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Kamijo Yuji

Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Medicine and Health Sciences Institute of MedicineTEL+81-263-37-2634
Education and Research OrganizationUniversity Hospital Division of Blood purificationFAX+81-263-32-9412
PositionAssociate professorMail Address
AddressAsahi 3-1-1, Matsumoto, Nagano, JapanWeb site



Assigned Class
Department of Nephrology, Shinshu University School of Medicine
Research Group
Department of Nephrology, Shinshu University School of Medicine , Department of Metabolic Regulation, Shinshu University School of Medicine
Research Field
Autoimmune disease
Dialysis therapy
molecular biology
Renal pharmacology
Renal pathology
Keywords:Nephrology , Tubule , glomerulus , lipid metabolism , Renal pathology
Academic Societies
Academic Societies
Japanese Society for Dialysis Access

Committee of Academic Societies
Academic Background
Graduate School

Niigata University , 1994
Research Career
Research Career


Books, Articles, etc.
【"なぜ?""なに?"がサクッとわかる!新人スタッフのための血液透析のぎもんQ&A40~治療・原理編~】 血液透析とその原理にまつわるQ&A ECUMって何?どんな患者に行うの?(Q&A/特集)
透析ケア , 24(4):321 2018
Author:上條 祐司

【"なぜ?""なに?"がサクッとわかる!新人スタッフのための血液透析のぎもんQ&A40~治療・原理編~】 血液透析とその原理にまつわるQ&A 血液透析時に抗凝固薬を使うのはどうして?(Q&A/特集)
透析ケア , 24(4):322 2018

臨床透析 , 34:965-966 2018

難治性腹水症治療におけるCART(Cell-free and Concentrated ascites reinfusion Therapy)の現状
信州医学雑誌 , 64(3):159-160 2016

The Lipid , 27:61-67 2016

腎と透析 , 78:467-470 2015
Author:橋本 幸始, 上條 祐司, 神應 裕

脂質代謝異常と関連疾患-疾患モデルの作成と利用 担当:第1章「転写調節因子」第5節「PPARα」
エル・アイ・シー , :72~79 2015

腎臓内科・泌尿器 , l2:623-628 2015

透析中の合併症 VAトラブル
腎と透析 , 76:418-422 2014
Author:橋本 幸始, 上條 祐司, 神應 裕

Relationship between serum uric acid level and vascular injury markers in hemodialysis patients.
Int Urol Nephrol,52:1581-1591 2020(Aug.)
Author:Harada M, Fujii K, Yamada Y, Tsukada W, Tsukada M, Hashimoto K, Kamijo Y

Polyunsaturated fatty acid deficiency affects sulfatides and other sulfated glycans in lysosomes through autophagy-mediated degradation.
FASEB J.,34:9594-9614 2020(Jul.)
Author:Wang Y, Nakajima T, Diao P, Yamada Y, Nakamura K, Nakayama J, Tanaka N, Aoyama T, Kamijo Y

Cholesterol Emboli Co-Existing with Anti-Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibody-Associated Vasculitis in a 76-Year-Old Woman
Tohoku J Exp Med.,251:61-68 2020(May)
Author:Kojima R, Harada M, Yamaguchi A, Hashimoto K, Kamijo Y

A Case of Acute Kidney Injury in a Patient with Renal Hypouricemia without Intense Exercise
Case Rep Nephrol Dial,10:26-34 2020(Mar. 30)
Author:Aomura D, Sonoda K, Harada M, Hashimoto K, Kamijo Y

Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura Treated with Rituximab Associated with Primary Sjögren's Syndrome and Primary Hypothyroidism
Intern Med.,59:715-719 2020(Mar. 01)
Author:Okumura T, Hashimoto K, Aomura D, Kurasawa Y, Hara Y, Fujii K, Masuda T, Sonoda K, Yamaguchi A, Ogawa Y, Kamijo Y

Adequacy of decision-making based on each kidney function estimation method for Japanese living kidney donor candidates: a retrospective observational study
Renal Replacement Therapy,6 2020
Author:Koji Hashimoto, Makoto Harada, Yosuke Yamada, Mitsutoshi Sugano, Tomonori Minagawa, Teruyuki Ogawa, Osamu Ishizuka and Yuji Kamijo

Verification of serum albumin elevating effect of cell-free and concentrated ascites reinfusion therapy for ascites patients: a retrospective controlled cohort study.
Sci Rep.,9(1):10195 2019(Jul.)
Author:Yamada Y, Inui K, Hara Y, Fuji K, Sonoda K, Hashimoto K, Kamijo Y.


