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Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Science and Technology Institute of EngineeringTEL+81-26-269-5396
Education and Research OrganizationFaculty of Engineering Department of Chemistry and Material EngineeringFAX+81-26-269-5394
PositionAssociate ProfessorMail
Address4-17-1 Wakasato, Nagano 380-8553, JapanWeb site



Assigned Class
Graduate School, Division of Science and Technology
Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Technology
Research Field
Enzyme chemistry, Applied microbiology, Genetic engineering
Current Subject
Investigation and Characterization of Biomass Degradation Enzymes
Keywords:Basidiomycete , Biomass degradation , Cellulose
Induction mechanism of cellulolytic enzymes in filamentous fungi
Keywords:Induction mechanism of cellulase
Study on Biomass Utilization
Study on Ligninolytic Enzymes from Fungi
Keywords:White-rot fungi , Ligninolytic enzymes , Lignin
Academic Societies
Academic Societies
The Japanese Society of Applied Glycoscience
Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Agrochemistry
The Cellulose Society of Japan
The Society for Biotechnology, Japan
Academic Background
Graduate School
Hokkaido University , (Graduate School, Division of Agriculture) , 1998
Hirosaki University , (Graduate School, Division of Agriculture) , 1995

Hirosaki University , (Faculty of Agriculture) , 1993

Doctor of Agriculture, Hokkaido Univ.
Research Career
Research Career
2005- , Associate Professor, Shinshu Univ.
1999-2004 , Assistant Professor, Shinshu Univ.

Other Career
2007-2007 , Part-time Lecturer, Hirosaki Univ.

Overseas Education
2007-2008 , Visiting Scientist, Institute of Chemical Engineering, Technology Univ. of Vienna


Books, Articles, etc.
バイオマス分解酵素研究の最前線ーセルラーゼ・ヘミセルラーゼを中心としてー 第1章 5. 担子菌 (Irpex lacteus) のセルラーゼ
シーエムシー出版 2012

Orientation control of Trametes laccases on a carbon electrode surface to understand the orientation effect on the electrocatalytic activity
Bioconjug Chem 2018
Author:Hoshikawa Y, Castro-Muñiz A, Tawata H, Nozaki K, Yamane S, Itoh T, Kyotani T

Comparison of catalytic properties of multiple β-glucosidases of Trichoderma reesei
Appl Microbiol Biotechnol 2016(Feb. 08)
Author:B. Guo, N. Sato, P. Biely, Y. Amano. K. Nozaki

Improvements in glucose sensitivity and stability of Trichoderma reesei β-glucosidase using site-directed mutagenesis
PLOS ONE 2016(Jan. 18)
Author:B. Guo, Y. Amano, K. Nozaki

Trichoderma reesei におけるセルラーゼ誘導・生産メカニズムの解明 ーβ-グルコシダーゼの役割についてー(総説)
応用糖質科学,6(2):96-102 2016
Author:野﨑功一,郭 博洋,畠中理志,天野良彦

Extra tyrosine in the carbohydrate-binding module of Irpex lacteus Xyn10B enhances its cellulose-binding ability
Biosci Biotechnol Biochem,79(5):738-746 2015(May 04)
Author:Nishijima, H; Nozaki, K; Mizuno, M; Arai, T; Amano, Y

Irpex lacteus由来GH10キシラナーゼの新規セルロース高吸着CBM1(総説)
応用糖質科学,4(2):154-159 2014(Apr. 01)

応用糖質科学,3(1):61-67 2013(Apr. 01)

Production of feruloylated arabino-oligosaccharides (FA-AOs) from beet fiber by hydrothermal treatment
J Supercritical Fluids,79:84-91 2013
Author:N. Sato, Y. Takano, M. Mizuno, K. Nozaki, S. Umemura, T. Matsuzawa, Y. Amano, S. Makishima

Regulation of adsorption behavior of carbohydrate-binding domain family 1 and endo-β-1,4-glucanase onto crystalline cellulose.
J Appl Glycosci,58(4):133-138 2011
Author:Nozaki, K; Nishijima, H; Arai, T; Mizuno, M; Sato, N; Amano, Y

Comparative study on the ability to produce gentiobiose in cellulose-producing bacteria Asaia bogorensis and Gluconacetobacter xylinus
J Appl Glycosci,58(4):147-150 2011
Author:Kumagai, A; Mizuno, M; Nozaki, K; Saxena, I M; Amano, Y

Ultrafine cellulose fibers produced by Asaia bogorensis, an acetic acid bacterium
Biomacromol,12(7):2815-2821 2011
Author:Kumagai, A; Mizuno, M; Kato, N; Nozaki, K; Togawa, E; Yamanaka, S; Okuda, K; Inder M. Saxena, Amano, Y

