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Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Science and Technology Institute of Textile Science and TechnologyTEL0268-21-5455
Education and Research OrganizationRISM-ICCER (Research Initiative for Supra-Materials, Interdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research)FAX0268-21-5452
PositionDistingushed Professor Deputy DirectorMail Addresswsugi(at)
AddressShinshu University, Materials and Chemical Engineering, Tokida 3-15-1, Ueda 386-8567 JAPANWeb site



Assigned Class
Faculty of Textile Science and Technology, Division of Chemistry and Materials, Materials and Chemical Engineering Course
Graduate School of Science and Technology, Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Technology
Research Field
Inorganic industrial materials
Materials Chemistry
Catalysts and Catalysis
Keywords:Nano Material , Battery, Capacitor , Crystal/Polycrystalline Material, Fine Powders, Layered/Intercalation Compounds, Ion Exchange Material, Inorganic Synthesis, Electrochemistry, Porous Material, Hybrid Material , Crystal Structure Control, Surface/Interfacial Physical Properties, Functional Ceramics , Surface/Interface Control, Nano-Processing, Thin Film Processes, Electrocatalysts , Catalytic Reaction, Catalyst Synthetic Chemistry, Catalysis Characterization, Energy Conversion Process
Academic Societies
Academic Societies
The Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan
Catalysis Society fo Japan
American Chemical Society
International Society of Electrochemistry
The Electrochemical Society
The Electrochemical Society of Japan
The Chemical Society of Japan
Materials Research Society
The Ceramic Society of Japan
Academic Background
Graduate School
Waseda University , (Applied Chemistry , Graduate School, Division of Science and Engineering) , 1999
Waseda University , (Applied Chemistry , Graduate School, Division of Science and Engineering) , 1995

Waseda University , (Faculty of Science and Engineering) , 1993

2020 , Fellow of The Electrochemical Society of Japan
2018 , Scientific Achievement Award of The Electrochemical Society of Japan
2006 , Young Researcher Presentation Award of The Chemical Society of Japan, The Chemical Society of Japan
2005 , Oronzio De Nora Foundation Prize of ISE on Electrochemical Energy Conversion, International Society of Electrochemistry , Research on hydrous ruthenium oxides for supercapacitors and on the kinetics of methanol oxidation on fuel cell electrocatalysts
2004 , Young Researcher Award (Sano Prize), The Electrochemical Society of Japan
2004 , Young Researcher ECS Award, The Electrochemical Society of Japan-Tokai Branch
2003 , Young Researcher Industrial Electrolysis Award, The Electrochemical Society of Japan-The Committee of Electrolytic Science and Technology
2002 , Young Researcher Presentation Award, The Chemical Society of Japan
1998 , Best Presentation Award, The Ceramic Society of Japan-Kanto Branch
1997 , Excellent Presentation Award, The Ceramic Society of Japan-Kanto Branch
Research Career
Research Career
2019- , Shinshu University, Distinguished Professor
2018- , Shinshu University, Research Initiative for Supra-Materials (RISM), Vice Director
2013- , Shinshu University, Professor
2014-2018 , Shinshu University, Center for Energy and Environmental Science (X-Breed), Vice Director
2007-2013 , Shinshu University, Associate Professor
1999-2007 , Shinshu University, Assistant Professor
1997-1999 , Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
1995-1996 , Toshiba Corporation


Books, Articles, etc.
Energy Storage Systems, in Inorganic Nanosheets and Nanosheet-Based Materials , 315-329
Springer Japan 2017(Apr. 19)
Author:Wataru Sugimoto and Dai Mochizuki

Graphene (or Reduced Graphite Oxide Nanosheets), Encyclopedia of Applied Electrochemistry, Springer (Eds.: Gerhard Kreysa, Ken-ichiro Ota, Robert F. Savinell) , 954-963
Springer 2014(Apr. 16)
Author:Wataru Sugimoto

Ruthenium Oxides as Supercapacitor Electrodes, Encyclopedia of Applied Electrochemistry, Springer (Eds.: Gerhard Kreysa, Ken-ichiro Ota, Robert F. Savinell) , 1813-1821
Springer 2014(Apr. 16)
Author:Wataru Sugimoto

