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Okada Tomohiko

Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Science and Technology Institute of EngineeringTEL
Education and Research OrganizationInterdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research Research Initiative for Supra-MaterialsFAX
PositionAssociate ProfessorMail Addresstomohiko(at)
Address4-17-1 Wakasato, Nagano 380-8553, JapanWeb site


Research Field
Material Chemistry
Inorganic-organic hybrids
Current Subject
Adsorptive properties of inorganic-organic nanocomposites
Keywords:Clay-organic intercalation compounds , Hollow Polyorganosiloxanes
Preparation of heterogeneous catalysts
Keywords:Metal or Metal Oxide Supported Hollow Silica , Nanoporous solids , Steam Reforming , Acid Solids
Dechlorination of poly(vinyl chloride) and reusing as solid-acid catalysts
Keywords:Zinc(II) Oxide , plastics
Magnetic properties of the hollow silica occulding magnetic nanoparticles
Keywords:Catalyst supports with magnetic recovery , Magnetite , Cobalt
Academic Background
Graduate School
Waseda Univ. , (Graduate School of Sci.&Eng.) , 2004
Waseda Univ. , (Graduate School of Sci.&Eng.) , 2001

Waseda Univ. , (Dept. Earth Sciences) , 1999

Dr.Sci. , Waseda Univ.
2011 , The 15th International Conference on Thin Films, Encouragement of Research in Thin Films
Research Career
Research Career
2015- , Shinshu Univ. Associate Professor
2007-2015 , Shinshu Univ. Assistant Professor
2006-2007 , Shinshu Univ. Research Associate
2004-2006 , Waseda Univ. Research Associate


Books, Articles, etc.
Adsorbents derived from layered solids, Inorganic Nanosheets and Nanosheet-Based Materials, Ed. by Nakato, T., Kawamata, J., Takagi, S. , 263-301
Springer 2017
Author:Tomohiko Okada, Makoto Ogawa

Inorganic–organic interactions, Inorganic Nanosheets and Nanosheet-Based Materials, Ed. by Nakato, T., Kawamata, J., Takagi, S. , 163-186
Springer 2017
Author:Tomohiko Okada, Makoto Ogawa

Immobilization of Organic Dyes on Clays Toward Controlled Photoinduced Events, The Clay Minerals Society Workshop Lectures Series (Materials and Clay Minerals) 18 , 1-20
Author:Makoto Ogawa, Minoru Sohmiya, Norishige Kakegawa, Tomohiko Okada

Spherical silica particles coated with lamellar nanocomposites based on a hydrophobic functionalized phyllosilicate
Colloid Surf. A,676:132135 2023(Jul.)
Author:Tomohiko Okada*, Natsuki Taguchi, Sakura Shimomura

Acceleration of the dehydrogenation of D-glucose to 2-keto-D-gluconate in aqueous amino acid via hydrated stacked clay nanosheets
Langmuir (selected as Supplementary Cover),38:6076-6085 2022(May)
Author:Katsunori Nakase, Shunta Ichihara, Jumpei Matsumoto, Sangho Koh, Masahiro Mizuno, Tomohiko Okada*

Important roles of water clusters confined in a nanospace as revealed by a synchrotron X-ray diffraction study
Langmuir,37:10469-10480 2021(Aug.)
Author:Tomohiko Okada,* Kana Izumi, Shogo Kawaguchi, Chikako Moriyoshi, Takuya Fujimura, Ryo Sasai, Makoto Ogawa

Monodisperse Clay Microballs for Tuning the Psuedogaps by Adsorption in Amorphous Photonic Structures
ChemPhotoChem,5:32-35 2021
Author:Tomohiko Okada,*, Sho Hosoyamada, Chisato Takada, Chiharu Ohta

Unimodal sized silica nanocapsules produced through water-in-oil emulsions prepared by sequential irradiation of kilo- and submega-hertz ultrasounds
RSC Adv.,11:22921-22928 2021
Author:Takahiro Nemoto, Toshio Sakai, Tomohiko Okada*

