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Nishii Yoshinori

Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Science and Technology Institute of Textile Science and TechnologyTEL
Education and Research OrganizationFaculty of Textile Science and Technology Department of Chemistry and Materials Course of Applied Molecular ChemistryFAX
PositionProfessorMail Address
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Assigned Class
Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Technology
Research Field
Organic Chemistry
cyclopropane chemistry
Organic synthesis
Natural product organic chemistry
Current Subject
Synthesis of optically active organic compounds and its application for novel asymmetric reactions.
Keywords:Optically active compounds Asymmetric reactions Asymmetric synthesis , 2002-
Academic Background
Graduate School
Kwansei Gakuin University , (Chemistry , Graduate School, Division of Natural Science) , 1998

Kwansei Gakuin University , (School of Science) , 1993

Ph.D. , Kwansei GakuinUniversity
2005 , The Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan, Tokai Branch, Incentive Award
Research Career
Research Career
2018- , Professor
2007-2018 , Associate Professor
2003-2007 , Shinshu University Assistant Prof.
2002-2003 , Kwansei Gakuin University Postdoctoral Fellow
2000-2002 , Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) Special Postdoctoral Fellow
1998-2000 , University of Pittsburgh Postdoctoral Fellow
1997-1999 , Japan Society for Promotion of Science Special Research Fellow


Books, Articles, etc.
有機合成化学協会誌,76(9):922-937 2018

J. Comput. Chem. Jpn.,16(4):102-105 2017
Author:三原陽子, 森川大*, 野村泰志, 西井良典

An asymmetric total synthesis of tupichilignan A using donor-acceptor cyclopropanes: a structural revision of tupichilignan A
Asian J. Org. Chem.,6:977-980 2017
Author:Yumi Kimura, Yoshitomo Sone, Taichi Saito, Takehito Mochizuki, and Yoshinori Nishii*

Catalytic hydrogenolysis of enantioenriched donor-acceptor cyclopropanes using H2 and Palladium on charcoal
Eur. J. Org. Chem.,:2842-2847 2017
Author:Yoshitomo Sone, Yumi Kimura, Ryotaro Ota, Takehito Mochizuki, Junki Ito and Yoshinori Nishii*

A formal homo-Nazarov cyclization of enantioenriched donor-acceptor cyclopropanes and following transformations: asymmetric synthesis of multi-substituted dihydronaphthalenes
Org. Biomol. Chem.,15:2443-2449 2017
Author:Seijiro Takada, Naoya Takaki, Kenta Yamada, and Yoshinori Nishii*

Stereochemical courses and mechanisms of ring-opening cyclization of donor-acceptor cyclopropylcarbinols and cyclization of 7-benzyloxy dibenzyl lignan lactones
Chem. Lett.,46:524-527 2017
Author:Takada, seijiro; Sasazawa, Kazuya; Yubune, Toshihide; Takaki, Naoya; Ota, Ryotaro; Nishii, Yoshinori*

Cu-catalyzed 1,5-addition of Grignard reagents to enantioenriched donor-acceptor cyclopropanes with inversion
Asian J. Org. Chem.,5:1225-1229 2016
Author:S. Takada, T. Saito, K. Iwata, Y. Nishii*

Stereoselective oxy-homo-Michael reactions of enantioenriched bicyclic donor–acceptor cyclopropanes to afford optically active trans-α,β-disubstituted γ-butyrolactones possessing three serial chiral centers
Tetrahedron Lett.,57:2422-2425 2016
Author:Seijiro Takada, Kiitsu Iwata, Toshihide Yubune, and Yoshinori Nishii*

有機合成化学協会誌,73(7):701-712 2015

Highly Stereoselective C-C Bond-Forming Reactions on Cyclopropane Rings using 1-(Methoxycarbonyl)cyclopropylzinc bromides
Chem. Lett.,44:818-820 (open access) 2015
Author:D. Sakuma, K. Yamada, K. Sasazawa and Y. Nishii*