Enzymatic production of glucosylxylose using a cellobiose phosphorylase-yeast combined system
J Appl Glycosci,58:31-34 2011
Author:Kumagai, A; Tada, S; Nozaki, K; Mizuno, M; Kanda, T; Suzuki, S; Kusumoto, K; Sasaki, T; Kashiwagi, Y; Amano, Y

Improvement in the productivity of xylooligosaccharides from waste medium after mushroom cultivation by hydrothermal treatment with suitable pretreatment
Bioresour Technol,101(15):6006-6011 2010(Aug.)
Author:Sato, N; Shinji, K; Mizuno, M; Nozaki, K; Suzuki, M; Makishima, S; Shiroishi, M; Onoda, T; Takahashi, F; Kanda, T; Amano, Y

Screening and investigation of dye decolorization activity produced by basidiomycetes
J Biosci Bioeng 2008
Author:Nozaki, K; Beh, CH; Mizuno, M; Isobe, T; Shiroishi, M; Kanda, T; Amano, Y

Viability and cellulose synthesizing ability of Gluconacetobacter xylinus cells under high-hydrostatic pressure.
Extremophiles,11:693-698 2007
Author:Kato, N; Sato, T; Kato, C; Yajima, M; Sugiyama, J; Kanda, T; Mizuno, M; Nozaki, K; Yamanaka, S; Amano, Y

Structural analysis of the water-soluble carbohydrate from Asaia bogorensis by NMR spectroscopy
J Appl Glycosci,54:231-233 2007
Author:Kato, N; Mizuno, M; Nakai, Y; Nozaki, K; Suga, H; Kanda, T; Yamanaka, S; Amano, Y

Structure and characteristics of an endo-beta-1,4-glucanase, isolated from Trametes hirsuta, with high degradation to crystalline cellulose
Biosci Biotechnol Biochem,71(10):2375-2382 2007
Author:Nozaki, K; Seki, T; Matsui, K; Mizuno, M; Kanda, T; Amano, Y

Recovery of soluble sugars from waste medium for Enokitake (Flammulina velutipes) mushroom cultivation with hydrothermal reaction and enzyme digestion
J App Glycosci,53:261-266 2006
Author:Makishima, S; Nozaki, K; Mizuno, M; Netsu, E; Shinji, K; Shibayama, T; Kanda, T; Amano, Y

Accumulation of cello-oligosaccharides during bacterial cellulose production by Acetobacter xylinum
J Appl Glycosci,52:27-30 2005
Author:Ito, F; Amano, Y; Shiroishi, M; Nozaki, K; Saxena, IM; R Malcolm Brown Jr.; Kanda, T

Effects of culture medium components on cultivation of Flammulina velutipes and characteristics of fruit body
J Appl Glycosci,52:133-136 2005
Author:Shiroishi, M; Nishizawa, K; Nozaki, K; Amano, Y; Kanda, T

Mode of action of cellulases on dyed cotton with a reactive dye
Biosci Biotechnol Biochem,69(1):45-50 2005
Author:Yamada, M; Amano, Y; Horikawa, E; Nozaki, K; Kanda, T

Action of cellulase on partially modified cotton by carboxymethylation
Sen-i Gakkaishi,61(1):13-18 2005
Author:Yamada, M; Amano, Y; Horikawa, E; Izawa, Y; Nozaki, K; Kanda, T

Morphological observation of partially carboxymethylated cotton treated by cellulase
Sen-i Gakkaishi,61(2):48-54 2005
Author:Yamada, M; Amano, Y; Nozaki, K; Kanda, T

Hydrolysis of water-soluble and water-insoluble cellulosic substrates by endo-beta-1,4-glucanase from Acetobacter xylinum
J Appl Glycosci,51:297-301 2004
Author:Ito, F; Amano, Y; Nozaki, K; Saxena, IM; R. M. Brown Jr.; Kanda,T

Transglycosylation reaction and acceptor specificity of exo- and endo-type cellulases
J Appl Glycosci,51:87-92 2004
Author:Nozaki, K; Kano, A; Amano, Y; Murata, T; Usui, T; Ito, K; Kanda, T

The relationship between cellulase activity, oligosaccharides and cellulose production by Acetobacter xylinum ATCC23769
J Biol Macromol,4:83-90 2004
Author:Ito, F; Amano, Y; Nozaki, K; Saxena, IM;RM Brown Jr.; Kanda, T

Starch properties of the sago palm (Metroxylon sagu Rottb.) in different soils
Plant Foods Hum Nutr,59(3):85-92 2004
Author:Nozaki, K; Nuyim, T; Shinano, T; Hamada, S; Ito, H; Matsui, H; Osaki, M

