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Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Science and Technology Institute of AgricultureTEL
Education and Research OrganizationFaculty of Agriculture Department of Agricultural and Life Sciences Division of Pland Science and ResourcesFAX
PositionAssociate ProfessorMail Address
Address8304, Minamiminowa-Village, Kamiina-County 399-4598Web site


Academic Background
博士(農学) , 北海道大学


Books, Articles, etc.
Effect of far-red light applied at the end of the day in red and green leaf lettuce cultivars grown under two types of white LED.
Advances in Horticultural Science,37(2):231-239 2023
Author:Kamimaeda H, Yoshida Y, Tamaki K, Ichihara M, and Akutsu M

Evaluation of Strawberry Seedling Growth in Various Planting Media Amended with Biofertilizer
KnE Life Science,:358-367 2022(Jan.)
Author:Reginawanti Hindersah, Putri S.J. Purba, Diana N. Cahyaningrum, Anne Nurbaity, Nadia N. Kamaluddin and Masako Akutsu

Effect of micro bubble water on the growth and morphology of three leaf lettuce cultivars (Lactuca sativa L.) grown under two kinds of LED irradiation
Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology,96(1):44-52 2021
Author:Hiroto Tsuchida, Toranosuke Tasaki, Yuto Kawasaki, Kenshi Yumura, Tsubasa Sakamoto, Kota Nakayama, Kenshin Oishi, Masako Akutsu

In vitro multiplication of strawberries 'tochiotome' with addition of types and concentrations of cytokinin for seed propagation
Jurnal Kultivasi,19(3):1189-1195 2020(Dec.)
Author:Raisya, E., D.S. Sobarna, A. Nuraini, S. Mubarok, E. Suminar, M. Akutsu

電気学会論文誌C(電子・情報・システム部門誌),140(8):1028-1029 2020
Author:玉木 智子, 岩崎 洋一郎, 阿久津 雅子, 野島 明博

Growth Differences among Eight Leaf Lettuces Cultivated under LED Light and Comparison of Two Leaf Lettuces Grown in 2016 and in 2018
ICIC Express Letters, Part B: Applications,10(11):985-993 2019(Nov.)
Author:Mizuki Ozawa, Yuta Sano, Yuta Nakano and Masako Akutsu

Effects of Light Quality from Different LED Light Sources on the Growth of Four Leaf Lettuce Cultivars
ICIC Express Letters, Part B: Applications,10(6):509-514 2019(Jun.)
Author:Takanori Minamida, Shinya Sasahara, Yusei Tashiro, Kazuki Yoshida, Yuki Tabata and Masako Akutsu

園芸学研究,17(4):439-447 2018
Author:石井 天常, 飯迫 稜大, 河野 航平, 阿久津 雅子

Storage conditions of soft X-ray irradiated pollen for producing seedless watermelons
Advances in Horticultural Science,32(1):13-17 2018
Author:Akutsu M

Studies on the cultivation of the strawberry under the light transmission type solar cell condition
Journal of advances in agriculture,7(1):991-996 2017
Author:Tanaka T, Kinouchi H, Akutsu M

園芸学研究,16(4):449-454 2017
Author:阿久津 雅子, 伊是名 純二, 髙倉 直

A quantitative protocol for DNA metabarcoding of springtails (Collembola)
,59(9):705-723 2016(Sep.)
Author:Saitoh S, Aoyama H, Fujii S, Sunagawa H, Nagahama H, Akutsu M, Shinzato N, Kaneko N, Nakamori T

Gene expression analysis of disabled and re-induced isoprene emission by the tropical tree Ficus septica before and after cold ambient temperature exposure
Tree Physiology,36(7):873–882 2016(Jul.)
Author:Mutanda I, Saitoh S, Inafuku M. Aoyama H, Takamine T, Satou K, Akutsu M, Teruya K, Tamotsu, H, Shinjo M, Sunagawa H, Oku H

沖縄県農業研究センター研究報告,10:42-45 2016
Author:平田雅輝, 阿久津雅子, 谷合直樹, 玉置麿, 玉置盛俊

Non-destructive, real-time, and automatic measurement of transpiration from a plant canopy stand
Journal of advances in agriculture,5(2):677-683 2016
Author:Akutsu M, Sunagawa H, Usui T, Tamaki M, Taniai N, Hirata M, Kaiho A, Takakura T

