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Academic OrganizationAcademic Assembly School of Science and Technology Institute of AgricultureTEL
Education and Research OrganizationFaculty of Agriculture Department of Agricultural and Life SciencesFAX
PositionAssociate ProfessorMail
Address8304, Minamiminowa-Village, Kamiina-County 399-4598Web site


Research Field
Forest management / measurements
Forest risk management
Forest wind damage
Current Subject
Wind damage in forest management
Keywords:Wind damage in forests
Academic Societies
Academic Societies
European Geosciences Union
The Japanese Forest Society
American Geophysical Union
Academic Background
Graduate School
The University of Tokyo , (Forest Science , Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences) , 2007
State University of New York , (College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry) , 2002

Ph.D. , The University of Tokyo
Research Career
Research Career
2013-2014 , INRA, France (Wind damage project) Postdoctoral fellow
2010-2013 , Postdoctoral fellow, Forestry and Forest Product Research Institute,
2008-2010 , Postdoctoral fellow, Forestry and Forest Product Research Institute

Other Career
2003-2004 , United Nations University, Project Assistant
1994-1999 , Forest Development Foundation

Overseas Education
1999-2000 , Queens University, McGill University


Books, Articles, etc.
Tree dynamic response and survival in a category-5 tropical cyclone: The case of super typhoon Trami
SCIENCE ADVANCES,8(10):eabm7891 2022
Author:Kamimura, Kana; Nanko, Kazuki; Matsumoto, Asako; Ueno, Saneyoshi; Gardiner, James; Gardiner, Barry;

Tree dynamic response and survival in a category-5 tropical cyclone: The case of super typhoon Trami
SCIENCE ADVANCES,8(10):eabm7891 2022
Author:Kamimura, Kana; Nanko, Kazuki; Matsumoto, Asako; Ueno, Saneyoshi; Gardiner, James; Gardiner, Barry;

Editorial: Living with tropical storms in a changing climate
Author:Gardiner, Barry Alan; Chen, Yi-Ying; Ruel, Jean-Claude; Kamimura, Kana;
Keywords:tropical storm; wind; forest damage; tree damage; climate change;

Agent-based modelling of wind damage processes and patterns in forests
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology,268:279-288 2019(Apr.)
Author:Kana Kamimura, Barry Gardiner, Sylvain Dupont, John Finnigan

Use of machine learning techniques to model wind damage to forests
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology,265:16-29 2019(Feb.)
Author:Emma Hart, Kevin Sim, Kana Kamimura, Céline Meredieu, Dominique Guyon, Barry Gardiner

A hybrid method for feature construction and selection to improve wind-damage prediction in the forestry sector
The Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference 2017
Author:Hart, E., Sim, K., Gardiner, B., Kamimura, K.

Observations and predictions of wind damage to Larix kaempferi trees following thinning at an early growth stage
Forestry,90:530–540 2017
Author:Kamimura, K., Gardiner, B., Koga, S.

Modelling wind risk to Eucalyptus globulus (Labill.) stands
Forest Ecology and Management,365:159–173 2016
Author:Locatelli, L., Gardiner, B., Tarantola, S., Nicoll, B., Bonnefond, J., Garrigou, D., Kamimura, K., Patenaude, G.

Analysis of wind damage caused by multiple tropical storm events in Japanese Cryptomeria japonica forests
Forestry,86:411-420 2013(Apr. 18)
Author:Kamimura, K. Saito, S., Kinoshita, H., Kitagawa, K., Uchida, T., Mizunaga, H.

Wood biomass supply costs and potential for biomass energy plants in Japan
Biomass and Bioenergy,36:107-115 2012
Author:Kamimura, K., Kuboyama, H., Yamamoto, K.