Hydrated silicate layer formation on mica-type crystals
Langmuir,36:4933-4941 2020
Author:Misa Sugiura, Mai Sueyoshi, Ryuichi Seike, Takayoshi Hayashi, Tomohiko Okada*

A useful method for thorough dehydrochlorination of Poly(vinylidene chloride-co-vinyl chloride) using Zinc(II) oxide
Polym. Degrad. Stab.,171:109040 2020
Author:Tomohiiko Okada*, Satoru Sutoh, Kotaro Sejima, Hiroki Tomohara, Shozi Mishima

Electronic Interactions between A Quaternary Pyridyl-beta-diketonate and Anionic Clay Nanosheets Facilitates Intense Photoluminescence.
Photochem. Photobiol. Sci. (selected as Front Cover),19:1280-1288 2020
Author:Tomohiko Okada,* Yoko Miyamoto, Haruka Kurihara, Yoshifumi Mochiduki, Shiho Katsumi, Fuyuki Ito

Functional groups of organochlorosilanes influenced microporous structure in organosiloxane microcapsules synthesized using a water-in-oil emulsion template
Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn.,92(5):912-917 2019
Author:Tomohiko Okada*, Takayuki Aizawa

A Study of Stereoselective Adsorption in Smectites Using Thin-Layer Chromatography
Appl. Clay Sci.,70:13-20 2019
Author:Kazuki Tajima, Tomohiko Okada,*

Pore shape-reflecting morphosynthesis of lithium niobium oxide via mixed chloride flux growth in the presence of mesoporous silica.
Nanoscale Adv.,1:1726-1730 2019
Author:Minoru Sohmiya, Shinya Umehara, Shinpei Enomoto, Yusuke Ide, Tomohiko Okada, Yoshiyuki Sugahara, Makoto Ogawa

Influence of negative charge distribution and locations of Na+ ions on ionic conductivity of Na-mica
Clay Science,23:31-39 2019
Author:Junnosuke Kemi, Tomohiro Yamaguchi, Tomohiko Okada, Seiichi Taruta

Uniform-sized Silica Nanocapsules Produced by Addition of Salts to a W/O Emulsion Template
Langmuir,34:9500-9506 2018
Author:Tomohiko Okada,* Takashi Koide

Variation in thickness of a layered silicate on spherical silica particles affected HPLC chiral chromatographic resolution.
Appl. Clay Sci.,163:72-80 2018
Author:Tomohiko Okada*, Mutsuki Oguri, Kazuki Tajima, Tomohiko Yamakami, Hisako Sato

Crystal Growth of Layered Silicate Grafted with Organic Groups on Monodisperse Spherical Silica Particles.
Clays Clay Miner.,66(2):104-113 2018
Author:Masahiro Yamauchi, Tomohiko Okada*

Effect of particle size and local disorder on specific surface area of layered double hydroxides upon calcination-reconstruction.
J. Solid State Chem.,263:60-64 2018
Author:Bo-Kyung Kim, Gyeong-Hyeon Gwak, Tomohiko Okada,* Jae-Min Oh*

Direct Crystallization of Layered Silicates on the Surface of Amorphous Silica
Chem. Rec.,18:829-839 2018
Author:Tomohiko Okada*

Photoluminescence by Intercalation of a Fluorescent beta-Diketone Dye into a Layered Silicate
Langmuir,33:13515-13521 2017
Author:Mutsumi Hirose, Fuyuki Ito, Tetsuya Shimada, Shinsuke Takagi, Ryo Sasai, Tomohiko Okada*

Kinetics of Interlayer Expansion of a Layered Silicate Driven by Caffeine Intercalation in the Water Phase Using Transmission X–ray Diffraction
J. Phys. Chem. B,121:6919-6925 2017
Author:Tomohiko Okada*, Takumi Yoshida, Taku Iiyama*

Photoinduced structural changes of cationic azo dyes confined in two dimensional nanospace by two different mechanisms
RSC Adv.,7:8077-8081 2017
Author:Tomohiko Okada, Nozomi Nozaki, Jangwon Seo, Ji Eon Kwon, Soo Young Park, Hideo Hashizume, Takayoshi Sasaki, Makoto Ogawa

