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Education and Research OrganizationSchool of Medicine Department of AnatomyFAX
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Address長野県松本市旭3-1-1Web site



Research Field
Current Subject
Regeneration of the nervous system
Keywords:Neural plasticity
Functional roleof the nervous system on breastfeeding
Structure and function of the olfactorynervous system
Relationship between neural function and neuron number
Keywords:Functionally essential neuronal population
Academic Societies
Academic Societies
Society For Neuroscience
Academic Background
Graduate School
Kanazawa University , (Graduate School, Division of Medicine) , 1983

Kanazawa University , (Faculty of Medicine) , 1977

Doctor(Medicine) , Kanazawa University
Research Career
Research Career
1995-2004 , Shinshu University Professor
1991-1995 , Kanazawa University Associate Professor
1987-1991 , Kanazawa University Lecturer
1984-1987 , Kanazawa University Research Assistant


Books, Articles, etc.
Hypoglossal nerve injury with long nerve resection leading to slow motoneuron death
Neurosci Lett,715:134668 2020
Author:Fukushima N, Kobayashi T, Kakegawa A, Sumitomo N, Nagira A, Moriizumi T.

Continuous and connective fibers of the lateral ankle ligament complex
J Foot Ankle Surg,59:679-684 2020
Author:Kakegawa A, Fukushima N, Sumitomo N, Nagira A, Moriizumi T, Mori Y.

Effects of various lengths of hypoglossal nerve resection on motoneuron survival
J Clin Neurosci,60:128-131 2019
Author:Karasawa M, Yokouchi K, Kawagishi K, Moriizumi T, Fukushima N

Independent attachment of lateral ankle ligaments: anterior talofibular and calcaneofibular ligaments - a cadaveric study
J Foot Ankle Surg,58:717-722 2019
Author:Kakegawa A, Mori Y, Tsuchiya A, Sumitomo N, Fukushima N, Moriizumi T.

Effects of repeated nerve injuries at different time intervals on functional recovery and nerve innervation
J Clin Neurosci,48:185-190 2018
Author:Karasawa M, Yokouchi K, Kawagishi K, Moriizumi T, Fukushima N

Acetyl-l-carnitine enhances myelination of regenerated fibers of the lateral olfactory tract
Neurosci Lett,653:215-219 2017
Author:Fukushima N, Yokouchi K, Kuroiwa M, Kawagishi K, Moriizumi T

Stereological assessment of the total number of hypoglossal neurons after repeated crush injuries to the hypoglossal neurons in adult rats
Neurol Res,39:183-188 2017
Author:Fukushima N, Karasawa N, Yokouchi K, Sumitomo N, Kawagishi K, Moriizumi T

Morphological analysis of regenerated bulbar fibers in relation to neonatal olfaction
Brain Res Bull,127:66-73 2016
Author:Kuroiwa M, Fukushima N, Yokouchi K, Kawagishi K, Moriizumi T

Elastic modulus of the femoral trochanteric region measured by scanning acoustic microscopy in elderly women
J Med Ultrason,42:303-313 2015
Author:Matsuki H, Shibano J, Kobayashi M, Nakatsuchi Y, Moriizumi T, Kato H

Effect of graded nerve pressure injuries on motor function
J Neurosurg,122:1438-1443 2015
Author:Karasawa M, Yokouchi K, Kakegawa A, Kawagishi K, Moriizumi T, Fukushima N

Two specific tongue regions receive bilateral hypoglossal innervation: a study in neonatal rat pups
Arch Oral Biol,60:432-438 2015
Author:Fukushima N, Yokouchi K, Kawagishi K, Karasawa M, Kuroiwa M, Moriizumi T

Stereological estimation of olfactory receptor neurons in rats
Chem Sences,40:89-95 2015
Author:Kawagishi K, Ando M, Yokouchi K, Sumitomo N, Karasawa M, Fukushima N, Moriizumi T

Correlation between motor function and axonal morphology in neonatally sciatic nerve-injured rats
Anat Sci Int,90:97-103 2015
Author:Kakegawa A, Yokouchi K, Itsubo T, Kawagishi K, Karasawa M, Moriizumi T, Fukushima N

Regeneration of bulbar projection neurons during development: a quantitative neuronal analysis with functional correlation
Chem Senses,39:47-56 2014(Jan.)
Author:Hirayama S, Kawagishi K, Yokouchi K, Fukushima N, Karasawa M, Moriizumi T

Inhibitory role of the serotonergic systems on estrogen receptor α expression in the female rat hypothalamus
Neurosci Lett,583:194-198 2014
Author:Ito H, Shimogawa Y, Kohagura D, Moriizumi T, Yamanouchi K