Root anchorage of hinoki (Chamaecyparis obtuse (Sieb. Et Zucc.) Endl.) under the combined loading of wind and rapidly supplied water on soil: analyses based on tree-pulling experiments
European Journal of Forest Research,131:219-227 2012
Author:Kamimura, K., Kitagawa, K., Saito, S., Mizunaga, H.

関東森林研究,63(2):49-52 2012

Comparing wind data at local meteorological stations and in forested areas using roughness length and topographic exposure indices
FORMATH Tokyo 2009,9:135-152 2010
Author:Kamimura, K., Saito, S.

森林林業分野における風害シミュレーション -数値風況予測技術(CFD) によるアプローチ-
森林立地,52:67-77 2010

Wind profiles and mechanical resistance of uprooted trees in a Japanese cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa) plantation slightly damaged by Typhoon Melor 0918 at Kamiatago experimental forests, Tenryu, Japan: Validity of mechanistic models for wind damage risks
Japanese Journal of Forest Environment,52:57-66 2010
Author:Kitagawa, K., Kamimura, K., Saito, S., Uchida T. and Mizunaga, H.

FORMATH Tohoku 2008,8:13-23 2009

日本エネルギー学会誌,88(10):877-882 2009

A review of mechanistic modelling of wind damage risk to forests
Forestry,81(3):447-463 2008
Author:Gardiner, B., Byrne, K., Hale, S., Kamimura, K., Mitchell, S., Peltola, H., Ruel, J. -C.

Developing a decision-support approach to reducing wind damage risk - a case study on sugi (Cryptomeria japonica (L.f.) D.Don) forests in Japan
Forestry,81(3):429-445 2008
Author:Kamimura, K., Gardiner, B., Kato, A., Hiroshima, T., Shiraishi, N.

風害予測力学モデルGALES による長期間の風害発生限界風速の推定
FORMATH Kyusyu,6:19-28 2007
Author:上村佳奈,B.A. Gardiner, 白石則彦

A review of strategies for wind damage assessment in Japanese forests
Journal of Forest Research,12(3):162-176 2007
Author:Kamimura, K., Shiraishi, N.

Tree dynamic behavior with forestry activities and a category-5 tropical cyclone
European Geosciences Union 2022(May 23)
Presenter:Kana Kamimura, Kazuki Nanko, Asako Matsumoto, Saneyoshi Ueno, James Gardiner, and Barry Gardiner

Time-series analysis of typhoon damage in Japanese forests
8th International Conference of Wind and Trees 2017
Presenter:Kamimura, K., Yoshioka, M., Kato, M., Suzuki, S.

Emergence and propagation of wind damage in forests
8th International Conference of Wind and Trees 2017
Presenter:Kamimura, K., Gardiner, B., Guyon, D., Meredieu, C.

Forest wind damage from tropical cyclones
IUFRO Regional Congress for Asia and Oceania 2016 2016
Presenter:Kamimura, K., Kato, M., Yoshioka, M.K., Suzuki, S.

Statistical and mechanistic assessment of storm damage in maritime pine forests, Aquitaine, France,
7th International Conference on Wind and Trees 2014(Aug. 03)
Presenter:Kaminura, K., Gardiner, B., Meredieu, c., Guyon, D., Brunet, Y.

Spatial interactions and comparisons of wind damage risk in European planted forests
Forest Sector Modelling - new approaches and findings for improved resource decisions in a globalized world 2013(Oct. 15)
Presenter:Kamimura, K., Gardiner, B., Hale, S.

Stability of planted Japanese larch against strong wind with tree growth
3rd FAO International Congress on Planted Forests – Vulnerability and Risk Management in Planted Forests 2013(Jul. 31)
Presenter:Kamimura, K., Gardiner, B., Hale, S., Mitsuda, Y., Koga, S., Yoshida, S.

Spatial and temporal analysis of Japanese forest damage caused by tropical cyclones
4th International Summit on Hurricanes and Climate Change 2013(Jun. 13)
Presenter:Kamimura, K., Gardiner, B., Suzuki, S.