Effects of fluoride and urea on the crystal growth of a hectorite-like layered silicate on a silica surface
Appl. Clay Sci.,132-133:320-325 2016
Author:Tomohiko Okada*, Hanae Kobari, Tetsuji Haeiwa

Water-Floatable Organosilica Particles for TiO2 Photocatalysis
Chem. Eng. J.,299:367-372 2016
Author:Yusuke Maki, Yusuke Ide, Tomohiko Okada*

Application of Hectorite-Coated Silica Gel Particles as a Packing Material for Chromatographic Resolution
J. Chromatogr. Sci.,54:1238-1243 2016
Author:Tomohiko Okada,* Aisaku Kumasaki, Kei Shimizu, Akihiko Yamagishi, Hisako Sato

An Inorganic Anionic Polymer Filter Disc: Direct Crystallization of a Layered Silicate Nanosheet on a Glass Fiber Filter
RSC Adv.,6:26130-26136 2016
Author:Tomohiko Okada*, Kei Shimizu, Tomohiko Yamakami

In situ crystallization of Al-containing silicate nanosheets on monodisperse amorphous silica microspheres
Langmuir,31:13842-13849 2015
Author:Tomohiko Okada*, Mai Sueyoshi, Hikari M. Minamisawa

Crystal growth of a hectorite-like layered silicate on monodisperse spherical silica particles with different diameters
Clay Sci.,19:45-51 2015
Author:Tomohiko Okada*, Asuka Suzuki

Crystal architectures of a layered silicate on monodisperse spherical silica particles cause the topochemical expansion of the core-shell particles
Microporous Mesoporous Mater.,215:168-174 2015
Author:Tomohiko Okada*, Asuka Suzuki, Shiho Yoshido, Hikari, M. Minamisawa

Preparation of Porous Thin-film Polymethylsiloxane Microparticles in a W/O Emulsion System.
Polym. J.,47:449-455 2015
Author:Shozi Mishima, Tomohiko Okada, Toshio Sakai, Ryotaro Kiyono, Tetsuji Haeiwa

Photochromic intercalation compounds
Struct. Bond.,166:177-211 2015
Author:Tomohiko Okada, Minoru Sohmiya, Makoto Ogawa

Organoclays in water cause expansion that facilitates caffeine adsorption
Langmuir,31:180-187 2015
Author:Tomohiko Okada*, Junpei Oguchi, Kenichiro Yamamoto, Takashi Shiono, Masahiro Fujita., Taku Iiyama

Concentration of 2-Phenylphenol by Organoclays from Aqueous Sucrose Solution
Appl. Clay Sci.,109-110:64-67 2015
Author:Yoko Seki, Yusuke Ide, Tomohiko Okada, Makoto Ogawa

Magnetic rattle-type core-shell particles containing iron compounds with acid-tolerance by dense silica.
Ind. Eng. Chem. Res.,53:8759-8765 2014
Author:Tomohiko Okada*, Shoya Ozono, Masami Okamoto, Yohei Takeda, Hikari M. Minamisawa, Tetsuji Haeiwa, Toshio Sakai, Shozi Mishima

Chemically Stable Magnetic Nanoparticles for Metal Adsorption and Solid Acid Catalysis in Aqueous Media.
J. Mater. Chem. A,2(16):5751-5758 2014
Author:Tomohiko Okada*, Yohei Takeda, Nodoka Watanabe, Tetsuji Haeiwa, Toshio Sakai, Shozi Mishima

Encapsulation of a Polyoxometalate into an Organosilica Microcapsule for Highly Active Solid Acid Catalysis
ACS Catal.,4:73-78 2014
Author:Tomohiko Okada*, Kazuyoshi Miyamoto, Toshio Sakai, Shozi Mishima

Designed Nanostructures of Clay for Controlled Adsorption of Organic Compounds
J. Nanosci. Nanotech.,14:2121-2134 2014
Author:Tomohiko Okada, Yoko Seki, Makoto Ogawa