First Total Synthesis of(+)-Podophyllic Aldehydes
Chem. Lett.,44:297-299 (open access article) 2015
Author:Junki Ito, Daichi Sakuma, and Yoshinori Nishii*

Total Synthesis of (±)-Cyclogalgravin and its Dicarboxyl Analog Using Sc(OTf)3-Mediated Highly Diastereoselective Ring Expansion of 1-(Arylhydroxymethyl)cyclopropanecarboxylates
Chem. Lett.,43:610-611 (open access article) 2014
Author:Daichi Sakuma, Junki Ito, Ryo Sakai, Ryota Taguchi, Yoshinori Nishii*

First Total Synthesis of (±)-6'-Methoxyretrojusticidin B Using Regiocontrolled Benzannulation: structural Inconsistency with Procumphthalide A and Its Revisionto 5'-Methoxyretrochinensin
Synlett,15:2275-2278 2010
Author:Yoshida, E.; Yamashita, D.;Sakai, R.; Tanabe, Y.; and Nishii, Y*.

Lewis Acid-mediated Highly Regioselective Ring-expansion of Methyl 2-Phenyl-1-(arylhydroxymethyl)cyclopropanecarboxylates
Chem. Lett.,39:194-195 (open access article) 2010
Author:E. Yoshida, K. Nishida, K. Toriyabe, R.Taguchi, J. Motoyoshiya, Y. Nishii*

Chemiluminescence of 9-benzylidene-10-methylacridans with electron-donating groups by chemically generated singlet oxygen- Application to metal ion sensing usingazacrowned compound
Bioluminescence and Chemiluminescence,:237-240 2009
Author:J. Motoyoshiya, T. Tanaka, M. Kuroe, Y. Nishii.

First total synthesis of theopederin B
Tetrahedron Lett.,50:3597-3600 2009
Author:Y. Nishii, T. Higa, S. Takahashi, T. Nakata

Toward a Chemiluminescent Molecular Device: Metal Ion-Enhanced Chemiluminescence of Benzylidenacridan with 15-Monoazacrown-5
J. Org. Chem.,74(3):1014-1018 2009
Author:Motoyoshiya, J.; Tanaka,T.; Kuroe, M.; and Nishii, Y.

Highly Stereoselective C-Silylation and Alkylation of 1-Chlorocyclopropanecarboxylic Ester Using SmI2
Chem. Lett.,38:1078-1079 2009
Author:E. Yoshida, T. Nagano, J. Motoyoshiya, Y. Nishii*

Fluorescence quenching of versatile fluorescent probes based on strongly electron-donating distyrylbenzenes responsive to aromatic chlorinated and nitro compounds, boronic acid and Ca2+
Spectrochimica Acta part A:,69:167-173 2008
Author:J. Motoyoshiya, Z. Fengqiang, Y. Nishii, H. Aoyama

SmI2-Promoted Reformatsky-Type Reaction and Acylation of Alkyl 1-Chlorocyclopropancarboxylates
Org. Lett.,10:5453-5456 2008
Author:T. Nagano, J. Motoyoshiya, A. Kakehi, Y. Nishii*

Practical, general, and systematic method for optical resolution of gem-dihalo- and monohalo cyclopropanecarboxylic acids utilizing chiral 1,1’-binaphtholmonomethyl ethers: Application to the synthesis of three chiral pesticides
Org. Biomol. Chem.,6:540-547 2008
Author:H. Yasukochi, T. Atago, A. Tanaka, H. Nakatsuji, E. Yoshida, A. Kakehi, Y. Nishii, Y. Yanabe

Chemiluminescence of 4-styrylphthalhydrazides with crown etheras ionophore
Luminescence,23:37-41 2008
Author:J. Motoyoshiya, M. Hotta, Y. Nishii, H. Aoyama

Synthesis of Hypericin via Emodin Anthrone Derived from a Two-fold Diels-Alder Reaction of 1,4-Benzoquinone
Natural Prod. Commun.,2:67-70 2007
Author:J. Motoyoshiya, Y. Masue, Y. Nishi, H. Aoyama

