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Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Medicine and Health Sciences Institute of Health ScienceTEL0263-37-3548
Education and Research OrganizationInterdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research, Institute for Biomedical Sciences , Department of Biological Sciences for Intractable Neurological DiseasesFAX0263373549
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Address3-1-1 Asahi, Matsumoto 390-8621Web site



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protein chemistry
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Books, Articles, etc.
Identification of Disease-Promoting HLA Class I and Protective Class II Modifiers in Japanese Patients with Familial Mediterranean Fever
PLOS ONE,10(5):e0125938 2015
Author:Yasunami, Michio; Nakamura, Hitomi; Agematsu, Kazunaga; Nakamura, Akinori; Yazaki, Masahide; Kishida, Dai; Yachie, Akihiro; Toma, Tomoko; Masumoto, Junya; Ida, Hiroaki; Koga, Tomohiro; Kawakami, Atsushi; Eguchi, Katsumi; Furukawa, Hiroshi; Nakamura, Tadashi; Nakamura, Minoru; Migita, Kiyoshi

The pathological and biochemical identification of possible seed-lesions of transmitted transthyretin amyloidosis after domino liver transplantation.
The Journal of Pathology,2(2):72-79 2015
Author:Yoshinaga Tsuneaki, Yazaki Masahide, Sekijima Yoshiki, Kametani Fuyuki, Miyashita Kana, Hachiya Naomi, Tanaka Tomohiro, Kokudo Norihiro, Higuchi Keiichi, Ikeda Shu‐ichi

The first pure form of Ostertag-type amyloidosis in Japan
Amyloid,22:142 2015
Author:Yazaki M, Yoshinaga T, Sekijima Y, et al.

p.E66Q mutation in the GLA gene is associated with a high risk of cerebral small-vessel occlusion in elderly Japanese males
Author:Nakamura, K; Sekijima, Y; Nakamura, K; Hattori, K; Nagamatsu, K; Shimizu, Y; Yazaki, M; Sakurai, A; Endo, F; Fukushima, Y; Ikeda, SI

Genotype-phenotype correlation in Japanese patients with familial Medeiterranean fever
Arthritis Res Thr,16:439 2014
Author:Kishida D, Nakamura A, Yazaki M, et al

Conventional Diet Therapy for Hyperammonemia is Risky in the Treatment of Hepatic Encephalopathy Associated with Citrin Deficiency
INTERNAL MEDICINE,49(3):243-247 2010
Author:Fukushima, Kazuhiro; Yazaki, Masahide; Nakamura, Mio; Tanaka, Naoki; Kobayashi, Keiko; Saheki, Takeyori; Takei, Hideki; Ikeda, Shu-ichi

Rituximab therapy in nephrotic syndrome due to AH amyloidosis
Author:Katoh, Nagaaki; Matsuda, Masayuki; Miyazaki, Daigo; Gono, Takahisa; Yazaki, Masahide; Ikeda, Shu-Ichi

The Author Reply: A Truly Unusual Vascular Overgrowth Syndrome
INTERNAL MEDICINE,48(6):495 2009
Author:Yazaki, M; Ikeda, S

An Unusual Case of Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber Syndrome Presenting with Portosystemic Encephalopathy
INTERNAL MEDICINE,47(18):1621-1625 2008
Author:Yazaki, M; Kaneko, K; Tojo, K; Miyazaki, D; Shimojima, Y; Ueda, K; Ikeda, SI

信州医学雑誌,55(4):173-180 2007(Aug.)
Keywords:periodic fever syndrome, FMF, pyrin, AA amyloidosis, colchicine, 周期性発熱症, 家族性地中海熱, ピリン, AA アミロイドーシス, コルヒチン

A lean man with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
Author:Tanaka, Naoki; Yazaki, Masahide; Kobayashi, Keiko;

Transthyretin-derived amyloid deposition on the gastric mucosa in domino recipients of familial amyloid polyneuropathy liver
LIVER TRANSPLANTATION,13(2):215-218 2007(Feb.)
Author:Takei, Yo-ichi; Gono, Takahiso; Yazaki, Masahide; Ikeda, Shu-ichi; Ikegami, Toshihiko; Hashikura, Yasuhiko; Miyagawa, Shin-ichi; Hoshii, Yoshinobu;

