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oda mitsunori

Academic OrganizationTEL
Education and Research OrganizationFaculty of ScienceFAX
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Research Field
Organic chemistry
Current Subject
1.Charge transfer interaction of orthogonal pai-electron systems in stable carbocations2.Synthetic study of polycyclic non-alternant hydrocarbons
Academic Background
Graduate School
Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University , (Chemistry , Graduate School of Science) , 1980
Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University , (Chemistry , Graduate School of Science) , 1977

Tohoku University , (Faculty of Science)

Doctor of Science , Tohoku University
Master of Science , Touhoku University
Research Career
Research Career
2004- , Shinshu University, Faculty of Science Professor
1995-2004 , Toyama University, Faculty of Engineering Associate Professor
1993-1995 , Toyama University, Facultyof Engineering Assistant Professor
1986-1993 , Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Inc., Niigata Lab. Research Associate


Books, Articles, etc.
A Short-Step Synthesis of syn-1,6:8,13-Dimethano[14]annulene Dicarboximides
American Journal of Organic Chemistry,5(3):105–111 2015(Jun. 01)
Author:Mitsunori Oda, Miyako Neha, Yoshimitsu Kumai, Akira Ohta, Ryuta Miyatake, Yanmei Zhang, Shigeyasu Kuroda
Keywords:[14]Annulene, Bridged annulene, Aldol condensation, Wittig reaction, Dicarboximide

Synthesis and Spectrocsopic Properties of 1H-Cyclohepta[2,1-b:3,4-b’]diindole and Molecular Structure of its Protonated Species
American Journal of Organic Chemistry,5(1):10-13 2015(May 01)
Author:Yoshimitsu Kumai, Ryuta Miyatake, Yuka Sugeno, Akira Ohta, Mitsunori Oda
Keywords:Biindole, Azaazulene, Azepine, X-ray structure, Absorption spectra, DFT calculations

Synthesis and Properties of 2,6-Bis(1-Azaazulen-2-yl)-Pyridine
Modern Chemistry,3(2):14-17 2015(Mar. 02)
Author:Mitsunori Oda, Yuko Yamaga, Yoshimitsu Kumai, Akira Ohta, Ryuta Miyatake
Keywords:Pincer-Type Ligand, Azaazulene, Pyridine, Tropone, Basicity, Emission Behavior

Unusually efficient deformative sysnthesis of 1,2,8,9-tetrasubstituted dipyrrins from 4,5-disubstituted pyrrole-2-carbaldehydes
Heterocycles,90(1):238–251 2014(Mar. 27)
Author:M. Oda, Y. Fujiwara, Y. Kumai, A. Ohta, and R. Miyatake

An improved synthesis of arenedicarboximides by phosphine-assisted annulation of arene-1,2-dicarbaldehyde with N-Substituted maleimide
Modern Chemistry,2(4):pp29-35 2014
Author:M. Oda, H. Shimosasa, Y. Kumai, A. Ohta, R. Miyatake

A short-step synthesis of 1,6-methano[10]annulene-3,4-dicarboximides and their benzene-, naphthalene-, and thiophene-annulated compounds
European Journal of Organic Chemistry,2014(27):pp5976-5985 2014
Author:M. Oda, T. Nakamura, M. Neha, D. Miyawaki, A. Ohta, S. Kuroda, and R. Miyatake

Synthesis of a novel non-benzenoid quinone, 3,10-dihydro-2,4-dimethyl-7,13, methanocyclohepta[11]annulene-3,10-dione, from 8H-7,9-bis(methoxycarbonyl-5,11-methano[11]annuleno[c]furan-8-one
Heterocycles,86(2):pp1541-1547 2012(Dec.)
Author:S. Kuroda, M. Oda et al.

Novel efficient synthesis and properties of 5,6-dihydrocyclohepta[b]indolo-6-one, ans its transformation to 6-azolyl-5-azabenz[b]azulene
Heterocycles,86(1):pp623-636 2012(Dec.)
Author:M. Oda, K. Ito. Et al.

Synthesis and Redox Behavior of Cyanovinyl-substituted 2H-Cyclohepta[b]furan-2-ones
Heterocycles,86(1):pp305-315 2012(Dec.)
Author:T. Shoji, M. Oda, et al.

Facile synthesis of 2,3-disubstituted pyrroles from 2-substituted 1-pyrrolines
Heterocycles,85(5):pp1185-1197 2012(May)
Author:Y. Fujiwara, M. Oda, et al

Synthesis, molecular structure, and spectroscopic properties of 2-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-1-azaazulene
European Journal of Organic Chemistry,(11):pp2231-2236 2012(Mar.)
Author:M. Oda,, and S. Kuroda et al.

