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PositionProfessorMail Address
Address8304 Minamiminowamura, Nagano 399-4598, JAPANWeb site


Assigned Class
Faculty of Agriculture Department of Agricultural and Life Sciences Division of Bioscience and Biotechnology
Research Field
Food chemistry
Academic Societies
Academic Societies
Academic Background
Ph.D. (Fisheries Science) , Hokkaido University


Books, Articles, etc.
Modulation of neuroprotective genes by bioactivefood components in senescence-accelerated mice
CRC Press , Phytopharmaceuticals for Brain Health , :323-332 2017
Author:Katayama, S., Nakamura, S.

Amyloidogenic proteins and peptides
Bioactive Proteins and Peptides as Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals , :101-120 2010
Author:Nakamura, S., Owaki, T., Maeda, Y., Katayama, S., Nakamura, K.

Antioxidative stress peptides
Functional Foodand Health , :213-228 2008
Author:Mine, Y., Katayama, S.

Oral administration of okara soybean by-product attenuates cognitive impairment in a mouse model of accelerated aging
Nutrients 2019(Dec.)
Author:H.M. Corpuz, M. Arimura, S. Chawalitpong, K. Miyazaki, M. Sawaguchi, S. Nakamura, S. Katayama*

Intracellular cAMP contents regulate NAMPT expression via induction of C/EBPβ in adipocytes
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 2019(Nov.)
Author:T. Mitani, S. Watanabe, K. Wada, H. Fujii, S. Nakamura, S. Katayama

Fermented rice peptides attenuate scopolamine-induced memory impairment in mice by regulating neurotrophic signaling pathways in the hippocampus
Brain Research,1720:146322 2019(Oct.)
Author:H.M.Corpuz, H. Fujii, S. Nakamura, S. Katayama

Long-term intake of glucoraphanin-enriched kale suppresses skin aging via activating Nrf2 and the TβRII/Smad pathway in SAMP1 mice
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2019(Aug. 08)
Author:Supatta Chawalitpong, Saki Ichikawa, Yuki Uchibori, Soichiro Nakamura, Shigeru Katayama

Enhanced anti-allergic activity of milk casein phosphopeptide by additional phosphorylation in ovalbumin-sensitized mice
Molecules,24:738 2019(Feb. 19)
Author:Ntshepisa Lebetwa, Yuta Suzuki, Sachi Tanaka, Soichiro Nakamura, Shigeru Katayama *

Adzuki bean (Vigna angularis) extract reduces amyloid- beta aggregation and delays cognitive impairment in Drosophila models of Alzheimer's disease
Nutrition Research And Practice,13(1):64-69 2019(Feb.)
Author:Miyazaki, H; Okamoto, Y; Motoi, A; Watanabe, T; Katayama, S; Kawahara, S; Makabe, H; Fujii, H; Yonekura, S

Emerging roles of bioactive peptides on brain health promotion
International Journal of Food Science & Technology,54(6):1949-1955 2019
Author:S. Katayama and S. Nakamura

Preparation of an allergen-specific immunomodulator by phosphorylation of a major buckwheat globulin allergen, Fag e 1, with diminished IgE response via Tfh cell activation
Japanese Journal of Food Chemistry and Safety 2019
Author:Ahmad M. Al Athamneh, Supatta Chawalitpong, Yuta Suzuki, Daiki Yamaguchi, Soichiro Nakamura, Shigeru Katayama

Biological and neuroprotective activity of some Thai edible plant extracts
Industrial Crops and Products,124:548-554 2018(Nov.)
Author:P. Junsathian, K. Yordtong, S. Katayama, H.M. Corpuz, S. Nakamura, S. Rawdkuen

Long-term diet supplementation with Lactobacillus paracasei K71 prevents age-related cognitive decline in senescence-accelerated mouse prone 8
Nutrients,10(6):E762 2018(Jun.)
Author:Henry M. Corpuz, Saki Ichikawa, Misa Arimura, Toshihiro Mihara, Takehisa Kumagai, Takakazu Mitani, Soichiro Nakamura, Shigeru Katayama*

Kale supplementation up-regulates HSP70 and suppresses cognitive decline in a mouse model of accelerated senescence
Journal of Functional Foods,44:292-298 2018
Author:Kushimoto, S. Uchibori, Y., Yanai, S., Makabe, H., Nakamura, S., Katayama, S.

