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Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Science and Technology Institute of EngineeringTEL82-26-269-5016
Education and Research OrganizationFaculty of EngineeringFAX82-26-269-5016
PositionSenior Assistant ProfessorMail
Address4-17-1, Wakasato, Nagano City 380-8553Web site


Research Field
physics and astronomy education research
global education, professional communication
Academic Background
PhD , Columbia University, New York, NY, U.S.A.
Research Career
Research Career
2014- , Shinshu University Faculty of Engineering Associate Professor
2005- , Postdoctoral Fellow at Max Planck Institute forAstronomy, Heidelberg, Germany
2003- , Postdoctoral Fellow at University of California, Santa Barbara and Los Alamos National Laboratory

Other Career
2013-2014 , Adjunct Instructor at Gifu, Meijo, and Nagoya City Universities
2010-2012 , Adjunct Instructor at Lansing Community College
2010-2012 , Fitness and Kickboxing Instructor


Books, Articles, etc.
Global Café’s Let Girls Learn in Wejerat, Ethiopia: Gender Awareness and Women Empowerment
Author:Akimi Fujita, Ashenafi Abadi Elyas, Sawako Shiohara

The Impact of English Cafe on Students' Global Awareness and TOEIC Scores
グローバル人材育成教育研究 2018(Sep.)
Author:Fujita, A. and Lai, K.-S.-O.

Cosmic-Ray Driven Outflows from an Ultraluminous Galaxy
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society,477:531 2018(Mar. 17)
Author:Fujita, A. and Mac Low, M.-M.

天文教育,28-4(141):7 2016(Jul. 25)

大学の物理教育,22(2):83 2016(Jul. 15)

The Origin and Kinematics of Cold Gas in Galactic Winds: Insight from Numerical Simulations
Astrophysical Journal,698(1):693-714 2009
Author:Fujita, A., Martin, C. L., Mac Low, M-M., New, K.C.B., Weaver, R.

Cosmological Feedback from High-Redshift Dwarf Starburst Galaxies
Astrophysical Journal,613:159-179 2004(Sep.)
Author:Fujita, A., Mac Low, M., Ferarra, A., Meiksin, A.

The Influence of Supershells and Galactic Outflows on the Escape of Ionizing Radiation from Dwarf Starburst Galaxies
Astrophysical Journal,599(1):50-69 2003
Author:Fujita, A., Martin, C. L., Mac Low, M-M., Abel, T.

Visualization - An Application to Scientific Learning and Mutual Communication
Professional Communication Japan Chapter , IEEE Professional Communication Annual Conference 2019 2019(Jan.)
Author:Katori, S. & Fujita, A.

Global Engagement Through Real-World Problem Solving: Leadership and Communication Skills
IEEE Professional Communication 2018 Workshop 2018(Jul. 06)
Author:Akimi Fujita, Elyas Ashenafi Abadi, Perrera Marca Yuri, Ernesto Orlando Rodriguez Alas, Amit Batajoo, Sawako Shiohara, Kenta Nakayachi, Hassan Arafat S. A., Solvi Arnold, Chandani Shrestha, Sohei, Katori, Luis Antonio Peralta Miranda

Cyber Communication: Is it Good or Bad
Professional Communication Japan Chapter , IEEE Professional Communication Society Japan Chapter 2017(Dec. 02)
Author:Batajoo, A. & Fujita, A.

Our New English Café: students with opinions are futureglobal leaders-the best presentation award
IEEE Professional Communication Society Japan Chapter 2017(Dec. 02)
Author:Rodriguez, E. O. A., Shiohara, S., Xuyen, L. T., & Fujita, A.

The Impact of English Cafe on Students' Global Awareness and TOEIC Scores
JACET , JACET 56th International Convention 2017(Aug.)
Author:Fujita, A. and Lai, K.-S.-O.

The measurement of students' communication  skills before and after Kakehashi project with CEFR (The Best Presentation Award)
IEEE Professional Communication Meeting Japan Chapter 2017(Jun. 03)
Author:Norifumi Tanaka, Akimi Fujita, & Mami Onuma

Cosmic-Ray Driven Winds in an Ultraluminous Galaxy
日本天文学会総会 2017(Mar. 15)
Author:Akimi Fujita & Mordecai-Mark Mac Low

Leadership and Communication Skills learned through TEDxShinshu University (The Best Presentation Award)
IEEE Professional Communication Society Japan Chapter 2016(Dec. 03)
Author:Santosh Yonjan, Akimi Fujita

Preliminary Results on the correlation between English Cafe participation and TOEIC scores
IEEE Professional Communication Society Japan Chapter 2016(Dec. 03)
Author:Yusuke Yoshino, Kelvin Lai Siong Ong, Akimi Fujita

English Cafe: Open the Door to the World! (The Best Presentation Award)
IEEE Professional Communications 2016(Jul. 31)
Author:Kelvin Lai Sion Ong, Akimi Fujita

日本物理学会第71回年次大会 2016(Mar. 19)
Author:千代勝実, 安田淳一郎, 三浦裕一, 中村泰之, 古澤彰浩, 齋藤芳子, 小西哲郎, 藤田あき美

日本物理学会第71回年次大会 2016(Mar. 19)
Author:三浦裕一, 中村泰之, 古澤彰浩, 齋藤芳子, 安田淳一郎, 千代勝実, 小西哲郎, 藤田あき美

日本天文学会総会 2016(Mar. 15)
Author:Akimi Fujita

大学教育改革フォーラムin東海2016 2016(Mar. 12)
Author:Akimi Fujita

異なる学生集団に対する FCI調査と誤解を正す実験開発
日本物理学会2015年秋季大会 2015(Sep. 18)
Author:三浦裕一, 中村泰之, 古澤彰浩, 齋藤芳子, 安田淳一郎, 千代勝実, 小西哲郎, 藤田あき美

日本物理学会2015年秋季大会 2015(Sep. 18)
Author:安田淳一郎, 千代勝実, 小西哲郎, 中村泰之, 古澤彰浩, 藤田あき美, 齋藤芳子, 三浦裕一

日本物理学会第70次年会 2015(Mar. 24)

日本物理学会第70次年会 2015(Mar. 24)

日本物理学会秋季大会 2014(Sep. 08)

物理学講義における 学生主体型授業の実践
日本物理学会年次会 2014(Sep. 08)

日本物理学会第69回年次大会 2014(Mar. 27)

日本物理学会第69回年次大会 2014(Mar. 27)

日本物理学会第69回年次大会 2014(Mar. 27)

Spectroscopy Lab: Unveling the Hidden Secrets in Light
大学教育改革フォーラム in 東海2014 2014(Mar. 18)
Author:Akimi Fujita

Research Grants
Grants‐in‐aid for Scientific Research(Research Representative)
2019 - , Galactic Outflow Production of Multiphase Gas in the Circumgalactic Medium , 基盤研究(C)

Grants‐in‐aid for Scientific Research(Researcher)

2018 - , 学内GP Global Cafe


2015 , Introduction to Modern Astrophysics
2014-2015 , Activity-Based Mechanics
2014 , Activity-Based Astronomy: Introduction to Astronomy
2012-2013 , Introduction to Physics I, Experiments
Think --Communicate -- like a Scientist
Academic English I & II
International Student Receipt
2016 , First Term:1 , Second Term:1

Social Activities

Social Activitie
Other Professional Activities
2011-12 - , K-6 Science and Math Challeges: Interactive Planetarium Shows
08/2012 - , Astronomy Summer Camp for 5-8th grade honors students in science
長野南高校Global Cafe's Let Girls Learn Project