Effects of hypertension and antihypertensive treatments on sulfatide levels in serum and its metabolism.
Hypertens Res.,42(5):598-609 2019(May)
Author:Guo R, Hu X, Yamada Y, Harada M, Nakajima T, Kashihara T, Yamada M, Aoyama T, Kamijo Y.

Features of high flow access in the elderly.
J Vasc Access.,20:71-75 2019(May)
Author:Kanno T, Kanno Y, Shiroi K, Kobayashi N, Matsushita N, Kamishima K, Hashimoto K, Kamijo Y.

Impact of chronic kidney dysfunction on serum Sulfatides and its metabolic pathway in mice.
Glycoconj J,36(1):1-11 2019(Feb.)
Author:Yamada Y, Harada M, Hashimoto K, Guo R, Nakajima T, Kashihara T, Yamada M, Aoyama T, Kamijo Y.

Influence of arteriovenous fistula on daily living behaviors involving the upper limbs in hemodialysis patients: a cross-sectional questionnaire study.
BMC Nephrol.,19:284 2018(Oct. 22)
Author:Hara Y, Sonoda K, Hashimoto K, Fuji K, Yamada Y, Kamijo Y.

長野県透析研究会誌,41:10-13 2018
Author:藤田識志, 鈴木智大, 原悠太, 藤井一聡, 山田洋輔, 園田光佑, 増田知恵, 山口晃典, 山田愛子, 小川洋平, 橋本幸始, 上條祐司

長野県透析研究会誌,41:51-53 2018
Author:百瀬美希, 橋本幸始, 小川洋平, 藤田識志, 園田光佑, 増田知恵, 山口晃典, 山田愛子, 上條祐司

Decreased Fatty Acid β-Oxidation Is the Main Cause of Fatty Liver Induced by Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Deficiency in Mice.
Tohoku J Exp Med.,242:229-239 2017
Author:Nakajima T, Yang Y, Lu Y, Kamijo Y, Yamada Y, Nakamura K, Koyama M, Yamaguchi S, Sugiyama E, Tanaka N, Aoyama T.

Protein Concentration of Refractory Ascites in Cancer Patients is Reflected by the Presence and Severity of Peritoneal and Liver Metastasis.
Ther Apher Dial.,21:263-269. 2017
Author:Yamada Y, Yamaguchi A, Harada M, Kurasawa Y, Hara Y, Yamazaki D, Fujita S, Sonoda K, Masuda T, Yamada A, Ogawa Y, Hashimoto K, Kamijo Y.

Technical Performance and Clinical Effectiveness of Drop Type With Adjustable Concentrator-Cell Free and Concentrated Ascites Reinfusion Therapy.
Artif Organs.,41:1135-1144 2017
Author:Yamada Y, Harada M, Yamaguchi A, Kobayashi Y, Chino T, Minowa T, Kosuge T, Tsukada W, Hashimoto K, Kamijo Y.

Identification of chronic kidney disease patient characteristics influencing the renoprotective effects of febuxostat therapy: a retrospective follow-up study.
BMC Nephrol.,18 2017
Author:Yamaguchi A, Harada M, Yamada Y, Hashimoto K, Kamijo Y.

Pure red cell aplasia induced by anti-erythropoietin antibodies, well-controlled with tacrolimus
Author:Hashimoto, Koji; Harada, Makoto; Kamijo, Yuji;

Activation of PPAR alpha by Fatty Acid Accumulation Enhances Fatty Acid Degradation and Sulfatide Synthesis
Author:Yang, Yang; Feng, Yuyao; Zhang, Xiaowei; Nakajima, Takero; Tanaka, Naoki; Sugiyama, Eiko; Kamijo, Yuji; Aoyama, Toshifumi;

The Optimal Cut-offValue of Ankle Brachial Index for Screening Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Hemodialysis Patients
信州医学雑誌,64(3):135-146 2016(Jun.)