Biopsy-proven tuberculous meningitis mimicking CNS sarcoidosis
INTERNAL MEDICINE,46(24):2001-2005 2007
Author:Tojo, Kana; Yazaki, Masahide; Machida, Kazuko; Sano, Kenji; Yoshida, Kunihiro; Ikeda, Shu-ichi;

An autopsy case with adult onset type II citrullinemia showing myelopathy
Author:Tazawa, Ko-ichi; Shimojima, Yasuhiro; Okano, Tomomi; Yazaki, Masahide; Takei, Yo-ichi; Shimojo, Hisashi; Kobayashi, Keiko; Saheki, Takeyori; Ikeda, Shu-ichi;

Isaacs' syndrome associated with myasthenia gravis, showing remission after cytoreductive surgery of pleural recurrence of thymoma
NEUROMUSCULAR DISORDERS,16(11):763-765 2006(Nov.)
Author:Fukushima, Kazuhiro; Sato, Toshio; Mitsuhashi, Shigeaki; Kaneko, Kazuma; Yazaki, Masahide; Matsuda, Masayuki; Hashimoto, Takao; Hamanaka, Kazutoshi; Yoshida, Kazuo; Ikeda, Shu-ichi;

AH amyloidosis associated with lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma secreting a monoclonal gamma heavy chain carrying an unusual truncated D segment
Author:Gono, Takahisa; Yazaki, Masahide; Fushimi, Tomohisa; Suzuki, Takefumi; Uehara, Tsuyoshi; Sano, Kenji; Kametani, Fuyuki; Ito, Nobuo; Matsushita, Masahiro; Nakamura, Shigeo; Hoshii, Yoshinobu; Matsuda, Masayuki; Ikeda, Shu-ichi;

Pure red cell aplasia developing after treatment of pleural recurrence of thymoma, successfully treated with cyclosporin A but not with tacrolimus
INTERNAL MEDICINE,45(7):485-486 2006
Author:Fukushima, Kazuhiro; Sato, Toshio; Mitsuhashi, Shigeaki; Gono, Takahisa; Kaneko, Kazuma; Yazaki, Masahide; Mastuda, Masayuki; Ikeda, Shu-ichi;

Severe cranial nerve involvement in a patient with monoclonal anti-MAG/SGPG IgM antibody and localized hard palate amyloidosis
Author:Yoshida, Takuhiro; Yazaki, Masahide; Gono, Takahisa; Tazawa, Ko-ichi; Morita, Hiroshi; Matsuda, Masayuki; Funakoshi, Kei; Yuki, Nobuhiro; Ikeda, Shu-ichi;

Transthyretin-derived amyloid deposition in the gastric mucosa of domino recipients of familial amyloid polyneuropathy liver
Author:Takei, Y; Gono, T; Yazaki, M; Ikeda, S; Hoshii, Y

Risk of worsened encephalopathy after intravenous glycerol therapy in patients with adult-onset type II citrullinemia (CTLN2)
Intern Med,44:188-195 2005
Author:Yazaki M, Takei Y, Kobayashi K, Saheki T, Ikeda S

A Japanese case of Familial Mediterranean Fever with homozygosity for the pyrin E148Q mutation
Intern Med,44:765-766 2005
Author:Suzuki T, Nakakura A, Yazaki M, Ikeda S

Characteristic spinal MRI findings of HIV-associated myelopathy in an AIDS patient
Intern Med,44:763-764 2005
Author:Shimojima Y, Yazaki M, Kaneko K, Fukushima K, Morita H, Hashimoto T, Ikeda S

Thalamic stimulation for disabling tremor in a patient with spinocerebellar degeneration
Stereotact Funct Neurosurg,83:131-134 2005
Author:Shimojima Y, Hashimoto T, Kaneko K, Yazaki M, Yoshida K, Gono T, Yamada R, Hongo K, Ikeda S

A Japanese patient with familial Mediterranean fever associated with compound heterozygosity for pyrin variant E148Q/M694I
Internal Med,44:261-265 2005
Author:Nakamura A, Yazaki M, Tokuda T, Hattori T, Ikeda S

Biochemical characteristics of variant transthyretins causing hereditary leptomeningeal amyloidosis
Amyloid,12:216-225 2005
Author:Mitsuhashi S, Yazaki M, Tokuda T, Sekijima Y, Washimi Y, Shimizu Y, Ando Y, Benson MD, Ikeda S

