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Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Humanities and Social Sciences Institute of HumanitiesTEL
Education and Research OrganizationSchool of General Education Center for General EducationFAX
Address3-1-1, Asahi, Matsumoto, Nagano 390-8621 JapanWeb site



Research Field
Current Subject
Statistical analysis of metal absorption line

Correlation between metal absorption lines and galaxies

Geometrical structure of active galactic nuclei

Search for carbon clusters in the interstellarregion

Academic Societies
Academic Societies
International Astronomical Union
Astronomical Society of Japan
American Astronomical Society
Academic Background
Graduate School
University of Tokyo , (Astronomy , Science) , 2003
University of Tokyo , (Astronomy , Science) , 2000

Tohoku University , (Science) , 1998

Science , The University of Tokyo
Research Career
Research Career
2019- , Shinshu University, School ofGeneral Education, Professor
2010- , RIKEN, Visiting Researcher
2013-2019 , Shinshu University, School ofGeneral Education, Associate Professor
2011-2012 , National Astronomical Observatory, Visiting Assistant Professor
2010-2013 , Shinshu University, School of General Education, Senior Assistant Professor
2008-2010 , RIKEN, Special Postdoctoral Researcher
2003-2008 , Pennsylvania State University, Postdoctoral Scholar
2003-2003 , National Astronomical Observatory, Assistant Research Staff


Books, Articles, etc.
Multiple Mg II Absorption Systems in the Lines of Sight to Quadruply Lensed Quasar H1413+1143
The Astronomical Journal,162(5):article id. 175 2021(Oct. 04)
Author:Katsuya Okoshi, Yosuke Minowa, Nobunari Kashikawa, Toru Misawa, Daichi Kashino, Hajime Sugai, Kazuya Matsubayashi, Atsushi Shimono, Shinobu Ozaki

The X-rays wind connection in PG 2112+059
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society,506(1):343 2021(Jun. 17)
Author:C. Saez, W. N. Brandt, F. E. Bauer, G. Chartas, T. Misawa, F. Hamann, S. C. Gallagher

The COS-legacy survey of C IV absorbers: properties and origins of the intervening systems
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society,505(3):3635 2021(May 29)
Author:Aditya Manuwal, Anand Narayanan, Purvi Udhwani, Raghunathan Srianand, Blair D. Savage, Jane C. Charlton, Toru Misawa

Origin of Weak Mg II and Higher-ionization Absorption Lines in Outflows from Intermediate-redshift Dwarf Galaxies
The Astrophysical Journal,909:article id. 157 2021(Mar. 15)
Author:Akimi Fujita, Toru Misawa, Jane C. Charlton, Avery Meiksin, Mordecai-Mark Mac Low

Search for intrinsic NALs in BAL/mini-BAL quasar spectra
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society,499:3094–3110 2020(Sep. 21)
Author:Daisuke Itoh, Toru Misawa, Takashi Horiuchi, Kentaro Aoki

Three-dimensional Distribution Map of H I Gas and Galaxies around an Enormous Lyα Nebula and Three QSOs at z = 2.3 Revealed by the H I Tomographic Mapping Technique
The Astrophysical Journal,896:article id.45 2020(Jun. 11)
Author:S. Mukae, M. Ouchi, Z. Cai, K.-G. Lee, J. X. Prochaska, S. Cantalupo, Y. Ono, Z. Zheng, K. Nagamine, N. Suzuki, J. D. Silverman, T. Misawa, A. K. Inoue, J. F. Hennawi, Y. Matsuda, K. Mawatari, et al.

A Comparison of Properties of Quasars with and without Rapid Broad Absorption Line Variability
The Astronomical Journal,159:237 2020(Apr. 27)
Author:Takashi Horiuchi, Tomoki Morokuma, Toru Misawa, Hidekazu Hanayama, Toshihiro Kawaguchi

The effect of our local motion on the Sandage–Loeb test of the cosmic expansion
Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan,72:L1 2019(Dec. 23)
Author:Takuya Inoue, Eiichiro Komatsu, Wako Aoki, Takeshi Chiba, Toru Misawa, Tomonori Usuda

The WISSH quasars project VI. Fraction and properties of BAL quasars in the hyper-luminosity regime
Astronomy & Astrophysics,630:A111 2019(Sep. 30)
Author:G. Bruni, E. Piconcelli, T. Misawa, L. Zappacosta, F. G. Saturni, G. Vietri, C. Vignali, A. Bongiorno, F. Duras, C. Feruglio, F. Tombesi, F. Fiore