Effect of synovial tranthyretin amyloid deposition on preoperative symptoms and postoperative recovery of medial nerve function among patients with idiopathic carpal tunnel syndrome
J Orthop Sci,19:913-919 2014
Author:Uchiyama S, Sekijima M, Tojo K, Sano K, Imaeda T, Moriizumi T, Ikeda S, Kato H

Stereological quantification of olfactory receptor neurons in mice
Neuroscience,272:29-33 2014
Author:Kawagishi K, Ando M, Yokouchi K, Sumitomo N, Karasawa M, Fukushima N, Moriizumi T

Bony landmarks of the anterior cruciate ligament tibial footprint: a detailed analysis comparing 3-dimentional computed tomography images to visual and histological evaluations
Am J Sports Med,42:1433-1440 2014
Author:Tensho K, Shimodaira H, Aoki T, Narita N, Kakegawa A, Fukushima N, Moriizumi T, Fujimi N, Fujinaga K, Saito N

Postnatal changes in the number of serotonin-immunoreactive cells in midbrain raphe nuclei of male rats
Anat Sci Int,89:199-206 2014
Author:Ito H, Moriizumi T, Shimogawa Y, Yamanouchi K

Quantitative analysis of survival of hypoglossal neurons in neonatally nerve-injured rats
Arch Oral Biol,59(6):616-620 2014
Author:Fukushima N, Yokouchi Y, Kawagishi K, Kakegawa A, Sumitomo N, Karasawa M, Moriizumi T

Analysis of spontaneous regeneration of olfactory structures with emphasis on myelination and re-innervation of cortical areas
NEUROSCIENCE LETTERS,537:35-39 2013(Mar.)
Author:Fukushima, N; Yokouchi, K; Sakamoto, M; Sekiguchi, Y; Koike, H; Kawagishi, K; Moriizumi, T

Cell bodies of the trigeminal proprioceptive neurons that transmit reflexive contraction of the levator muscle are located in the mesencephalic trigeminal nucleus in rats
J Plast Surg Hand Surg,Early Online:1-6 2012
Author:Fujita K, Matsuo K, Yuzuriha S, Kawagishi K, Moriizumi T

Effects of repeated crush injuries on motor functional recovery of the sciatic nerve
Neurol Res,34:908-914 2012
Author:Itsubo T, Fukushima N, Kakegawa A, Yokouchi K, Kawagishi K, Kato H, Moriizumi T

A contractile network of interstitial cells of Cajal in the supratarsal Mueller's smooth mucle fibers with sparse sympathetic innervation
Eplasty,12:e13 2012
Author:Yusuriha S, Matsuo K, Ban R, Yano S, Moriizumi T

Functional correlation between olfaction and various sectioning of the lateralolfactory tract
Neurosci Res,73:17-23 2012
Author:Sekiguchi Y, Fukushima N, Yokouchi K, Kawagishi K, Hirayama S, Moriizumi T

Decrease in the density of t-tubular L-type Ca2+ channel currents in failing ventricular myocytes
Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol,300:H978-988 2011
Author:Horiuchi-Hirose M, Kashihara T, Nakada T, Kurebayashi N, Shimojo H, Shibazaki T, Sheng X, Yano S, Hirose M, Hongo M, Sakurai T, Moriizumi T, Ueda H, Yamada

Re-evaluation of spontaneous regeneration of the lateral olfactory tract
Neurosci Res,68:15-21 2010
Author:Sakamoto M, Yokouchi K, Sekiguchi K, Fukushima N, Kawagishi K, Kakegawa A, Sumitomo N, Moriizumi T

Determination of functionally essential neuronal population of the olfactory epithelium for nipple search and subsequent suckling behavior in newborn rats
Brain Res,1276:50-57 2009
Author:Kawagishi K, Yokouchi K, Fukushima N, Sakamoto M, Sumitomo N, Moriizumi T

Neural plasticity of neonatal hypoglossal nerve for effective suckling
Author:Fukushima,N; Yokouchi, K; Kawagishi, K; Kakegawa, A; Ezawa, N; Moriizumi, T

Effect of maternal deprivation on milk intake in normal and bilaterally facial nerve-injured developing rats
NEUROSCIENCE RESEARCH,54(2):154-157 2006
Author:Fukushima, N; Yokouchi, K; Kawagishi, K; Moriizumi, T

Effects of hypoglossal and facial nerve injuries on milk-suckling
Author:Fujita, K; Yokouchi, K; Fukuyama, T; Fukushima, N; Kawagishi, K; Moriizumi, T

Differential effects of hypoglossal and facial nerve injuries on survival and growth of rats at different developmental stages
Author:Fukuyama, T; Yokouchi, K; Fukushima, N; Kawagishi, K; Kakegawa, A; Moriizumi, T

