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Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Humanities and Social Sciences Institute of Social SciencesTEL
Education and Research OrganizationFaculty of Economics and Law Department of EconomicsFAX
PositionSenior Assistant ProfessorMail
Address3-1-1, Asahi, Matsumoto City 390-8621Web site


Research Field
Keywords:International Migration, Migrants, Immigration Policy and Region
Academic Societies
Academic Societies
Academic Background
Graduate School
東京大学 , (総合文化研究科広域科学システム) , 2009
The University of Tokyo , (総合文化研究科広域科学システム) , 2005
韓国梨花女子大学 , (師範大学) , 2002

Ph.D. , 東京大学


Books, Articles, etc.
1章, Lexington Book, London.
Lexington Book, London. 2022

9章, Concept of Urban Geograhy
Bobmunsa 2020

3章, Bordering and Ordering the Twenty-first Century: Understanding Borders
Purungil 2018

3章, 青年文化を抱いた開拓地、新村
ソウル歴史博物館 2017

Key concept of Migration



3章, Migration
Purungil 2013

12章, Civilization and climate
Author:Ellsworth Huntington

A Journey of Awareness and Practice in Hydrography of Korea
International Hydro,The global magazine for Hydrography 2022
Author:Eunmi Chang; Whang Jun; Byungmoon Park; Hyunuk Lee

Young people who have returned to rural areas, not only to agriculture
Journal of the Economic Geographical Society of Korea 2022
Author:Hyunuk Lee

A basic study on the Korea Hydrography Report
Hydrographic Society of Korea 2022
Author:Byungmoon Park; Eunmi Chang; Jiwon Kim; Seonhee Hong; Hyunuk Lee

Transnational Ties of North Korean Defectors Living in Japan
Journal of peace and unification,12(1):131-164 2022
Author:Hyunuk Lee; Seok Hyang Kim

A Study of the Building of Hydrographic Survey Infrastructure in the Context of the Hydrographic Survey ODA: A Case Study of the Quality Control of Hydrographic Survey in Georgia
Hydrographic Society of Korea 2021
Author:Hyunuk Lee; Kyung Wan Yoo; Haey Yeon Jeon

A Study on the Strategies for the Registration of Undersea Feature Names in GEBCO Gazetteer
Hydrographic Society of Korea 2021
Author:Hyunuk Lee

Seasonal Needs of Migration Workers and its Supply: The Case Study of Cabbage Industry in Goesan, Korea
Journal of the Korean Urban Geographical Society 2016
Author:Hyunuk Lee; Jung-a Song

A Study on the Characteristics of Migrant Communities in Kimpo City
Multicultural & Diaspora Studies 2016
Author:Hyunuk Lee

Reproducing hybridity in Korea: Conflicting interpretations of Korean culture by South Koreans and ethnic Korean Chinese marriage migrants
Asian Journal of Women’s Studies 2015
Author:Amelia L. Schubert, Lee Youngmin & Lee Hyun-Uk

The Employment Permit System and Spatial Distribution of Migrant Workers in Korea
Journal of the Korean Urban Geographical Society 2015
Author:Hyunuk Lee

Transnational Migration and the Locality Change of Origin - The Case of Feng Lin Cun, Wang Qing Xian
Journal of the Korean Urban Geographical Society 2014
Author:Hyunuk Lee; Youngmin Lee; Jiyeon Shin; Hwayong Lee

The Characteristics of Transnational migration of Young White-Color Joseonjok
Journal of Global Diaspora Studies 2013
Author:Hyunuk Lee

The study of young women’s migration for employment and the unstable employment status
Journal of the Korean Urban Geographical Society 2013
Author:Hyunuk Lee

The Characteristics;Processes of Young;Japanese Life Course;Strategies for the Young;Women in Uncertainty
The Women’s Studies 2013
Author:Hyunuk Lee

A Study on the Trans-migration of Korean-Chinese and the Change of Locality: The Case of the Chinese Food Culture Street in Jaynag Dong, Seoul
Journal of the Korean Urban Geographical Society 2012
Author:Youngmin Lee; Yong gyun Lee; Hyunuk Lee

The Mapping of Migrant Space and the Spatial Characteristics of Migrant: Focusing on the Nationality and Migration Status
Journal of the Korean Cartographic Association 2011
Author:Yong Gyun Lee; Hyunuk Lee

日本経済地理学年報 2008

ソウル大学統一平和研究所 2022

脱北者のトランスナショナルなライフコース形 成過程
韓国慶北大学人文社会研究所コロキウム 2021

韓国地域経済学会 2021

ソウル大学統一基盤構築連合学術大会 2020

日本における人口移動政策の変化と若者の場所 づくり
韓国都市地理学会 2019

国家均等発展委員会全国市道研究員協議会分科 2019

韓国都市地理学会 2016

韓国都市地理学会 2016

Refugees,transmigration and locality: a study of the Zummas in Gimpo, Korea
American Association of Geographers 2016

Comparative study on settlement and adaptation strategies of Joseonjok
International Conference Diaspora and Transnational in East Asia 2016

Relational politics of localism hybridized by refugee migrants: Jumma people in Gimpo
International Conference Mobility and Multiculturalism in Global City 2015

Refugee migrants, global networks and the local
International Conference of Diaspora and Transnational in East Asia 2015

Retrospective and the future of the Undersea Feature names
International Symposium on Application of Marine Geophysical Data and Undersea Feature Names 2015

中国出身地とソウル移住者空間のロカリティ変 化
韓国都市地理学会 2014

マイノリティ空間:韓国金浦市ジュンマ族コミ ュニティ
韓国都市地理学会 2014

中国朝鮮族の人口移動パターンと中国沿岸都市 の変化
韓国文化地理学会 2014

漢陽大学校コロキウム 2013

The Characteristic of highly educated migrants of Korean Chinese in Korea
IGU Kyoto Regional Conference 2013

Transnational migration and local changes in Seoul
Asia Economic Community Forum 2013

トランスナショナル移住とエスニック景観の形 成
韓国都市地理学会 2012

Service economy and the choice of migration: Does temporary work matter?
IGU Commission on the Geography of Global Information Society 2011

韓国の知識基盤製造業の空間的集中と労働力供 給の地理
韓国都市地理学会 2009

Labor demand of manufacturing-based sector of IT industry in South Korea
The 3rd Global Conference on Economic Geography 2009

Recent labor migration of Korean young women
Korea-Japan-China Joint Conference on Geography 2008

日本地理学会 2005

Women’s migration and their life course in Korea
IGU Commission on Monitoring Cities of Tomorrow Tokyo Conference 2005