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Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Science and Technology Institute of Textile Science and TechnologyTEL
Education and Research OrganizationFaculty of Textile Science and Technology Department of Applied BiologyFAX
PositionProfessorMail Address
Address長野県上田市常田3-15-1Web site



Assigned Class
Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Technology
Current Subject
Studies on relationship between cell surface modification and morphogenesis in Bacillus subtilis
Keywords:morphogenesis cell surface modification , 2006-
Studies on the localization mechanism of the cell surface proteins
Keywords:localization mechanism cell surface proteins , 2003-
Functional analysis of the Bacillus subtilis genome
Keywords:Bacillus subtilis genome functional analysis , 1997-2002
Academic Background
Graduate School
Shinshu University , (Graduate School, Division of Textile Science and Technology) , 1991

Shinshu University , (Faculty of Textile Science and Technology) , 1989

Doctor of Engineering , Shinshu University


Books, Articles, etc.
Cell wall structure of E. coli and B. subtilis, In: Y. Sadaie and K. Matsumoto, editors, The Frontiers of Molecular Microbiology Revisited , 115-148
Kerala: Research Signpost 2012
Author:Sekiguchi, J., and H. Yamamoto

Murein Peptidase LytF, In: Neil D. Rawlings and Guy S. Salvesen, editors, Handbook of Proteolytic Enzymes, 3rd Edition. , 2479-2482
Oxford: Academic Press 2012
Author:Sekiguchi, J., and H. Yamamoto

Northern Blot Analysis with non-RI Detection Systems; Functional Analysis of Bacterial Genes, A Practical Manual, Chap. 5B, John Wiley&Sons , 41-44
Author:W. Schumann/S. D. Ehrlich /N. Ogasawara eds./ Yamamoto, H./K. Asai /K. Kobayashi

Visualization of wall teichoic acid decoration in Bacillus subtilis.
Journal of Bacteriology,205(4):e0006623 2023
Author:Yutaka Koyano, Kiyoshirou Okajima, Mako Mihara, Hiroki Yamamoto

The transmembrane segment of TagH is required for wall teichoic acid transport under heat stress in Bacillus subtilis
Microbiology,164:935-945 2018
Author:Yamada, T., Miyashita, M., Kasahara, J., Tanaka, T., Hashimoto, M., Yamamoto, H.

Digestion of peptidoglycan near the cross-link is necessary for the growth of Bacillus subtilis
Microbiology,164:299~307 2018
Author:Hashimoto, M., Matsushima, H., Suparthana I. P., Ogasawara, H., Yamamoto, H., Teng, C., Sekiguchi, J.

Application of freeze-dried powders of genetically engineered microbial strains as adsorbents for rare earth metal ions
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces,8(40):26524-26531 2016
Author:Moriwaki, H., Masuda, R., Yamazaki, Y., Horiuchi, K., Miyashita, M., Kasahara, J., Tanaka, T., and Yamamoto, H.

Teichoic acid polymers affect expression and localization of DL-endopeptidase LytE required for lateral cell wall hydrolysis in Bacillus subtilis.
J. Bacteriol.,198(11):1585-1594 2016
Author:Kasahara, J., Y. Kiriyama, M. Miyashita, T. Kondo, T. Yamada, K. Yazawa, R. Yoshikawa and H. Yamamoto.

IFO Research Communications,28:132-133 2014

Localization and expression of the Bacillus subtilis DL-endopeptidase LytF are influenced by mutations in LTA synthases and glycolipid anchor synthetic enzymes.
Microbiology,160:2639-2649 2014
Author:Kiriyama, Y., K. Yazawa, T. Tanaka, R. Yoshikawa, H. Yamane, M. Hashimoto, J. Sekiguchi, and H. Yamamoto.

A cell wall protein (YqgA) is genetically related to the cell wall-degrading DL-endopeptidases in Bacillus subtilis.
Biosci. Biotech. Biochem.,78(8):1428-1434 2014
Author:Hashimoto, M., K. Fujikura, Y. Miyake, Y. Higashitsuji, Y. Kiriyama, T. Tanaka, H. Yamamoto and J. Sekiguchi.

Interactions of microorganisms with rare earth ions and their utilization for separation and environmental technology
Appl. Microbiol. Biotech.,97(1):1-8 2013
Author:Moriwaki, H., and H. Yamamoto

Adsorption of rare earth ions onto the cell walls of wild type and lipoteichoic acid-defective strains of Bacillus subtilis
Appl. Microbiol. Biotech.,97(8):3721-3728 2013
Author:Moriwaki, H., R. Koide, R. Yoshikawa, Y. Warabino and H. Yamamoto

The major and minor wall teichoic acids prevent the sidewall localization of vegetative DL-endopeptidase LytF in Bacillus subtilis.
Author:Yamamoto, H., Y. Miyake, M. Hisaoka, S. Kurosawa and Junichi Sekiguchi.

