:樋口京一、森 政之

Chromosome 13Locus, Pbd2, Regulates Bone Density in Mice
J. Bone Miner. Res,16:1972–1982 2001
Author:M. Shimizu, K. Higuchi, M. Matsushita 他5名

Transmission of Mouse Senile Amyloidosis
Lab. Invest,81:493-499 2001
Author:Y. Xing, A. Nakamura, T. Chiba 他2名

Wild type ApoA-II gene does not rescue senescence-accelerated mouse (SAMP1) from short life span and accelerated mortality
Author:Wang, J; Matsushita, T; Kogishi, K; Xia, C; Ohta, A; Chiba, T; Nakamura, A; Kondo, H; Mori, M; Hosokawa, M; Higuchi, K

Genetic Analysis of Lifespan in Hybrid Progeny Derived From the SAMP1 Mouse Strain with Accelerated Senescence
Mech. Ageing Dev.,118:35-44 2000
Author:Z. Guo, E. Toichi, M. Hosono 他4 名

Senescence-Accelerated Mouse
Methods Enzymol,309:674-686 1999
Author:K. Higuchi, M. Hosokawa, T. Takeda.

Mouse Senile Amyloid Deposition Is Suppressed by Adenovirus-Mediated Overexpression of Amyloid-Resistant Apolipoprotein A-II
Am. J. Pathol.,155:1319-1326 1999
Author:T. Chiba, K. Kogishi, J. Wang 他7名