Effect of fluoroethylene carbonate and vinylene carbonate additives on full-cell optimization of Li-ion capacitors
Electrochem. Commun.,122:106905 2021(Jan.)
Author:Seongki Ahn, Minori Fukushima, Hiroki Nara, Toshiyuki Momma*, Wataru Sugimoto, Tetsuya Osaka

Effect of Mass Balancing on Cell Performance and Electrochemical Investigation of Sn–Ni Alloy as Anode for Li-Ion Capacitors
J. Electrochem. Soc.,167(13):130512 2020(Aug.)
Author:Seongki Ahn, Yusuke Nakamura, Hiroki Nara, Toshiyuki Momma*, Wataru Sugimoto, Tetsuya Osaka

Scalable Design of Two‐Dimensional Oxide Nanosheets for Construction of Ultrathin Multilayer Nanocapacitor
Small,16:2003485 2020(Aug.)
Author:Muhammad Shuaib Khan,* Hyung-Jun Kim, Yoon-Hyun Kim, Yasuo Ebina, Wataru Sugimoto, Takayoshi Sasaki, and Minoru Osada*

Size dependent fast Li ion storage based on size regulated TiO2(B) nanosheet electrodes with vertical, horizontal and random alignment
Electrochemistry,88(4):305-309 2020(Jun.)
Author:Tomohiro Yoshida, Daisuke Takimoto, Dai Mochizuki, Wataru Sugimoto*

Direct preparation of core-shell platinum cathode in membrane electrode assembly catalyst layer for polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Int. J. Hydrogen Energy,45(28):14547-14551 2020(May)
Author:Hiroshi Fukunaga*, Kazuhiro Kachi, Daisuke Takimoto, Dai Mochizuki, Wataru Sugimoto,

Synergetic Effect of RuO2 Nanosheets as a Redox Active Binder for Aqueous Electrochemical Capacitors: The Case of MnO2
Electrochemistry,88(2):107-111 2020(Apr.)
Author:Ryota Saito, Yusuke Sasto, Daisuke Takimoto, Sho Hideshima, and Wataru Sugimoto*

Improved Water-stable Protected Anodes with Low Resistance for Aqueous Energy Storage Devices
Electrochemistry,88(2):139-142 2020(Apr.)
Author:Yusuke Sato, Sho Makino, Dai Mochizuki, Sho Hideshima*, and Wataru Sugimoto*

Synthesis of Stacked Graphene-Sn Composite as a High-Performance Anode for Lithium-Ion Capacitors
J. Electrochem. Soc.,167(4):040519 2020(Feb.)
Author:Seongki Ahn, Yamato Haniu, Hiroki Nara, Toshiyuki Momma,* Wataru Sugimoto, and Tetsuya Osaka

Influence of Li-salts on Cycle Durability of Sn-Ni Alloy Anode for Lithium-ion Capacito
Electrochemistry,88(2):74-78 2020(Feb.)
Author:Yusuke Nakamura, Hiroki Nara*, Seongki Ahn, Toshiyuki Momma,* Wataru Sugimoto and Tetsuya Osaka

Application of Sn-Ni Alloy as an Anode for Lithium-Ion Capacitors with Improved Volumetric Energy and Power Density
J. Electrochem. Soc. ,166(15):A3615–A3619 2019(Oct.)
Author:Seongki Ahn, Yusuke Nakamura, Hiroki Nara, Toshiyuki Momma*, Wataru Sugimoto, Tetsuya Osaka

Two-Dimensional Effects on the Oxygen Reduction Reaction and Irreversible Surface Oxidation of Metallic Ru Nanosheets and Nanoparticles
ACS Appl. Nano Mater.,2(9):5743-5751 2019(Aug.)
Author:Daisuke Takimoto*, Wataru Sugimoto*, Qiuyi Yuan, Naoki Takao, Takanori Itoh, Truong Vinh Truong Duy, Tsukuru Ohwaki, Hideto Imai*

Electrodeposited Si˗O˗C as a High-Rate Performance Anode for Li˗ion Capacitor
J. Electrochem. Soc.,166(12):A2683-A2688 2019(Aug.)
Author:Seongki Ahn, Toshiyuki Momma*, Wataru Sugimoto, Tetsuya Osaka