Cyperenoic acid suppresses osteoclast differentiation and delays bone loss in a senile osteoporosis mouse model by inhibiting non-canonical NF-κB pathway
Scientific Reports,8:5625 2018
Author:S., Chawalitpong, R., Chokchaisiri, A., Suksamrarn, S., Katayama, T., Mitani, S., Nakamura, A., AI Athamneh, P., Ritprajak, A., Leelahavanichkul, R., Aeimlapa, N., Charoenphandhu, T., Palaga

Soybean-derived glycine-arginine dipeptide administration promotes neurotrophic factor expression in the mouse brain
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry,66(30):7935-7941 2018
Author:Shimizu, A., Mitani, T., Tanaka, S., Fujii, H., Maebuchi, M., Amiya, Y., Tanaka, M., Matsui, T., Nakamura, S., Katayama, S.

Theophylline suppresses interleukin-6 expression by inhibiting glucocorticoid receptor signaling in pre-adipocytes
Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics,646:98-106 2018
Author:Mitani T, Takaya T, Harada N, Katayama S (corresponding author), Yamaji R, Nakamura S, Ashida H

Oral immunotherapy with a phosphorylated hypoallergenic allergen ameliorates allergic responses more effectively than intact allergen in a murine model of buckwheat allergy
Molecular Nutrition & Food Research,62(21):e1800303 2018
Author:S. Katayama, D. Yamaguchi, Y. Suzuki, A.M. Al Athamneh, T. Mitani, R. Satoh, R. Teshima, Y. Mine, S. Nakamura

Solventless extraction methods for immature fruits: Evaluation of their antioxidant and cytoprotective activities
Food Chemistry,221:1388-1393 2017
Author:MY Heng, S Katayama, T Mitania, ES Ong, S Nakamura

Rutinosylated ferulic acid attenuates food allergic response and colitis by up-regulating regulatory T cells in mouse models
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry,65(49):10730-10737 2017
Author:Katayama, S., Ohno, F., Mitani, T., Akiyama, H., Nakamura, S.

Theobromine suppresses adipogenesis through enhancement of CCAAT-enhancer-binding protein degradation by adenosine receptor A1
BBA Molecular Cell Research,1864:2438-2448 2017
Author:Mitani T, Watanabe S, Yoshioka Y Katayama S, Nakamura S, Ashida H

Role of phosphate groups on antiviral activity of casein phosphopeptide against feline calicivirus as a surrogate for norovirus
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture,97:1939-1944 2017
Author:Lebetwa, N., Mitani, T., Nakamura, S., Katayama, S.

Intestinal immunomodulatory effects of a hypoallergenic buckwheat Fag e 1 prepared by Maillard-type glycation with a mannan type-polysaccharide
Japanese Journal of Food Chemistry and Safety,23(2):72-79 2016
Author:Katayama, S., Tazawa, S., Kassai, M., Mitani, T., Nakamura, S.

Biophysical characterization of the domain association between cytosolic A and B domains of the mannitol transporter enzymes IIMtl in the presence and absence of a connecting linker
Protein Science,25(10):1803-1811 2016
Author:KO Lee, EH Kim, G Kim, JY Jung, S Katayama, S Nakamura, JY Suh

Effects of sesaminol feeding on brain Aβ accumulation in a senescence-accelerated mouse-prone 8
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry,64(24):4908-4913 2016
Author:Katayama, S., Sugiyama, H., Kushimoto, S., Uchiyama, Y., Hirano, M., Nakamura, S.

Antioxidant and cytoprotective activities of extracts prepared from fruit and vegetable wastes and by-products
Food Chemistry,15(167):358-362 2015
Author:Kabir F, Tow WW, Hamauzu Y, Katayama S, Tanaka S, Nakamura S

Oral Administration of Soy Peptides Suppresses Cognitive Decline by Induction of Neurotrophic Factors in SAMP8 Mice
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry,62(16):3563-3569 2014
Author:S Katayama, R Imai, H Sugiyama, S Nakamura

Changes in mouse gastrointestinal microbial ecology with the ingestion of kale
Beneficial Microbes,5(3):345-349 2014
Author:Uyeno, Y, Katayama, S, Nakamura, S.

Improvement of surface functionalities including attenuation of allergenicity of whole buckwheat protein fraction by Maillard-type glycation with dextran.
Preventive Nutrition and Food Science,19(4):327-332 2014
Author:Tazawa S, Katayama S, Hirabayashi M, Yamaguchi D, Nakamura S.