Highly Stereoselective Radical Carbonylations of gem-Dihalocyclopropnane Derivatives with CO
Org. Lett.,9:563-566 2007
Author:Yoshinori Nishii*, Takao Nagano, Hideki Gotoh, Ryohei Nagase, Jiro Motoyoshiya, Hiromu Aoyama, Yoo Tanabe*

Synthesis of Unsymmetrically and Highly Substituted Thiophenes Utilizing Regioselective Ring-expansion of gem-Dichlorocyclopropyl Ketones with Lawesson's Reagent
Chem. Lett.,36(1):62-63 2007
Author:Takao Nagano, Hiroki Kimoto, Hidefumi Nakatsuji, Jiro Motoyoshiya, Hiromu Aoyama, Yoo Tanabe,* Yoshinori Nishii*

A 1,4-distyrylbenzene Bearing Donor-Acceptor Substituent as a fluorescence Probe Responsive to Protic Solvents
ITE Letters,7:593-596 2006
Author:J. Motoyoshiya, T. Yokozeki, Z. Fengqiang, Y. Nishii, H. Aoyama

Unprecedented chemiluminescence behaviour during peroxyoxalate chemiluminescence of oxalates with fluorescent or electron-donating aryloxy groups
LUMINESCENCE,21(3):164-173 2006
Author:Koike, R; Kato, Y; Motoyoshiya, J; Nishii, Y; Aoyama, H

Different photochemical behavior of bis(biphenyl)ethylenes and ethenes in solution and in the solid-state: Structurally controlled Z/E-photoisomerization in the solid-state
Author:Zhu, FQ; Motoyoshiya, J; Nishii, Y; Aoyama, H; Kakehi, A; Shiro, M

Photochemical behavior of some p-styryistilbenes and related compounds: Spectral properties and photoisomerizationin solution and in solid state
Author:Zhu, FQ; Motoyoshiya, J; Nakamura, J; Nishii, Y; Aoyama, H

Synthesis of 4-Styrylphthalhydrazides and Their Chemiluminescence Reaction. Emitters and Chemiluminescence Efficiency Highly Dependent on Electronic Nature of Styryl Goups
J. Heterocyclic Chem.,42:1063-1068 2005
Author:Jiro Motoyoshiya, Kazuya Yokota, Takuro Fukami, Shoji Konno, AyaYamamoto, Masanori Hotta, Ryu Koike, Sachiko Yoshioka, Yoshinori Nishii, and Hiromu Aoyama

Regiocontrolled benzannulation of diaryl (gem-dichlorocyclopropyl)methanols for the synthesis of unsymmetrically substituted alpha-arylnaphthalenes: Application to total synthesis of natural lignan lactones
Author:Nishii, Y; Yoshida, T; Asano, H; Wakasugi, K; Morita, J; Aso, Y; Yoshida, E; Motoyoshiya, J; Aoyama, H; Tanabe, Y

Poly(benzyl ether) dendrimers with strongly fluorescent distyrylbenzene cores as the fluorophores for peroxyoxalate chemiluminescence: insulating effect of dendritic structures on fluorescent sites
TETRAHEDRON,61(46):11020-11026 2005
Author:Koike, R; Katayose, Y; Ohta, A; Motoyoshiya, J; Nishii, Y; Aoyama, H

有機合成化学協会誌,62:1249-1259 2004(Dec.)

化学と工業,57:1212 2004(Nov.)