Motor neurons essential for normal sciatic functionin neonatally nerve-injured rats
NEUROREPORT,17(11):1149-1152 2006
Author:Kakegawa, A; Yokouchi, K; Fukushima, N; Fukuyama, T; Moriizumi, T

Analysis of newly generated neurons in the neonatally bulbectomized olfactory nervous system
Author:Fukuyama, T; Mochizuki, H; Fukushima, N; Koike, K; Moriizumi, T

Roles of neonatal sensory systems for suckling
Author:Yokouchi, K; Fukushima, N; Fukuyama, T; Kakegawa, A; Moriizumi, T

Functional neural plasticity of the neonatal hypoglossal nerve for effective suckling
Author:Fukushima, N; Yokouchi, K; Fukuyama, T; Kakegawa, A; Moriizumi, T

柔道整復・接骨医学,13:128-132 2005
Author:森泉哲次,掛川 晃,横内久美子,川岸久太郎,福島菜奈恵

Efferent and afferent innervations of Mueller’s muscle related to involuntary contraction of the levator muscle: important for avoiding injury during eyelid surgery
Br J Plast Surg,58(1):42-52 2005
Author:Yuzuriha S, Matsuo K, Ishigaki Y, Kikuchi N, Kawagishi K, Moriizumi T

Neuregulin receptor ErbB2 localization at T-tubule in cardiac and skeletal muscle
J Histochem Cytochem,53(1):87-91 2005
Author:Ueda H, Oikawa A, Nakamura A, Terasawa F, Kawagishi K, Moriizumi T

Neural mechanisms underlying motor dysfunction as detected by the tail suspension test in MPTP-treated C57BL/6 mice
Neurosci Res,51(3):265-274 2005
Author:Mori A, Ohashi S, Nakai M, Moriizumi T, Mitsumoto Y

Differential effects of 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine in the olfactory bulb and the striatum in mice
Neurosci Res,51(1):111-115 2005
Author:Mitsumoto Y, Mori A, Ohashi S, Nakai M, Moriizumi T

The occipitofrontalis muscle is composed of two physiologically and anatomically different muscles separately affecting the positions of the eyebrow and hairline
Br J Plast Surg,58(5):681-687 2005
Author:Kushima H, Matsuo K, Yuzuriha S, Kitazawa T, Moriizumi T

The minimum number of facial motor neurons essential for minimal whisker movement in neonatally nerve-transected young adult rats
J Neurosurg,102(4):390-395 2005
Author:Higashiyama F, Fukushima N, Yokouchi K, Kawagishi K, Moriizumi T

Adult neurogenesis and gliogenesis in the rat olfactory nervous system
Chem Senses,30:113-114 2005
Author:Fukushima N, Kato T, Li Z, Yokouchi K, Moriizumi T

日本臨床バイオメカニクス学会誌,25:267-272 2004
Author:中土祐樹,但野 茂,渡辺直行,中土幸男,小林道明,森泉哲次

日本臨床バイオメカニクス学会誌,25:257-262 2004
Author:中土幸男,立岩 裕,荻原伸英,石垣範雄,小林道明,寺本 彰,阿部康次,藤木裕行,森泉哲次

Caveolin-3 at the T-tubule colocalizes with α-actinin in the adult murine cardiac muscle
Acta Histochem Cytochem,37(6):373-378 2004
Author:Ueda H, Kawagishi K, Terasawa F, Nakamura A, Moriizumi T

Olfactory impairment and Parkinson's disease-like symptomes observed in the common marmoset following administration of 1-metyl-4-phenyl-l,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine
Acta Otolaryngol,553:80-84 2004
Author:Miwa T, Watanabe A, Mitsumoto Y, Furukawa M, Fukushima N, Moriizumi T

Endothelialnitric oxide synthase expression in the sarcoplasmic reticulum of mouse skeletal muscle
Acta Histochem Cytochem,37(5):307-311 2004
Author:Kawagishi K, Terasawa F, Nakamura A, Moriizumi T, Ueda H

Effects of bilateral resection of facial nerves on suckling in developing rats
Brain Res Bull,62(5):385-389 2004
Author:Fukushima N, Fujita K, Yokouchi K, Kawagishi K, Moriizumi T

Immunohistochemical determination of the sympathetic pathway in the orbit via the cranial nerves in humans
J Neurosurg,101(6):1037-1044 2004
Author:Oikawa S, Kawagishi K, Yokouchi K, Fukushima N, Moriizumi T

Neurotrophiceffect of hepatocyte growth factor on neonatal facial motor neurons
Neurol Res,25(7):701-707 2003(Oct.)
Author:Koyama J, Yokouchi K, Fukushima N, Kawagishi K, Higashiyama F, Moriizumi T