Conductive Nanosized Magnéli-Phase Ti4O7 with a Core@Shell Structure
Inorg. Chem.,58(10):7062-7068 2019(May)
Author:Diasuke. Takimoto, Yosuke Toda, Satoshi Tominaka, Dai Mochizuki, and Wataru Sugimoto*

Electrochemical and Spectroscopic Analysis of the Ionogel–Electrode Interface
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces,11(12):12088–12097 2019(Feb.)
Author:David S. Ashby, Ryan H. DeBlock , Christopher S. Choi, Wataru Sugimoto, and Bruce Dunn*

Vertically Aligned Reduced Graphite Oxide Nanosheet Film and its Application in High-Speed Charge/Discharge Electrochemical Capacitor
ACS Appl. Energy Mater.,2(2):1033-1039 2019(Jan.)
Author:Dai Mochizuki, Ryo Tanaka, Sho Makino, Yusuke Ayato, Wataru Sugimoto

Oxidized Ti3C2 MXene nanosheets for dye-sensitized solar cells
New J. Chem.,42(20):16446-16450 2018(Sep.)
Author:Chunxiang Dall'Agnese, Yohan Dall'Agnese, Babak Anasori, Wataru Sugimotoab and Shogo Mori*

Model electrode study of Ru@Pt core-shell nanosheet catalysts: Pure two-dimensional growth via surface limited redox replacement
Electrochim. Acta,283:826-833 2018(Jul.)
Author:Jeerapat Nutariya,* Eri Kuroiwa, Daisuke Takimoto, Zhongrong Shen, Dai Mochizuki, Wataru Sugimoto

Conducting Nanosheets and Nanoparticles for Supercapacitors and Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts
Electrochemistry,86(6):281–290 2018(Jun.)
Author:Wataru Sugimoto

High-performance hybrid supercapacitors enabled by protected lithium negative electrode and "water-in-salt" electrolyte
J. Power Sources,396:498-505 2018(Jun.)
Author:Ming Zhang, Sho Makino, Dai Mochizuki, Wataru Sugimoto*

Uncovering the real active sites of ruthenium oxide for the carbon monoxide electro-oxidation reaction on platinum: The catalyst acts as a co-catalyst
J. Electroanal. Chem.,810:109-118 2018(Jan.)
Author:Pierre-Yves Olu, Tomohiro Ohnishi, Dai Mochizuki, Wataru Sugimoto*

Lateral Size Effects of Two-dimensional IrO2 Nanosheets towards the Oxygen Evolution Reaction Activity
Electrochemistry,85(12):779-783 2017(Dec.)
Author:Daisuke Takimoto, Yusuke Ayato, Dai Mochizuki, and Wataru Sugimoto,*

4 V Aqueous hybrid supercapacitors based on dual electrolyte technologies
Curr. Opin. Electrochem.,6(1):127-130 2017(Dec.)
Author:Sho Makino, Dai Mochizuki, Wataru Sugimoto,*

High-temperature dielectric responses in all-nanosheet capacitors
Jpn. J. Appl. Phys.,56(6S1):06GH09 2017(Jun. 01)
Author:Muhammad Shuaib Khan, Minoru Osada*, Hyung-Jun Kim, Yasuo Ebina,Wataru Sugimoto, and Takayoshi Sasaki

Perspective—A Guideline for Reporting Performance Metrics with Electrochemical Capacitors: From Electrode Materials to Full Devices
J. Electrochem. Soc. 164, (2017).,164(7):A1487–A1488 2017(May 17)
Author:A. Balducci, D. Belanger, T. Brousse, J.W. Long, W. Sugimoto

Synthesis and Oxygen Electrocatalysis of Iridium Oxide Nanosheets
Electrocatalysis,8:144-150 2016(Dec.)
Author:Daisuke Takimoto, Katsutoshi Fukuda, Shu Miyasaka, Takanobu Ishida, Yusuke Ayato, Dai Mochizuki, Wataru Shimizu, Wataru Sugimoto*