PPARα-dependent cholesterol/testosterone disruption in Leydig cells mediates 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid-induced testicular toxicity in mice.
Author:Harada Y, Tanaka N, Ichikawa M, Kamijo Y, Sugiyama E, Gonzalez FJ, Aoyama T.

Age-dependent PPARα activation induces hepatic sulfatide accumulation in transgenic mice carrying the hepatitis C virus core gene.
Glycoconj J 2016
Author:Tian Y, Yang Y, Zhang X, Nakajima T, Tanaka N, Sugiyama E, Kamijo Y, Lu Y, Moriya K, Koike K, Gonzalez FJ, Aoyama T.

Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor α-dependent renoprotection of murine kidney by irbesartan.
Clin Sci (Lond).,130:1969-1981 2016
Author:Harada M, Kamijo Y, Nakajima T, Hashimoto K, Yamada Y, Shimojo H, Gonzalez FJ, Aoyama T.

Serum sulfatide abnormality is associated with increased oxidative stress in hemodialysis patients
Author:Yuzhe, Huang; Kamijo, Yuji; Hashimoto, Koji; Harada, Makoto; Kanno, Taro; Sugiyama, Eiko; Kyogashima, Mamoru; Oguchi, Tomomasa; Nakajima, Takero; Kanno, Yutaka; Aoyama, Toshifumi;

Chronic ethanol consumption decreases serum sulfatide levels by suppressing hepatic cerebroside sulfotransferase expression in mice
ARCHIVES OF TOXICOLOGY,88(2):367-379 2014(Feb.)
Author:Kanbe, Hiroki; Kamijo, Yuji; Nakajima, Takero; Tanaka, Naoki; Sugiyama, Eiko; Wang, Lixuan; Fang, Zhong-Ze; Hara, Atsushi; Gonzalez, Frank J.; Aoyama, Toshifumi;

A case of adult Dent disease in Japan with advanced chronic kidney disease
CEN Case Rep,3:132-138 2014
Author:Ken S, Kamijo Y, Matsuoka D, Noda S, Hidaka Y, Mori T, Shimojo H, Ehara T, Miura K, Takita J, Sekine T, Igarashi T, Koike K

信州医学雑誌,61(5):343-346 2013
Author:上條 祐司;

最新のトピックス イヌリンクリアランスと推算糸球体ろ過量
信州医学雑誌 = The Shinshu medical journal,61(5):343-346 2013
Author:上條 祐司;

Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor α mediates enhancement of gene expression of cerebroside sulfotransferase in several murine organs.
Glycoconj J.,30(6):553-560 2013
Author:Nakajima T, Kamijo Y, Yuzhe H, Kimura T, Tanaka N, Sugiyama E, Nakamura K, Kyogashima M, Hara A, Aoyama T.

Japan Renal Biopsy Registry and Japan Kidney Disease Registry: Committee Report for 2009 and 2010.
Clin Exp Nephrol,17:155-73 2013
Author:Sugiyama H, Yokoyama H, Sato H, Saito T, Kohda Y, Nishi S, Tsuruya K, Kiyomoto H, Iida H, Sasaki T, Higuchi M, Hattori M, Oka K, Kagami S, Kawamura T, Takeda T, Hataya H, Fukasawa Y, Fukatsu A, Morozumi K, Yoshikawa N, Shimizu A, Kitamura H, Yuzawa Y, Matsuo S, Kiyohara Y, Joh K, Nagata M, Taguchi T, Makino H; Committee for Standardization of Renal Pathological Diagnosis; Committee for Kidney Disease Registry; Japanese Society of Nephrology.