Post-translational control of vegetative cell separation enzymes through a direct interaction with specific inhibitor IseA in Bacillus subtilis.
Author:Yamamoto, H., M. Hashimoto, Y. Higashitsuji, H. Harada, N. Hariyama, L. Takahashi, T. Iwashita, S. Ooiwa and J. Sekiguchi.

Identification and characterization of novel cell wall hydrolase CwlT: a two-domain autolysin exhibiting n-acetylmuramidase and DL-endopeptidase activities
JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY,283(17):11117-11125 2008
Author:Fukushima, T., Kitajima, T., H. Yamaguchi, Q. Ouyang, K. Furuhata, H. Yamamoto, T. Shida, and J. Sekiguchi

Characterization of new L,D-endopeptidase gene product CwlK (previous YcdD) that hydrolyzes peptidoglycan in Bacillus subtilis
Author:Fukushima, T; Yao, Y; Kitajima, T; Yamamoto, H; Sekiguchi, J

A new D,L-endopeptidase gene product, YojL (renamed CwlS), plays a role in cell separation with LytE and LytF in Bacillus subtilis
J. Bacteriol.,188(15):5541-5550 2006
Author:Fukushima, T., A. Afkham, S. Kurosawa, T. Tanabe, H. Yamamoto, and J. Sekiguchi.

Functional analysis of the YvrGHb two component system of Bacillus subtilis: Identification of the regulated genes by DNA microarray and Northern blot analyses
Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem.,59(11):2155-2169 2005
Author:Serizawa, M., K. Kodama, H. Yamamoto, K. Kobayashi, N. Ogasawara, and J. Sekiguchi.

Characterization of a polysaccharide deacetylase gene homologue (pdaB) on sporulation of Bacillus subtilis
J. Biochemistry (Tokyo),136(3):283-291 2004
Author:Fukushima, T., T. Tanabe, H. Yamamoto, S. Hosoya, T. Sato, H. Yoshikawa and J. Sekiguchi

Characterization of a new Bacillus subtilis peptidoglycan hydrolase gene, yvcE (named cwlO), and the enzymatic properties of its encoded protein
J. Biosci. Bioeng.,98(3):174-181 2004
Author:Yamaguchi, H., K. Furuhata, T. Fukushima, H. Yamamoto, and J. Sekiguchi

Systematic analysis of SigD-regulated genes in Bacillus subtilis by DNA microarray and Northern blotting analyses
Gene,329:125-136 2004
Author:Serizawa, M., H. Yamamoto, H. Yamaguchi, Y. Fujita, K. Kobayashi, N. Ogasawara, and J. Sekiguchi

Localization of vegetative cell wall hydrolases, LytC, LytE and LytF, on the Bacillus subtilis cell surface, and the stability of these enzymes to cell wall-bound or extracellular proteases
J. Bacteriol.,185(22):6666-6677 2003
Author:Yamamoto, H., S. Kurosawa, and J. Sekiguchi

Transcriptional, functional and cytochemical analyses of the veg gene in Bacillus subtilis
J. Biochemistry (Tokyo),133(4):475-483 2003
Author:Fukushima, T., S. Ishikawa, H. Yamamoto, N. Ogasawara, and J. Sekiguchi

Essential Bacillus subtilis genes
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA,100(8):4678-4683 2003
Author:Kobayashi, K., T. Fukushima, S. Ishikawa, J. Sekiguchi, H. Yamamoto, N. Ogasawara (他93名)

A polysaccharide deacetylase gene (pdaA) is required for germination and for production of muramic _-lactam residues in the spore cortex of Bacillus subtilis
J. Bacteriol.,184(21):6007-6015 2002
Author:Fukushima, T., H. Yamamoto, A. Atrih, S. J. Foster, and J. Sekiguchi

Stabilization of cell wall proteins in Bacillus subtilis: a proteomic approach
Proteomics,2(5):591-602 2002
Author:Antelmann, H., H. Yamamoto, J. Sekiguchi, and M. Hecker

Simultaneous display of bacterial and fungal lipases on the cell surface of Bacillus subtilis
J. Biosci. Bioeng.,93(1):15-19 2002
Author:Kobayashi, G., K. Fujii, M. Serizawa, H. Yamamoto, and J. Sekiguchi