Enhanced anti-amyloidal activity of hydroxy cinnamic acids by enzymatic esterification with alkyl alcohols
Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry,61(4):401-407 2014
Author:Kondo, H., Sugiyama, H., Katayama, S.*, Nakamura, S.*

Prevention of Allergic Disease Development and Symptoms by Food Factors
Current Pharmaceutical Design,20(6):892-905 2014
Author:Akiyama, H., Katayama, S., Kanda, T., Maeda-Yamamoto, M., Totsuka, M., Takahashi, S., Shoji, T., Inakuma, T., Nakamura, S.

Antimicrobial effects of chlorogenic acid and related compounds.
Applied Biological Chemistry,57(3):359-365 2014
Author:Kabir F, Katayama S, Tanji N, Nakamura S

Effects of ovalbumin glycoconjugates on alleviation of orally induced egg allergy in mice via dendritic-cell maturation and T-cell activation
Molecular Nutrition&Food Research,58(2):405-417 2014
Author:Rupa, S., Katayama, S., Nakamura, S., Mine, Y.

Functional expression of amyloidogenic human stefins A and B in Pichia pastoris using codon optimization
Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry,60(3):283-288 2013
Author:Nakamura, K., Maeda, Y., Morimoto, K., Katayama, S., Kondo, K., Nakamura, S.

Apple polyphenols suppress antigen presentation of ovalbumin by THP-1-derived dendritic cells
Food Chemistry,138(2-3):757-761 2013
Author:Katayama, S., Kukita, T., Ishikawa, E., Nakashima, S., Masuda, S., Kanda, T., Akiyama, H., Teshima, R., Nakamura, S.

Enzymatic synthesis of novel phenol acid rutinosides using rutinase and their antiviral activity in vitro
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry,61(40):9617-9622 2013
Author:Katayama, S., Ohno, F., Yamauchi, Y., Kato, M., Makabe, H., Nakamura, S.

Immunomodulatory Properties of Highly Viscous Polysaccharide Extract from the Gagome Alga (Kjellmaniella crassifolia)
Plant Foods for Human Nutrition,67(1):76-81 2012
Author:Katayama, S., Nishio, T., Kishimura, H., Saeki, H.

A trypsin inhibitor in the viscera of Japanese common squid (Todarodes pacificus) elicits insulinotropic effects in diabetic GK rats
Journal of Food Biochemistry,36(1):93-98 2012
Author:Kishimura, H., Fukumorita, K., Adachi, K., Chiba, S., Nagai, Y., Katayama, S., Nakajima, S., Saeki, H.

Improving Surface Functional Properties of Tofu Whey-Derived Peptides by Chemical Modification with Fatty Acids
Journal of Food Science,77(4):C333-339 2012
Author:Matemu, A.O., Katayama, S., Kayahara, H., Murasawa, H., Nakamura, S.

Improved emulsifying properties of soy proteins by acylation with fatty acids
Food Chemistry,124(2):596-602 2011
Author:Matemu, A.O., Kayahara, H., Murasawa, H., Katayama, S., Nakamura, S.

Changes in solubility and thermal stability of chicken myofibrillar protein by glycosylation
Food Science and Technology Research,17(1):69-75 2011
Author:Nishimura, K., Murakoshi, M., Katayama, S., Saeki, H.

Enhanced antiviral activity of soybean b-conglycinin-derived peptides by acylation with saturated fatty acids
Journal of Food Science,76(6):299-304 2011
Author:Matemu, A.O., Nakamura, K., Kayahara, H., Murasawa, H., Katayama, S., Nakamura, S.

Antioxidative Ability in Chicken Myofibrillar Protein developed by Glycosylation and Changes in the Solubility and Thermal Stability
Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry,75(2):247-254 2011
Author:Nishimura, K., Murakoshi, M., Katayama, S., Saeki, H.

Apricot carotenoids possess potent anti-amyloidogenic activity in vitro
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry,59(23):12691-12696 2011
Author:Katayama, S., Ogawa, H., Nakamura, S.

Modulation of immunoresponse in BALB/c mice by oral administration of Fag e 1-glucomannan conjugate.
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry,57(20):9787-9792 2009
Author:Suzuki, Y., Kassai, M., Hirose, T., Katayama, S., Nakamura, K., Akiyama, H., Teshima, R., Nakamura, S.

Effects of manufacturing factors on the viscosity of a polysaccharide solution extracted from Gagome Kjellmaniella crassifolia
Fisheries Science,75(2):491-497 2009
Author:Katayama, S., Nishio, T., Iseya, Z., Kishimura, H., Saeki, H.

Antioxidant activity of tryptic digests of hen egg yolk phosvitin.
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture,87(14):2604-2608 2007
Author:Xu, X., Katayama, S., Mine, Y.

