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KAWAI Yoshiko

Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Medicine and Health Sciences Institute of MedicineTEL
Education and Research OrganizationSchool of Medicine Innovation of Medical and Health Sciences ResearchFAX
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Research Field
Microcirculation and Lymph Circulation
Academic Background
Graduate School
Hokkaido University , (Graduate School, Division of Medicine) , 2001

Hokkaido University , (Faculty of Medicine) , 1991
2004 , Young Investigator Poster Awards
2002 , Young Investigator Award


Books, Articles, etc.
実技試験攻略のための基本的臨床技能, 丸善株式会社

みえる人体 構造・機能・病態 The human body book “Lymph and immunity” 訳 監訳

3.Mリンパ管内酸素分圧, 朝倉書店 , p282-284

Evaluating Lymph Flow through the Thoracic Duct using Urine Osmolarity in Human Participants.
Lymphatic Res Biol,18(4):351-356 2020
Author:Hayashi M, Watanabe-Asaka T, Maejima D, Nagashio S, Kajihara R, Amari K, Yokoyama Y, Kaidoh M, Sugano M, Honda T, Kawai Y, Ohhashi T

Water intake increases mesenteric lymph flow and the total flux of albumin, long-chain fatty acids, and IL-22 in rats: New concept of absorption in jejunum.
Am J Physiol Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology,316(G155):G165 2019
Author:Nagashio S, Ajima K, Maejima D, Sanjo H, Kajihara R, Hayashi M, Watanabe-Asaka T, Kaidoh M, Yokoyama Y, Taki S, Kawai Y, Ohhashi T

CO2 gas exchange in lungs.
Lungs and Brething,2(3):1 2018
Author:Ohhashi T, Kawai Y

Lymph drainage from the chylocyst induced hemodilution in an in vivo rabbit study.
Lymphat Res Biol,16(2):154-159 2018
Author:Ajima K, Kawai Y, Maejima D, Suzuki S, Yano S, Hayashi M, Katsumata A, Kaidoh M, Yokoyama Y, Ohhashi T

In vivo support for the new concept of pulmonary blood flow-mediated CO2 gas excretion in the lungs.
Am J Physiol.,308(12):L1224-L1236 2015
Author:Kawai Y, Ajima K, Kaidoh M, Sakaguchi M, Tanaka S, Kawamata M, Kimura H, Ohhanshi T

Abdominal respiration induces hemodilution and related reduction of blood.
Lymphat Res Biol.,13(3):202-207 2015
Author:Kawai Y, Ajima K, Nagai T, Yokoyama Y, Kaidoh M, Seto E, Honda T, Ohhashi T.

Proposed new lymphology combined with lymphatic physiology, innate immunology, and oncology(Review).
J Physiol Sci.,65(1):51-66 2015
Author:Ohhashi T, Kawai Y

リンパ学,38(2):71-73 2015

月刊細胞,47(13):12-14 2015

リンパ学,38(1):11-14 2015

リンパ学,38(1):15-18 2015

New Lymphology Combined with Lymphatic Physiology, Innate Immunology, and Oncology
Journal of Blood & Lymph,4(2):126 2014
Author:Ohhashi, T; Kawai, Y

Pivotal roles of lymphatic endothelial cell layers in the permeability to hydrophilic substances through collecting lymph vessel walls: Effects of inflammatory cytokines.
Lymphat Res Biol,12:124-135 2014
Author:Kawai Y, Kaidoh M, Yokoyama Y, Ohhashi T.

Cell surface F1/Fo ATP synthase contributes to interstitial flow-mediated development of the acidic microenvironment in tumor tissues.
Am J Physiol Cell Physiol,305:C1139-C1150 2013
Author:Kawai Y, Kaidoh M, Yokoyama Y, Ohhashi T.

Sphingosine 1-phosphate (S1P) induces S1P2 receptor-dependent tonic contraction in murine iliac lymph vessels.
Microcirculation,20(1):1-16 2013
Author:Kimizuka K, Kawai Y, Maejima D, Ajima K, Kaidoh M, Ohhashi T.

Recent advance in lymph dynamic analysis in lymphatics and lymph nodes.
Ann Vasc Dis,5:258-268 2012
Author:Ikomi F, Kawai Y, Ohhashi T.

Current topics of immunocytochemical and biological properties of human lymphatic endothelial cells.
Ann Vasc Dis,5:269-274 2012
Author:Kawai Y, Ohhashi T.

Pivotal roles of shear stress in the microenvironmental changes that occur within sentinel lymph nodes.
Cancer Sci,103(7):1245-1252 2012
Author:Kawai Y, Kaidoh M, Yokoyama Y, Ohhashi T.

Shear stress-mediated F1/FO ATP synthase-dependent CO2 gas excretion from human pulmonary arteriolar endothelial cells.
J Cell Physiol,227:2059-2068 2012
Author:Kawai Y, Kaidoh M, Yokoyama Y, Ohhashi T.

Real-time imaging of the lymphatic channels and sentinel lymph nodes of the stomach using contrast-enhanced ultrasonography with Sonazoid in a porcine model.
Cancer Sci,102(11):2073-2081 2011
Author:Kawai Y, Ajima K, Nagai T, Kaidoh M, Ohhashi T.

