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ASAKA Tomomi

Academic OrganizationTEL
Education and Research OrganizationSchool of Medicine Innovation of Medical and Health Sciences ResearchFAX
PositionSenior Assistant ProfessorMail Address
Address3-1-1, Asahi, Matsumoto City 390-8621Web site


Books, Articles, etc.
Physiological roles of lymph flow-mediated nitric oxide in lymphatic system.
Lymphatic Res Biol,21(3):253-261 2023
Author:Ohhashi T, Kawai Y, Maejima D, Hayashi M, Watanabe-Asaka T

Cell surface ATP synthase-released H + and ATP plays key roles in cocoa butter intake-mediated regulation of gut immunity through releases of cytokines in rat.
Pfllug Arch Eur J Phy,475(8):945-960 2023
Author:Arai N, Kajihara R, Takasaka M, Amari K, Kuneshita N, Maejima D, Watanabe-Asaka T, Hayashi M, Yokoyama Y, Kaidoh M, Kawai Y, Ohhasi T

Heatstroke risk informing system using wearable perspiration ratemeter on users undergoing physical exercise. Scientific Reports
Scientific Reports,13(1):416 2023
Author:Momose H, Takasaka M, Watanabe-Asaka T, Hayashi M, Maejima D, Kawai Y, Ohhashi T

Portal blood flow-dependent NO-mediated lymph formation in rat jejunum.
Pfllug Arch Eur J Phy,474(5):541-551 2022
Author:Amari K, Kajihara R, Arai N, Hayashi M, Watanabe-Asaka T, Kaidoh M, Yokoyama Y, Ajima K, Maejima D, Kawai Y, Ohhashi T

Estimation of the lymph flow through thoracic duct in human subjects using the urine osmolarity: applicable for evaluating the effectiveness of manual lymph drainage.
Lymphatic Res Biol,20(3):282-289 2022
Author:Ohhashi T, Kawai Y, Hayashi M, Watanabe-Asaka T

リンパ学,44(1):10-12 2021

Water intake accelerates ATP release from myofibroblast cells in rats: ATP-mediated podoplanin-dependent control for physiological function and immunity.
Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol,320(1):G54-G65 2021
Author:Hayashi M, Watanabe-Asaka T, Nagashio S, Kaidoh M, Yokoyama Y, Maejima D, Kajihara R, Amari K, Arai N, Kawai Y, Ohhashi T

Water intake releases serotonin from enterochromaffin cells in rat jejunal villi.
Pfllug Arch Eur J Phy,473(6):921-936 2021
Author:Kajihara R, Amari K, Arai N, Nagashio S, Hayashi M, Watanabe-Asaka T, Kaidoh M, Yokoyama Y, Maejima D, Kawai Y, Ohhashi T

Another route of CO2 gas excretion independent of red blood cells in human lungs.
Pfllug Arch Eur J Phy,473(10):1657-1666 2021
Author:Ide S, Arai N, Morimitsu N, Momose H, Hayashi M, Watanabe-Asaka T, Ishida T, Tanaka S, Seto T, Kawai Y, Kawamata M, Ohhashi T

From digestion and absorption to innate immunity and health care: water and food intake may contribute to IL-22 in ILC3-dependent mucosal immunity in the jejunum.
J Physiol Sci,71(1):doi: 10.1186/s12576-021-00817-x, 2021 2021
Author:Watanabe-Asaka T, Hayashi M, Maejima D, Kawai Y, Ohhashi T

Evaluating Lymph Flow through the Thoracic Duct using Urine Osmolarity in Human Participants.
Lymphatic Res Biol,18(4):351-356 2020
Author:Hayashi M, Watanabe-Asaka T, Maejima D, Nagashio S, Kajihara R, Amari K, Yokoyama Y, Kaidoh M, Sugano M, Honda T, Kawai Y, Ohhashi T

Water intake increases mesenteric lymph flow and the total flux of albumin, long-chain fatty acids, and IL-22 in rats: New concept of absorption in jejunum.
Am J Physiol Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology,316:G155-G165 2019
Author:Nagashio S, Ajima K, Maejima D, Sanjo H, Kajihara R, Hayashi M, Watanabe-Asaka T, Kaidoh M, Yokoyama Y, Taki S, Kawai Y, Ohhashi T

Development of a Misrepair Visualization Assay in the Live Embryo of Oryzias latipes by Partial Duplication System.
Cytologia,83(3):221-222 2018
Author:Watanabe-Asaka T, Oda S, Mitani H

Proposed new lymphology combined with lymphatic physiology, innate immunology, and oncology: From lymph flow points of view
Lymphatic Forum 2019  2019(Jun.)
Presenter:Kawai Y, Hayashi M, Watanabe-Asaka T, Ohhashi T

Physiological evidence that mesenteric lymph has been called as white blood
FAOPS2019 & 第97回日本生理学会大会  2019(Mar.)
Presenter:浅香智美、前島大輔、林 もゆる、河合佳子、大橋俊夫