Chemiluminescent Autoxidation of alpha-Silyl Carbanios Derived From 9-Silyl-10-Methylacridanes
Heterocycles,:1667-1672 2004
Author:Jiro Motoyoshiya, Kunihiko Tokutake, Motoki Kuroe, Sachiko Yoshioka, Yoshinori Nishii, and Hiromu Aoyama

A Facile Synthesis of the Angucyclinone Antibiotic (+)-Rubiginone B2 Involving the BF3-Mediated Diels-Alder Reaction of Juglone
Synthesis,:2099-2102 2004
Author:Jiro Motoyoshiya, Yusuke Masue, Gento Iwayama, Sachiko Yoshioka, Yoshinori Nishii, and Hiromu Aoyama

Chirality Exchange from sp3 Central Chirality to Axial Chirality: Benzannulation of Optically Active Diaryl-2,2-dichlorocyclopropylmethanols to Axially Chiral alpha-Arylnaphthalenes
J. Am. Chem. Soc.,126:5358-5359 2004
Author:Yoshinori Nishii, Kazunori Wakasugi, Keisuke Koga, Yoo Tanabe

Reactions of 9-Phosphorylacridines with Aqueous Hydrogen Peroxide Accompained by Weak Chemiluminescence: Remarkable Substituent Effect on Emission Efficiency
Heterocycles,60:2543-2549 2003
Author:Jiro Motoyoshiya, Rie Shima, Yutaka Takaguchi, Yoshinori Nishii, and Hiromu Aoyama

Simple, Mild, and Practical Esterification, Thioesterification, and Amide Formation Utilizing p-Toluenesulfonyl Chloride and N-Methylimidazole
Adv. Synth. Catal.,345:1209-1214 2003
Author:K. Wakasugi, Akira Iida, T. Misaki, Y. Nishii, Y. Tanabe

Novel and efficient method for esterification, amidation between carboxylic acids and equimolar amounts of alcohols, and amines utilizing Me2NSO2Cl and N,N-dimethylamines; Its application to the synthesis of coumaperine, a natural chemopreventivedieneamide
Tetrahedron,59:5337-5345 2003
Author:K. Wakasugi, A. Nakamura, A. Iida, Y. Nishii, N. Nakatani, S. Fukushima, and Y. Tanabe

Practical Short-step Synthesis of 1b?Methylcarbapenem Utilizing a New Dehydration Ti-Dieckmann Condensation
Adv. Synth. Catal.,345:967-970 2003
Author:Y. Tanabe, N. Manta, R. Nagase, T. Misaki, Y. Nishii, M. Sunagawa, and A. Sasaki

Efficient One-step Synthesis of Trialkylsubstituted 2(5H)-Furanone Utilizing Direct Ti-Crossed Aldol Condensation and Its Application to the Straightforward Synthesis of (R)-Mintlactone and (R)-Menthofuran
Chem. Commun.,:2542-2545 2002
Author:Y. Tanabe, K. Mitarai, T. Higashi, T. Misaki and Y. Nishii

Direct, Practical, and Powerful Crossed Aldol Additions between Ketones and Ketones or Aldehydes Utilizing Environmentally Benign TiCl4 - Bu3N Reagent
Tetrahedron (Symposium-in-print),58:8269 2002
Author:Y. Tanabe, N. Matsumoto, T. Higashi, T. Misaki, T. Itoh, M. Yamamoto, K. Mitarai, and Y. Nishii

Total synthesis of pederin, an insect toxin: an efficient synthesis of the right half, (+)-benzoylpedamide
Tetrahedron (Symposium-in-print),58:6359 2002
Author:T. Takemura, Y. Nishii, S Takahasi, J. Kobayashi, and T. Nakata

Silazanes / catalytic bases: Mild, powerful and chemoselective agents for the preparation of enol silyl ethers from ketones and aldehydes
Chem. Commn.,:1628 2002
Author:Yoo Tanabe, T. Misaki, M. Kurihara, A. Iida, and Y. Nishii

Stereoselective Bifurcating-type Radical Cyclization of gem-Dibromocyclopropanes for the Synthesis of Uniquely Fused 5-3-5-Type Tricyclic Compounds
Chem. Lett.,:30-31 2002
Author:Y. Nishii, A. Fujiwara, K. Wakasugi, K. Yanagi, M. Miki, and Y. Tanabe

化学と生物,39:782 2001
Author:田辺 陽・西井良典

Synthesis and Stereostructure-Activity Relationship of Three Asymmetric Center Pyrethroids: 2-Methyl-3-phenylcyclopropyl-methyl 3-Phenoxybenzyl Ether and Cyanohydrin Ester
Bioorg. Med. Chem.,9:33 2001
Author:Y. Nishii, N. Maruyama, K. Wakasugi and Y. Tanabe

