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Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Science and Technology Institute of Textile Science and TechnologyTEL
Education and Research OrganizationFaculty of Textile Science and Technology Department of Chemistry and Materials Course of Applied Molecular ChemistryFAX
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Research Field
Polymer chemistry
Polymer chemistry
Polymer chemistry
Polymer/Textile materials
Keywords:Barrier , Dyeing , Dialysis , Gas separation , Nanofiber
Current Subject
Dyeing nanofibers
Preparation of charged mosaic membranes
Keywords:Charged mosaic membrane
Preparation of barrier films
Academic Background
Graduate School
Meiji University , (Industrial Chemistry , Graduate School, Division of Science and Engineering) , 2000

Meiji University , (Faculty of Science and Engineering) , 1994


Books, Articles, etc.
第18章 フィルムのバリア性測定, 有機エレクトロニクス封止・バリア技術の開発 , 179-188
シーエムシー出版 2017

第11章 ガスバリア性フィラーの種類、特性と活用法, 最新フィラー全集 , 203-213
R&D支援センター 2015
Author:平田雄一 他14名

第2章 バリア性の理論第3節非多孔材中の物質移動, バリア技術 , 32-70
共立出版 2014
Author:永井一清、共同執筆:平田雄一 他14名

第3章 第2節 フィルムのバリア性測定, Clayteam 技術解説書 , 89-104
中央印刷 2011

第1章 2節 複層構造(ラミネート等), 最新バリア技術 ―バリアフィルム,バリア容器,封止材・シーリング材の現状と展開― , 13-20
シーエムシー出版 2011

第1章 2節 ラミネート膜の透過メカニズム, 気体分離膜・透過膜・バリア膜の最新技術 , 16-22
シーエムシー出版 2007

Cationic-Cellulose Nanofibers: Preparation and Dyeability with Anionic Reactive Dyes for Apparel Application
Carbohydrate Polym.,91:434-443 2013
Author:Z. Khatri, G. Mayakrishnan, Y. Hirata, K. Wei, I.-S. Kim

Relationship between the Dye/Additive Interaction and Inkjet Ink Droplet Formation
Dyes and Pigments,95(3):502-511 2012
Author:J.-Y. Park, Y. Hirata, K. Hamada

Dye Aggregation and Interaction of Dyes with a Water-Soluble Polymer in Inkjet Ink for Textiles
Coloration Technology,128(3):184-191 2012
Author:Ju-Young Park, Yuichi Hirata, Kunihiro Hamada

Effects of Polymer Molecular Weight on the Interaction between Dyes and Polymers in Inkjet Ink for Textiles
J. Soc. Fiber Sci. Tech., Japan,67(11):233-239 2011
Author:Ju-Young Park, Yuichi Hirata, Kunihiro Hamada

Interaction between Dyes and Surfactants in Inkjet Ink for Textiles
J. Oleo Sci.,60:627-637 2011
Author:Ju-Young Park, Yuichi Hirata, Kunihiro Hamada

Sorption of water vapor of EVAL/PAA Blend nano-nonwovens modified by Layer-by-layer technique
Desalination and water treatment,17:2-9 2010
Author:T. Kouzu, Y. Hirata, K. Hamada

Introduction of various quaternary ammonium salts as cationic binding sites in partially-hydrolyzed poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate) films,
Desalination and water treatment,17:127-134 2010
Author:Y. Hirata, T. Kawasumi, K. Hamada

Ethyl hexanoate transfer in paper and plastic food packaging by sorption and permeation experiments
Journal of Food Engineering,89:217-226 2008
Author:Cecile Dury-Brun, Yuichi Hirata, Valerie Guillard, Violette Ducruet, Pascale Chalier, Andree Voilley

Effect of a low-pressure plasma treatment on water vapor diffusivity and permeability of poly(ethylene-co-vinyl alcohol)and polyethylene films
Surface and Coatings Technology,201(3-4):868-879 2006
Author:S. Marais; Y. Hirata; C. Cabot; S. Morin-Grognet; M.-R. Garda; H. Atmani; F. Poncin-Epaillard

Effect of temperature on the solubility of aroma compounds in polyethylene film
Polymer Testing,25(5):690-696 2006
Author:Y. Hirata; V. Ducruet