園芸学研究,15(4):409-415 2016
Author:阿久津 雅子, 伊是名 純二, 髙倉 直

Calibration Device Development for Spherical Solar Radiation Sensors
Journal of advances in agriculture,4(2):371-376 2015
Author:Miyahira M, Tamaki M, Akutsu M, Usui T, Okushima L, Kaiho A, Takakura T

Genomic sequencing-based detection of large deletions inRhodococcusrhodochrousstrain B-276
Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering,116(3):309-312 2013(Sep.)
Author:Saitoh S, Aoyama H, Akutsu M, Nakano K, Shinzato N, Matsui T

Effect of methyl 3-4-hydroxyphenyl propionate, a Sorghum root exudate, on N dynamic, potential nitrification activity and abundance of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and archaea
Plant and Soil,367(1-2):627-637 2013(Jun.)
Author:Nardi P, Akutsu M, Priasca-Tanaka J and Wissuwa M

園芸学研究,9(3):319-324 2010
Author:杉山 慶太, 阿久津 雅子

A pollen extender medium technology for seedless watermelon production by pollination with soft X-ray irradiated pollen
Scientia Horticulturae,121(2):182-185 2009(Jun.)
Author:Akutsu M and Sugiyama K

農業技術,64(5):212-216 2009(May)
Author:杉山慶太, 阿久津雅子, 嘉見大輔

Mechanism of action of nitrous oxide gas applied as a polyploidizing agent during meiosis in lilies
Sexual Plant Reproduction,22(1):9-14 2009(Mar.)
Author:Satomi K, Akutsu M and Okazaki K

Establishment of a long-term storage method for soft X-ray irradiated pollen in watermelon
Euphytica,164(2):303-308 2008(Nov.)
Author:Akutsu M and Sugiyama K

,90(3):194-197 2008
Author:本間 莉恵, 小野 弘則, 阿久津 雅子, 堀川 智子, 堀 秀隆, 平 英彰

Production of 2n pollen of Asiatic hybrid lilies by nitrous oxide treatment
Euphytica,155(1-2):143-152 2007(May)
Author:Akutsu M, Kitamura S, Toda R, Miyajima I and Okazaki K

Transformation of the monocotyledonous Alstroemeria by Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Plant Cell Reports,22(8):561-568 2004(Mar.)
Author:Akutsu M, Ishizaki T and Sato H

Transformation of the monocot Alstroemeria by Agrobacterium rhizogenes
Molecular Breeding,13(1):69-78 2004(Jan.)
Author:Akutsu M, Ishizaki T and Sato H

Induction of proembryos in liquid culture increases the efficiency of plant regeneration from Alstroemeria calli
Plant Science,163(3):475-479 2002(Sep.)
Author:Akutsu M and Sato H

Callus induction from Ovules of Alstroemeria.
Research Bulletin the University Farm Hokkaido University,35:15-21 2001
Author:Akutsu M, Shinoda K, Murata N, Sato H and Hoshino

Evaluation of Metrics for the Environment-related QOL
14th International Conference on Innovative Computing, Information and Control 2019
Presenter:Masanori Takahashi, Soji Lee, Mikako Fujioka, Seiji Takano, Chika Takimoto Masako Akutsu, Korekiyo Ito, Kuniaki Fujimoto, Minoru Fukuzaki, Takuo Nakashima and Yoichi Hirano

Growth Differences among Eight Leaf Lettuces Cultivated under LED Light and Comparison
14th International Conference on Innovative Computing, Information and Control 2019
Presenter:Masako Akutsu, Mizuki Ozawa, Yuta Sano and Yuta Nakano

Effect of Light Qualities from Different LED Light Sources on the Growth of Four Leaf Lettuce Cultivars
13th International Conference on Innovative Computing, Information and Control 2018
Presenter:Takanori Minamida, Shinya Sasahara, Yusei Tashiro, Kazuki Yoshida, Yuki Tabata and Masako Akutsu

Effective long-term storage methods for pollen in bitter gourd (Momordica charantia L.).
Proceedings of XIth Eucarpia Meeting on Genetics and Breeding of Cucurbitaceae,:197-198 2016
Author:Akutsu M

北農,76(2):150-154 2009(Apr.)
Author:杉山慶太, 阿久津雅子

Effective long-term storage method for soft X-ray irradiated pollen and the use of storage pollen
Proceedings of the IXth EUCARPIA meeting on genetics and breeding of Cucurbitaceae,:365-370 2008
Author:Akutsu M, Kami D and Sugiyama K

Research Grants
Scholarship donation
2020 , イチゴ花粉の保存技術の確立と最適な花粉増量剤の選定