Ru-core@Pt-shell nanosheet for fuel cell electrocatalysts with high activity and durability
J. Catal.,345:207–215 2016(Dec.)
Author:Daisuke Takimoto, Tomohiro Ohnishi, Jeerapat Nutariya, Zhongrong Shen, Yusuke Ayato, Dai Mochizuki, Arnaud Demortière, Adrien Boulineau, Wataru Sugimoto*

Materials for Electrochemical Capacitors
in Springer Handbook of Electrochemical Energy, 1st ed.,:495-561 2016(Nov.)
Author:Thierry Brousse, Daniel Bélanger, Kazumi Chiba, Minato Egashira, Frédéric Favier, Jeffrey Long, John R. Miller, Masayuki Morita, Katsuhiko Naoi, Patrice Simon, Wataru Sugimoto

Insights into the enhanced tolerance to carbon monoxide on model tungsten trioxide-decorated polycrystalline platinum electrode
Electrochem. Commun.,71:69-72 2016(Oct.)
Author:Pierre-Yves Olu,* Tomohiro Ohnishi, Yusuke Ayato, Dai Mochizuki, Wataru Sugimoto*

Room temperature performance of 4 V aqueous hybrid supercapacitor using multi-layered lithium-doped carbon negative electrode
J. Power Sources,326:711-716 2016(Sep.)
Author:Sho Makino, Rie Yamamoto, Shigeyuki Sugimoto, and Wataru Sugimoto*

Suppression of CO Adsorption on PtRu/C Catalysts Modified with Metallic Ruthenium Nanosheets
J. Electrochem. Soc.,163(5):F367-F371 2016(May)
Author:Daisuke Takimoto, Tomohiro Ohnishi, Yusuke Ayato, Dai Mochizuki, and Wataru Sugimoto*

RuO2 Nanosheet Modified Pt3Co/C Cathode: Mitigating Activity Loss at High Temperature and High Potential Conditions
J. Electrochem. Soc.,163(2):F11–F15 2016(Feb.)
Author:Daisuke Takimoto, Christophe Chauvin, and Wataru Sugimoto*

Correlation in structure and properties of highly-porous graphene monoliths studied with a thermal treatment method
Carbon,96:174-183 2016(Jan.)
Author:Shuwen Wang, Aarón Morelos-Gómez, Zhongwei Lei, Mauricio Terrones, Kenji Takeuchi, Wataru Sugimoto, Morinobu Endo, Katsumi Kaneko,

Hunting for Monolayer Oxide Nanosheets and Their Architectures
Sci. Rep.,6:19402 2016
Author:Hyung-Jun Kim, Minoru Osada, Yasuo Ebina, Wataru Sugimoto, Kazuhito Tsukagoshi, and Takayoshi Sasaki

Preparation of Mesoporous Bimetallic Au–Pt with a Phase- Segregated Heterostructure Using Mesoporous Silica
Chem., Eur. J.,21(52):19142-19148 2015(Dec.)
Author:Masaki Kitahara, Saori Kubara, Azusa Takai, Daisuke Takimoto, Shinpei Enomoto, Yusuke Yamauchi, Wataru Sugimoto, and Kazuyuki Kuroda

Towards Implantable Bio-Supercapacitors: Pseudocapacitance of Ruthenium Oxide Nanoparticles and Nanosheets in Acids, Buffered Solutions, and Bioelectrolytes
J. Electrochem. Soc.,162(5):A5001-A5006 2015(May)
Author:Sho Makino, Takayuki Ban and Wataru Sugimoto*

Suppression of CO Adsorption on PtRu/C and Pt/C with RuO2 Nanosheets
ECS Electrochem. Lett.,4(5):F35-F37 2015(May)
Author:Daisuke Takimoto, Tomohiro Ohnishi, and Wataru Sugimoto*

Oxygen Reduction Reaction of Hemoglobin on Indium-Tin-Oxide Electrodes and Its Application to Biofuel Cell Cathode
ECS Transactions,66(39):29–37 2015
Author:Yusuke Ayato and Wataru Sugimoto

Preferential {100} etching of boron-doped diamond electrodes and diamond particles by CO2 activation
Carbon,70:207-214 2014(Apr.)
Author:Junfeng Zhang, Takaaki Nakai, Masaharu Uno, Yoshinori Nishiki, Wataru Sugimoto*