Remitting seronegative symmetrical synovitis with pitting oedema/polymyalgia rheumatica after infection with Mycoplasma pneumoniae
Ann Rheum Dis,64:1797-1798 2005
Author:Matsuda M, Shimojima Y, Gono T, Ishii W, Kaneko K, Yazaki M, Ikeda S

Paraneoplastic neurologic syndrome associated with small breast cancer: diagnostic value of FDG-PET for detection of underlying malignancy
Intern Med,44:522-523 2005
Author:Kashima Y, Shimojima Y, Fukushima K, Kaneko K, Yazaki M, Hashimoto T, Oguchi K, Ikeda S

Myasthenia gravis with anti-MuSK antibody, showing progressive muscular atrophy without blepharoptosis
Intern Med,44:671-672 2005
Author:Ishii W, Matsuda M, Okamoto N, Shimojima Y, Yazaki M, Motomura M, Ikeda S

Reactive arthritis due to asymptomatic infection of Chlamydia trachomatis
Intern Med,44:509-510 2005
Author:Ishii W, Matsuda M, Okamoto N, Mukaide M, Shimojima Y, Yazaki M, Ikeda S

Severe protein losing enteropathy with intractable diarrhea due to systemic AA amyloidosis, successfully treated with corticosteroid and octreotide
Amyloid: (Int J Exp Clin Invest),12:48-53 2005
Author:Fushimi T, Takahashi Y, Kashima Y, Fukushima K, Ishii W, Kaneko K, Yazaki M, Nakamura A, Tokuda T, Matsuda M, Furuya R, Ikeda S

Nonparaneoplastic, Nonherpetic Limbic Encephalitis with Severe Episodic Hypothermia: A Case Report
Eur Neurol,54:170-174 2005
Author:Fukushima K, Yazaki M, Kaneko K, Fushimi T, Yamamoto K, Hashimoto T, Oguchi K, Ikeda S

日本内科学会雑誌,93:159-161 2004
Author:辻田美保,山本寛二,伏見智久,矢崎正英,池田修一,洞 和彦

Feasibility of auxiliary partial orthotopic liver transplantation from living donors for patients with adult-onset type II citrullinemia
Liver Transplant,10:550-554 2004
Author:Yazaki M, Hashikura Y, Takei Y, Ikegami T, Miya.g.awa S, Yamamoto K, Tokuda T, Kobayashi K, Saheki T, Ikeda S

Anti-neuronal autoantibody in Hashimoto's encephalopathy:neuropathological, immunohistochemical, and biochemical analysis of two patients
J Neurol Sci,217:7-14 2004
Author:Oide T, Tokuda T, Yazaki M, Watarai M, Mitsuhashi S, Kaneko K, Hashimoto T, OharaS, Ikeda S

MRI analysis on a patient with the V30M mutation is characteristic of leptomeningeal amyloid
Amyloid,11:265-267 2004
Author:Mitsuhashi S,Yazaki M,Tokuda T,Yamamoto K, Ikeda S

Paraneoplastic sensorimotor neuropathy and encephalopathy associated with anti-alpha-enolase antibody in a case of gastric adenocarcinoma
Eur Neurol,51(4):231-233 2004
Author:Tojo K, Tokuda T, Yazaki M, Oide T, Nakamura A, Mitsuhashi S, Kaneko K, Maruyama K, Kametani F, Higuchi K, Ikeda S

A patient with severe renal amyloidosis associated with an immunoglobulin gamma-heavy chain fragment
Am J Kidney Dis,43:e23-28 2004
Author:Yazaki M, Fushimi T, Tokuda T, Kametani F, Yamamoto K, Matsuda M, Shimojo H, Hoshii Y, Higuchi K, Ikeda S

ニーズ&シーズ,12:1 2003

脳と神経,55:1015-1025 2003

Transthyretin Tyr69-to-Ile mutation (double-nucleotide substitution in codon 69) in a Japanese familial amyloidosis patient with cardiomyopathy and carpal tunnel syndrome
Amyloid: J Protein Folding Disord,10(1):25-28 2003
Author:Takei Y, Hattori T, Yazaki M, Tokuda T, Urasawa N, Kanai S, Ikeda S