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Aoyama Takumi

Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Humanities and Social Sciences Institute of EducationTEL
Education and Research OrganizationFaculty of Education Language EducationFAX
PositionAssistant ProfessorMail
Address6-Ro, Nishinagano, Nagano City 380-8544Web site


Research Field
English Language Teaching
Second Language Acquisition
Academic Background
Graduate School
University of Warwick , (MA in English Language Teaching (Studies and Methods) , Centre for Applied Linguistics) , 2016

Chiba University , (Faculty of Education) , 2015

MA in English Language Teaching (Studies and Methods) , University of Warwick, UK
Research Career
Research Career
2018-2019 , Lecturer, Center for Foreign Language Education, Shimane University

Overseas Education
2013-2014 , Faculty of Education, University of Lapland, Finland


Books, Articles, etc.
ウィーン海外教育実習プログラム : 異文化交流を通した高度教育実践 
千葉大学教育学部研究紀要,67:277–284 2019
Author:本田勝久, 青山拓実, 木田祐資, 田所貴大

Longitudinal L2 motivation inquiry: A response to Lamb's (2016) 'when motivation research motivates: issues in long-term empirical investigations'.
Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching,Online First 2019
Author:Sal Consoli, Takumi Aoyama

Understanding motivation in the language classroom: Insights from complexity perspectives.
Journal of the Center for Foreign Language Education,14:33–43 2019
Author:Takumi Aoyama

A Systematic review of articles in KATE 1–31: The changing trends in the field of English education
KATE Journal,32:85–98 2018
Author:Katsuhisa Honda, Mami Hoshika, Takumi Aoyama, Fujishige Someya, Takenori Yamamoto

Reporting practices in L2 quantitative research: A systematic review of ARELE 13–28.
Annual Review of English Language Education in Japan,29:241–256 2018
Author:Takumi Aoyama, Mami Hoshika, Katsuhisa Honda

The forum on language learning motivation: The first steps
ELT Research,33 2018
Author:Sal Consoli, Takumi Aoyama

Introducing FOLLM: Forum on language learning motivation
The Warwick ELT,1:308–314 2017
Author:Takumi Aoyama, Sal Consoli

The overseas teaching practicum in pre-service English teacher training: A qualitative data analysis using SCAT
Annual Review of English Language Education in Japan,28:289–301 2017
Author:Katsuhisa Honda, Takumi Aoyama, Takahiro Tadokoro, Yusuke Kida

全国英語教育学会 第45回弘前研究大会 2019(Aug. 18)
Author:菊原健吾, 大内瑠寧, 伊東哲, 黒柳美結, 青山拓実, 酒井英樹

Willingness to Communicateとその関連要因の経時的変化—中学3年間の縦断データから—
全国英語教育学会 第45回弘前研究大会 2019(Aug. 17)
Author:青山拓実, 菊原健吾, 大内瑠寧

Longitudinal Dynamics of Willingness to Communicate and International Posture in the Japanese EFL Context
FOLLM Go Global Sydney 2019(Aug. 13)
Author:Takumi Aoyama

Small Talkに見られるTeacher Talkの方略:MERRIER Approachからの分析
小学校英語教育学会北海道大会 2019(Jul. 22)
Author:和田順一, 酒井英樹, 青山拓実, 大内瑠寧

Exploring Japanese returnees' psychological adaptation process and language learning experience: Qualitative trajectory modeling aproach
Inaugural Conference on Language Teaching and Learning: Cognition and Identity 2019(Jun. 29)
Author:Takumi Aoyama

中部地区英語教育学会石川大会 2019(Jun. 23)
Author:青山拓実, 島田英昭, 菊原健吾, 酒井英樹

中部地区英語教育学会石川大会 2019(Jun. 22)
Author:工藤洋路, 酒井英樹, 青山拓実, 菊原健吾, 小森真樹

Exploring teachers’ impact on student demotivation in the Japanese EFL context.
AsiaTEFL2018 International Conference, Macau 2018(Jun. 28)
Author:Yoko Suzuki, Takumi Aoyama

Revisiting the L2 motivational self system: Focusing on self-discrepancy
AsiaTEFL2018 International Conference, Macau 2018(Jun. 28)
Author:Takumi Aoyama

Self-discrepancies, beliefs, and self-authenticity: A replication of Henry & Cliffordson (2017)
PLL3 Conference, Tokyo 2018(Jun. 10)
Author:Takumi Aoyama

L2 motivation and out-of-school factors in the Japanese EFL context: A preliminary study
Forum on Language Learning Motivation , FOLLM March 2018, King's College London 2018(Mar. 16)
Author:Takumi Aoyama

Learners’ perspectives on learning engineering vocabularies in KOSEN: Exploring their changes by quantitative content analysis
International Conference on ESP: New technologies and digital learning, Hong Kong 2017(Dec. 08)
Author:Takenori Yamamoto, Takumi Aoyama

A retrospective-longitudinal review of L2 motivation research: Research trends in the Japanese EFL context
動機づけ理論研究会, 大阪大学 2017(Nov. 04)
Author:Takumi Aoyama

Language learning motivation research in Japan: A systematic review
The 27th Annual Conference of the European Second Language Association (EUROSLA), Reading, England 2017(Aug. 31)
Author:Takumi Aoyama

L2 Motivation Research in Japan: A Systematic Review of Articles Published in Domestic Journals
The 15th AsiaTEFL Conference, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2017(Jul. 13)
Author:Takumi Aoyama

Synthesising research on L2 motivation: A call for meta-analysis
Second Language Research Forum 2016 (SLRF). Teachers College, Columbia University, NY 2016(Sep. 23)
Author:Takumi Aoyama

Meta-analysis in L2 motivation: Potentials of quantitative research synthesis
The 19th Warwick International Postgraduate Conference in Applied Linguistics. University of Warwick, Coventry, England 2016(Jun. 28)
Author:Takumi Aoyama

Age related differences in L2 motivation among Japanese EFL learners: Multi-group structural equation modeling
The 13th Asia TEFL International Conference, Nanjing, China 2015(Nov.)
Author:Takumi Aoyama

L2 selves, attitude and intercultural contact among learners of English and Swedish in Finland
the 25th Annual Conference of the European Second Language Association (EuroSLA), Aix-en-Provence, France 2015(Aug.)
Author:Takumi Aoyama

Social Activities

Social Activitie
Organization of Conferences and/or Symposia
2016 - 2017 , Warwick International Conference on Applied Linguistics , Organising Committee
2016 - , Forum on Language Learning Motivation , Covener