Immunomodulating effects of egg yolk low lipid peptic digests in a murine model.
Food and Agricultural Immunology,18(1):1-15 2007
Author:Nelson, R., Katayama, S., Mine, Y., Duarte, J.

Oligophosphopeptides derived from egg yolk phosvitin up-regulate g-glutamylcysteine synthetase and antioxidant enzymes against oxidative stress in Caco-2 cells.
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry,55(8):2829-2835 2007
Author:Katayama, S., Ishikawa, S., Fan, M.Z., Mine, Y.

Feasibility study on water solubilization of spawned out salmon meat by conjugation with alginate oligosaccharide.
Fisheries Science,73(4):924-930 2007
Author:Takeda, H., Iida, O., Okada, A., Ootsuka, H., Ohshita, T., Masutani, E., Katayama, S., Saeki, H.

Water solubilization of glycated carp and scallop myosin rods, and their soluble state under physiological conditions.
Fisheries Science,73(2):446-452 2007
Author:Katayama, S., Saeki, H.

Antioxidative stress activity of amino acids on tissue oxidative stress in human intestinal epithelial cell model.
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry,55(21):8458-8464 2007
Author:Katayama, S., Mine, Y.

Quillaja saponin can modulate ovalbumin-induced IgE allergic responses through regulation of Th1/Th2 balance in a murine model.
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry,54(9):3271-6 2006
Author:Katayama, S., Mine, Y.

Antioxidative stress activity of oligophosphopeptides dereived from hen egg yolk phosvitin in Caco-2 cells.
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry,54(3):773-8 2006
Author:Katayama, S., Xu, X., Fan, M.Z., Mine, Y.

Cooperative effect of relative humidity and glucose concentration on improved solubility of shellfish muscle protein by the Maillard reaction
Fisheries Science,70(1):159-166 2004
Author:Katayama, S.,Saeki, H.

Improved solubility and stability of carp myosin by conjugation with alginate oligosaccharide
Fisheries Science,70(5):896-902 2004
Author:Maitena, U., Katayama, S., Sato, R., Saeki, H.

Loss of filament-forming ability of myosin by non-enzymatic glycosylation and its molecular mechanism
FEBS Letters,575(1-3):9-13 2004
Author:Katayama, S., Haga, Y., Saeki, H.

Stability and Emulsion-Forming Ability of Water-Soluble Fish Myofibrillar Protein Prepared by Conjugation with Alginate Oligosaccharide
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry,51(15):4376-4381 2003
Author:Sato, R., Katayama, S., Sawabe, T., Saeki, H.

Solubility Improvement of Shellfish Muscle Proteins by Reaction with Glucose and Its Soluble State in Low-Ionic-Strength Medium
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry,50(15):4327-4332 2002
Author:Katayama, S., Saeki, H.

Brain health benefits by natural dietary bioactive compounds: a mechanistic exploration (Invited)
KSABC2016 (Jeju, Korea) 2016
Author:Katayama, S.

Effects of soy peptides on cognitive performance in senescence-accelerated mice and elderly people
ISNFF2016 (Florida, USA) 2016
Author:S Katayama, A Shimizu, T Mitani, M Maebuchi, S Nakamura

Modulation of neuroprotective genes by natural dietary bioactive compounds in senescence-accelerated mice
Pacifichem 2015 (Hawaii, USA) 2015
Author:Katayama, S.

Neurotrophic effects of soy peptides in senescence-accelerated mice
IUFoST2014 (Montreal, Canada) 2014
Author:Katayama, S., Maebuchi, M., Ishijima, T., Nakai, Y., Abe, K., Nakamura, S.

Anti-aging effects of kale (Brassica oleracea) in senescence-accelerated mice (Invited)
ICAAI2014 (Cheng Rai, Thailand) 2014
Author:Katayama, S., Kushimoto, S., Suto, Y., Nakamura, S.

Development of human dendritic cell-based in vitro assays for assessment of the potential allergenicity of foods and its anti-allergic compounds
ISNFF2012 (Hawaii, USA) 2012
Author:Katayama, S., Kukita, T., Nakamura, S.

Immunomodulatory properties enhanced by highly viscous polysaccharides from the brown alga Gagome (Kjellmaniella crassifolia) (Invited)
KosFost 2011 (Daegu, Korea) 2011
Author:Katayama, S.

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2017 , ニッポンハム食の未来財団
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2015 , 清水純夫研究助成基金
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