Synthesis and spectroscopic properties of 1,6-methano[10]annulene-fused and 2,4-dimethyl-3H-cyclohepta[10]annulene-fused 10H-pyrrolo[1,2-a]perimidin-10-ones
Heterocycles,84:pp257-281 2012(Jan.)
Author:S. Kuroda, and M. Oda et al.

Generation and spectroscopic properties of syn-1,6:9,14-bismethanodicyclodeca[cd,gh]-pentalene dianion
Tetrahedron Letters,52(52):pp7071-7074 2011(Dec.)
Author:S. Kuroda,, and M. Oda et al.

Synthesis and emission properties of 1,6-methano[10]annulene-3,4-dicarboximides
Heterocycles,83(4):pp789-796 2011(Apr.)
Author:S. Kuroda, and M. Oda et al.

Palladium-catalyzed amination of 2-chloro-1-azaazulene with 2-aminopyridine
Heterocycles,83(3):pp517-554 2011(Feb.)
Author:M. Oda et al.

Duplicated ring enlargement of 4,9-methanothia[11]annulene to 6,11-methanothia[15]annulene
Tetrahedron Letters,52(13):pp1426-1429 2011(Feb.)
Author:S. Kuroda, and M. Oda et al.

Observation of Electrochemiluminescence from Indolo[2,3-b]tropone Zinc(II) Complex Using Benzoyl Peroxide as Coreactant
Chemistry Letters,39(8):pp861-863 2010(Aug.)
Author:Jiye Jin, Kunihiro Ito, Fumiki Takahashi and Mitsunori Oda

Facile construction of a furan-fused methano[11]annulenone skeleton by successive aldol condensations from 3,4-furandicarbaldehyde
Heterocycles,79(1):pp241-247 2009(Jan.)
Author:Y. Zhang, M. Oda, et al.

Out-of-plane deformation of the azulene ring along its short molecular axis in crystal and theoretical structures of 1,3-diheterolyl- and 1,3-diphenylazulenes
Heterocycles,79(1):pp451-470 2009(Jan.)
Author:A. Ohta, and M. Oda et al

Spiro[1H-azulenium-1,9′-fluorene]perchlorate. Intramolecular charge-transfer interaction between orthogonally arranged units of the azulenium cation and fluorene
Tetrahedron Letters,49(1):pp7058-7061 2008
Author:Oda, M; Nakajima, N; Thanh, NC; Kuroda, S

Synthesis, Stability, and Crystal Structure of an Azulenium Cation Containing an Adamantyl Group
European Journal of Organic Chemistry,2008(31):pp5301-5307 2008
Author:Oda, M; Nakajima, N; Thanh, NC; Kitahara, K; Miyatake, R; Kuroda, S

Discreteness of p-conjugation of 1,6-methano[10]annulenes by troponoid fusion at the 3,4- positions
Tetrahedron Letters,49(5):pp888-892 2008
Author:Y. Zhang, E. Hisano, R. Ohta, R. Miyatake, Y. Horino, M. Oda, and S. Kuroda

Synthesis and structure of polyunsaturated [10]paracyclophane annulated by two azulene rings
Tetrahedron Letters,49(3):pp552-556 2008
Author:S. Kuroda, Y. Obata, N. Chung T., R. Miyatake, Y. Horino, and M. Oda

A facile non-oxidative method for synthesizing of 1,3-disubstituted pyrroles from pyrrolidine and aldehydes
Tetrahedron Letters,48(52):pp9159-9162 2007
Author:M. Oda, Y. Fukuchi, S. Itoh, N. Chung T., and S. Kuroda

Synthesis, structure and some reactions of a multi-bridged unsaturated cyclooctadecane derivative formally having two cycloheptatrienes
Tetrahedron Lett.,48(33):pp5811-5815 2007
Author:S. Kuroda, I. Hirano, Y. Zhang, N. C. Thanh, and M. Oda

Synthesis and properties of 2-(2-pyridyl)-1-azaazulene
Tetrahedron Lett.,48(26):pp4471-4475 2007
Author:Oda M, Ogura K, Thanh NC, Kishi S, Kuroda S, Fujimori K, Noda T, Abe N

Synthetic methods for preparing 1,3-di(2-pyridyl)azulene
Hetrocycles,71(6):pp1413-1416 2007
Author:Oda M, Kishi S, Thanh NC, Kuroda S

Synthesis and stability of 1,1-dialkyl-1H-azulenium cations
Tetrahedron,62(34):pp8177-8183 2006
Author:M. Oda, N. Nakajima, N. C. Thanh, T. Kajioka, and S. Kuroda


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