マウス protein-overload nephropathy に生じる腎機能障害は、肝臓スルファチド合成酵素の発現低下を介して、血清スルファチド値を低下させる
脂質生化学研究,54:200-203 2012(May 28)
Author:中嶌 岳郎; 上條 祐司; 杉山 英子; 生 暁娜; 張 暁〓; 高橋 京子; 京ヶ島 守; 青山 俊文; 原 厚;

Renal disease in the elderly and the very elderly Japanese: analysis of the Japan Renal Biopsy Registry (J-RBR).
Clin Exp Nephrol,16:903-20 2012
Author:Yokoyama H, Sugiyama H, Sato H, Taguchi T, Nagata M, Matsuo S, Makino H, Watanabe T, Saito T, Kiyohara Y, Nishi S, Iida H, Morozumi K, Fukatsu A, Sasaki T, Tsuruya K, Kohda Y, Higuchi M, Kiyomoto H, Goto S, Hattori M, Hataya H, Kagami S, Yoshikawa N, Fukasawa Y, Ueda Y, Kitamura H, Shimizu A, Oka K, Nakagawa N, Ito T, Uchida S, Furuichi K, Nakaya I, Umemura S, Hiromura K, Yoshimura M, Hirawa N, Shigematsu T, Fukagawa M, Hiramatsu M, Terada Y, Uemura O, Kawata T, Matsunaga A, Kuroki A, Mori Y, Mitsuiki K, Yoshida H; Committee for the Standardization of Renal Pathological Diagnosis and for Renal Biopsy and Disease Registry of the Japanese Society of Nephrology, and the Progressive Renal Disease Research of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan.

Pharmacological and Toxicological Advances in PPAR-Related Medicines.
PPAR Res.,940964:1-2 2012
Author:Kamijo Y, Nicol CJ, Alexson SE.

PPARα Activation Protects against Anti-Thy1 Nephritis by Suppressing Glomerular NF-κB Signaling.
PPAR Res.,976089:1-11 2012
Author:Hashimoto K, Kamijo Y, Nakajima T, Harada M, Higuchi M, Ehara T, Shigematsu H, Aoyama T.

Fatty Acid Accumulation and Resulting PPARα Activation in Fibroblasts due to Trifunctional Protein Deficiency.
PPAR Res.,371691:1-7 2012
Author:Wakabayashi M, Kamijo Y, Nakajima T, Tanaka N, Sugiyama E, Yangyang T, Kimura T, Aoyama T.

Hepatic Cerebroside Sulfotransferase Is Induced by PPARα Activation in Mice.
PPAR Res.,174932:1-10 2012
Author:Kimura T, Nakajima T, Kamijo Y, Tanaka N, Wang L, Hara A, Sugiyama E, Tanaka E, Gonzalez FJ, Aoyama T.

Long-term improvement of oxidative stress via kidney transplantation ameliorates serum sulfatide levels.
Clin Exp Nephrol.,16:959-967 2012
Author:Kamijo Y, Wang L, Matsumoto A, Nakajima T, Hashimoto K, Higuchi M, Kyogashima M, Aoyama T, Hara A.

Attenuation of kidney injuries maintains serum sulfatide levels dependent on hepatic synthetic ability: a possible involvement of oxidative stress.
Tohoku J Exp Med,227:1-12 2012
Author:Sheng X, Nakajima T, Wang L, Zhang X, Kamijo Y, Takahashi K, Tanaka N, Sugiyama E, Kyogashima M, Aoyama T, Hara A.

Hemodialysis-induced P-wave signal-averaged electrocardiogram alterations are indicative of vulnerability to atrial arrhythmias.
Circ J,76:612-617 2012
Author:Shimada K, Tomita T, Kamijo Y, Higuchi M, Ito K, Koizumi Y, Yamamoto K, Aizawa K, Koshikawa M, Kasai H, Izawa A, Miyashita Y, Kumazaki S, Koyama J, Ikeda U.

Treatment with cyclosporine A improves SLE disease activity of Japanese patients with diffuse proliferative lupus nephritis.
Clin Nephrol,76:136-143 2011
Author:Kamijo Y, Hashimoto K, Takahashi K, Ehara T, Shigematsu H, Higuchi M.

Pink urine syndrome.
Intern Med,50:2057 2011
Author:Okubo K, Okubo H, Kamijo Y, Higuchi M.

Kidney transplantation recovers the reduction level of serum sulfatide in ESRD patients via processes correlated to oxidative stress and platelet count.
Glycoconj J,28(3-4):125-135 2011
Author:Wang L, Kamijo Y, Matsumoto A, Nakajima T, Higuchi M, Kannagi R, Kyogashima M, Aoyama T, Hara A.