Probing quasar winds using intrinsic narrow absorption lines
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society,488(4):4690 2019(Aug. 07)
Author:Chris Culliton, Jane Charlton, Mike Eracleous, Rajib Ganguly, Toru Misawa

Direct Measurement of Quasar Outflow Wind Acceleration
Astrophysical Journal,870(2):article id.68 2019(Jan. 09)
Author:Toru Misawa, Michael Eracleous, Jane C. Charlton, Nobunari Kashikawa

Spectroscopic Observations of the Outflowing Wind in the Lensed Quasar SDSS J1001+5027
Astrophysical Journal,854(1):article id.69 2018(Feb. 13)
Author:Toru Misawa, Naohisa Inada, Masamune Oguri, Jane C. Charlton, Michael Eracleous, Suzuka Koyamada, Daisuke Itoh

Discovery of Strong Balmer Line Absorption in Two Luminous LoBAL Quasars at z ~ 1.5
Astrophysical Journal,853(2):article id.167 2018(Feb. 05)
Author:Andreas Schulze, Toru Misawa, Wenwen Zuo, Xue-Bing Wu

Resolving the Internal Structure of Circumgalactic Medium Using Gravitationally Lensed Quasars
Astrophysical Journal,851(2):article id.88 2017(Dec. 15)
Author:Suzuka Koyamada, Toru Misawa, Naohisa Inada, Masamune Oguri, Nobunari Kashikawa, Katsuya Okoshi

Multi-Sightline Observation of Narrow Absorption Lines in Lensed Quasar SDSS J1029+2623
Astrophysical Journal,825(1):article id.25 2016(Jun. 27)
Author:Toru Misawa, Cristian Saez, Jane C. Charlton, Michael Eracleous, George Chartas, Franz E. Bauer, Naohisa Inada, Hisakazu Uchiyama

The Wide-angle Outflow of the Lensed z = 1.51 AGN HS 0810+2554
Astrophysical Journal,824(1):article id. 53 2016(Jun. 10)
Author:G. Chartas, M. Cappi, F. Hamann, M. Eracleous, S. Strickland, M. Giustini, T. Misawa

Optical variability properties of mini-BAL and NAL quasars
Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan,68(4):article id.48 2016(May 16)
Author:Takashi Horiuchi, Toru Misawa, Tomoki Morokuma, Suzuka Koyamada, Kazuma Takahashi, Hisashi Wada

Resolving the Clumpy Structure of the Outflow Winds in the Gravitationally Lensed Quasar SDSS J1029+2623
Astrophysical Journal Letters,794(2):article id. L20 2014(Oct. 01)
Author:Toru Misawa, Naohisa Inada, Masamune Oguri, Poshak Gandhi, Takashi Horiuchi, Suzuka Koyamada, Rina Okamoto

The UVES Large Program for testing fundamental physics - III. Constraints on the fine-structure constant from three telescopes
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society,445:128-150 2014(Sep. 23)
Author:T. M. Evans, M. T. Murphy, J. B. Whitmore, T. Misawa, M. Centurion, S. D'Odorico, S. Lopez, C. J. A. P. Martins, P. Molaro, P. Petitjean, H. Rahmani, R. Srianand, M. Wendt

Monitoring the Variability of Intrinsic Absorption Lines in Quasar Spectra
Astrophysical Journal,792(1):article id. 77 2014(Aug. 18)
Author:T. Misawa, J. C. Charlton, M. Eracleous

The COS/UVES Absorption Survey of the Magellanic Stream. III: Ionization, Total Mass, and Inflow Rate onto the Milky Way
Astrophysical Journal,787:article id. 147 2014(May 13)
Author:A. J. Fox, B. P. Wakker, K. A. Barger, A. K. Hernandez, P. Richter, N. Lehner, J. Bland-Hawthorn, J. C. Charlton, T. Westmeier, C. Thom, J. Tumlinson, T. Misawa, J. C. Howk, L. M. Haffner, J. Ely, P. Rodriguez-Hidalgo, N. Kumari

Magnified Views of the Ultrafast Outflow of the z = 1.51 Active Galactic Nucleus HS 0810+2554
Astrophysical Journal,783:article id. 57 2014(Feb. 13)
Author:G. Chartas, F. Hamann, M. Eracleous, T. Misawa, M. Cappi, M. Giustini, J. C. Charlton, M. Marvin

