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Education and Research OrganizationFaculty of Textile Science and TechnologyFAX
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Assigned Class
Graduate School, Division of Science andTechnology
Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Technology
Academic Background
Graduate School
Nagoya University , (Graduate School, Division of Agriculture) , 1979
Shinshu University , (Graduate School, Division of Textile Science and Technology) , 1974

Shinshu University , (Faculty of Textile Science and Technology) , 1972

Doctor of Agriculture


Books, Articles, etc.
コラム15. スパイダーシルクの開発, 応用生物学入門 , 217-219
オーム社 2010

第3章 環境調和技術の開発と展望.5 クモの糸を吐く蚕, 機能性繊維の最新技術 , 130-140
シーエムシー出版 2009

Intramolecular Homologous Recombination Event Occurred in the Spider Egg Case Silk Gene CySp2 of Wasp Spider
Molecular Biology,47(5):682–685 2013
Author:Leng Han and Masao Nakagaki

The molecular structures of major ampullate silk proteins of the wasp spider, Argiope bruennichi: A second blueprint for synthesizing de novo silk
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology - Part B: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology,164(3):151–158 2013
Author:Yang Zhang, Ai-Chun Zhao, Yang-Hu Sima, Cheng Lu, Zhong-Huai Xiang, Masao Nakagaki

Expression analysis of spiderdragline silk gene MaSp1 in the transgenic silkworm
Journal of Anhui Agricultural University,40(2):169-174 2013
Author:Han Leng, Zhang Lei, Nakagaki Masao

The variability of mechanical properties and molecular conformation among different spider dragline fibers
Fibers and Polymers,14(7):1190-1195 2013
Author:Lei Zhang, Leng Han, Yujun Wang, Tianfu Zhao, Xianxun Bao, and Masao Nakagaki

Secondary structure analysis of spider dragline silk fibers obtained by different spinning methods using Raman spectroscopy
Journal of Anhui Agricultural University,40(1):144-148 2013
Author:ZHANG Lei, BAO Xian-xun, LIU Ming-hui, HAN Leng, Nakagaki Masao

Analysis of a new type of major ampullate spider silk gene, MaSp1s
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules,56:156–161 2013
Author:Leng Han, Lei Zhang, Tianfu Zhao, Yujun Wang, Masao Nakagaki

Diversity in Copy Number and Structure of a Silkworm Morphogenetic. Gene as a Result of Domestication
Genetics,187:965-976 2011
Author:Takashi Sakudoh, Takeharu Nakashima, Yoko Kuroki, Asao Fujiyama, Yuji Kohara, Naoko Honda, Hirofumi Fujimoto, Toru Shimada, Masao Nakagaki, Yutaka Banno and Kozo Tsuchida

New and highly efficient expression systems for expressing selectively foreign protein in the silk glands of transgenic silkworm.
Transgenic Res.,19(1):29-44 2010
Author:Zhao A, Zhao T, Zhang Y, Xia Q, Lu C, Zhou Z, Xiang Z, Nakagaki M.

Characterization of unique heavy chain fibroin filaments spun underwater by the caddisfly Stenopsyche marmorata (Trichoptera; Stenopsychidae).
Mol Biol Rep.,37(6):2885-2892 2010
Author:Wang Y.J., Sanai K., Wen H.X., Zhao T.F., Nakagaki M.

Transgenic silkworms (Bombyx mori) produce recombinant spider dragline silk in cocoons.
Mol Biol Rep.,37(4):1815-1821 2010
Author:Wen H, Lan X, Zhang Y, Zhao T, Wang Y, Kajiura Z, Nakagaki M.

Characterization of a cysteine-rich protein specifically expressed in the silk gland of caddisfly Stenopsyche marmorata (Trichoptera; Stenopsychidae),
Biosci. Biotech. Biochem.,74(1):108-112 2010
Author:Wang Y.J., Wang H., Zhao T.F., Nakagaki M.

Sequence structure and expression pattern of a novel anionic defensin-like gene from silkworm (Bombyx mori).
Mol Biol Rep.,36(4):711-716 2009
Author:Hongxiu Wen, Xiqian Lan, Tingcai Cheng, Ningjia He, Kunihiro Shiomi, Zenta Kajiura ,Zeyang Zhou, Qingyou Xia, Zhonghuai Xiang ,Masao Nakagaki

Effects of O-phospho-L-serine on the larval growth and development in the silkworm, Bombyx mori
J. Insect Biotech. Sericology,78(2):75-79 2009
Author:Yuichiro Hasegawa, Tomomi Ogawa, Mami Nakanishi, Miki Tojo, Minoru Okumura, Masao Nakagaki and Yoko Nagata

Developmental changes in D-serine level in the silkworm, Bombyx mori
J. Insect Biotech. Sericology,78(2):69-73 2009
Author:Yuichiro Hasegawa, Minoru Okumura, Miki Tojo, Masao Nakagaki and Yoko Nagata

A novel bioadhesive protein of silk filaments spun underwater by caddisfly larvae.
Adv. Mat. Res.,79-82:1631-1634 2009
Author:Wang Y.J., Sanai K., Nakagaki M.

ジョロウグモ(Nephila clavata)牽引糸タンパク質MaSp1遺伝子のcDNAクローニングおよびカイコフィブロイン遺伝子との配列解析.
蚕糸・昆虫バイオテック,77(1):39-46 2008
Author:張 袁松, 清水 一彦, 塩見 邦博, 梶浦 善太,中垣 雅雄.