Cyclopropane-shift type reaction of diaryl(2-halogenocyclopropyl)methanols promoted by Lewis acids
Tetrahedron Lett.,41:5937 2000
Author:K. Wakasugi, Y. Nishii, and Y. Tanabe

Does the Facile Reductive Rearrangement of 2-Allyloxycyclohexenone with Bu3SnH Occur by a Radical-Accelerated Claisen Rearrangement or an Stannyloxy-Accelerated Claisen Rearrangement?
J. Am. Chem. Soc.,121:8955-8956 1999
Author:D. P. Curran and Y. Nishii

有機合成化学協会誌,57:170-180 1999
Author:田辺 陽, 西井 良典

Dimethylation and Hydrodechlorination of gem-Dihalocyclopropaneswith Grignard Reagents Promoted by Fe(III) or Co(II) Catalysts
Synlett,:67-69 1998
Author:Y. Nishii, K. Wakasugi, and Y. Tanabe

Total Synthesis of (-)-Periplanones C and D. Their Pheromonal Activities against Three Periplaneta Species
Tetrahedron,53:7209 1997
Author:Y. Nishii, K. Watanabe, T. Yoshida, T. Okayama, S. Takahashi, and Y. Tanabe

Enantiomeric Resolution of a Germacrene-D Derivative by Chiral High-performance Liquid Chromatography
Biosci. Biotech. Biochem,61:547 1997
Author:Y. Nishii, T. Yoshida, and Y. Tanabe

Sequential and Regioselective Friedel-Crafts Reactions of gem-Dihalocyclopropanecarbonyl Chlorides with Benzenes for the Synthesis of 4-Aryl-1-naphthol Derivatives
J. Chem. Soc., Perkin Trans. 1,:477-486 1997
Author:Y. Nishii and Y. Tanabe

Regiocontrolled Benzannulation of Diaryl(gem-dichlorocyclopropyl)methanols for the Synthesis of "Unsymmetrically" Substituted a-Arylnaphthalenes
Tetrahedron Lett.,38:7195-7198 1997
Author:Y. Nishii, T. Yoshida, and Y. Tanabe

Novel Method for the Synthesis of a- and b-Halonaphthalenes via Regioselective Ring Cleavage of Aryl (gem-dihalocyclopropyl)methanols. Application to Total Synthesis of Lignan Lactones, Justicidin E and Taiwanin C
J. Chem. Soc., Perkin Trans. 1,:2157 1996
Author:Y. Tanabe, S. Seko, Y. Nishii, T. Yoshida, N, Utsumi, and G, Suzukamo

Synthesis and Stereostructure-activity Relationship of a Synthetic pyrethroid, 2-Chloro-1-methyl-3-phenylcyclopropylmethyl 3-Phenoxybenzyl Ether
J. Chem. Soc., Perkin Trans. 1,:1243-1249 1996
Author:Y. Nishii, K. Wakimura, T. Tsuchiya, S. Nakamura and Y. Tanabe

Sequential and Highly Stereoselective Intermolecular Radical Additions of 2,3-cis-Disubstituted 1,1-Dibromo- and 1-Bromocyclopropanes to Electron-Deficient Olefins
Tetrahedron Lett.,37:1837-1840 1996
Author:Y. Tanabe, K. Wakimura and Y. Nishii

Synthesis of 2,5-Diaryl-3-halofurans via Regioselective Ring Cleavage of 2-Aryl-3,3-dihalocyclopropyl Aryl Ketones
Synthesis,:338 1996
Author:Y, Tanabe, K. Wakimura, Y, Nishii, and Y, Muroya

Regioselective Cyclocondensation of Chlorocarbonylsulfenyl Chloride with Hydrazones: Efective Synthesis of a Class of Sulfur and Nitrogen Containing Heterocycles with -COS- Linkage
Heterocycles,43:141 1996
Author:Y. Tanabe, K. Mori, and Y. Nishii

