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Academic OrganizationTEL
Education and Research OrganizationSchool of Medicine Department of AnatomyFAX
Address3-1-1, Asahi, Matsumoto City 390-8621Web site


Research Field
General anatomy (including histology/embryology)
Academic Background
Graduate School
信州大学大学院 , 2009



Books, Articles, etc.
Relationship between inferior fascicle of anterior talofibular ligament and articular capsule in lateral ankle ligament complex
Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy,44(2):253-259 2022
Author:Kakegawa A, Fukushima N, Sumitomo N, Nagira A, Ichinose Y, Moriizumi T

Difference in the fibular attachment structure between the superior and inferior fascicles of the anterior talofibular ligament using ultrasonography and histological examinations
Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy,44(12):1513-1520 2022
Author:Kakegawa A, Fukushima N, Sumitomo N, Nagira A, Ichinose Y

Continuous and connective fibers of the lateral ankle ligament complex
The journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery,59:679-684 2020
Author:Kakegawa A, Fukushima N, Sumitomo N, Nagira A, Moriizumi T, Mori Y

Hypoglossal nerve injury with long nerve resection leading to slow motoneuron death
Neuroscience Letters,715, 134668 2020
Author:Fukushima N, Kobayashi T, Kakegawa A, Sumitomo N, Nagira A, Moriizumi T

Independent Attachment of Lateral Ankle Ligaments: Anterior Talofibular and Calcaneofibular Ligaments
The Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery,58:712-722 2019
Author:Kakegawa A, Mori Y, Tsuchiya A, Fukushima N, Sumitomo N, Moriizumi T

Effect of graded nerve pressure injuries on motor function.
J Neurosurg,122(6):1438-43 2015(Jun.)
Author:Karasawa M, Yokouchi K, Kakegawa A, Kawagishi K, Moriizumi T, Fukushima N.

Correlation between motor function and axonal morphology in neonatally sciatic nerve-injured rats.
Anat Sci Int,90(2):97-103 2015(Mar.)
Author:Kakegawa A, Yokouchi K, Itsubo T, Kawagishi K, Karasawa M, Moriizumi T, Fukushima N.

Quantitative analysis of survival of hypoglossal neurons in neonatally nerve-injured rats: Correlation with milk intake
Arch Oral Biol,59:616-620 2014
Author:Fukushima N, Yokouchi K, Kawagishi K, Kakegawa A, Sumitomo N, Karasawa M, Moriizumi T

Bony Landmarks of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tibial Footprint: A Detailed Analysis Comparing Three-Dimensional Computed Tomography Images to Visual and Histological Evaluations
Am J Sports Med,42:1433-1440 2014
Author:Tensho K, Shimodaira H, Aoki T, Narita N, Kato H, Kakegawa A, Fukushima N, Moriizumi T, Fujii M, Fujinaga Y, Saito N

Re-evaluation of spontaneous regeneration of the lateral olfactory tract
Neurosci Res,68:15-21 2010
Author:M; Yokouchi, K; Sekiguchi, Y; Fukushima, N; Kawagishi, K; Kakegawa, A; Sumitomo N; Moriizumi, T

Tyrosine hydroxylase-immunoreactive fibers inhuman vagus nerve
J Clin Neurosci,15:1023-1026 2008
Author:Kawagishi, K; Fukushima, N; Yokouchi, K; Sumitomo, N; Kakegawa A; Moriizumi, T

Functional role of lingual nerve in breastfeeding
Author:Yokouchi, K; Fukushima, N; Kakegawa, A; Kawagishi, K; Fukuyama, T; Moriizumi, T

Functional neural plasticity of the neonatal hypoglossal nerve for effective suckling
Author:Fukushima, N; Yokouchi, K; Fukuyama, T; Kakegawa, A; Moriizumi, T

Roles of neonatal sensory systems for suckling
Author:Yokouchi, K; Fukushima, N; Fukuyama, T; Kakegawa, A; Moriizumi, T

Differential effects of hypoglossal and facial nerve injuries on survival and growth of rats at different developmental stages
Author:Fukuyama, T; Yokouchi, K; Fukushima, N; Kawagishi, K; Kakegawa, A; Moriizumi, T

Motor neurons essential for normal sciatic function in neonatally nerve-injured rats
Neuroreport,17(11):1149-52 2006
Author:kakegawa A, Yokouchi K, Fukushima N ,Fukuyama T, Moriizumi T