Preparation and solubility of water-methanol mixtures in sulfonated poly(etherketone) containing a cardo-ring structure
Journal of Applied Polymer Science,100(2):1113-1123 2006
Author:C. Akiba; K. Watanabe; K. Nagai; Y. Hirata; Q. T. Nguyen

Effects of Acyl Chain Structures on Oxygen Permeability through Cellulose Ester Films
1.8 2019(May 10)
Presenter:Yuichi HIRATA, Nao Ozawa

ISSP-18 2018(Jul.)
Presenter:Yuichi Hirata, Takuya Kitajima

Biopol2017 2017(Sep.)
Presenter:Yuichi Hirata, Takuya Kitajima

Water vapor permeability of Cellulose nanofiber/PLA nanocomposite membranes
MATBIM2017 2017(Apr.)
Presenter:Yuichi Hirata, Takuya Kitajima

Development of water vapor transmission rate measurement apparatus for high permeable materials
Third French-Japanese meetings on future of fibers and textiles 12 2016(Oct.)
Presenter:Yuichi Hirata

Effect of cellulose nanowhisker on oxygen permeability through cellulose nanowhisker/cellulose triacetate nanocomposite films
BiPoCo P60 2016(Aug.)
Presenter:Yuichi Hirata, Yoshihito Aizawa, Kunihiro Hamada

Shrink Proofing of Wool Fibers: Effect of Pretreatments with Shellac and Keratinase
The 13th Asian Textile Conference 2015
Presenter:Naoko Nagashima, Yuichi Hirata, Kunihiro Hamada, Toru Takagishi

Synthesis of Novel Cationic Gemini Surfactants having Benzene Dicarboxylic Ester Structures in the Spacer Group and theSolubilization of Non-Ionic Dyes in their Micellar Solutions
The 13th Asian Textile Conference 2015
Presenter:Yuichi Hirata, Misato Sakakibara, Kunihiro Hamada

Preparation of the charged mosaic membrane based on nanofiber nonwoven and their solute permeability
ISF2014 2014(Sep.)
Presenter:H. Misawa, Y. Hirata, K. Hamada

Synthesis of novel cationic gemini surfactants having benzene dicarboxylic ester structures in the spacer group and the solubilization of disperse dye in their micellar solutions
ISF2014 2014(Sep.)
Presenter:Misato Sakakibara, Yuichi Hirat, Kunihiro Hamad

Dyeing Behavior and Structural Change of the Wool Fibers Treated with Reduction and Subsequent Oxidation
ISF2014 2014(Sep.)
Presenter:Y. Matsumoto,Y. Hirata, K. Hamada, K. Suzuta

Synthesis of novel cationic surfactants having different chemical structure in the hydrophobic tail and the solubilization of nonionic dyes in their micellar solutions
ISF2014 2014(Sep.)
Presenter:Okabe Moe, Yuichi Hirata, Kunihiro Hamada

The shrink-resistance performance and dyeability of wool coated with CMADK
ISF2014 2014(Sep.)
Presenter:K.Watanabe, Y.Hirata, T.Hamada, N.Nagashima, M.Shinozuka

Preparation of Graded Hydrophilic Materials by Deacetylation of Cellulose Acetate Films
MATBIM2012 2012
Presenter:Y. Hirata, R. Wada, K. Hamada

Preparation of charged mosaic membranes based on nanofiber nonwovens and their solute permeability
Pachifichem2010 2010
Presenter:Yuichi Hirata, Takashi Kouze, Kunihiro Hamada

Sorption of water vapor of EVAL/PAA Blend nano-nonwovens modified by Layer-by-layer technique
AMS-5 2009(Jul.)
Presenter:Takashi Kouzu, Yuichi Hirata, Kunihiro Hamada

Introduction of various quaternary ammonium salts as cationic binding sites in partially-hydrolyzed poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate) films
AMS-5 2009(Jul.)
Presenter:Y. Hirata, T. Kawasumi, K. Hamada

Development of a novel permeation system for determining the water vapor transmission of high barrier polymer films
ICOM2008 2008(Jun.)
Presenter:Y.Hirata, K. Hamada, Y. Murakami