Synthesis of Perhydoro-1,3,4-thiadiazin-5-ones and 3-Arylaminothiazolidin-4-ones by the Regioselective Cyclocondensation of 2-Sulfanylalkanoic Acids or Their Silyl Esters with Methyl and Aryl hydrazones
Heterocycles,41:2033 1995
Author:Y. Tanabe, M. Nagaosa, Y. Nishii, and Y, Muroya

Sequential and Regioselective Friedel-Crafts Reaction of gem-Dihalocyclopropanecarbonyl Chlorides with Benzenes for the Synthesis of 4-Aryl-1-naphthol Derivatives
Tetrahedron Lett.,36:8803-8806 1995
Author:Y. Nishii and Y. Tanabe

Synthetic Pyrethroid Containing Halocyclopropane Structure
Biosci. Biotech. Biochem.,59:1335-1336 1995
Author:Y. Nishii, H. Matsumura,Y. Muroya, T. Tsuchiya, Y. Tanabe

A Novel and Regioselective Radical Cyclization of gem- Dihalocyclopropyl Substituted Alkenes and Alkynes
Chem. Lett.,:1757-1760 1994
Author:Y. Tanabe, Y. Nishii, and K. Wakimura,

第27回農薬デザイン研究会 2012

Organic synthesis of biologically active compounds toward the chemical protection of textile
2nd Asian Protective Clothing Conference 2011
Author:Yoshinori NISHII, Ryo SAKAI, Eri YOSHIDA, Yoo TANABE

SmI2-Promoted Reformatsky-Type Reaction of Alkyl 1-Chlorocyclopropanecarboxylates
5th International Conference on Adovanced Fiber/Textile Materials 2009 in Ueda. , :S1-P-15 2009
Author:E. Yoshida, T. Nagano, Y. Nishii, J. Motoyoshiya

Chemiluminescence contolled by interaction of ligands and metal ions
18th International Symposium on the Photochemistry and Photophysics of Coordination Compounds , :143 2009
Author:J. Motoyoshiya, T. Maruyama, R. Arai, Y. Nishii

Chemiluminescence of 9-benzylidene-N-methylacridans with electron-donating groups by chemically generated singlet oxygen. Application to metal ion sensing using azacrowned compound
15th International symposium on Bioluminescence and chemiluminescence , :75 2009
Author:J. Motoyoshiya, T. Tanaka, M. Korue, Y. Nishii

Synthetic Studies utilizing Cyclopropanes,
3rd International Symposium on High-Tech Fiber Engineering 2009 2009
Author:Y. Nishii

SmI2-Promoted Reformatsky-Type Reaction of Alkyl 1-Chlorocyclopropanecarboxylates
15th IUPAC Symposium on Organometallic Chemistry Directed Towards Organic Synthesis (OMCOS15) , :P336 2009
Author:Y. Nishii, E. Yoshida, T. Nagano, J. Motoyoshiya

Synthetic study for novel biologically active compounds aiming to functionalized fibers (2) : Highly regiocontrolled ipso-type and chirality exchange benzannulation of chiral diaryl gem-dichlorocycro­propylmethanols and its application to total synthesis of axially chiral natural lignan lactones (antiviral, anti-HIV and antidepressant activity)
4th International Conference on Advanced Fiber/Textile Materials 2007 in Ueda (ICAFTM2007) , :96-97 2007
Author:E. Yoshida, D. Yamashita, J. Motoyoshiya, Y. Nishii

Synthetic study for novel biologically active compounds aiming to functionalized fibers (1) :Radical carbonylation and ring-expansion of gem-dichlorocyclopropanes for the synthesis of pyrethroids and b-amyloid plaque imaging reagent
4th International Conference on Advanced Fiber/Textile Materials 2007 in Ueda (ICAFTM2007) , :94-95 2007
Author:T. Nagano, H. Kimoto, Y. Yamanaka, J. Motoyoshiya,Y. Nishii