Production of long-chain levan by a sacC insertional mutant from Bacillus subtilis 327UH
Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem.,66(7):1555-1558 2002
Author:Shida, T., K. Mukaijo, S. Ishikawa, H. Yamamoto, and J. Sekiguchi

Regulation of the glv operon in Bacillus subtilis: YfiA (GlvR) is a positive regulator of the operon that is repressed through CcpA and cre
J. Bacteriol.,183(17):5110-5121 2001
Author:H. Yamamoto/ M. Serizawa/ J. Thompson / J. Sekiguchi

Accumulation of a recombinant Aspergillus oryzae lipase artificially localized on the Bacillus subtilis cell surface
J. Biosci. Bioeng.,90:422-425 2000
Author:G. Kobayashi/J. Toida/T. Akamatsu/ H. Yamamoto/T. Shida / J. Sekiguchi

The CitST two-component system regulates the expression of the Mg-citrate transporter in Bacillus subtilis.
Author:Yamamoto, H; Murata, M; Sekiguchi, J

Accumulation of an artificial cell wall-binding lipase by Bacillus subtilis wprA and/or sigD mutants
FEMS Microbiol. Letters,188(2):165-169 2000
Author:Kobayashi, G; Toida, J; Akamatsu, T; Yamamoto, H; Shida, T; Sekiguchi, J

Transcription of genes near the sspE locus of the Bacillus subtilis genome
Microbiology,145:2171-2180 1999
Author:Yamamoto, H., M. Mori, and J. Sekiguchi

Production of a recombinant lipase artificially localized on the Bacillus subtilis cell surface
FEMS Microbiol Letters,176(2):373-378 1999
Author:Tsuchiya, A; Kobayashi, G; Yamamoto, H; Sekiguchi, J

Characterization of a new sigma K-dependent cell wall hydrolase gene that plays a role in Bacillus subtilis mother cell lysis
JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY,181(20):6230-6237 1999
Author:Nugroho, FA; Yamamoto, H; Kobayashi, Y; Sekiguchi, J

Crystallization and preliminary X-ray analysis of the 6-phospho-alpha-glucosidase from Bacillus subtilis
Author:Varrot, A; Yamamoto, H; Sekiguchi, J; Thompson, J; Davies, GJ

The gene glvA of Bacillus subtilis 168encodes a metal-requiring, NAD (H)-dependent 6-phospho-alpha-glucosidase - Assignment to family 4 of the glycosylhydrolase superfamily
JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY,273(42):27347-27356 1998
Author:Thompson, J; Pikis, A; Ruvinov, SB; Henrissat, B; Yamamoto, H; Sekiguchi, J

The complete genome sequence of the Gram-positive bacterium Bacillus subtilis
NATURE,390(6657):249-256 1997
Author:Kunst, F; Ogasawara, N; Moszer, I; Albertini, AM; Alloni, G; Azevedo, V; Bertero, MG; Bessieres, P; Bolotin, A; Borchert, S; Borriss, R; Boursier, L; Brans, A; Braun, M; Brignell, SC; Bron, S; Brouillet, S; Bruschi, CV; Caldwell, B; Capuano, V; Carter, NM; Choi, SK; Codani, JJ; Connerton, IF; Cummings, NJ; Daniel, RA; Denizot, F; Devine, KM; Dusterhoft, A; Ehrlich, SD; Emmerson, PT; Entian, KD; Errington, J; Fabret, C; Ferrari, E; Foulger, D; Fritz, C; Fujita, M; Fujita, Y; Fuma, S; Galizzi, A; Galleron, N; Ghim, SY; Glaser, P; Goffeau, A; Golightly, EJ; Grandi, G; Guiseppi, G; Guy, BJ; Haga, K; Haiech, J; Harwood, CR; Henaut, A; Hilbert, H; Holsappel, S; Hosono, S; Hullo, MF; Itaya, M; Jones, L; Joris, B; Karamata, D; Kasahara, Y; KlaerrBlanchard, M; Klein, C; Kobayashi, Y; Koetter, P; Koningstein, G; Krogh, S; Kumano, M; Kurita, K; Lapidus, A; Lardinois, S; Lauber, J; Lazarevic, V; Lee, SM; Levine, A; Liu, H; Masuda, S; Mauel, C; Medigue, C; Medina, N; Mellado, RP; Mizuno, M; Moestl, D; Nakai, S; Noback, M; Noone, D; OReilly, M; Ogawa, K; Ogiwara, A; Oudega, B; Park, SH; Parro, V; Pohl, TM; Portetelle, D; Porwollik, S; Prescott, AM; Presecan, E; Pujic, P; Purnelle, B; Rapoport, G; Rey, M; Reynolds, S; Rieger, M; Rivolta, C; Rocha, E; Roche, B; Rose, M; Sadaie, Y; Sato, T; Scanlan, E; Schleich, S; Schroeter, R; Scoffone, F; Sekiguchi, J; Sekowska, A; Seror, SJ; Serror,P; Shin, BS; Soldo, B; Sorokin, A; Tacconi, E; Takagi, T; Takahashi, H; Takemaru, K; Takeuchi, M; Tamakoshi, A; Tanaka, T; Terpstra, P; Tognoni, A; Tosato, V; Uchiyama, S; Vandenbol, M; Vannier, F;Vassarotti, A; Viari, A; Wambutt, R; Wedler, E; Wedler, H; Weitzenegger, T; Winters, P; Wipat, A; Yamamoto, H; Yamane, K; Yasumoto, K; Yata, K; Yoshida, K; Yoshikawa, HF; Zumstein, E; Yoshikawa, H; Danchin, A