Regenerative process of the facial nerve: rate of regeneration of fibers and their bifurcations
Neurosci Res,46(2):135-143 2003(Jun.)
Author:Kamijo Y, Koyama J, Oikawa S, Koizumi Y, Yokouchi K, Fukushima N, Moriizumi T

Great potentiality of neonatal facial motor neurons for neural plasticity as determined by functionally essential neuronal population
Neurosci Res,46(1):85-93 2003(May)
Author:Koyama J, Yokouchi K, Fukushima N, Kawagishi K, Moriizumi T

Proliferating cell populations in experimentally-induced hydrocephalus in developing rats
J Clin Neurosci,10(3):334-337 2003(May)
Author:Fukushima N, Yokouchi K, Kawagishi K, Ren G, Higashiyama F, Moriizumi T

Functionally essential neuronal population of the facial motor nucleus
Neurosci Res,45(3):357-361 2003(May)
Author:Kobayashi S, Koyama J, Yokouchi K, Fukushima N,Oikawa S, Moriizumi T

Differential neurogenesis and gliogenesis by local and migrating neural stem cells in the olfactory bulb
Neurosci Res,44(4):467-473 2002(Dec.)
Author:Fukushima N, Yokouchi K, Kawagishi K, Moriizumi T

Efferent projections from the striatal patch compartment: anterograde degeneration after selective ablation of neurons expressing μ-opioid receptor in rats
Neurosci Lett,332(1):5-8 2002(Oct.)
Author:Tokuno H, Chiken S, Kametani K, Moriizumi T

Role of nerve growth factor in the olfactory system
Microsc Res Tech,58(3):197-203 2002(Aug.)
Author:Miwa T, Moriizumi T, Horikawa I, Uramoto N, Ishimaru T, Nishimura T, Furukawa M

Cell dynamics of calretinin-immunoreactive neurons in the rostral migratory stream after ibotenate-induced lesions in the forebrain
Neurosci Res,42(2):123-132 2002(Feb.)
Author:Li Z, Kato T, Kawagishi K, Fukushima N, Yokouchi K, Moriizumi T

The minimum number of neurons in the central olfactory pathway in relation to its function: a retrograde fiber tracing study
Chem Senses,27(1):1-6 2002(Jan.)
Author:Fukushima N, Oikawa S, Yokouchi K, Kawagishi K, Moriizumi T

Onset of calbindin-D 28K and parvalbumin expression in the lateral geniculate complexand olivary pretectal nucleus during postnatal development of the rat
Int J Dev Neurosci,19(7):655-661 2001(Nov.)
Author:Okoyama S, Moriizumi T

Continual replacement of newly-generated olfactory neurons in adult rats
Neurosci Lett,307(1):17-20 2001(Jul.)
Author:Kato T, Yokouchi K, Fukushima N, Kawagishi K, Li Z, Moriizumi T

Stimulation of the regrowth of MPP+-damaged dopaminergic fibers by the treatment of mesencephalic cultures with basigin
J Neural Transm,108(10):1127-1134 2001
Author:Mitsumoto Y, Watanabe A, Miyauchi T, Jimma F, Moriizumi T

An anatomic examination of the suprascapular flap
Ann Plast Surg,45(4):405-407 2000(Oct.)
Author:Kitazawa T, Matsuo K, Moriizumi T, Hataya Y

Fate of newly formed periglomerular cells in the olfactory bulb
Acta Otolaryngol,120(7):876-879 2000(Oct.)
Author:Kato T, Yokouchi K, Kawagishi K, Fukushima N, Miwa T, Moriizumi T

Calretinin-immunoreactive neurons in rostral migratory stream: neuronal differentiation
Neuroreport,10(13):2769-2772 1999(Sep.)
Author:Kato T, Yokouchi K, Li Z, Fukushima N, Kawagishi K, Moriizumi T

A new video/computer method to measure the amount of overall movement in experimental animals (two-dimensional object-difference method)
J Neurosci Methods,91(1-2):115-122 1999(Sep.)
Author:Hashimoto T, Izawa Y, Yokoyama H, Kato T, Moriizumi T

TrkA expression in olfactory epithelium and bulb during development
Neuroreport,10(10):2205-2208 1999(Jul.)
Author:Horikawa I, Miwa T, Ishimaru T, Furukawa M, Kato T, Moriizumi T

TrkA expression in mouse olfactory tract following axotomy of olfactory nerves
Author:Miwa, T; Horikawa, I; Uramoto, N; Ishimaru, T; Yamamoto, K; Furukawa, M; Kato, T; Moriizumi, T