Pretreatment by low-dose fibrates protects against acute free fatty acid-induced renal tubule toxicity by counteracting PPARα deterioration.
Toxicol Appl Pharmacol,252:237-249 2011
Author:Takahashi K, Kamijo Y, Hora K, Hashimoto K, Higuchi M, Nakajima T, EharaT, Shigematsu H, Gonzalez FJ, Aoyama T

Effect of bezafibrate on hepatic oxidative stress: comparison between conventional experimental doses and clinically-relevant doses in mice.
Redox Rep,15:123-130 2010
Author:Nakajima T, Tanaka N, Li G, Hu R, Kamijo Y, Hara A, Aoyama T

Multiple roles of PPARalpha in brown adipose tissue under constitutive and cold conditions.
Genes Cells,15:91-100 2010
Author:Komatsu M, Tong Y, Li Y, Nakajima T, Li G, Hu R, Sugiyama E, Kamijo Y, Tanaka N, Hara A, Aoyama T.

Acute kidney injury induced by protein-overload nephropathy down-regulates gene expression of hepatic cerebroside sulfotransferase in mice, resulting in reduction of liver and serum sulfatides
Author:Zhang, Xiaowei; Nakajima, Takero; Kamijo, Yuji; Li, Gang; Hu, Rui; Kannagi, Reiji; Kyogashima, Mamoru; Aoyama, Toshifumi; Hara, Atsushi

PPAR{alpha} attenuates the proinflammatory response in activated mesangial cells.
Am J Physiol Renal Physiol.,296:F328-336 2009
Author:Kono K, Kamijo Y, Hora K, Takahashi K, Higuchi M, Kiyosawa K, Shigematsu H, Gonzalez FJ, Aoyama T.

Bezafibrate at clinically relevant doses decreases serum/liver triglycerides via down-regulation of sterol regulatory element-binding protein-1c in mice: a novel peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha-independent mechanism.
Mol Pharmacol,75:782-792 2009
Author:Nakajima T, Tanaka N, Kanbe H, Hara A, Kamijo Y, Zhang X, Gonzalez FJ, Aoyama T.

Kidney dysfunction induced by protein overload nephropathy reduces serum sulfatide levels in mice.
Nephrology (Carlton),14:658-662 2009
Author:Li G, Hu R, Kamijo Y, Nakajima T, Aoyama T, Ehara T, Shigematsu H, Kannagi R, Kyogashima M, Hara A.

Cholesterol-lowering effect of bezafibrate is independent of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor activation in mice.
Biochem Pharmacol.,76:108-119 2008
Author:Nakajima T, Tanaka N, Sugiyama E, Kamijo Y, Hara A, Hu R, Li G, Li Y, Nakamura K, Gonzalez FJ, Aoyama T

Eicosapentaenoic acid lowers plasma and liver cholesterol levels in the presence of peroxisome proliferators-activated receptor alpha.
Life Sci,83:19-28 2008
Author:Sugiyama E, Ishikawa Y, Li Y, Kagai T, Nobayashi M, Tanaka N, Kamijo Y, Yokoyama S, Hara A, Aoyama T.

Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha protects against glomerulonephritis induced by long-term exposure to the plasticizerdi-(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate.
J Am Soc Nephrol,18:176-188 2007
Author:Kamijo Y, Hora K, Nakajima T, Kono K, Takahashi K, Ito Y, Higuchi M, Kiyosawa K, Shigematsu H, Gonzalez FJ, Aoyama T.

Establishment of a quantitative, qualitative, and high-throughput analysis of sulfatides from small amounts of sera by matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight mass spectrometry.
Anal Biochem,362:1-7 2007
Author:Li G, Hu R, Kamijo Y, Nakajima T, Aoyama T, Inoue T, Node K, Kannagi R, Kyogashima M, Hara A.

Serum sulfatides as a novel biomarker for cardiovascular disease in patients with end-stage renal failure.
Glycoconj J,24:565-571 2007
Author:Hu R, Li G, Kamijo Y, Aoyama T, Nakajima T, Inoue T, Node K, Kannagi R, Kyogashima M, Hara A.

