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Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Humanities and Social Sciences Institute of EducationTEL
Education and Research OrganizationFaculty of Education Language EducationFAX
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Research Field
Literature in English
Current Subject
English and American Children's Literature
Keywords:Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Academic Societies
Academic Societies
The Japan Association of Comparative Culture
The Japan Society for Children's Literature in English
The Japan Society for Children's Literature in English
Academic Background
Graduate School
Indiana University of Pennsylvania , (Literature&Criticism , Graduate School, Division of Literature and Linguistics) , 2004
Indiana University of Pennsylvania , (Literature , Graduate School, Division of Literature and Linguistics) , 1999
University of Shizuoka , (Graduate School, Division of International Studies) , 1997

International Christian University , (Faculty of Liberal Arts) , 1995

Ph.D.(Literature&Criticism) , Indiana University of Pennsylvania
MA(English) , Indiana University of Pennsylvania


Books, Articles, etc.
信州大学教育学部研究論集,(13):95-104 2019(Mar. 29)

サイバネティック・フィクションとしてのOzシリーズ: 生物と機械の境界
信州大学教育学部研究論集,2:pp. 21-30 2010(Mar.)
Keywords:フランク・ボーム サイバネティック・フィクション メカニカル・マン

日本人英語学習者の「良い読み」の調査研究: 言外の意味を推論しながら読むことの効果
教育実践研究,10:pp. 1-10 2009(Dec.)
Keywords:英文読解 スキーマ 言外の意味 推論 二十年後

Novels Plunging a Scalpel into "Normal" America : A Comparative Study of The Great Gatsby and The Crying of Lot 49
信州大学教育学部紀要,(120):pp. 39-49 2008(Mar.)

Postmodernism and Today's Conspiracy Paranoia: A Comparative Study of The Crying of Lot 49 and A Wild Sheep Chase
信州大学教育学部紀要,(117):pp. 61-72 2006(Mar.)

"The Role of Conspiracy in Gravity's Rainbow"
信州大学教育学部紀要,(115):pp. 57-68 2005(Aug.)

"The Role of Conspiracy in Thomas Pynchon's V."
金城学院大学論集,(1・2合併):pp. 72-83 2005(Mar.)

英語英文学(浜松短期大学英語英文学会学会誌),(17):pp. 72-77 2003(Mar.)

"Carpe Diem and Future Prospects in Two Films of 1989: A Study of Dead Poets Society and Field of Dreams"
英語英文学(浜松短期大学英語英文学会学会誌),(16):pp. 91-98 2002(Mar.)

"The Parallel of Japanese Japanese Heritage and Women's Right as the Key to the Solution of Environmental Problem: Ecofemenist Study of My Year of Meats"
Studies in Comparative Culture(日本比較文化学会学会誌),(52):pp. 14-23 2001(Mar.)

"The Disillusionment with the Myth of Success and the Devotion to Fantasy: A Study of Look Homeward, Angel and Manhattan Transfer"
英語英文学(浜松短期大学英語英文学会学会誌),(15):pp. 55-64 2001(Mar.)

"The Argument over the Myth of Success: The Comparison between Martin Eden and The Great Gatsby"
Studies in Comparative Culture(日本比較文化学会学会誌),(48):pp. 1-9 2000(Mar.)

"Religion Used for Subordinating Femal to Male: Religion and Gender of the Mid-Nineteenth Century in The Wide, Wide World"
英語英文学(浜松短期大学英語英文学会学会誌),(14):pp. 33-43 2000(Mar.)

"The Motive for Struggle for Freedom: The Comparison between The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass an American Slave Written by Himself and Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl"
Studies in Comparative Culture,(42):pp. 38-48 1999(Mar.)

"The Inconsistency of American Utopia Disclosed in The Homecoming"
中部英文学(日本英文学会中部支部学会誌),(18):pp. 83-96 1999(Mar.)

"The Birth of Ideal Transcendentalism: Transcendentalism Described in The Scarlet Letter"
英語英文学(浜松短期大学英語英文学会学会誌),(13):pp. 47-56 1999(Mar.)

"The Suppressed Desire and the Censorshipof the Conscious: Hawthorne's 'Young Goodman Brown'"
英語英文学(浜松短期大学英語英文学会学会誌),(12):pp. 53-59 1998(Mar.)

ことばと文化(静岡県立大学英米文化研究室紀要),(1):pp. 111-23 1997(Feb.)

L. Frank BaumのOzシリーズにおける人間・生物と機械の境界
日本英文学会中部支部第60回大会 2008(Oct.)

日本英文学会中部支部第59回大会 2007(Oct.)

日本アメリカ文学会中部支部11月例会 2006(Nov.)

「The Great Gatsby論」
日本英文学会中部支部第48回大会 1996(Oct.)