Achieving 100% Utilization of Reduced Graphene Oxide by Layer-by-Layer Assembly: Insight into the Capacitance of Chemically-Derived Graphene in Monolayer State
J. Phys. Chem. C,118(13):6624–6630 2014(Apr.)
Author:Zhongwei Lei, Takahiro Mitsui, Hiroki Nakafuji, Masayuki Itagaki, and Wataru Sugimoto*

All-Nanosheet Ultrathin Capacitors Assembled Layer-by-Layer via Solution-Based Processes
ACS Nano,8(3):2658-2666 2014(Mar.)
Author:Chengxiang Wang, Minoru Osada, Yasuo Ebina, Bao-Wen Li, Kosho Akatsuka, Katsutoshi Fukuda, Wataru Sugimoto, Renzhi Ma, and Takayoshi Sasaki*

Evidence of Strong Metal-Support Interaction between Pt and Crystalline RuO2 Nanosheets by In-Situ AFM
J. Electrochem. Soc.,161(3):F360-F363 2014(Mar.)
Author:Qingfeng Liu, Christophe Chauvin and Wataru Sugimoto*

Influence of the RuO2 Nanosheet Content in RuO2 Nanosheet-Pt/C Composite Toward Improved Performance of Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalysts
J. Electrochem. Soc.,161(3):F318-F322 2014(Mar.)
Author:Christophe Chauvin, Takahiro Saida and Wataru Sugimoto*

Model Electrode Studies of the Electrostatic Interaction between Electrochemically Dissolved Pt Ions and RuO2 Nanosheets
J. Electrochem. Soc.,161(3):F259-F262 2014(Mar.)
Author:Qingfeng Liu, Koodlur S. Lokesh, Christophe Chauvin, and Wataru Sugimoto*

Development of a 4.2 V aqueous hybrid electrochemical capacitor based on MnO2 positive and protected Li negative electrodes
J. Power Sources,241:572-577 2013(Nov.)
Author:Wataru Shimizu, Sho Makino, Keita Takahashi, Nobuyuki Imanishi, Wataru Sugimoto*

A gas-diffusion cathode coated with oxide-catalyst for polymer electrolyte fuel cells using neither platinum catalyst nor carbon catalyst-support
Electrochimica Acta,105:224-229 2013(Aug.)
Author:Yoshio Takasu*, Hiroshi Fukunaga, Hong-Sheng Yang, Tatsuya Ohashi, Masatoshi Suzuki, Wataru Sugimoto

Improving oxygen reduction reaction activity and durability of 1.5 nm Pt by addition of ruthenium oxide nanosheets
Electrochem. Commun.,33:123-126 2013(Aug.)
Author:Daisuke Takimoto, Christophe Chauvin, Wataru Sugimoto*

Synthesis of Electro-deposited Ordered Mesoporous RuOx via Lyotropic Liquid Crystal and Application towards Micro-supercapacitors
J. Power Sources,227:153-160 2013(Apr.)
Author:Sho Makino, Yusuke Yamauchi,* and Wataru Sugimoto*

Fabrication of Ruthenium Metal Nanosheets via Topotactic Metallization of Exfoliated Ruthenate Nanosheets
Inorg. Chem.,52(5):2280-2282 2013(Feb.)
Author:Katsutoshi Fukuda,* Jun Sato, Takahiro Saida, Wataru Sugimoto,* Yasuo Ebina, Tatsuo Shibata, Minoru Osada, and Takayoshi Sasaki

Effect of Nanosheet Size on Activity and Durability of RuO2 Nanosheet Pt/C Catalys
ECS Trans.,50(2):1583-1588 2013
Author:Christophe Chauvin, Qingfeng Liu, Takahiro Saida, Koodlur Sannegowda Lokesh, Toshio Sakai, and Wataru Sugimoto*

Lateral Size Effect on Electrochemical Capacitor Performance of Reduced Graphite Oxide Nanosheets
Electrochemistry,81(10):873-876 2013
Author:Zhongwei Lei, Toshio Sakai, and Wataru Sugimoto*

Electrochemical Capacitor Behavior of RuO2 Nanosheets in Buffered Solution and Its Application to Hybrid Capacitor
Electrochemistry,81(10):795-797 2013
Author:Sho Makino, Takayuki Ban, and Wataru Sugimoto*

