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Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Science and Technology Institute of Textile Science and TechnologyTEL
Education and Research OrganizationFaculty of Textile Science and Technology Division of Textiles and Kansei EngineeringFAX
PositionAssociate ProfessorMail Address
Address3-15-1, Tokida, Ueda City 386-8567Web site



Assigned Class
Interdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research Institute for Fiber Engineering
Research Field
Kansei Engineering
Clothing Engineering
Textile Engineering
Academic Background
Pusan National University, Department of Clothing & Textiles


Books, Articles, etc.
Adaptivity of patternmaking methods to garments for varying body dimensions
International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology,31(4):475-486 2019
Author:Kim, KyoungOk; Fujii, Chinami; Takatera, Masayuki

Comparing Japanese and British impressions of dress forms
International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology,31(4):462-474 2019
Author:Kim, KyoungOk; Fujii, Chinami; Takatera, Masayuki

Fabric retrieval system for apparel e-commerce considering Kansei information
International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology 2019
Author:Takatera, Masayuki; Yoshida , Ran; Peiffer, Julie ; Yamazaki, Moe ; Yashima, Kenya ; Kim, KyoungOk; Miyatake, Keiko

Effect of the fabric dimension on limits of the drape coefficient
Textile Research Journal,90(3-4):442-459 2019
Author:Liu Yang, KyoungOk Kim, Masayuki Takatera

Country of manufacture in garment marketability by Japanese and Chinese experts
International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology,32(1):119-131 2019
Author:Kim, KyoungOk; Toyomaru, Yuta ; Li, Hong-Wei; Takatera, Masayuki

Suitable bustline position in designing a well-fitting and attractive garment
International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology,32(1):96-118 2019
Author:Kim, KyoungOk; Sakaguchi , Maina ; Takatera, Masayuk

Japanese–French tastes in simulated women’s sportswear t-shirts
International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology,30(5):641-656 2018
Author:Eva Marsac, KyoungOk Kim, Masayuki Takatera

Effect of the difference between body dimensions and jacket measurements on the appearance of a ready-made tailored jacket
International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology,29(5):627-645 2017
Author:Monobe, Ai; Kim, KyoungOk; Takatera, Masayuki;

Effects of Working Experience of Patternmaker with a Designer on the Efficiency and Performance of Clothing Design
International Journal of Affective Engineering,17(2):67-74 2017
Author:KyoungOk KIM, Masayuki TAKATERA, Tsuyoshi OTANI

Measurements and prediction of fabric surface fitting ability under low tension
Textile Research Journal 2017
Author:KyoungOk Kim, Tomoya Suzuki, Masayuki Takatera

Individualized male dress shirt adjustments using a novel method for measuring shoulder shape
International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology,29(2):215-225 2017
Author:Kim, KyoungOk; Innami, Noriaki; Takatera, Masayuki; Narita, Tadaharu ; Kanazawa, Midori ; Kitazawa, Yuji

Three-dimensional garment-size change modeled considering vertical proportions
International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology,29(1):84-95 2017
Author:Zhang Jun, KyoungOk Kim, Masayuki Takatera

Continuous measurement of apparent Poisson’s ratio for yarn based on omni-directional diameters
Textile Research Journal,87(6):739-746 2017
Author:Masayuki Takatera, Tamotsu Arichi, Julie Peiffer, Chunhong Zhu, KyoungOk Kim

Verification of the effect of yarn torsional rigidity on fabric bending rigidity in any direction
Textile Research Journal,87(4):424-432 2017
Author:Julie Peiffer, KyoungOk Kim, Masayuki Takatera

Prediction of creep behavior of laminated woven fabric with adhesive interlining under low stress in the bias direction
Textile Research Journal,87(3):285-295 2017
Author:Masayuki Takatera, Ken Ishizawa, KyoungOk Kim

Measurement of torsional rigidity of yarns with different crimps
Textile Research Journal 2016
Author:Julie Peiffer, KyoungOk Kim, Hiroaki Yoshida, Masayuki Takatera

Effects of combinations of patternmaking methods and dress forms on garment appearance
Autex Research Journal,17(3):277-286 2016
Author:Fujii Chinami, Masayuki Takatera, KyoungOk Kim

Effect of Patternmaker's Proficiency on the Creation of Clothing
Autex Research Journal,17(2):120-128 2016
Author:KyoungOk Kim, Masayuki Takatera, Tsuyoshi Otani

Effect of Fabric Pattern and Color on Impression Evaluation of Textile Images Rendered by a Textile Simulator
Journal of Fiber Bioengineering and Informatics,9(1):1-18 2016
Author:KyoungOk Kim, Takanari Koyama, Yuu Takamizawa, Chinami Fujii, Masayuki Takatera,