Magnetic and electronic properties of bimagnetic materials comprising cobalt particles within hollow silica decorated with magnetite nanoparticles.
J. Appl. Phys.,114(12):124304 2013
Author:Tomohiko Okada*, Y. González-Alfaro, A. Espinosa, Nodoka Watanabe, Tetsuji Haeiwa, Makoto Sonehara, Shozi Mishima, Toshiro Sato, A. Muñoz-Noval, Pilar Aranda, M. Garcia-Hernández, Eduardo Ruiz-Hitzky*

Layered Clay Aerogels by A Freeze-Drying Process for A Platinum-Supported Catalyst.
Ind. Eng. Chem. Res.,52:12018-12024 2013
Author:Tomohiko Okada*, Taku Kato, Takeharu Yamaguchi, Toshio Sakai, Shozi Mishima

Titania/CnTAB Nanoskeleton as adsorbent and photocatalyst for removal of alkylphenols dissolved in water
J. Hazard. Mater.,248-249:487-495 2013
Author:Sakai, T., Da Loves, A., Okada, T., Mishima S.

Block copolymer-mediated synthesis of gold nanoparticles in aqueous solutions: Segment effect on gold ion reduction, stabilization and particle morphology
J. Colloid Interface Sci.,394:124-131 2013
Author:Sakai, T., Horiuchi, Y., Alexandridis, P., Okada, T., Mishima S.

Swellable Microsphere of a Layered Silicate Produced by Using Monodispersed Silica Particles
J. Phys. Chem. C,116:21864-21869 2012
Author:Tomohiko Okada*, Shiho Yoshido, Hikari Miura, Tomohiko Yamakami, Toshio Sakai, Shozi Mishima

Organic-inorganic hybrids based on ultrathin oxide layers -Designed nanostructures for molecular recognition.
Chem. Asian J.,,7:1980-1992 2012
Author:Tomohiko Okada, Yusuke Ide, Makoto Ogawa

Characteristics and mechanism of low temperature dehydrochlorination of poly(vinyl chloride) in the presence of zinc(II) oxide
Polym. Degrad. Stab.,97:584-591 2012
Author:Takashi Kosuda, Tomohiko Okada, Shogo Nozaka, Yukitaka Matsuzawa, Takuya Shimizu, Senji Hamanaka, Shozi Mishima

Multi-shaped gold nanoparticles synthesized using an amino-terminated poly(ethylene oxide)–poly(propylene oxide) block copolymer in aqueous solutions
Chem. Lett.,40:501-502 2011
Author:Sakai, T. Ishigaki, M., Okada, T., Mishima, S.

Vesicle formation in mixture of a PEO-PPO-PEO block copolymer (Pluronic P123) and a nonionic surfactant (Span 65) in water.
Colloid Surf. A,389:82-89 2011
Author:Sakai, T. Kurosawa, H., Okada, T., Mishima, S.

Organo-smectite adsorbents; Designed nanostructures for smart adsorbents
Clay Sci.,15:103-110 2011
Author:Tomohiko Okada, Makoto Ogawa

Fabrication of acid-tolerant magnetic Co@SiO2 core-shell particles with dense silica shell
Chem. Lett.,40:106-107 2011
Author:Tomohiko Okada, Nodoka Watanabe, Toshio Sakai, Tetsuji Haeiwa, Shozi Mishima

Adsorption of 4-nonylphenol on 1,1’-dioctyl-4,4’-bipyridinium-smectite intercalation compounds from aqueous solution
Clay Sci.,14:191-196 2010
Author:Tomohiko Okada, Makoto Ogawa

A facile route of gold nanoparticle synthesis and surface modification using amino-terminated poly(ethylene oxide)-poly(propylene oxide) block copolymers
J. Nanosci. Nanotech.,10:919-926 2010
Author:Sakai, T. Ishigaki, M., Okada, T., Mishima, S.

Nanospace engineering inthe interlayer space of hectorite-like layered silicates with varied layer charge density for the adsorbents design
J. Phys. Chem. C,114:539-545 2010
Author:Tomohiko Okada, Takayuki Matsutomo, Makoto Ogawa

Preparation of quaternary diammonium-montmorillonites and their vapor adsorption properties
Microporous Mesoporous Mater.,129:30-35 2009
Author:Yoko Seki, Tomohiko Okada, Makoto Ogawa

Preparation of iron containing hectorite-like swelling silicate
Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn.,82:408-412 2009
Author:Makoto Ogawa, Takayuki Matsutomo, Tomohiko Okada

One-pot Synthesis of Inorganic-Organic Hollow Microsphere Solid-Acid Catalysts in a W/O Microemulsion System
Chem. Lett.,39:32-33 2009
Author:Tomohiko Okada, Shozi Mishima, Shingo Yoshihara.

