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Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Humanities and Social Sciences Institute of EducationTEL+81-26-238-4105
Education and Research OrganizationFaculty of Education Mathematics EducationFAX
AddressFaculty of Education Roku-Ro Nishinagano Nagano-ShiWeb site



Research Field
Mathematics Education
Science education
Current Subject
Assessment of non-cognitive skills specific to subjects
Keywords:non-cognitive skills
Development of Curriculum, Teaching and Evaluation for Learning of Proving in Lower Secondary Mathematics
Keywords:Proving , Curriculum , Teaching , Evaluation , Lower Secondary Mathematics , 2010-2020
Development of Learning support systems with technology
Keywords:Technology , Learning support , 2008-2020
Academic Societies
Academic Societies
International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education
Japan Society of Mathematical Education
Japan Society for Science Education
Academic Background
Graduate School
University of Tsukuba , (Graduate School, Division of Education) , 1994

University of Tsukuba , (First Cluster of College) , 1983

Doctor of Education , University of Tsukuba
Research Career
Research Career
2008- , Professor, Faculty of Education, Shinshu University
2007-2008 , Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, Shinshu University
1996-2007 , Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, Shinshu University
1994-1996 , Assistant, Institute of Education, University of Tsukuba
1992-1994 , Research Fellows, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science


Books, Articles, etc.
Web-Based Task Design Supporting Students’ Construction of Alternative Proofs. In: Hanna G., Reid D., de Villiers M. (eds) Proof Technology in Mathematics Research and Teaching. Mathematics Education in the Digital Era,
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Author:Miyazaki, M., Fujita, T., Jones, K.

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Information Age Publishing , :1375 – 1407 2015(Oct. 01)
Author:Miyazaki, M. and Fujita, T.

The Role of “Opportunity to Learn” in the Geometry Curriculum: A Multilevel Comparison of Six Countries
Frontiers in Education,4(63) 2019(Jul. 03)
Author:Bokhove, C., Miyazaki, M., Komatsu, K., Chino, K., Leung, A., & Mok, I. A. C.

Curriculum Development for Explorative Proving in Lower Secondary School Geometry: Focusing on the Levels of Planning and Constructing a Proof
Frontiers in Education,4(31) 2019(Apr. 07)
Author:Miyazaki, M., Nagata, J., Chino, K., Sasa, H., Fujita, T., Komatsu, K., & Shimizu, S.

Learners’ use of domain-specific computer-based feedback to overcome logical circularity in deductive proving in geometry
ZDM,50(4):699 - 713 2018(Jun. 05)
Author:Fujita, T., Jones, K., & Miyazaki, M.

Designing a Web-based Learning Support System for Flow-chart Proving in School Geometry
Digital Experiences in Mathematics Education,3(3):233-256 2017
Author:Miyazaki, M., Fujita, T., Jones, K., & Iwanaga, Y.

Students’ understanding of the structure of deductive proof
Educational Studies in Mathematics,94(2):223 - 239 2016(Sep. 16)
Author:Mikio Miyazaki & Taro Fujita & Keith Jones

Flow-chart proofs with open problems as scaffolds for learning about geometrical proofs
ZDM,47(4):1-14 2015(Oct. 01)
Author:Miyazaki, M., Fujita, T. and Jones, K.

Functions of Open Flow-chart Proving in introductory lessons of formal proving
In Liljedahl, P., Oesterle, S., Nicol, C.,&Allan, D. (Eds.) Proceedings of the Joint Meeting of PME 38 and PME-NA 36,4:225-232 2014
Author:Miyazaki, M., Fujita, T., and Jones, K.

Potentials for Spatial Geometry Curriculum Development with Three-Dimensional Dynamic Geometry Software in Lower Secondary Mathematics
The International Journal for Technology in Mathematics Education,19(2):73-79 2012(Jul. 04)
Author:Miyazaki, M., Kimiho, C., Katoh, R., Arai, H., Ogihara, F., Oguchi, Y., Morozumi, T., Kon,M., and Komatsu, K.

Introducing the structure of proof in lower secondary school geometry: a learning progression based on flow-chart proving
Proceedings of the 12th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-12) 2012
Author:Miyazaki, Mikio; Fujita, Taro; Jones, Keith

Supporting students to overcome circular arguments in secondary school mathematics: the use of the flowchart proof learning platform
Proceedings of the 35th Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education,2:353-360 2011(Jul. 09)
Author:Fujita, T., Jones, K. and Miyazaki, M.

An assessment framework for students’ abilities/competencies in proving
The 5th East Asia Regional Conference on Mathematics Education (EARCOME5). Tokyo: National Olympics Memorial Youth Center.,2:416-423 2010(Aug. 22)
Author:Chino, K., Fujita, T., Komatsu, K., Makino, T., Miyakawa, T., Miyazaki, M., Mizutani, N., Nakagawa, H., Otsuka, S.&Tsujiyama, Y.

Teaching and Learning a proof as an object in lower secondary school mathematics of Japan
In Lin, F. L., Hsieh, F. J., Hanna, G.,&de Villiers, M. (Eds.), Proceedings of the ICMI Study 19 Conference: Proof and Proving in Mathematics Education,2:76-81 2009
Author:Miyazaki, M.&Yumoto

Cognitive Incoherence of Students Regarding the Establishment of Universality of Propositions through Experimentation/Measurement
International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education,6(3):533-558 2008(Mar. 01)
Author:Mikio Miyazaki

Levels of proof in lower secondary school mathematics: As steps from an inductive proof to an algebraic demonstration.
Educational Studiesin Mathematics,41(1):47-68 2000(Apr. 01)
Author:Mikio Miyazaki

Assessment of Non-Cognitive Skills Specific to Contents and Activities of School Subjects: Focusing on ‘mathematical proof’ in school mathematics of junior high school level,
The World Education Research Association 2019(Aug. 06)
Author:Mikio Miyazaki, Hiroyuki Nakagawa, Atsushi Yoshikawa, Kimiho Chino, Takeshi Miyakawa, Taro Fujita, Shizumi Shimizu

Author:Miyazaki, M., Nakagawa, H., Chino, K., Iwata, K., Komatsu, K., Fujita, T.

Identifying Local Proof ‘Modules’ during Proving
the 41th Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (2017/7/17-22, National Institute of Education, Singapore) 2017(Jul. 19)
Author:Miyazaki, M, Fujita, T, Jones, K. and Ichikawa, D.

Aspects of scaffolding in a web-based learning system for congruency-based proofs in geometry,
12th International Conference on Technology in Mathematics Teaching, University of Algarve, Faculty of Sciences and Technology 2015/6/24-27 2015(Jun. 25)
Author:Keith Jones, Mikio Miyazaki and Taro Fujita

Learning congruency-based proofs in geometry via a web-based learning system
Proceedings of the British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics , 33(2) 2013(Mar.)
Author:Keith Jones, Taro Fujita and Mikio Miyazaki

the Third International Conference on Mathematics Textbook Research and Development 0717( 19)
Author:Mikio Miyazaki, Taro Fujita, & Keith Jones

Themes for Joint Research
Designing evaluation of competencies , Education
Let's Flowchart Thinking for the learning of proving (
Research Grants
Joint Research
2017 - 2018 , Developing a group thinking measure test (GTM) for iPad
2014 - 2017 , Using technology for comparing and strengthening geometry teaching in England, Japan and Hong Kong (British Academy)
2014 - 2015 , Group thinking measures and collaborative learning in mathematics in the UK and Japan
Research Activities
Journal Reviewer
International Journal for Technology in Mathematics Education