日本香粧品学会誌,34(4):292-296 2010
Author:大橋 俊夫, 河合 佳子

臨床看護,36(7):850-854 2010

Shear stress-induced ATP-mediated endothelial constitutive nitric oxide synthase expression in human lymphatic endothelial cells.
Am J Physiol, Cell Physiol,298:C647-C655 2010
Author:Yoshiko Kawai, Yumiko Yokoyama, Maki Kaidoh, Toshio Ohhashi

Vascular Lab,6:533-536 2009

Vascular Lab,6:422-426 2009

Critical Role for GATA3 in Mediating Tie2 Expression and Function in Large Vessel Endothelial Cells.
J Biol Chem,284:29109-24 2009
Author:Song H, Suehiro J, Kanki Y, Kawai Y, Inoue K, Daida H, Yano K, Ohhashi T, Oettgen P, Aird WC, Kodama T, Minami T.

Topics of physiological and pathophysiological functions of lymphatics.
Curr Mol Med,9:942-53 2009
Author:Kawai Y, Ohhashi T

The chemokine CCL2 facilitates ICAM-1-mediated interactions of cancer cells and lymphatic endothelial cells in sentinel lymph nodes.
Cancer Science,100:419-428 2009
Author:Kawai Y, Kaidoh M, Yokoyama Y, Sano K, Ohhashi T: The chemokine CCL2 facilitates ICAM-1-mediated interactions of cancer cells and lymphatic endothelial cells in sentinel lymph nodes.

実験医学,26:849-854 2008

脈管学,49:125-130 2008

MDA-MB-231 produces ATP-mediated ICAM-1-dependent facilitation of the attachment of carcinoma cells to human lymphatic endothelial cells.
AJP Cell Physiol,295:C1123-1132 2008
Author:Kawai Y, Kaidoh M, Ohhashi T

Critical roles of VEGF-C-VEGF receptor 3 in reconnection of the collecting lymph vessels inmice.
Microcirculation,15:591-603 2008
Author:Ikomi F, Kawai Y, Nakayama J, Ogiwara N, Sasaki K, Mizuno R, Ohhashi T

Heterogeneity in immunohistochemical, genomic, and biological properties of human lymphatic endothelial cells between initial and collecting lymph vessels.
Lymphat Res Biol,6:15-27 2008
Author:Kawai Y, Hosaka K, Kaidoh M, Minami T, Kodama T, Ohhashi T

Significance of tumor-associated stroma in promotion of intratumoral lymphangiogenesis: Pivotal role of a hyaluronan-rich tumor microenvironment.
Am J Pathol,172:179-193 2008
Author:Koyama H, Kobayashi N, Harada M, Takeoka M, Kawai Y, Sano K, Fujimori M, Amano J, Ohhashi T, Kannagi R, Kimata K, Taniguchi S, Itano N

リンパ学,30:13-16 2007

Characterization and microarray analysis of genes in human lymphatic endothelial cells from patients with breast cancer.
Lymphat Res Biol,5:115-126 2007
Author:Kawai Y, Minami T, Fujimori M, Hosaka K, Mizuno R, Ikomi F, Kodama T, Ohhashi T

Immunohistochemical demonstration of proliferating lymphatic vessels in colorectal carcinoma and its clinicopathological significance.
Cancer letters,246:167-72 2007
Author:Omachi T, Kawai Y, Mizuno R, Nomiyama T, Miyagawa S, Ohhashi T, Nakayama J.

リンパ学,28:74-76 2005

炎症と免疫,13:395-404 2005

細胞,37:192-195 2005

Heart View,9:1267-1272 2005

Characterization and lymphangiogenic properties of cultured rat lymphatic endothelial cells
Microcirculation annual,31:77-78 2005
Author:Kawai Y, Mizuno R, Ikomi F, Ohhashi T

Current topics of physiology and pharmacology in the lymphatic system
Pharmacol Ther,105(2):165-188 2005
Author:Ohhashi T, Mizuno R, Ikomi F, Kawai Y

Culture of rat lymphatic endothelial cells isolated from afferent and efferent lymph vessels and their biological properties
FASEB JOURNAL,19(4):A168-A168 2005
Author:Kawai, Y; Mizuno, R; Ikomi, F; Ohhashi, T

リンパ学,27:92-96 2004

血管腫・血管奇形の診断と治療のストラテジー,:122-129 2004
Author:佐々木 了,山本有平,河合佳子,村尾尚規,浅野剛,杉原平樹

リンパ系の生理学から見たsentinel node理論
臨床外科,59:535-543 2004

Development of rat lymphatic endothelial cell line and its biological properties
Microcirculation Annual 2004,20:9-10 2004
Author:Kawai Y, Ohhashi T

Epigenetic silencing of E- and P-cadherin gene expression in human melanoma cell lines
Int J Oncol,25(5):1415-1421 2004
Author:Tsutsumida A, Hamada J, Tada M, Aoyama T, Furuuchi K, Kawai Y, Yamamoto Y, Sugihara T, Moriuchi T

医学のあゆみ,207:959-960 2003
Author:河合佳子,竹田明彦,Gershenwald JE

医学のあゆみ,206:467-468 2003
Author:河合佳子,竹田明彦,Gershenwald JE,杉原平樹

Proposed new lymphology combined with lymphatic physiology, innate immunology, and oncology: From lymph flow points of view
Lymphatic Forum 2019  2019(Jun.)
Presenter:Kawai Y, Hayashi M, Watanabe-Asaka T, Ohhashi T

Physiological research of sentinel lymph node with lymph flow dynamics and its clinical application.
International Sentinel Node Society Biennial Meeting (ISNS 2018) 2018(Oct.)
Presenter:Kawai Y