Relationship between effluent levels of beta(2)-microglobulin and peritoneal injury markers in 7.5% icodextrin-based peritoneal dialysis solution.
Ther Apher Dial,11:296-300 2007
Author:Minami S, Hora K, Kamijo Y, Higuchi M.

Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha-independent peroxisome proliferation
Author:Zhang, XG; Tanaka, N; Nakajuna, T; Kamijo, Y; Gonzalez, FJ; Aoyama, T

Haploinsufficiency in the PPAR alpha and LDL receptor genes leads to gender- and age-specific obesity and hyperinsulinemia
Author:Sugiyama, E; Tanaka, N; Nakajima, T; Kamijo, Y; Yokoyama, S; Li, YF; Gonzalez, FJ; Aoyama, T

長野県透析研究会誌,28:87-89 2005
Author:村木真紀子,高橋京子,林 布紀子,南 聡,河野啓一,上條浩司,市川 透,上條祐司,樋口 誠,白澤喜久子,新倉秀雄,洞 和彦

医薬ジャーナル,41:2682-2685 2005
Author:上條祐司,樋口 誠,洞 和彦

Suppression of expression of muscle-associated proteins by PPARalpha in brown adipose tissue
Biochem Biophys Res Commun,336:76-83 2005
Author:Tong Y, Hara A, Komatsu M, Tanaka N, Kamijo Y, Gonzalez FJ, Aoyama T

Significance of chemokine receptor expression in aggressive NK cell leukemia
Leukemia,19:1169-1174 2005
Author:Makishima H, Ito T, Asano N, Nakazawa H, Shimodaira S, Kamijo Y, Nakazawa Y, Suzuki T, Kobayashi H, KiyosawaK, Ishida F

Epstein-Barr virus-related primary central nervous system lymphoma after cadaveric renal transplantation improved by treatment with high-dose methotrexate followed by irradiation
Nephrology,10:321-324 2005
Author:Higuchi M, HataT, Furuya S, Hosaka S, Kamijo Y, Kiyosawa K, Ishizuka O, Nishizawa O, Hora K

A case of drug-induced hypersensitivity syndrome with multiple organ involvement treated with plasma exchange
Ther Apher Dial,9:412-416 2005
Author:Higuchi M, Agatsuma T, Iizima M, Yamazaki Y, Saita T, Ichikawa T, Kamijo Y, Arakura H, Hora K, Kiyosawa K

長野県透析研究会誌,27:95-97 2004
Author:林 布紀子,南 聡,高橋京子,河野啓一,上條浩司,掛川哲司,金子洋子,市川 透,上條祐司,樋口 誠,清澤研道,新倉秀雄,白澤喜久子,洞 和彦

Granulocytaheresis with adacolumn in the treatment of four patients with intractable ulcerative colitis
Jpn J Apheresis,23:189-195 2004
Author:Higuchi M, Shinji A, Nakamura N, Akamatsu T, Arakura H, Ichikawa T, Hora K, Kamijo Y, Kaneko Y, Kakegawa T, Kiyosawa K

Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha protects against alcohol-induced liver damage
Hepatology,40(4):972-980 2004
Author:Nakajima T, Kamijo Y, Tanaka N, Sugiyama E, Tanaka E, Kiyosawa K, Fukushima Y, Peters JM, Gonzalez FJ, Aoyama T

Chronic inhibition of nitric oxide production deteriorated diabetic nephropathy in Otsuka-Long-Evans Tokushima Fatty rats.
Author:Kamijo, H; Higuchi, M; Kaneko, Y; Kamijo, Y; Hora, K; Kiyosawa, K

Effect of long-term administration of cyclosporin aon young adult patients with carried over IgA nephropathy.
Author:Higuchi, M; Kaneko, Y; Kamijo, H; Kamijo, Y; Kiyosawa, K; Shigematsu, H; Hora, K

Structural and phenotypic changes of podocyte in puromycin aminonucleosisde and protamine sulfate intermittent treated rat model.
Author:Ichikawa, T; Shimojo, H; Kaneko, Y; Kamijo, Y; Higuchi, M; Hora, K; Kiyosawa, K; Otani, M; Ehara, T; Shigematsu, H