Colossal Change in Capacitance of VO2 near the Metal-Insulator Transition
Electrochemistry,81(10):787-788 2013
Author:Wataru Shimizu, Yuto Shinohara, and Wataru Sugimoto*

Effect of the boron content on the steam activation of boron-doped diamond electrodes
Carbon,65:206-213 2013
Author:Junfeng Zhang, Takaaki Nakai, Masaharu Uno, Yoshinori Nishiki, Wataru Sugimoto

4-V Class Aqueous Hybrid Electrochemical Capacitor with Battery-like Capacity
RSC Advances,2(32):12144-12147 2012(Dec.)
Author:Sho Makino, Yuto Shinohara, Takayuki Ban, Wataru Shimizu, Keita Takahashi, Nobuyuki Imanishi and Wataru Sugimoto*

Catalytic etching of synthetic diamond crystallites by iron
Appl. Surf. Sci.,258(20):8128-8133 2012(Aug.)
Author:Tatsuya Ohashi, Wataru Sugimoto, Yoshio Takasu*

Synthesis of Ordered Mesoporous Ruthenium by Lyotropic Liquid Crystals and Its Electrochemical Conversion to Mesoporous Ruthenium Oxide with High Surface Area
J. Power Sources,204:244-248 2012(Apr.)
Author:Wataru Sugimoto,* Sho Makino, Ryota Mukai, Yoshiaki Tatsumi, Katsutoshi Fukuda, Yoshio Takasu, Yusuke Yamauchi*

Photochromogenic Nanosheet Crystallites of Tungstate with a 2D Bronze Structure
Inorg. Chem.,51(3):1540-1543 2012(Feb.)
Author:Katsutoshi Fukuda,* Kosho Akatsuka, Yasuo Ebina, Minoru Osada, Wataru Sugimoto, Mutsumi Kimura, and Takayoshi Sasaki*

Catalytic Etching of {100}-oriented Diamond with Fe, Co, Ni, and Pt Nanoparticles under Hydrogen
Diamond and Related Materials,20(8):1165-1170 2011(Aug.)
Author:Tatsuya Ohashi, Wataru Sugimoto, Yoshio Takasu*

Asymmetric electrochemical capacitors. Stretching the limits of aqueous electrolytes
MRS Bull.,36(7):513-522 2011(Jul.)
Author:Jeffrey W. Long, Daniel Belanger, Thierry Brousse, Wataru Sugimoto, Megan B. Sassin, and Olivier Crosnier

Steam Activation of Boron Doped Diamond Electrodes
Electrochimica Acta,56(16):5599-5604 2011(Jun.)
Author:Tatsuya Ohashi, Junfeng Zhang, Yoshio Takasu, Wataru Sugimoto*

Methanol Adsorption and Oxidation Behavior of Various Nanostructured Ruthenium-Oxides in Acidic Electrolyte
Electrochemistry,79(5):371-373 2011(May)
Author:Takahiro SAIDA,Yoshio TAKASU, Wataru SUGIMOTO*

Oxygen Reduction Reaction Activity of Pt/Graphene Composites with Various Graphene Size
Electrochemistry,79(5):337-339 2011(May)
Author:Jun SATO, Kazuki HIGURASHI, Katsutoshi FUKUDA, Wataru SUGIMOTO*

Self-Embedment of Small Rectangular Parallelepiped Platinum Particle Array in Etch Pits on {100} Planes of Diamond Crystallites
Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn.,84(4):276-278 2011(Apr.)
Author:Tatsuya Ohashi, Wataru Sugimoto, Yoshio Takasu*

Graphene Nanoplatelets via Exfoliation of Platelet Carbon Nanofibers and Its Electric Double Layer Capacitance
Chem. Lett.,40(1):44-45 2011(Jan.)
Author:Jun Sato, Yoshio Takasu, Katsutoshi Fukuda, Wataru Sugimoto*