Expression of EGFP-spider dragline silk fusion protein in BmN cells and larvae of silkworm showed the solubility is primary limit for dragline proteins yield.
Mol Biol Rep.,35(3):329-335 2008
Author:Yuansong Zhang, Junhua Hu, Yungen Miao, Aichun Zhao, Tianfu Zhao, Dayang Wu ,Liefeng Liang, Ayumi Miikura, Kunihiro Shiomi, Zenta Kajiura, Masao Nakagaki.

Purification and cDNA Cloning of Vitellogenin of the Wild Silkworm, Saturnia japonica (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae)
J. Insect Biotech. Sericology,77(1):35-44 2008
Author:Yan Meng, Chao Liang Liu, Kunihiro Shiomi, Masao Nakagaki and Zenta Kajiura

The Pitx homeobox gene in Bombyx mori: Regulation of DH-PBAN neuropeptide hormone gene expression.
Mol Cell Neurosci.,34:209-218 2007
Author:Shiomi K, Fujiwara Y, Yasukochi Y, Kajiura Z, Nakagaki M, Yaginuma T.

Cloning and expression of manganese superoxide dismutase of the silkworm, Bombyx mori by Bac-to-Bac/BmNPV Baculovirus expression system.
Appl Microbiol Biotechnol.,73:181-186 2007
Author:Yue W, Miao Y, Li X, Wu X, Zhao A, Nakagaki M.

A covariant change of the two highly conserved bases in the GTPase-associated center of 28 S rRNA in silkworms and other moths
JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY,275(45):35116-35121 2000
Author:T. Uchiumi/T. Nomura/T. Shimizu/Y. Katakai/K. Mita/Y. Koik/ M. Nakagaki,

Determination of nucleotide sequence and transcription initiation site of 25K gene of Bombyx mori Nucleopolyhedrovirus
J. Sericult. Sci. Jpn,68(1):27-39 1999
Author:H. Tsuda/M. Nakagaki

日本蚕糸学雑誌,68:19-25 1999

日本蚕糸学雑誌,68(3):201-207 1999

日本蚕糸学雑誌,68:173-180 1999

日本蚕糸学雑誌,67:65-71 1998

Purification, developmental profile and biosynthesis of arylphorin in the wild silkmoth, Antheraea pernyi
Author:Z. Kajiura/M. N. Yokoyama/M. Nakagaki

日本蚕糸学雑誌,67:311-318 1998

日本蚕糸学雑誌,66:17-22 1997

日本蚕糸学雑誌,66:192-199 1997

Analysis of a New Kind of Major Ampullate Spider Silk Gene
International Conference Future Textile 59-60 2010(Jul.)
Presenter:Han Leng, Zhao Tianfu, Zhang Lei, Wang Yujun, Xia Qingyou, Xiang Zhonghuai, Masao Nakagaki

Comparison of Mechanical Strength of Three Kinds of Spider's Drag-lines
International Conference Future Textile 57-58 2010(Jul.)
Presenter:Zhang Lei, Wang Yujun, Han Leng, Zhao Tianfu, Masao Nakagaki

Compare the Light-chain fibroins of Trichoptera and Lepidopteron
7th East Asian Symposium on Polymers for Advanced Technologies (EASPAT 2009) 2009
Presenter:Y. Wang, M. Nakagaki

Production of silkworm defensinA in Escherichia coli by soluble fusion expression
7th East Asian Symposium on Polymers for Advanced Technologies (EASPAT 2009) 2009
Presenter:H. Wen, X. Lan, M. Nakagaki

A novel bioadhesive protein of silk filaments spun underwater by caddisfly larvae
5th International Conference on Adovanced Fiber/Textile Materials 2009 in Ueda. 2009
Presenter:Y. Wang, M. Nakagaki

Molecular cloning and expression analysis of thermoTRP homologs of the silkworm, Bombyx mori
Asia-Pacific Congress of Sericulture and Insect Biotechnology 74 2008
Presenter:A. Sato, H. Uehara, Y. Fukushima, M. Hirabayashi, Z. Kajiura, M. Nakagaki, K. Shiomi

Polymorophic Analysis of silkworm vitellogenins
CISC-6 2007(Sep.)
Presenter:Zenta Kajiura,Yan Meng, Chaoliang Liu, Kunihiro Shiomi, Yutaka Banno and Masao Nakagaki

Studies on Silk Protein in the Tyichoptera (Stenopsychidae marmorata)
4th International Conference on Advanced Fiber/Textile Materials 2007 in Ueda (ICAFTM2007) 2007
Presenter:Y. Wang, S. Wozumi, H. Wen, K. Shiomi, Z. Kajiura, M. Nakagaki

Study on expression of spider silk in silkworm (Bombyx mori)
4th International Conference on Advanced Fiber/Textile Materials 2007 in Ueda (ICAFTM2007) 2007
Presenter:H. Wen, X. Lan, T. Zhao, Y. Zhang, Y. Wang, K. Shiomi, Z. Kajiura, M. Nakagaki

Analysis of an Anionic Defensin-Like Gene from Silkworm
4th International Conference on Advanced Fiber/Textile Materials 2007 in Ueda (ICAFTM2007) 2007
Presenter:H. Wen, X. Lan, K. Shiomi, Z. Kajiura, M. Nakagaki