Renal constitutive expression of fatty acid-metabolizing enzymes and adaptive response to starvation in peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha-null mice.
Author:Kamijo, Y; Hora, K; Kiyosawa, K; Gonzalez, FJ; Aoyama, T

長野県透析研究会会誌,26:51-54 2003
Author:南 聡,河野啓一,上條浩司,掛川哲司,小林信彦,市川 透,金子洋子,上條祐司,樋口 誠,清澤研道,平田聖文,新倉秀雄,白澤喜久子,洞 和彦

日本透析医学会雑誌,36:1343-1348 2003
Author:小山貴之,南 聡,河野啓一,掛川哲司,上條浩司,小林信彦,市川 透,金子洋子,上條祐司,樋口 誠,清澤研道,平田聖文,新倉秀雄,洞 和彦

In vivo stabilization of nuclear retinoid X receptor α in the presence of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor α
FEBS Lett,543:120-124 2003
Author:Tanaka N, Hora K, Makishima H, Kamijo Y, Kiyosawa K, Gonzalez FJ, Aoyama T

Expression of hepatocyte growth factor is induced by the interaction between human mesangial cells and monocytes
Nephron Exp Nephrol,94:146-153 2003
Author:Koyama T, Hora K, Ako S, Kamijo Y, Higuchi M

Younger onset myeloperoxidase-specific antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-(MPO-ANCA) related glomerulonephritis accompanied with nephrotic syndrome
Clin Nephrol,60:275-278 2003
Author:Kaneko Y, Kamijo Y, Kobayashi N, Higuchi M, Ehara T, Hora K, Shigematsu S, Kiyosawa K

POEMS syndrome caused refractory ascites in a polycystic disease patient undergoing hemodialysis
Clin Exp Nephrol,7:301-305 2003
Author:Higuchi M, Kamijo H, Koyama T, Kaneko Y, Kamijo Y, Shirakawa H, Hora K, Kiyosawa K

Identification of functions of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha in proximal tubules
Author:Kamijo, Y; Hora, K; Tanaka, N; Usuda, N; Kiyosawa, K; Nakajima, T; Gonzalez, FJ; Aoyama, T

Novel function of peroxisome proliferator-activated, receptor a in glomerular filtrate reabsorption.
Author:Kamijo, Y; Hora, K; Tanaka, N; Kiyosawa, K; Gonzalez, FJ; Aoyama, T

Persistent contact of macrophages with transformed mesangial cells is an important factor for inducing glomerulosclerosis.
Author:Kaneko, Y; Nakazawa, K; Shiozawa, S; Yamamoto, M; Kamijo, Y; Higuchi, M; Hora, K; Kiyosawa, K; Shigematsu, H

A case of nephrotic syndrome due to lupus nephritis which was controlled with low-density lipoprotein apheresis
Author:Kamijo, Y; Kaneko, Y; Ichikawa, T; Kobayashi, N; Koyama, T; Kakegawa, T; Kamijo, H; Kono, K; Minami, S; Tanaka, N; Arakura, H; Hirata, M; Higuchi, M; Kiyosawa, K; Hora, K

日本腎臓学会誌,44:632 2002
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Muenchausen syndromeの1例
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Sex-dependent regulation of hepatic peroxisome proliferation in mice by trichloroethylene via peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha (PPAR alpha)
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Research Grants
Cooperative research with industry
2010 - 2015 , ARB 製剤のPPARα活性化作用に関する検討

Grants‐in‐aid for Scientific Research(Research Representative)
2018 - 2020 , 慢性腎臓病における血清スルファチド異常の臨床的重要性と機序の解明 , 基盤研究(C)(一般)
2013 - 2015 , PPARα活性化による腎実質細胞保護を目的とした新たな慢性腎臓病治療法の開発 , 基盤研究(C)
2010 - 2012 , PPARαアゴニストを利用した新たな慢性腎臓病治療法の開発 , 基盤研究(C)



Reanl Physiology
International Student Receipt
First Term:5 , Second Term:5