Conductivity of Ruthenate Nanosheets Prepared via Electrostatic Self-Assembly: Characterization of Isolated Single Nanosheet Crystallite to Mono- and Multilayer Electrodes
Langmuir,26(23):18049-18054 2010(Dec.)
Author:Jun Sato, Hisato Kato, Mutsumi Kimura, Katsutoshi Fukuda,* Wataru Sugimoto*

Structural analyses of RuO2-TiO2/Ti and IrO2-RuO2-TiO2/Ti anodes used in industrial chlor-alkali membrane processes
J. Appl. Electrochem.,40(10):1789-1975 2010(Oct.)
Author:Yoshio Takasu,* Wataru Sugimoto, Yoshinori Nishiki, Shuji Nakamatsu

Oxygen reduction characteristics of several valve metal oxide electrodes in HClO4 solution
Electrochimica Acta,55(27):8220-8229 2010(Sep.)
Author:Yoshio Takasu,* Masatoshi Suzuki, Hongsheng Yang, Tatsuya Ohashi, Wataru Sugimoto

Titanium Oxide Nanosheet Modified PtRu/C Electrocatalyst of Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Anode
J. Phys. Chem. C,114(31):13390-13396 2010(Jul.)
Author:Takahiro Saida, Naoki Ogiwara, Wataru Sugimoto,* Yoshio Takasu

Oxygen-reduction activity of silk-derived carbons
Journal of Power Sources,195(18):5840-5847 2010(Jul.)
Author:Tomoya Iwazaki, Hongsheng Yang, Ryoujin Obinata, Wataru Sugimoto and Yoshio Takasu*

Synthesis of Mesoporous Carbons Using a Fullerenol-Based Precursor Solution via Nanocasting with SBA-15
Chemistry Letters,39(7):777-779 2010(Jul.)
Author:Yoji Doi,Azusa Takai, Sho Makino,Radhakrishnan Logudurai, Norihiro Suzuki, Wataru Sugimoto,* Yusuke Yamauchi,* Kazuyuki Kuroda

Electrochemical Capacitor Properties of NiO in Ionic Liquids
Chemistry Letters,39(6):544-545 2010(Jun.)
Author:Sho Makino, Yoshio Takasu, and Wataru Sugimoto*

Synthesis of Nanosheet Crystallites of Ruthenate with an α-NaFeO2-Related Structure and Its Electrochemical Supercapacitor Property
Inorganic Chemistry,49(10):4391-4393 2010(Apr.)
Author:Katsutoshi Fukuda, Takahiro Saida, Jun Sato, Mihoko Yonezawa, Yoshio Takasu and Wataru Sugimoto*

Effect of Temperature and Adsorption Potential on the Electro-oxidation of Adsorbed Carbon Monoxide on Carbon Supported PtRu
Electrochemistry,78(1):36-41 2010(Jan.)
Author:Tomoyuki Kawaguchi, Wataru Sugimoto,* Yoshio Takasu

Enhanced activity and stability of Pt/C fuel cell anodes by the modification with ruthenium-oxide nanosheets
Electrochimica Acta,55(3):857-864 2010(Jan.)
Author:Takahiro Saida, Wataru Sugimoto,*Yoshio Takasu

Swelling, intercalation, and exfoliation behavior of layered ruthenate derived from layered potassium ruthenate
Journal of Solid State Chemistry,182(11):2997-3002 2009(Nov.)
Author:Katsutoshi Fukuda, Hisato Kato, Jun Sato, Wataru Sugimoto,* Yoshio Takasu

Preparation of Mesoporous Pt-Ru Alloy Fibers with Tunable Compositions via Evaporation-Mediated Direct Templating (EDIT) Method Utilizing Porous Anodic Alumina Membranes
Chemistry of Materials,21(14):3414-3423 2009(Jul.)
Author:Azusa Takai, Takahiro Saida, Wataru Sugimoto, Liang Wang, Yusuke Yamauchi,* Kazuyuki Kuroda,*

Catalytic roughening of surface layers of BDD for various applications
Electrochimica Acta,54(22):5223-5229 2009(Apr.)
Author:Tatsuya Ohashi, Wataru Sugimoto, Yoshio Takasu*

An examination of the oxygen reduction reaction on RuO2-based oxide coatings formed on titanium substrates
Catalysis Today,146(1-2):248-252 2009(Mar.)
Author:Yoshio Takasu *, Kyosuke Oohori, Norihiro Yoshinaga, Wataru Sugimoto