Some characteristics of three groups in Flammulina velutipes classified by analysis of esterase isozymes
Mycosci,44:19-23 2003
Author:Nisizawa, K; Amano, Y; Nozaki, K; Hosokawa, N; Shiroishi, M; Kanda, T

Structure and physicochemical properties ofstarches from kidney bean seeds at immature, premature and mature stages of development
Carbohydr Res,338:463-469 2003
Author:Yoshida, H; Nozaki, K; Hanashiro, I; Yagi, F; Ito, H; Honma, M; Matsui, H; Takeda, Y

Molecular cloning of a cDNA encoding granule-bound starch synthase I from kidney bean seeds and expression in Esherichia coli
J Appl Glycosci,50:355-360 2003
Author:Isono, N; Ito, H; Senoura, T; Yoshikawa, H; Nozaki, K; Matsui, H

Aglycone specificity in transglycosylation of a xylanase produced from Basidiomycete, Hypsizigus marmoreus during the mushroom cultivation
J Appl Glycosci,49:137-143 2002
Author:Nishizawa,K; Amano, Y; Isobe, T; Nozaki, K; Shiroishi, M; Kanda, T

Differential characteristics and subcellular localization of two starch-branching enzyme isoforms encoded by a single gene in Phaseolus vulgaris L..
J Biol Chem,277:16538-16546 2002
Author:Hamada, S; Ito, H; Hiraga, S; Inagaki, K; Nozaki, K; Isono, N; Yoshimoto, Y; Takeda, Y; Matsui, H

Progress on studying the biological role of cellobiose dehydrogenase from Irpex lacteus
J Biol Macromol,2:11-18 2002
Author:Hai, PQ; Nozaki, K; Amano, Y; Kanda, T

Synergistic effects of cellobiose dehydrogenase, cellulases, and beta-glucosidase from Irpex lacteus in the degradation of various type of cellulose
J Appl Glycosci,49:9-17 2002
Author:Hai, PQ; Nozaki, K; Amano, Y; Kanda, T

Peroxidase assay in mycelia of Flammulina velutipes for screening undesirable changes inpinning
Mokuzai Gakkaishi,48(1):38-43 2002
Author:Nishizawa, K; Amano, Y; Shiroishi, M; Suzuki, I; Nozaki, K; Miyashita, K; Kanda, T

エノキタケ(Flammilina velutipes) 系統間遺伝的差異の解析
J Appl Glycosci,48:215-221 2001
Author:Nishizawa, K; Amano, Y; Nozaki, K; Shiroishi, M; Hosokawa, N; Miyashita, K; Kanda, T

Two starch branching enzyme isoforms occur in different fractions of developing seeds of kidney bean
Biochem J,359:23-34 2001
Author:Hamada, S; Nozaki, K; Ito, H; Yoshimoto, Y; Yoshida, H; Hiraga, S; Onodera, S; Honma, M; Takeda, Y; Matsui, H

Major isoforms of starch branching enzymes in premature seeds of kidney bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)
Biosci Biotechnol Biochem,65:1141-1148 2001
Author:Nozaki, K; Hamada, S; Nakamori, T; Ito, H; Sagisaka, S; Yoshida, H;Takeda, Y; Honma, M; Matsui, H

Heterogeneity of the morphology of growing starch granules at the developing seeds of kidney bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)
J Grad School Agr Hokkaido Univ,70(2):89-109 2001
Author:Nozaki, K; Isono, N; Hamada, S; Sagisaka, S; Hiraga, S; Ito, H; Matsui, H

Reactivities of cellulases from fungi towards ribbon-type bacterial cellulose and band-shaped bacterial cellulose
Cellulose,8(4):267-274 2001
Author:Amano, Y; Nozaki, K; Araki, T; Shibasaki, H; Kuga, S; Kanda, T

Purification and characterization of cellobiose dehydrodenase from Irpex lacteus and its adsorption on cellulose
J Appl Glycosci,47:311-318 2000
Author:Hai, PQ; Nozaki, K; Amano, Y; Kanda, T

Trafficking of starch synthase from the cytosol to functional sites in younger and older proplastidsin developing stolons of potato
J Plant Physiol,154:310-318 1999
Author:Sagisaka, S; Akita, T; Akase, T; Matsumoto, K; Nozaki, K; Matsui, H; Ito, H; Honma, M

Amylases and branching enzyme of developing kidney bean seeds on native electrophoretic gel
J Appl Glycosci,45:117-122 1998
Author:Nozaki, K; Matsui, H; Tonokawa, T; Mori, H; Ito, H; Honma, M; Chiba, S

Novel exopolygalacturonases produced by Alternaria mali
Biosci Biotechnol Biochem,61:75-80 1997
Author:Nozaki, K; Miyairi, K; Hozumi, S; Fukui, Y; Okuno, T

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Biological Chemistry
Cellulase induction and production