Cloning and sequencing of a 35.7 kb in the 70 degree - 73 degree region of the Bacillus subtilis genome reveal genes for a new two-component system, three spore germination protein, an iron uptake system and a stress response protein
Gene,194(2):191-199 1997
Author:Hiroki Yamamoto;Shigeki Uchiyama;Fajar Aji Nugroho;Junichi Sekiguchi

A 23.4 kb segment at the 69 degree to 70 degree region of the Bacillus subtilis genome
Microbiology,143(4):1317-1320 1997
Author:Yamamoto, H; Uchiyama, S; Nugroho, FA; Sekiguchi, J

The Bacillus subtilis chromosome region near 78 degrees contains the genes encoding a new two-component system, three ABC transporters and a lipase
GENE,181(1-2):147-151 1996
Author:Yamamoto, H; Uchiyama, S; Sekiguchi, J

Cloning and sequencing of a 27.8-kb nucleotide sequence of the 79 degree - 81 degree region of the Bacillus subtilis genome containing the sspE locus
DNA Res.,3:257-262 1996
Author:Hiroki Yamamoto;Shigeki Uchiyama;Junichi Sekiguchi

Cloning and sequencing of a 40.6 kb segment in the 73 degree - 76 degree region of the Bacillus subtilis chromosome containing genes for trehalose metabolism and acetoin utilization
Microbiology,142(11):3057-3065 1996
Author:Hiroki Yamamoto;Shigeki Uchiyama;Junichi Sekiguchi

Determination of a 12 kb nucleotide sequence around the 76 degrees region of the Bacillus subtilis chromosome
MICROBIOLOGY-UK,142:1417-1421 1996
Author:Yamamoto, H; Uchiyama, S; Fajar, AN; Ogasawara, N; Sekiguchi,J

Nucleotide sequence and regulation of a new putative cell wall hydrolase gene, cwlD, which affects germination in Bacillus subtilis
J. Bacteriol.,177(19):5582-5589 1995
Author:Junichi Sekiguchi;Kazumi Akeo;Hiroki Yamamoto;Fuat K. Khasanov;Juan C. Alonso;Akio Kuroda

Nucleotide sequence and characterization of the large mitochondrial rRNA gene of Penicillium urticae, and its comparison with those of other filamentous fungi
J. Biochem.,117(4):888-896 1995
Author:Hiroki Yamamoto;Atsushi Naruse;TakeshiOhsaki;Junichi Sekiguchi

Nucleotide sequence of the large mitochondrial rRNA gene of Penicillium chrysogenum
Biochim. Biophys. Acta,1172:353-356 1993
Author:Naruse, A., H. Yamamoto, and J. Sekiguchi.

Autonomously replicating fragments of mitochondrial DNA from Penicillium urticae in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
J. Ferment. Bioeng.,71:275-277 1991
Author:Yamamoto, H., Y. Yoshida, Y. Kitamura, and J. Sekiguchi.

Transformation of Penicillium urticae with plasmids containing the hygromycin B resistance gene
Agric. Biol. Chem.,55:3053-3057 1991
Author:Kiuchi, N., A. Naruse, H. Yamamoto, and J. Sekiguchi.

Author:Sekiguchi, J., T. Ohsaki, H. Yamamoto, K. Koichi, and T. Shida.