Extended Lyα Emission from a Damped Lyα Absorber at z = 3.115
Astrophysical Journal,780:article id. 116 2013(Dec. 16)
Author:N. Kashikawa, T. Misawa, Y. Minowa, K. Okoshi, T. Hattori, J. Toshikawa, S. Ishikawa, M. Onoue

A census of quasar-intrinsic absorption in the Hubble Space Telescope archive: systems from high-resolution echelle spectra
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society,435:1233-1264 2013(Oct.)
Author:R. Ganguly, R. S. Lynch, J. C. Charlton, M. Eracleous, T. M. Tripp, C. Palma, K. R. Sembach, T. Misawa, J. R. Masiero, N. Milutinovic, B. D. Lackey, T. M. Jones

Modeling Line-Driven Disk Wind for Broad Absorption Lines of Quasars
Publications of theAstronomical Society of Japan,65(2):Article No.40 2013(Apr.)
Author:M. Nomura, K. Ohsuga, K. Wada, H. Susa, T. Misawa

Spectroscopy along Multiple, Lensed Sight Lines through Outflowing Winds in the Quasar SDSS J1029+2623
Astronomical Journal,145:article id. 48 2013(Jan.)
Author:T. Misawa, N. Inada, K. Ohsuga, P. Gandhi, R. Takahashi, M. Oguri

The Physical Conditions of the Intrinsic N V Narrow Absorption Line Systems of Three Quasars
Astrophysical Journal,722:997-1012 2010(Oct.)
Author:J. Wu, J. C. Charlton,T. Misawa, M. Eracleous,R. Ganguly

A Spectropolarimetric Test of the Structure ofthe Intrinsic Absorbers in the Quasar HS 1603+3820
Astrophysical Journal,719:1890-1895 2010(Aug.)
Author:T. Misawa,K. S. Kawabata, M. Eracleous, J. C. Charlton, N. Kashikawa

A Bare Molecular Cloud at z ~ 0.45
Astrophysical Journal,715:1497-1507 2010(Jun.)
Author:T. M. Jones, T. Misawa, J. C. Charlton, A. C. Mshar, G. J. Ferland

Identification of New Near-Infrared DIBs in the Orion Nebula
Astrophysical Journal,700:1988-1993 2009(Aug.)
Author:T. Misawa, P. Gandhi, A. Hida, T. Tamagawa, T. Yamaguchi

High velocity outflows in narrow absorption line quasars
New Astronomy Reviews,53:128-132 2009(Jul. 01)
Author:G. Chartas, J. Charlton, M. Eracleous, M. Giustini, P. Rodriguez Hidalgo, R. Ganguly, F. Hamann, T. Misawa, D. Tytler

The Magellanic Bridge as a Damped Lyman Alpha System: Physical Properties of Cold Gas Toward PKS0312-770
Astrophysical Journal,695:1382-1398 2009(Apr.)
Author:T. Misawa, J. C. Charlton, H. A. Kobulnicky, B. P. Wakker, J. Bland-Hawthorn

The Chemical and Ionization Conditions in Weak Mg II Absorbers
Astrophysical Journal,689:782-815 2008(Dec.)
Author:A. Narayanan, J. C. Charlton, T. Misawa, R. E. Green, T.-S. Kim

Super-Solar Metallicity in Weak Mg II Absorption Systems at z~1.7
Astrophysical Journal,679:220-238 2008(May)
Author:T. Misawa, J. C. Charlton,A. Narayanan

Exploratory Study of the X-Ray Properties of Quasars with Intrinsic Narrow Absorption Lines
Astrophysical Journal,677:863-879 2008(Apr.)
Author:T. Misawa, M. Eracleous, G. Chartas, J. C. Charlton

Spectroscopic Analysis of H I Absorption Line Systems in 40 HIRES Quasars
Astronomical Journal,134:1634-1654 2007(Dec.)
Author:T. Misawa, D. Tytler, M. Iye, D. Kirkman, N.Suzuki,D. Lubin, N. Kashikawa

A Catalog of Absorption Lines in Eight HST/STIS E230M 1.0Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society,382:1094-1104 2007(Oct.)
Author:N. Milutinovic, T. Misawa, R. S. Lynch, J. R. Masiero, C. Palma, J. C. Charlton,D. Kirkman, S. Bockenhauer, D. Tytler