Adsorption of tetrakis(p-sulfonatophenyl)porphyrin on kaolinite.
J. Porous Mater.,16(6):623-629 2009
Author:Yusuke Tanaka, Tomohiko Okada, Makoto Ogawa

Luminescence quenching of tris(2,2’-bipyridine)ruthenium(II) in the interlayer space of saponite by sulfur dioxide
Clay Sci.,14:43-48 2008
Author:Tomohiko Okada, Takahiro Konno, Makoto Ogawa

Preparation of hectorite-like swelling silicate with controlled layer charge density.
J. Ceram .Soc. Jpn.,116:1309-1313 2008
Author:Makoto Ogawa, Takayuki Matsutomo, Tomohiko Okada

The effect of the molecular structure of a cationic azo dye on the photoinduced intercalation of phenol in a montmorillonite
Appl. Clay Sci.,40:187-192 2008
Author:Tomohiko Okada, Hideki Sakai, Makoto Ogawa

Adsorption of europium ion on smectites and fluor-tetrasilicic mica
Clays Clay Miner.,55:348-353 2007
Author:Tomohiko Okada, Yusuke Ehara, Makoto Ogawa

Adsorption and possible luminescence detection of 4-nonylphenol by Eu3+-smectites
Chem. Lett.,35:638-639 2006
Author:Tomohiko Okada, Yusuke Ehara, Makoto Ogawa

Preparation and properties of trans-2-butene-1,4-bis(triphenylphosphonium)-saponite
J. Porous Mater.,13:157-161 2006
Author:Yusuke Tanaka, Tomohiko Okada, Makoto Ogawa

Photoregulation of adsorption behavior of phenol for azobenzene-clay intercalation compounds
J. Mater. Chem.,15:987-992 2005
Author:Tomohiko Okada, Yusuke Watanabe, Makoto Ogawa

Tris(2,2’-bipyridine)ruthenium(II)-clays as adsorbents for phenol and chlorinated phenols from aqueous solution
Appl. Clay Sci.,29:45-53 2005
Author:Tomohiko Okada, Takao Morita, Makoto Ogawa

Adsorption behavior of phenol for mono, bis and tris(2,2’-bipyridine)nickel(II)- and tris(ethylenediamine)nickel(II)-saponite intercalation compounds from aqueous solution
Clay Sci.,12:277-284 2004
Author:Tomohiko Okada, Takao Morita, Makoto Ogawa

Photocontrol of the adsorption behavior of phenol for azobenzene-montmorillonite intercalation compound
Chem. Commun.,:320-321 2004
Author:Tomohiko Okada, Yusuke Watanabe, Makoto Ogawa

p-Phenylenediammonium-smectites as adsorbents with colorimetric detection ability for phenols in water
Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn.,77:1165-1170 2004
Author:Tomohiko Okada, Makoto Ogawa

1,1’-Dimethyl-4,4-bipyridinium-smectites as a novel adsorbent of phenols from water through charge-transfer interactions
Chem. Commun.,:1378-1379 2003
Author:Tomohiko Okada, Makoto Ogawa

Adsorption of phenols onto 1,1’-dimethyl-4,4’-bipyridinium-smectites.
Chem. Lett.,31:812-813 2002
Author:Tomohiko Okada, Makoto Ogawa

セラミックス,58(6):349-352 2023(Jun.)
Author:岡田 友彦

Research Activities
Other Research Activities
2012-2013 , International Symposium on Materials Chemistry of Intercalation Compounds (MCIC2013) , 組織委員
2012-2019 , 日本化学会研究会「低次元光機能材料研究会」 , 役員
2005-2005 , International Symposium on Physics and Chemistry of Smectites , 組織委員