High oxygen-reduction activity of silk-derived activated carbon
Author:Tomoya Iwazaki, Ryoujin Obinata, Wataru Sugimoto and Yoshio Takasu*

Activity and Durability of Ternary PtRuIr/C for Methanol Electro-oxidation
J. Electrochem. Soc.,156(3):B397-B402 2009(Jan.)
Author:Dongsheng Geng, Daisuke Matsuki, Jiajia Wang, Tomoyuki Kawaguchi, Wataru Sugimoto*, Yoshio Takasu

Layer-by-layer Self-assembly of Unilamellar Nanosheet Crystallites of Ruthenium Oxides
in Transparent Conductors and Semiconductors for Optoelectronics, edited by J.D. Perkins, T.O. Mason, J.F. Wager, Y. Shigesato (Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. Volume 1109E, Warrendale, PA, 2009),156(3):B03-21 2009(Jan.)
Author:Katsutoshi Fukuda, Hisato Kato, Wataru Sugimoto,* Yoshio Takasu

Swelling of Layered Potassium Ruthenate into Nanosheet Crystallites
in Solid-State Chemistry of Inorganic Materials VII, edited by P.M. Woodward, J.F. Mitchell, S.L. Brock, J.S.O. Evans (Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. Volume 1148E, Warrendale, PA, 2009),75(8):PP3-36 2009(Jan.)
Author:Katsutoshi Fukuda, Hisato Kato, Wataru Sugimoto,* Yoshio Takasu

Catalytic Excavation and Graphitization of Activated Carbon by Cobalt Nanoparticles
Chemistry Letters,37(12):1194-1195 2008(Dec.)
Author:Tomoya Iwazaki, Toshiro Semba, Shunsuke Konishi, Takahiro Sezai, Yasushi Murakami,Wataru Sugimoto, and Yoshio Takasu

Oxygen reduction behavior of rutile-type iridium oxide in sulfuric acid solution
Electrochimica Acta,54(2):566-573 2008(Dec.)
Author:Norihiro Yoshinaga, Wataru Sugimoto, Yoshio Takasu*

Oxygen reduction behavior of RuO2/Ti, IrO2/Ti and IrM (M: Ru, Mo, W, V)Ox/Ti binary oxide electrodes in a sulfuric acid solution
Electrochem. Commun.,10(4):668-672 2008(Apr.)
Author:Yoshio Takasu,* Norihiro Yoshinaga, Wataru Sugimoto, "

Evaluation of the Redox Behavior of Hydrous Ruthenium Oxides: Effect ofTemperature and Acid Concentration on the electrochemical Behavior of Layered Ruthenium Oxide
Electrochemistry,75(8):645-648 2007(Aug.)
Author:Wataru Sugimoto,* Toshiaki Ohta, Katsunori Yokoshima, Yoshio Takasu

Development of Materials and Evaluation Methods for PEFCs
Electrochemistry,75(2):105-114 2007(Feb.)
Author:Yoshio Takasu,* Wataru Sugimoto, Mararu Yoshitake

Charge Storage Mechanism of Nanostructured Anhydrous and Hydrous Ruthenium-Based Oxides
Electrochimica Acta,52(4):1742-1748 2006(Dec.)
Author:W. Sugimoto,* K. Yokoshima, Y. Murakami, Y. Takasu

Effect of the crystal plane on the catalytic etching behavior of diamond crystallites by cobalt nanoparticles
Chemistry Letters,35(11):1216-1217 2006(Nov.)
Author:Shunsuke Konishi, Tatsuya Ohashi, Wataru Sugimoto, and Yoshio Takasu

Performance of ternary PtRuRh/C electrocatalyst with varying Pt :Ru : Rh ratio for methanol electro-oxidation
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Author:Tomoyuki Kawaguchi, Yasuhiro Rachi, Wataru Sugimoto, Yasushi Murakami, Yoshio Takasu

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Ruthenic Acid Nanosheet and Production Method Thereof
Electrode catalyst for electrochemical reaction, process for producing the electrode catalyst and electrode for electrochemical reaction having the electrode catalyst
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