A Census ofIntrinsic Narrow Absorption Linesin the Spectra of Quasars at z=2-4
Astrophysical Journal Supplement,171:1-28 2007(Jul.)
Author:T. Misawa, J.C. Charlton, M. Eracleous, R. Ganguly, D. Tytler, D. Kirkman, N. Suzuki, D. Lubin

The Habitat Segregation between Lyman Break Galaxies and Lyman alphaEmitters around a QSO at z~5
Astrophysical Journal,663:765-773 2007(Jul.)
Author:N. Kashikawa, T. Kitayama, M. Doi, T. Misawa, Y. Komiyama, K. Ota

Results of Monitoring the Dramatically Variable C IV Mini-BAL System in the Quasar HS 1603+3820
Astrophysical Journal,660:152-166 2007(May)
Author:T. Misawa, M. Eracleous, J.C.Charlton,N. Kashikawa

A Surveyof Weak Mg II Absorbers at 0.4Astrophysical Journal,660:1093-1105 2007(May)
Author:A. Narayanan, T. Misawa, J. C. Charlton, T.-S. Kim

The Advantage of Increased Resolutionin theStudy of Quasar Absorption Systems
Astronomical Journal,132:2099-2113 2006(Nov.)
Author:A. Narayanan, T. Misawa, J.C. Charlton, R. Ganguly

Near-Infrared Search for CIVAbsorption Counterparts alongthe Line-of-sights to Pair Quasars
Astronomical Journal,131:34-40 2006(Jan.)
Author:T. Misawa, N. Kashikawa, Y. Ohyama, T. Hashimoto, M. Iye

Time-Variable Complex Metal Absorption Lines in the Quasar HS 1603+3820
Astrophysical Journal,629:115-130 2005(Aug.)
Author:T. Misawa, M. Eracleous, J.C. Charlton, A. Tajitsu

HI Gas in Higher Density Regions of the Intergalactic Medium
Astronomical Journal,128:2954-2961 2004(Dec.)
Author:T. Misawa, D. Tytler, M. Iye, P. Paschos,M. Norman, D. Kirkman, J. O'Meara, N. Suzuki, N. Kashikawa

Subaru High Resolution Spectroscopy of Complex Metal Absorption Lines of QSO HS1603+3820
Astronomical Journal,125:1336-1344 2003(Mar.)
Author:T. Misawa, T. Yamada, M. Takada-Hidai, Y. Wang, N. Kashikawa, M. Iye, I. Tanaka

C IV and other Metal Absorption Line Systems in 18 z=4 Quasars
Astronomical Journal,123:1847-1863 2002(Apr.)
Author:T. Misawa, D. Tytler, M. Iye,L.J. Storrie-Lombardi, N. Suzuki, A.M. Wolfe

Luminosity versus Phase-Space-Density Relation of Galaxies Revisited
Astrophysical Journal,531:665-675 2000(Mar.)
Author:K. Kodaira,N. Kashikawa, T. Misawa

Monitoring of a Dramatically Variable C IV Mini-BAL in the Quasar HS1603+3820
209th meeting of the American Astronomical Society 2007(Jan. 08)
Presenter:T. Misawa, M. Eracleous, J.C. Charlton, N. Kashikawa

A Census of Intrinsic Narrow Absorption Lines at z ~3.0
207th meeting of the American Astronomical Society 2006(Jan. 09)
Presenter:T. Misawa, J.C. Charlton, M. Eracleous, R. Ganguly, D. Tytler, D. Kirkman, N. Suzuki,D. Lubin

Time-Variable Complex Metal Absorption Lines in theQuasar HS1603+3820
205th meeting of the American Astronomical Society 2005(Jan. 13)
Presenter:T. Misawa, M. Eracleous, J.C. Charlton, A. Tajitsu

A Census of Intrinsic Narrow Absorption Lines at z ~ 3.0
203rd meeting of the American Astronomical Society 2004(Jan. 07)
Presenter:T. Misawa, M. Eracleous, J.C. Charlton,R. Ganguly, D. Tytler, D. Kirkman, J. O'Meara, N. Suzuki, D. Lubin


2010- , Dynamics
2010- , Astronomy in daily life
2010- , Electromagnetism
2010- , An Introduction to Observational Astronomy