Effects of dot-type adhesive and yarn float on shear stiffness of laminated fabric with interlining
Textile Research Journal,86(5):480-492 2016
Author:KyoungOk Kim, Masayuki Takatera

Quantifying the appearance of jackets with adhesive interlinings
International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology,28(1):18-35 2016
Author:KyoungOk Kim, Sho Sonehara, Masayuki Takatera

Autex Research Journal,15(1):67-76 2015(Mar.)
Author:Kim, KyoungOk; Takatera, Masayuki; Zhu, Chunhong; Otani, Tsuyoshi;

Comparison of elegance of Japanese and European jackets
International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology,27(4):506-522 2015
Author:Kim, KyoungOk; Nozawa, Asako; Takatera, Masayuki;

Upper garment 3D modeling for pattern making
International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology,27(6):852-869 2015
Author:Jun Zhang , Noriaki Innami , KyoungOk Kim , Masayuki Takatera

Relationship between the Physical Properties and Hand of Jean Fabric
Autex Research Journal,16(3):138–145 2015
Author:Atsushi Kawamura, Chunhong Zhu, Julie Peiffer, KyoungOk Kim, Yi Li, Masayuki Takatera

Relationship between Jacket Comfort and Stiffness of Adhesive Interlining
International Journal of Affective Engineering,14(3):137-142 2015
Author:KyoungOk KIM, Chihiro SUGIYAMA and Masayuki TAKATERA

International Presence and Fashion Business in Japan : To Advocate the Construction of Fashion Engineering
Transactions of Japan Society of Kansei Engineering,13(5):629-668 2014

Fittability and Appearance of Brassiere Taking into Account Individual's Verge Line of Bust in Pattern Making
Journal of Fiber Bioengineering and Informatics,7(3):307-318 2014
Author:KyoungOk Kim, Rina Sakai, Masayuki Takatera

Prediction of bending rigidity for laminated weft knitted fabric with adhesive interlining
Textile Research Journal,83(9):937-946 2013(Jun.)
Author:Kim, K; Inui, S; Takatera, M

Bending rigidity of laminated fabric taking into account the neutral axes of components
Textile Research Journal,83(2):160-170 2013(Jan.)
Author:Kim, K; Inui, S; Takatera, M

Research on Jacket Patterns and Specifications of Ready-to-wear for High-end in Italy and Japan
International Journal of Affective Engineering ,13(1):27-34 2013
Author:KyoungOk Kim, Keiko Miyatake, Kimiko Sano, Masayuki Takatera and Tsuyoshi Otani

Comparison of high-end tailored jackets for ready-to-wear produced in Italy and Japan, International Journal of Affective Engineering
International Journal of Affective Engineering,13(1):35-42 2013
Author:KyoungOk Kim, Keiko Miyatake, Kimiko Sano, Masayuki Takatera and Tsuyoshi Otani

Improvement of individualized pattern making using surface flattening technique
Journal Fiber Bioengineering and Informatics,6(4):467-480 2013
Author:Masayuki Takatera and KyoungOk Kim,

Study on Factors to Improve Comfort of Stab-resistant Vests Taking into Account Wearing Pressure and Movement Restriction
Journal of Fiber Bioengineering and Informatics,6(3):237-25 2013
Author:KyoungOk Kim, Ken Takei and Masayuki Takatera

Automatic 3D pattern making of fitted upper garments considering individuals’figures and shear limit of fabrics
International Journal of Affective Engineering,12(2):169-175 2013
Author:Yo Takahashi, Akito Sofue, KyoungOk Kim, and Masayuki Takatera

Quantitative assessment of jackets appearances with bonding adhesive interlinings using two-dimensional and three-dimensional analysis
International Journal of Affective Engineering,12(2):177-183 2013
Author:KyoungOk Kim, Sho Sonehara and Masayuki Takatera

Prediction of bending rigidity for laminated fabric with adhesive interlining by a laminate model considering tensile and in-plane compressive moduli
Textile Research Journal,82(4):385-399 2012(Mar.)
Author:Kim, K; Inui, S; Takatera, M

Effects of adhesive agent on shear stillness of fabrics bonded with adhesive interlining
Journal Fiber Bioengineering and Informatics,5(2):151-162 2012
Author:KyoungOk Kim and Masayuki Takatera

Verification of prediction for bending rigidity of woven fabric laminated with interlining by adhesive bonding
Textile Research Journal,81(6):598-607 2011(Apr.)
Author:Kim, K; Inui, S; Takatera, M